Bad Grandpa

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“Dad, I think Cami is cheating on me. She seems so much looser than she used to.”

It was unlike my son to talk about sex with me, so I knew he must be some upset. Still, I had to be careful in my response. After all, it was my cock which had stretched her out. Cami had been amazed by the size of my ancient cock, especially its girth. She had assumed that size was hereditary. Never having seen my son with an erection, I had not realized that he had missed out in the size department.

“I really doubt that. Poor girl never leaves the house, what with home schooling the twins.”

Now eight, my grandsons had been a pleasant shock after my son had a vasectomy which had apparently failed. My granddaughter Kelli had been born ten years earlier. After several miscarriages Cami had tearfully given up trying. The twins pleased my son, who had always wanted a boy, but as devoted a dad as he was, Cami was obsessed with her “little gifts from God.” She never returned to her teaching job after her maternity leave. Luckily I was able to get my son a well paid job with a friend’s construction company, so they could afford Cami staying home. Home schooling allowed her to not cut the apron strings, something that I wondered about in terms of the boys social development, but they seemed normal, and joined lots of sports teams and played with neighbourhood chums.

“I hope you’re right, Dad.”

Just then Kelli walked into the room.

“What’s Gramps right about this time?” my granddaughter giggled. “He usually is right about most things.”

“Just how much your mother loves us,” my son quickly improvised.

“And she will always love Gramps the most…” Kelli laughed. “I guess Mom’s always been a daddy’s girl.”

“But he’s not even her father,” my son looked puzzled.

“I guess he’ll just have to do until the real thing comes along,” Kelli replied.

Cami had been close to her Dad but he had taken off a few years back with his secretary, now his much younger trophy wife. They now lived on the left coast, and weren’t about to visit the snowy Midwest for Christmas. I could not help but note that the secretary had looked a lot like Cami – the same auburn hair, the spray of freckles across the bridge of the nose, the high tight perky tits, well defined waist, bubble butt and long shapely legs.

The recollection made my manhood chub up in my pants. I thought perhaps that I spotted Kelli’s gaze falling to my groin, but I decided that was just my hormones. I shook my head slightly, amazed at how much more virile I had felt since fucking my daughter-in-law. Now my granddaughter was making me tingly, though I was sure I was just imagining her curiosity.

My eyes still travelled up and down Kelli’s body, appreciating her beauty. She looked like a younger version of her mother, but with the hair slightly longer, the hips a bit less pronounced, the boobs maybe a bit smaller, but they looked former when I had seen Kelli sunbathing.

I glanced over at the dining table, trying to move my focus away from Kelli, but that just made me think of how just over an hour before, I had entered the room and silently bent Cami over the table, lifted her conservative house dress to her waist, pushed aside her not so conservative lacy boy shorts, and thrust my already hard meat deep into her cunt, which had swallowed me greedily, pulsing and lubricating the instant my tip pressed against her labia. My hands had run up her flanks, pausing briefly to caress her hips and her belly, before grabbing on to her tits to use them as handles, pulling her back to meet each thrust.

The thrill of possible discovery made the fucking that much more intense, though I knew that my son had taken the twins to the park to practice soccer and Kelli was out somewhere. Still, they could return at any time.

“I love how ready you are for me,” she gasped. “I keep seeing wood in your pants whenever you look at me. It does wonders for the self-confidence of a middle-aged mom.”

“And it seems to make you all wet and just as ready, which in turn makes me even hotter for you. Mind you. I don’t think you need me for self-confidence. You are such a MILF that all of Kelli’s guy friends get hard watching you by the pool. And I think you must make half the girls wet too.”

My cock throbbed and got even fatter at the thought of watching Cami pulling a bisexual train by the pool. I was so glad that I had gifted the installation cost to my son when he had turned forty. I had hoped that he would enjoy the views as much as I did, but he seldom raised his nose from business reports. His daughter had blossomed into an eighteen year old fuck bunny under his unnoticing nose. It was only natural that I take advantage of his disinterest to fuck his wife.

My nose was more useful, handy to nudge Cami’s hair aside and allow me to nibble her right ear lobe. That made her sigh deeply and her hips pushed back more ferociously against my groin. My tongue teased her inner ear, making Cami groan, arching her back, driving my cock deeper into her bursa escort womb as I rocked her against the table. My fingers closed over her diamond hard nipples and gave them a tug. I felt the shock run through her spine, no doubt exploding into her brain at the top, and inflaming her clit at the bottom. This provided a distraction as my lips closed over the curve where Cami’s neck turned into her shoulder.

“Don’t leave a mark, please,” Cami begged as my teeth grazed her flesh.

“Please, who?” I growled, breathing the words right into her ear. She was panting heavily, gasping for breath. I felt her hips start to rotate, as her abs fluttered, clenching around my fatness, but then relaxing, only to clamp down even harder.

“Please, Daddy, don’t mark me as yours,” she gasped,”I can’t have your son, my husband, see a mark. Even he may not be dense enough to miss that.”

I chuckled at Cami’s casual dissing of her hubby.

“I wish that I could fit your fat cock up my ass. That way my cunt would stay tight for his skinny dick.”

“We can try again, but right now I need to fill you up with my seed.”

“My real Daddy stretched me out with his fingers and used lots of lube. No one ever figured out that he was fucking me because we only did it up the ass. I was still technically a virgin when I met you son.”

“You miss your Daddy don’t you?”

“His cock wasn’t as special as yours, but I was really glad after a while that I had promised Mom that I would take care of him after she passed away.”

Cami grunted as I nipped the flesh out to the point of her shoulder.

“I hated it when he took off with that bitch he married,” she continued, “after I had taken such good care of him, including let him fuck both my holes – plus my mouth – after I got married.”

Her palms pressed against the wood, allowing her to push back and up from the table, fucking me as much as I was fucking her.

“You must have been pleased then when your mother-in-law asked you to take care of me.”

Cami laughed lustily as her juices coated my balls, which were rolling in their sack, about to pump forth great gobs of goo.

“I just wish she had warned me just how fat your cock is. She said it was huge, but I didn’t know what she really meant until I experienced it for myself.”

“She however was always willing to take it up her ass,” I recalled wistfully.

The fingers of my right hand danced back down Cami’s belly until I could flick her fat throbbing clit.

“Oh, I’m willing…” Cami grunted as I made her pearl dance, “just not sure I’m able…”

“Maybe someday…”

“Soon, I hope… before my cunt gets stretched out too much,” she returned to her theme as I started to tug more vigorously on her left nipple, in counter-time with my right hand playing with her clit.

“Keep playing with that butt plug I bought you, work up to the bigger size.”

Just then, the mental image of my cock flooding Cami’s anus with thick creamy spunk was enough to drive me over the edge. She must have been experiencing similar thoughts, or maybe it was the effect of my manipulations. All I knew for sure was that a shiver ran through both our bodies at the same instance. My sperm surged up my shaft in a rush, exploding out of my spongy head and flooding into my daughter-in-law’s soggy cunt as the dam burst inside Cami.

“Fuck, Daddy, you make me come so hard…” she groaned, maybe a bit loudly, but then, no one was home.

Not that I needed her to tell me. I could feel the climax shaking her body from head to toe, and watched her fingers curling, scratching at the hard surface of the wood as if trying to find a hold to brace against the waves. I wrapped my arms tightly around her belly and held us tightly together as my seed kept spurting into her womb. Her tremors were just starting to subside when the sound of a door slamming startled us.

Cami stood bolt upright, forcing me to take a step back, my still chubby cock dropping out of her labia with a sloppy sounding “plop”.

“Put that thing away, quick,” Cami instructed, straightening her dress with a shrug. I noticed that her panties were still bunched, bisecting her gash and no doubt tight inside her buttocks. That made me grin, thinking how her anus would get teased until she had a moment to sort them out.

My cock also surged back to turgidity contemplating future anal fucking. It took all my power to force my manhood into my underwear and do up my zipper. Just at that moment, Kelli had rounded the corner, her cheeks flushed and her eyes bright, a sloppy grin on her face.

“Did I interrupt something?” she grinned, as if suppressing a giggle. Her eyes flitted to my crotch in a way that no granddaughter should look at her grandfather, particularly when his cock was making a tent in his trousers.

“I was just about to start a pancake brunch, sweetie,” Cami recovered, “your Dad and the twins will be hungry when they get back from the park.”

“Count me in,” Kelli replied, kissing her Mom escort bayan on the cheek, and shocking both Cami and I by also kissing my whiskered old flesh. I saw her eyes glance down as she passed, as if checking to confirm that she had just made my erection complete. “I’ll be in my room playing music until they are ready.”

For exactly a single heartbeat, I willed that she might brush her palm, or even the back of her hand, against my bulge but no such luck. She was gone as quickly as she had entered. It was almost as if I had imagined her presence, but my revived hardness was very real.

I had gone out to the pool, fiddling with the skimmer to distract myself until brunch. Now the twins had rode off on their bikes, Cami was cleaning the kitchen, and Kelli, my son and I were standing awkwardly in the family room.

“Maybe your Mom needs some help,” my son sputtered, but if it was a hint, Kelli chose to ignore it and stood silhouetted by sunlight, her lightweight summer dress made translucent, her wondrous body fully displayed, but still clothed.

“You could bring her this,” Kelli suggested, handing her father a platter streaked with bacon grease. He obediently departed, leaving only my granddaughter and I in the room.

“I didn’t just come home when I slammed the door,” Kelli whispered to me, “I actually came in earlier.”

“How much earlier?”

“Quite a bit. I saw your fat cock entering Mom’s wet cunt.”

“I’m sorry that you had to see that.”

“I’m not. I saw your cock once before when I got home early from babysitting and I guess Mom had been giving you a blowjob while Dad was sleeping on the couch and the twins were already in bed. But I think you had already come, so it wasn’t fully hard. I hadn’t had a chance to really appreciate it until this morning.”

“Most eighteen year olds would be disgusted just by the idea of older adults still having sex. That it was your Mom, and that she was sucking, and today, fucking, your grandfather must have been deeply disturbing.”

“Just the opposite, it turned me on. A lot. I got so wet I gushed all the way to my knees, and that was before I touched myself.”

“You touched yourself?” I repeated, otherwise speechless.

Kelli stepped closer, blocking out the sunlight, her erect nipples obvious through the thin fabric of her dress.

“Of course I did. I found a spot in the hallway where I could watch in a mirror. I just hoped that you guys wouldn’t look up and see me from the opposite angle, and that I was quiet enough. I bit my lip to stifle my cry when I came.”

She thrust her jaw forward, displaying a tiny tender spot still apparent where her teeth had bit down.

“Kiss it better, Gramps?” she asked in her little girl voice, exactly that way she had the day a dozen years earlier when she had decided to remove the training wheels all by herself and had come to me after falling off the bike and skinning her knee. Of course once I had tended to it, she was back on the bike in an instant. Always an adventuress, our Kelli.

Instinctively, I started to step closer and comply, but stopped with one foot midair.

“Do you know what you are getting into?” I asked.

“I know that I want exactly what Mom wanted. Except I bet that MY ass is already stretched enough to accommodate even your monster cock.”

I felt my eyebrows raise as I finished my approach toward my granddaughter.

“Don’t you know that anal is the new blowjob Gramps? That’s practically part of the sex ed curriculum- how to avoid pregnancy 101.”

“So you…”

“More than just butt plugs, Gramps,” Kelli proved that she had been listening as well as watching.

“Though I doubt any of them rival your girth, a few were pretty big boys. Well, not all boys either – I think my biggest was the track coach’s husband. One night I babysat for them, they were both tipsy when they got home. She offered to give me a neck and shoulder massage in case I was cramped from watching TV. I knew it wasn’t just a body rub, but said yes anyway. I always thought she was hot, and her hubby was my first black guy. He was an Olympic athlete, and a gold medallist in the anal sex games too. I particularly loved it when she was eating my cunt while he fucked my ass from behind – though licking her juice off his cock to get him ready for my ass was pretty hot too. Now they ask me to babysit just to have me come over and fuck.”

She chuckled lustily, just like her mother. I used that moment to lean forward and trap her lower lip between mine, accepting her earlier invitation to kiss it better, and signalling that more was about to happen. Except, her parents were two rooms away, and it would not take long to clean the kitchen. I didn’t know which might be worse – her Dad’s rage or her Mom’s jealousy, but I was in no hurry to find out. I stepped back allowing her lip to fall into a fresh pout.

“We can’t do this…”

“That’s not what this is saying,” Kelli reached over and cupped my bulge. If I hadn’t come inside her mother bursa escort earlier, I would have ejaculated right then.

“Let your elders finish talking before you interrupt, dear. I was going to say, ‘not here, not now’, but yes, I do want you, especially your ass. I miss anal sex a lot since your grandmother passed away.”

“Just let me have a quick taste now then,” Kelli fell to her knees as she spoke, undoing my zipper and releasing my hardness before I had a chance to protest.

I was about to remind her that I had not cleaned myself since I had fucked her mother, but then I recalled what she had said about the track coach’s taste on her first black cock.

Sure enough, after Kelli rolled the tip of her tongue all around my helmet as if it was an ice cream cone, paying special attention to the underside of the rim, she looked up at me with loving eyes, grinned and said, “Mommy tastes great too.”

She laughed and deep throated me. Just as her lips reached my root, we heard noises from down the hall. She sprang to her feet and I hastily zipped back up.

Cami entered a moment later. I don’t think that I just imagined her eyes taking in the big tent in my pants. Kelli’s still erect nipples were also obvious through her thin sundress.

“Sorry if I interrupted grandfather time – I know how important that can be,” Cami grinned. I saw Kelli finally breathe again. The way that made her chest heave did nothing to reduce my turgidity.

“Kelli, if you want alone time with Grandpa, how about I go to the movies with your Dad and the twins? They want to see that new cartoon. I know that you’re way too old to enjoy that. You are ready for more adult fun.”

Both Kelli and I opened our eyes wide, making contact with each other. Was Cami saying what she seemed to be saying – did she want her daughter to fuck me, the man Cami had fucked earlier in the day? The sire of Kelli’s own father?

“You can stay if you want, Mom,” Kelli replied. “I can’t imagine you’ll love the movie either.”

“But I do love hot buttered popcorn, and once they are sugared up with soda, the twins might be a bit much for your Dad to handle. Unless… you don’t mind spending time with Grandpa do you sweetie? He really knows a lot, and can be very educational.”

“Mmm…hot buttered popcorn. You almost make me want to go lick some of that greasy mess of my fingers… or maybe someone else’s fingers?” Kelli giggled.

“Almost…” her mother answered.

“I think Gramps needs looking after. Not fair if we all abandon him.”

“So it’s decided then.”

Cami’s voice had a decisive tone to it.

“Yup,” Kelli answered, her voice catching just a tad in her throat, as if suddenly unsure.

“Don’t I get a say in it?” I interjected.

“NO,” both women harmonized emphatically.

“I guess it’s decided then,” I tried to sound reluctant. We all knew just what had been decided all right, though no one put it into words.

“Treat my daughter well – but not too gently,” Cami giggled as she left the room. The same ‘just fucked’ giggle I heard when listening to her fuck my son, and that I loved to trigger myself.

Kelli’s eyes locked on mine, expressing a passion that threatened to burn through to my soul if the others did not leave soon. Fortunately, the house shook with the thundering of the herd before Kelli even poured herself a glass of ice water from the fridge, a task that required her to bend down really low, her sundress shifting upward, displaying her delicious rump to my ancient eyes no more than five feet away. As she reached, she shifted her feet just an inch wider, flashing me a glimpse of the wetness of her panties.

The nasty innuendo from Cami had kept my cock semi-hard in my pants but that sight made the blood surge strongly back into my shaft.

“Don’t be too hard on your old Grandpa while we’re out, Kelli,” Cami teased as she made sure one twin had the shoes on the correct feet while my son minded the other.

“Oh, Mom, I think if anything Gramps will be hard on me,” Kelli giggled, with a heavy emphasis on the words “hard on”.

That caught my son’s attention. I saw his head swivel and eyebrows arch. Did he suspect something? I could not handle the possibility that he discovered what I was doing with his wife – fucking her more effectively than he had ever done – yet I continued to run that risk. Was fucking my granddaughter, as seemed inevitable, the final step that would lift the veil from his eyes?

“I’m sure he’ll only be as rough as you deserve,” he said, grinning. Hmmm – maybe there was more life in him that I thought.

“Let’s goooo…” the twins whined in unison, and all the family left, except my nubile just legal granddaughter.

She moved to the front window and waved as the old-fashioned station wagon rolled down the driveway. I stood behind her. At first, my palm cupped her ass cheek, but as the vehicle turned onto the street I shifted so that my erection nestled between her rear cleavage.

“Oh, Gramps, you are really bad, aren’t you,” Kelli laughed, pushing her cleft back against my loins and rotating her hips. As the car disappeared I placed my hands on her hips, lifting her dress. Her panties caressed my still clothed cock as my hands palmed her young firm tits.

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