Back to Work Ch. 01

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When Greg arrived back at work after being gone for three years he didn’t know what to expect. When he’d left the company he’d been full of high hopes, he was going into the insurance business, he was going into a new career. Now here he was, coming back to the lab, certainly not with his tail between his legs, but definitely not a success.

He knew the product better than the man he worked with, and always told the customer the truth, never fudged to make a sale, but he was no salesman. So here he was back at the old job, and rather relieved to be without the pressure.

As he walked down the hall to the chief chemist’s office he met Gary who he’d worked with before, and while they stood talking someone jumped on him and threw her arms around his neck.

It was Liz. “You’re back! I’m so glad!” She said. “We’ll have to talk later.”

That was a pleasant surprise. When he’d left Liz had been in disgrace. She was pregnant and unmarried, and the talk of the lab. He’d always had a feeling for her, and while they’d been good friends, had never gone out together because he was married. Now he was divorced and hungry for sex, having been without for a while and he wondered what her situation was.

In fact as she walked away he didn’t hear what Gary was saying, because he was watching her, and thinking what a nice body she had, but he just stood there nodding and agreeing with him. Then as he walked on down the hall he wondered what he might have agreed to.

The interview with the head chemist didn’t take long, but he found that he’d been assigned to another part of the lab and wouldn’t be close to Liz as he’d hoped.

He settled in quickly, and that Friday was invited to a party at the apartment of one of the guys, Jack. It seemed everyone had been invited, including Liz, who was apparently still single, and had been out with several of the men who worked for the company. As the men sat around in the office during a break, discussing the attributes of the various women who worked there, her name came up.

Jack said he had been out with her a couple of times. Had he screwed her? He was asked. A gentleman doesn’t discuss such things, and he smiled knowingly. George, an older technician agreed with him. But he was pressed to tell more, and finally said:

“She has the softest thigh, right here.” And rubbed the inside of his thigh.

Greg had talked to Liz a couple of times, and when he met her in the hall later she said yes, she was going to Jack’s party, she’d see him there. Here was his chance, and as she walked away from him he thought she had the most well shaped ass he’d ever seen.

Liz wasn’t beautiful, but she had a nice slender figure, and in a skirt, beautiful legs, so it didn’t matter that her breasts were on the small side. She had long auburn hair, but said her nose was too long. Liz wore glasses, and her eyes were grey and lovely when she took them off. The trouble was that without them she couldn’t see across the room.

Greg gathered that since she’d come back after having the baby, which she’d given up to adoption, her reputation had been bad. Several men in the company could claim to have slept with her, but she didn’t seem to care. When she’d come back to work, after having the baby, which was reputedly by a black man, the gossip had really got going. So she told her friend Bobby, that since everyone thought she was a slut she might as well live it up, be a slut, and enjoy it.

When he arrived at Jack’s apartment things were just getting started, and it gave him a chance to renew some old friendships. He was talking to Gary again when Liz arrived. He thought how sexy she looked, and as she circulated and he watched her talking, especially to other men, he knew he had to have her.

The party progressed and he watched her dancing, her skirt flaring out just enough to show those beautiful legs. He was sitting talking with another technician when Liz dropped into a chair opposite him. She’d obviously had plenty to drink, and as she sat carelessly he was treated to another glimpse of those legs, and the underwear she was wearing.

“Having a good time?” She asked him.

“Great, thanks to you.”

“To me, what have I done?” She was puzzled.

“I’ve loved watching you dancing, and now you sit there showing off your legs. It could make a man very excited.” He told her.

She laughed and pushed her skirt down.

They sat talking and he told her about this marriage and his life as a failed insurance agent. He told her how he’d disappointed his wife, and that she’d left him for another insurance agent, a man who had joined them in a couple sexual escapades, until she’d decided the other man was better at it than him.

“You poor baby, you really screwed that up, didn’t you?” Liz laughed.

“Yes I did. And it was all my idea too. Now I’ve been without any for weeks.” Greg said hopefully.

“Surely there’s someone who’ll accommodate you.” She said as they looked into each others eyes for a few moments.

Liz broke the canlı bahis ice. “I’ve got to take a pee. Back in a minute.”

“Hurry back.” Greg said.

As Liz sat on the toilet she realized she was pretty drunk. She’d like to go home with Greg or should she take him to her apartment? The door of the bathroom opened. It was Jack.

“Hey, get out! Can’t you see I’m peeing?” Liz giggled.

“I wondered where you’d gone. I’ve been looking for you. I was afraid you’d gone home with someone else.” And he closed the door behind him.

“You mean as I usually do.” Liz said as she wiped and pulled her panties up.

She tried to go out past him, Jack grabbed her and kissed her. She responded, then pulled back.

“Let me out, someone’s waiting for me.”

“I’ve been waiting for you, and now I’ve got you.”

“Once with you was enough, Jack. Let me out.”

“It was twice Liz, and very good too. I want you again.”

“Okay, twice. Now someone else is waiting for me.” And she tried to push him away.

But Jack was persistent, and held her and kissed her again, while he undid her blouse with his free hand. Liz was starting to enjoy his kisses, and when she felt his hand on her breast she felt the warmth rising through her body, but she thought of Greg sitting waiting for her.

“Please Jack, let me go. Maybe we could meet some other time, but now let me go.”

He was rolling her nipple between his fingers now, though, and her knees were getting weak. She gave a moan, a sigh.

“You are a bastard, Jack. I’ll scream if you don’t stop that.”

“You’ll scream all right, my love. You’ll scream with pleasure.”

More kissing and now his hand was groping under her skirt. He found the soft part of her thigh above just above her thigh high stockings.

“You have the softest thighs, Liz.” He told her.

“Jack, please, no, no, no. I have to go.” But she made no move to go as they kissed again, mouths locked together, tongues entwined in a deep French kiss.

His hand had found its way past her panties, and found the wet crevasse between her legs. He started to finger her clitoris and she knew she was lost. She’d forgotten about Greg, and all she wanted was to fuck this man whose finger was in her vagina.

“You bastard, you bastard, take your hand out of my pants. Let me go.”

There was a knock at the bathroom door.

“Hey hurry up!” Someone shouted. “Are you going to be all day in there?”

“Come on.” Jack told Liz. And taking her hand opened the door and pulled her behind him. She lowered her head, but whoever it was recognized her, of course.

They walked past the crowd without anyone saying anything, but Liz knew they must have been noticed. Once inside his bedroom Jack wasted no time, he pushed her back on the bed, kissing, kissing, while he pulled her pants down, then off.

His fingers worked on her, and soon Liz was very hot and her juices were flowing. She spread her legs for him, and he went down and started to lick her vagina. She moaned with pleasure and resigned herself to the fact that Jack was going to fuck her, because she wanted him to. However, she thought again of Greg sitting there waiting for her and thought maybe she could get this over fast and go back to him.

She was in a drunken daze, though, and soon found herself almost naked, with Jack on top of her and just going to stick his penis into her.

“Stop!” She said suddenly. “You don’t have a rubber on. Put one on.”

“I haven’t got any.”

“I don’t fuck without a rubber. I’m not on the pill.”

There followed a heated discussion, while Liz explained that she was still with a doctor who wouldn’t prescribe pills for single women.

“Well, since you’re the one who’s so worried about getting pregnant, go see if one of the women out there has one.”

Liz was getting dressed to go back out with the others.

“Fuck you Jack.” She said as she put her panties back on. She was going to dress and go back to the party.

She had her blouse on when she changed her mind. She wanted to have Jack fuck her, then she’d go back to the party. But she needed a condom. She was half dressed, blouse, panties and stockings, so she opened the door and peered out. There was Nina, but bad as her sight was without glasses, she couldn’t see who else was there, but thought she’d chance it.

She slipped over to Nina and whispered, asking if she had a condom.

“No I don’t seem to.” Said Nina as she searched in her purse. “How about you Greg?”

Oh no, she hadn’t seen Greg, who was staring at her.

“No.” He said coldly looking away from her.

“I got one.” It was Phil, sitting in a chair a few feet away.

She didn’t like Phil. He was always trying to date her, always makig suggestive remarks, but now she had to accept his offer. She walked over and reached for the package,

“Nice outfit, I like the stockings!” He laughed and pulled it away so that she’d have to reach over him and as she reached her blouse fell open and her bahis siteleri breast fell toward him. He pulled it farther away, until her breast was right in his face. He leaned forward to kiss it, and when she tried to move away, took her nipple between his teeth.

“Ow! You prick.” As she grabbed the rubber and pulled away. She ran back into the bedroom where Jack was lying on his back with an erection pointing straight up. She ripped open the package, rolled the condom on to his penis then took her panties off jumped up on the bed and lowered herself on to his hard erection.

“Oh God.” She groaned as it slid deep inside her. “That’s so good.”

“Man, you’ve got a nice warm, wet cunt Liz.” Jack muttered, as he felt her soft, warmth surround his penis.

She rode up and down on his hardness for a few minutes, but soon Jack had her on her back, legs spread wide. They were both eager for sex, and as Liz lay there, her legs open, Jack shoved his hard penis into her. She sighed deeply, all that had happened before forgotten. He was fucking her, slowly at first, but soon he was pounding her and she was loving it.

Jack was groaning with pleasure as their mouths met and sealed to each other, with saliva dripping out the corner of Liz’s mouth.

“Baby, baby you’re a good fuck.” Jack told her as their mouths separated.

“Just fuck me sweety. I love it when you fuck me.”

“Do you love me, or just my cock?” Jack asked her as he paused from pounding her.

“Of course I love you, you bastard. Just don’t stop.”

Liz couldn’t remember what happened after that except that they were fucking, fucking, fucking. One moment she was on her knees with Jack taking her from behind, then she was on her side, next she was on her back, and opened her eyes to see who was fucking her. She’d had more than one orgasm and the pleasure was almost unbearable.

As she lay on her back again with Jack between her legs, she felt him come. He gave several hard thrusts, and groaned and groaned with the joy of it. Then he was still, her legs wrapped around him.

In the living room they could hear the noise from the bedroom.

“It sounds as if our host has gone to bed.” Someone chuckled.

“Yes, I saw him and Liz come out of the bathroom.” Sandy, a chubby little blond girl said.

One of the men turned up the music to cover the sound.

“I’m going home.” Greg said. He was really angry at Liz. That should have been him fucking her, and he wanted to smash Jack in the face. In fact, to beat them both up would have given him great pleasure. As he walked out to his car he thought of ways he could get back at them. He’d never talk to Liz again, of course. She was an absolute slut, and maybe he’d tell her that to her face, first, then give her the silent treatment — forever.

And Jack. How could he fix Jack? Maybe screw up something he was doing in the lab. Or how about doing something to the car he was so proud of. He’d think of something.

Liz fell asleep or passed out. She woke up some time later to find Jack on top of her again, with his penis inside her, fucking her, then, in spite of the pleasure she was feeling, she drifted off again, and lay in a daze as Jack continued to fuck her. It felt so good lying there half asleep and enjoying the warmth that filled her body, then waking for a moment to have a gentle orgasm, then drift off again.

The living room was almost empty, and when the regular pounding from the living room started again the last couple got up and left, leaving Phil alone. The sound from the bedroom was making him very horny. He took his cock out. It was rock hard, and as he listened to the sounds of Jack screwing Liz he stroked it gently. He thought of just masturbating right there. It would be fun to just let his sperm shoot on to the floor, so he got up and started to jack off, when he heard a muffled groan from the bedroom then nothing.

He walked over and listened at the door. Silence. This was no fun, but maybe if he went in he could get in bed with them and……..

The door opened and he found himself face to face with Jack.

“Hi, I was just wondering if I came in if I could get in on the fun.”

“That would be okay with me, and right now I don’t think Liz would know the difference. She’s passed out.” Jack told him.

“It’s okay with you then?” Phil asked Jack.

“Go ahead, fuck her.”

As Phil went in Jack said. “Got a rubber?”

“No, I gave you my last one.”

“Well, I lost it in the bed somewhere. If you can find it you can use it.” Jack laughed softly. He thought for a minute, then said,

“Go for it!” It would give him a kick to see her pregnant again.

Liz was lying on her side with her back to him, so Phil lifted the covers and grasping her hips pulled her toward him, toward the edge of the bed.

“No Jack, that’s enough.” She murmured softly.

He paused, then pulled her back some more until her ass was hanging over the edge of the bed.

He took out his stiff cock and felt around between bahis firmaları her buttocks until he found her vulva, and slipped his cock into her slippery, wet slit. Liz gave a deep sigh:

“Jack, oh Jack, not again.” But it felt so good she moved back toward him. Phil started to fuck her and she responded, moving her bottom to his rhythm.

Phil heard the bedroom door open quietly behind him. Jack was having second thoughts. If she got pregnant she’d blame him and he hoped to stop Phil before he got too far, but Phil was getting right into it, and Liz whimpered with pleasure as he quickened his pace. He was so worked up he couldn’t last long, and soon gave her several hard thrusts, and grunted aloud as he shot his sperm deep into her vagina.

As he pulled out Jack handed him Liz’s blouse which was lying on the floor, and he wiped himself off on it.

“Mmmmm..nice.” Liz murmured as she felt his cock pulling out of her.

He dropped her blouse on the floor and went out. That had been so good, maybe the fact that she didn’t know it was him added to the pleasure.

“You like that?” Jack asked.

“Good stuff.” Phil answered him. “I’d like to try it again some time.”

“I started to worry because you weren’t using a rubber. She’s not on the pill.”

“Oh shit! I thought it was disease you were worried about. Do you think I might have knocked her up?” Phil was worried.

Jack smiled. “How would I know? And yes there is VD. She fucks around a lot and who knows what she might pick up. But if she gets pregnant she’ll blame me, and I’ll come looking for you to help out. She’s already had one kid, and will probably want to get rid of another one.”

“Yeah, okay, I’ll help. That was a good fuck though. I’m about ready to go back in and do it again.”

“Goodnight Phil.” Jack said firmly.

“Okay, I can take a hint, ‘night Jack.” And as Phil went out the door Jack locked it behind him.

Jack went back to the bedroom where Liz was lying just the way Phil had left her, on her side with her ass hanging over the side of the bed. That’s lovely, he thought. He could see her pubic hair peeking out between her thighs. He reached down and touched it, felt her moist labia in the middle of the wet matted pubic hair. He sniffed his fingers.

“Whoa, nasty.” He said to himself as he smelled the mix of sperm, sweat and the natural vaginal odor. He’d like to go down on his knees and follow where Phil had left off, but thought he should try to find the condom first.

He pulled back the bedclothes, moved Liz over, felt everywhere in the bed. Liz moved sleepily as he moved her around.

“Let me get a little sleep.” She said.

But no rubber.

He got into bed beside her, naked, and held her bare body. Bare except she still had her stockings on – still. His penis was hard again, and as he held her from behind his cock nuzzled her anus and he thought of sticking it in there, but fell asleep before he could make the move.

When he woke up it was light already, and Jack’s penis was hard. He was lying next to this naked woman and wanted more of her. She rolled on to her back, and seeing her breast in front of his face he kissed it, then taking the nipple in his mouth he sucked on it gently. Liz stirred, he sucked, she moaned:

“Ooooh. Oh yes.”

His hand slipped between her thighs and she spread her legs. His fingers found their mark and he rubbed her clitoris. Liz opened her eyes.

“Jack, Jack, Jack. Just once more. You are such a greedy bastard — so am I.”

He rolled on top of her and soon they were going again, but not as fervently as before, but long, deep strokes. They went on and on, her legs first clasping him, then spreading. Then, as his pace quickened, wide open and then over her head. They were both sweating as they kissed and his fingers explored her body, her other hole, and he kissed and sucked her breasts.

Liz grunted to the rhythm of his strokes. She loved to fuck and this was going on and on.

“Uh..uh..uh..uh..” She grunted, interspersed a couple of times with groans of ecstasy as she had an orgasm.

“Aaaah, yes, oh yes……………..aaaaaaaaaah.”

Then with a couple of hard shoves and a moan Jack came, shooting his load of sperm deep into Liz’s vagina. She didn’t realize that this was unprotected fucking, and used her muscles to squeeze the last drops out of his softening cock.

They lay locked together for several minutes, and Jack noticed that she still had her stockings on. There was something sexy about that, and he stroked her silky leg with his hand. Liz shoved him off her and realized that she had to pee badly. She jumped out of bed and ran down the hall naked.

As she sat on the toilet Liz suddenly realized that there was a lot gooey stuff leaking out of her vagina.

“That son-of-a-bitch didn’t use a rubber the last time!” She thought.

But then there was something else coming out of her, and she started to feel nauseated. She reached between her legs and feeling something strange, pulled it out.

The rubber!

“Yucch!” That son-of-a-bitch had come inside her. Her head was swimming. She started to sob.

“You’d better not have made me pregnant!” she said aloud.

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