Barbara: He Said

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Barbara had been a student in one of my adult Ed computer classes. She had been rather flirtatious and had never missed an opportunity to brush against me, or touch me, or stand really close while discussing something. I had enjoyed the contact and her company in general. She had divorced several years before and was living alone when she invited me over to help her with some minor problem on her computer. She offered me something to drink and I followed her into the kitchen while she looked for something to offer me.

When Barbara bent over looking into the, the pose stretched her powder blue cotton shorts around her wonderfully rounded ass revealing the outline of her bikini panties I told her that she had a beautiful ass, and she wiggled back and forth while she looked over her shoulder and told me, “Keep your eyes in the right place. You are married and should not be looking at my rump.” I crossed the distance between us and boldly held her hips in my hands and bent at the knees a bit so that I could rub my groin against her yielding ass.

Barbara said, “Don’t! You are married. You are not supposed to do that.” I started to release my grip on her hips figuring that I had grossly misjudged the situation, but I felt her gently grind her ass back against me. I was more than a little confused, but she was definitely mashing her ass against my groin while she was admonishing me to behave like a gentleman. As my dick hardened, my up strokes stabbed one of her ass cheeks and Barbara rolled her hips so that the down stroke was in the crack of her ass and the next up stroke probed her other ass cheek. We maintained that rhythm while my dick got harder and harder.

I slid my hands up her sides and under her matching powder blue knit top and under her bra pushing them up over her breasts. Barbara moaned and said, “Don’t, you’re married. You are not supposed to do that.” As I pinched each pink nipple lightly she put her head back against my chest while arching her back and grinding her magnificent ass against my hardened rod. I leaned forwarded and nibbled on her exposed neck and she moaned saying, “Don’t, don’t, don’t.” All the while her body and motions were telling me to continue. I pushed her tank top and bra up to her shoulders and over her head. She let them hang from her one hand that was still holding on to the open fridge door. I continued to maul her breasts with one hand while I pulled my zipper down with the other. Barbara said, “No! No! No!” As she moaned and rubbed her ass against my now bare flagpole, I took her free hand and covered her breast with it pinching her nipple with her finger and thumb. As I moved my hand back down to her waist, she continued to play with her own nipple. Barbara continued the hula style rolling of her hips while I continued my up and down thrusts.

I pushed her shorts down to mid thigh and allowed my cock to slide up the crack of her, power blue, nylon-covered ass. I nearly came with that first contact. My cock burrowed into the crack of her ass and my precum wet her panties. She was saying, “No! No! Don’t! You are married. You are not supposed to do that!” as she stepped out of her cotton shorts and kicked them beside the fridge. My up thrusts pushed her bikini panties into the crack of her ass and soon my cock was in contact with her bare ass cheeks. I looked between us and could see my purple cock head making furrows in her smooth, yielding ass as she gyrated against me.

My precum was wetting her ass as the silky material of her panties and her smooth yielding ass flesh teased the underside of my cock. On the next upstroke I could feel my cock bump over her puckered anus and I noticed a small shudder ripple over her body as goose flesh rose on her arms. The second and third strokes across her anus brought low moans from her throat as she continued her litany of “Don’t, don’t, don’t you are married and not supposed to do this to me.” On the next up thrust my cock head stubbed on the opening of her anus and my dick tried to enter her anus through her panties. Barbara jumped and said, “No. No. No. Not there. No one has ever gone there.” She pulled away, and I figured that I had ruined the whole thing when I felt Barbara lift her leg and step up on her tiptoes as she guided my cock between her ataköy escort legs before she lowered her leg.

Now my thrusts were no longer up and down, but rather back and forth, and on the first forward thrust, I could feel Barbara’s silky thighs on each side of my cock as it slid forward. Then I felt her puffy pink pussy lips with her panties buried in her pussy crack. The purple anvil, of my cock, slid forward and back over the wet pussy lips as Barbara changed her pelvis rotations to forward and backward to maximizing the friction between my cock and her pussy. On each forward thrust I could now feel my cock nudging her clit making her moan loudly as she continued her “No. No. No. Don’t do that. You are married.”

On the next thrust, I pulled my cock completely out from between her legs. Barbara was completely dazed and confused as she worked her ass back trying to find my cock. I pulled her panties down to mid thigh noting how they were stuck in her pink-lipped pussy. I sternly told her, “Take off your panties.”

She said, “No. No. No. You are married and should not be doing this to me,” as she tried to move back against my cock again.

“Take them off!” I said.

Barbara leaned forwarded and pushed her panties below her knees and lifted one leg then the other as she pushed them down with her feet and kicked them on the pile of her other clothes. I could see her fat, pink, pouting pussy lips clearly when she bent over. I took the opportunity to remove my shorts and boxer shorts and toss them on the pile. I stepped forward allowing my cock to touch her bare back as I pulled my knit shirt over my head and tossed it on the heap.

Looking between us, I could see a streak of precum dribble down her back and paint a line between her wonderful ass cheeks as I lowered myself for more contact. Barbara giggled and gurgled deep in her throat as my cock lubricated her ass crack. Again my bloated cock head snagged as it scuffed over her puckered anus. With each stroke Barbara shuddered and gasped, until my cock angled into her anus trying to gain entrance into her hot tight little hole. This time she leaned forward a little to accommodate my entry, but lurched as my dry cock head tried to wedge open her tightly clinched anus.

Barbara said, Again, she lifted her leg and redirected my cock between her legs and against her puffy pink pussy lips. This time I placed my hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her forward. She resisted until she felt my cock slide into the entrance to her vagina. Then she bent far forward grasping the fridge with her other hand. My cock made a slow, smooth entry into her steaming pussy till my hips mashed against her yielding rump. I could feel the under side of my cock head slide up against the inner side of her pussy and push against her cervix.

Barbara raised her head and groaned loudly as my cock pushed all the way against the far wall of her pussy. Then she pushed back against me rattling the contents of her fridge. I pulled almost all the way out and then slammed into her again. Again, the contents of the fridge rattled. I hurriedly looked around and saw the counter that was only a couple of steps from the fridge. I pulled a very confused Barbara away from the fridge and pushed her over to the counter. When she realized what I was doing she took the couple of steps to the counter making sure that my cock did not slip out of her burning pussy. Once she had her hands on the counter she began to push her pussy back onto my pole with each in thrust, and pull herself back with each out thrust. As soon as this rhythm took effect, I could feel my balls slapping against her clit. My thighs were afire with the effort of fucking in this half squatting position.

I grasped her hips and lifted her hundred or so pounds and stood more erect as I thrust into her while she pushed back against me. Barbara hooked her dangling legs around behind mine and used them for leverage to help bury my cock as deep as possible in her pussy. Within just a few strokes Barbara started making deep guttural groaning noises then said, “Oh my God, I am coming, I am coming. You should not be doing this to meeeeeeeeeeeee!” She nearly fell on the floor as she slumped in the throws of a very avcılar escort powerful orgasm. I dipped my knees and stepped forward forcing her to sit more erectly upon my dick. I gave a couple of bounces with my knees thrusting my cock deeply into her as her wonderful ass mashed against my hips. As she recovered, she put her head on my shoulder while I kissed her damp hair at the nape of her neck.

As wonderful as it all felt, I could not hold us both much longer. On unsteady legs I walked us through her dining room into the living room. Barbara said, “The drapes!” so I tottered over to the edge of the drapes and she pulled the drawstring with one hand while clinging to my neck with the other. With my last bit of energy I hobbled over to the couch and gently eased her onto it. I rolled her onto her back with one leg on the floor and then I lifted her other leg and put it over the back of the couch. She had one arm over her eyes and the other limply draped onto the floor. I knelt beside the couch because my poor legs were about to give out completely after all of that wonderful sexual exercise. I kissed her lips, sliding my tongue into her mouth. She began to suck on my tongue like it was a dick. I lifted her arm from across her eyes and guided her hand to her sodden pussy.

I forced two fingers into her pussy and massaged her slowly. She pulled on my tongue with her mouth all the harder. I pulled back and took her hand from her pussy and guided it to my mouth. Her eyes fluttered in confusion as she saw me sucking her pussy juice from her fingers. I slipped two of my fingers into her pussy and got them wet before putting them to her lips. She said, “No. No. No. You shouldn’t do that, you are married.” But, I could not hear the last part because she was talking around my fingers as I slid them into her mouth. She eagerly sucked my fingers while I put her hand back into her pussy. I moved down and sucked her pert titties while she rocked her hips against her own fingers. While moving my mouth from one pink nippled tit to the other I pulled her hand out of her pussy and pushed it against her lips. She shook her head, but finally accepted her fingers into her mouth. Now I kissed down across her belly to her russet patch of hair. As my tongue slid through her patch of hair and landed upon her clit, Barbara thrust her hips up to me with a jerk and took her fingers out of her mouth saying, “No. No. No. Don’t do that you are married and should not be doing that.”

But her voice died off into a deep guttural moan. I twisted around and slid onto the couch so that my cock was in Barbara’s face. She turned her face to the side saying, “No. No. Don’t do this to me”, but I guided my cock against her moist lips and the last of her phrase was cut to a mumble as she formed the words around the shaft of my cock. Then I felt her tongue caress my cock and lovingly lick it while I pulled back so that just the purple head was resting on her mouth. She turned her head towards me and I slowly slid my cock into her welcoming mouth. I pushed forward till she gagged then pulled back. She followed my cock with her head, but when I pushed forward again, I pinned her head against the back of the couch. I kept up my thrusting as she rolled into the 69 position with my face buried in her pussy. I slipped a couple of fingers into her tight little hole as I sucked on her clit. She was moaning and sucking, moaning and sucking as I continued to thrust into her mouth. As she started to come, I slid one of my fingers out of her pussy and across her anus. She was busy fucking her pussy against my mouth and finger and did not notice as I buried one finger to the second knuckle in her anus.

Her beautiful body was racked with orgasmic wave after wave. I was about to come in her mouth, but was not sure how she would take it, so I pulled out and waited as she squirmed in my arms, kissing my balls and dick between moans. She said, “Oh God! That was wonderful, I love the way you ate me.” Then she noticed my finger buried in her anus. She yelped and pulled away from me. I slipped my finger out of her ass and languidly licked her clit as she said, “Oh! You should not do that. No one has ever done that before. You bad boy! You are married and should beylikdüzü escort not be doing this to me.”

I pulled my finger from her clinching anus and noticed that she followed my finger with her hips and sighed as though she was reluctant to have the contact end. I told her that I needed to pee and padded off to the bathroom. I returned with a warm washcloth and towel. I started by gently wiping her face and neck before I worked my way down to her breasts.

After her breasts, I raised each arm and wiped her armpit. Then I folded the washcloth and moved to her pussy. She spread her legs as I massaged her clit and pussy lips with the warm cloth. I pulled her hips forward and wormed my finger between her ass cheeks and she spread her legs to accommodate my entry. I pressed my lips over hers as I fingered her anus with the warm washcloth. She further moved to accommodate my massage of her anus. I broke the kiss and said, “Lets go to your bedroom where we can be more comfortable.” I helped her to her feet and she led the way saying, “You are married and should not be doing this to me.” Next to her bed, I pulled her into my arms and bent to kiss her while allowing my hands to rove over her naked body.

As the kiss broke, I said, “Where do you keep the ointment or cream darling?” She looked a little confused, but I said, “We will need something to smooth the way when I enter you back there.”

She said, “Oh! You can’t do that,” as she turned to her nightstand and pulled out a tube of lubricating jelly. I pushed her to the sitting position on the edge of her bed and stepped directly in front of her and stuck my cock in her face. She could smell the soap that I had used to wash with after I went pee, and she opened her mouth and took all of my cock in her mouth. Her tongue licked the tender underside of my cock while she wrapped her tiny hands partway around the girth of it and held my balls with the other hand. I thrust a few more times before I stepped back and pushed her onto her back on the bed. She looked up at me with legs spread as I took the cap off the ointment and squeezed a generous amount onto the head of my cock. Barbara licked her lips and involuntarily rocked her hips as she spread her legs wider apart in anticipation.

I knelt between Barbara’s legs, and my cock was just at the right height to slide between the cheeks of her ass. She rocked her head from side to side as she moaned, “No. No. No. You should not be doing this to me darling, you are married.” My greased cock head parted her ass cheeks and stopped at her puckering anus. I said, “This is likely to be uncomfortable for a few minutes, but just relax and it will feel good soon.” She said. “No. No. Don’t do that. No one has ever done that before.” I felt her relax as my cock spread her anus and the ointment lubricated the entrance. I slowly worked the entire length of my cock into her then strummed my thumb over her clit causing her to wiggle her hips and pump herself on my cock.

I was about to come when I slipped my dick into her virgin anus and it’s tight grip pushed me to the very edge. I thrust several times to make sure that she got the feel of it while I continued to stimulate her clit with my hand. I reached my other hand up and massaged her breasts as Barbara started to come again. Her orgasm pushed me over the top and I unloaded blast after blast of come up her ass. As I came back to earth from my heavenly orgasm I noticed that Barbara had her legs wrapped around my waist and was holding me firmly in place. She had two hands full of the bedspread and her face was contorted with orgasmic bliss. As my cock wilted in her anus Barbara was wracked with several spasms that shook her body and caused her to dig her heels into my ass and pull me deeper as I slipped further and further out of her clinching anus. She yelped a little as it slid completely out and she said, “No. No. Put it back in. I want it in me again. I want your adulterous cock in every hole I have, now!” I pulled her to her feet and said, “First lets get a shower then that drink you promised me 2 hours ago. She chuckled and said, “We need that shower and some fluids to replace what we lost.”

I said, “Next time I am going to drop off a school uniform for you to wear when I arrive.”

Barbara squealed and said, “Will you rape my virgin pussy? Will you tie me up and rip my panties to shreds when you fuck me?”

I said, “We can do it any way you would like. I can be your teacher seducing you for the first time. I can be a neighbor raping you. You can decide.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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