Bar Bathroom Babymaking

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She found him at the bar. It was where she expected him to be. Sitting, drinking a local microbrew, watching his football team play. He used to watch the games at home, but lately his wife started complaining about everything and he took any excuse he could find to get out of the house. Even watching the game, alone in this dive bar. “This is almost too easy,” she thought to herself, watching him watch the game unaware of her presence. He ran his fingers through his sandy blond hair, just long enough to curl at the ends. His hands looked gentle, she could almost feel them running across her smooth flesh…but not yet she reminded herself.

She was wearing a long coat, a very long coat, almost down to her ankles. It tied around her middle, showing off a slim figure. She’d kept her aviator sunglasses on, though it made it hard to see in the dark bar. “You look like a spy!” Her husband had shouted to her as she left. “Perfect.” She’d yelled back as she let the door slam behind her. Things were not going well between them either, perhaps partially because she couldn’t keep her eyes (or her thoughts) off his sandy haired, intensely blue-eyed best friend.

She came up behind him, his eyes still glued to the flat screen. The quarterback was in the pocket, the linebackers holding the defense so far. She tapped her fingers gently on his shoulder and he turned to look at her. “Those glasses look rather foreboding,” he said, recognizing her right away. She took them off. Their eyes met, a long glance held between them, she could feel herself getting wet already.

“What brings you to this dive?” He asked.

“You.” She responded. She could see by his body language he was taken aback at her forwardness, another twinge between her legs. She sat on the stool next to him and ordered whatever he was having.

“I didn’t know you liked beer.” He said, looking approvingly at her.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.” She said laughing coyly. Her beer came and slowly they drank together almanbahisbahis commenting on the game unfolding in front of them. For a football game it wasn’t bad. The teams were evenly matched and both quarterbacks were at the top of their game. Shortly after half time, she put her hand on his leg. At first, it was a friendly type of touch, just two friends, watching football and drinking a beer. But as the game progressed, she edged her hand closer and closer to his inner thigh, until her fingertips brushed against his inseam. It no longer felt friendly.

He knew there were so many things wrong with his best friend’s wife’s fingers on his inseam. He knew he should try and control the raging boner in his pants. He knew a lot of things, but none of them prepared him for what was going to happen next.

Her fingers ran up and down the inseam, he felt as though he may burst out of his pants, or possibly in his pants if she kept this up. “uhhhmmmm,” he muttered, “maybe…we… shouldn’t…be…here…” was all he could muster. “I think you’re right” she said, grabbing him suddenly by the wrist. She led him to the back of the bar, to the woman’s restroom. She was the only woman at the bar, so once inside she locked the door behind them.

“Now,” she said, rather forcefully, “I need you to take your pants off.”

“My, uh…what?”

“Don’t think about it, just do what I say,” she purred in his ear. He did what she said and let his pants drop to the floor.

“Yes,” she said, her eyes almost bulging out of her head as she admired the size of his hard-on protruding from his red boxers. “Yes, that will do nicely.” Before he had a chance to think, she was on her knees in front of him. She took just the head into her mouth, tracing its outline with her tongue. With the base of his penis in one hand, she started licking him. Long, luscious licks, up and down. Then she took him as far into her mouth as she could, back and forth, back and forth.

It had been a long, almanbahis giriş long time since he’d received a blow job. His wife had given up on that when she’d given up hope for a child. He watched as his best friend’s wife sucked at him eagerly, as though she’d never had such a wonderful piece of cock in her mouth. He couldn’t watch much more, he knew he was getting close. She noticed too, as she pulled him out and stood back up.

“I want you to come,” she said quite abruptly, “but I want you to come inside me. I want you to make me pregnant. I want your baby.” He wasn’t sure how to respond. He and his wife had tried for a long time and nothing had happened, he doubted one night in a dive bar bathroom would impregnate his best friend’s wife. But hey, if he was going to get to fuck her without protection, he was not about to argue.

“Sit down” she commanded. He sat on the floor, trying to focus on the overwhelming sexual scenario unfolding in front of him rather than the dingy surroundings. She began to unbutton her long jacket, starting at the top, one button at a time. He realized by the time she’d unbuttoned the third button that she was not wearing anything underneath. He could see her breasts, peeking out from under the sides of the coat. They weren’t huge, but she wasn’t a surfboard either. Her body was petite and well-toned. He knew she was very athletic and imagined she could be flexible when she wanted.

She slipped the coat off her shoulders, revealing herself fully nude other than her black heels. Her body was thin yet soft, her golden brown hair fell to her shoulders and her gray-blue eyes seemed to hold a secret he couldn’t quite read. Her legs were shapely, much better than his wife’s that was for sure. And her bush, she let her bush grow wild. He’d never seen such a wild bush before and was surprised at his body’s visceral reaction, feeling his loins tighten even further.

She stepped over to where he was sitting, inching closer and closer until her almanbahis yeni giriş bush tickled his nose and he could smell her, a smell that stirred something inside him. “I want you to lick me” she said, “slowly at first, starting at my clit.” He followed her directions, longing to taste her sweet juices. Hungrily he lapped at her vagina, “gently,” she commanded, “it’s a clit, not a dreamsicle.” Again, he followed her directions, slowly, gently, licking, using the tip of tongue to trace her lips. “Mmm” she moaned softly “that’s it.” He brought up his hand and slipped two of his fingers inside her, pressing on her g spot. Her body responded, rocking onto his hand. The sensation of her rocking, plus the taste of her sweetness made him grunt with anticipation. She loved feeling in control, she loved feeling him lose himself inside of her. She was getting close and he knew it, his pace quickened and she allowed herself to come on his hand and in his mouth, more juices gushing onto his fingers.

She stepped back. “Now it’s time for you to fuck me.” She said, bending over the sink. He did not need more of an invitation than that. He grabbed her hips and pressed his hard cock deep inside her dripping wet vagina. “Yeah, baby” she said “yeah, make me pregnant. Spill your seed in me!” He could feel the head of his penis smacking against the tip of her cervix with each thrust. She pressed her hips back into his thrusts, harder and harder, until he knew he could not take it anymore. “I’m coming” he grunted, as he unloaded his semen directly into her cervix. She could feel the warm come filling her and it sent her over the edge as well. She held the sink as hard as she could and groaned as her orgasm rocked her to her core.

They stood for a moment. Their breathing ragged and quick. She was the first to speak. “Thank you for the baby.” “You don’t really think that got you pregnant? Do you?” he asked. “Today was my most fertile day, and you did just fill my womb. A girl can hope at any rate.” She buttoned her coat back up, and walked out of the bathroom, the door swinging shut behind her.

He dressed himself, walked back to his bar stool and ordered himself another round. It was the fourth quarter and his team was up by a touchdown. He was sure they would win today.

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