Basement Time

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The mask was waiting for her when she got home. It was the only thing dangling from the coat hook, and the message was clear. Persephone stared at it, shivering in place. It couldn’t have been there long. The rules were clear. If the mask was there for longer than fifteen minutes without her being in her proper place, there would be hell to pay.

Persephone pulled her work jacket off and threw it to the side. There’d be time to pick it up later. She kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned her shirt as quickly as possible. The rules were simple. Persephone was to take off everything and put the mask on. There was no or else. She was a good girl. There didn’t need to be an or else.

She grabbed the mask and hurried through her house. Like usual, there was that sharp, sudden fear that there would be other people waiting for her, watching her scamper through her home in her birthday suit. Even with the house completely empty, her skin crawled at the feeling of a thousand imaginary eyes traveling up and down every inch of her skin.

It only got worse when she opened the door in the hall and carefully made her way down to the basement. Each step moaned out her arrival. The basement door was already open, and the dim bulb hanging from the ceiling cast a low light over most of the room. It wouldn’t matter to her. Persephone stood underneath the light and put on her mask. Darkness was now her only companion.

The mask had no slits for eyes. The basement was cold. She stood up as straight as she could, feeling the familiar sense of fear come over her. She hadn’t been given a chance to shower, to groom, to do anything to prepare herself. She could feel that little extra paunch she’d been trying to get rid of. She didn’t feel pretty or desirable, but it didn’t matter. Persephone would wait, like she always did. She was a good girl.

The creak of the basement door as it closed with a slam sent a violent shudder up her spine. She suppressed it, standing still, hands at her sides, chest jutted out. Slow, thunderous footsteps echoed behind her. He was there. Who knew how long he’d been waiting.

“You cut it close,” Sir said behind her, getting closer. Enormous, warm hands cupped her shoulders from above. It never failed to shock her, how massive he was compared to her. If Sir wanted to, he could do anything he wanted to her. He was always patient. He always took his time. “You only had two minutes left on the timer. What kept you?”

“Traffic,” she heard herself saying from miles away, on autopilot. “I was let out late, and I hit traffic. I’m sorry, Sir.”

At first he said nothing. His hands squeezed until Persephone could feel the raw power in them, at his command. They slid down her arms, down to her sides, tracing her skin lazily. Her skin burned where he touched her, immediately cooled again by the frigid basement. He brought them back up again, right hand going up to her neck and cupping it.

She held very still as Sir’s hand took half of her neck in his grip and gave it a gentle squeeze. A sigh escaped her lips before she could hold it in. She felt more than heard his quiet, rumbling laughter. “What am I going to do with you, pet?”

“Anything you want, Sir,” Persephone replied without thinking.

Sir paused. His hand tightened on her neck until she was sure he was going to choke her, then all it once it was gone, replaced by his laughter. “Good girl,” He rumbled.

All at once he was pressed up against her, as naked as she was. She only came up to his chest, and she could feel the coarse hair of his body against her neck and back. She could feel the outline of his cock, still mostly soft but hardening against her. His hands enveloped her breasts and squeezed. Persephone whimpered.

Sir lifted them up and toyed with them. It was always his favorite way to start, whenever he was feeling especially playful. Persephone always thought they were too big for her little body and hated the way they hung on her. Sir loved them. His fingers cupped, squeezed, and rolled the sensitive flesh over in his hands. Persephone leaned into them, breathing growing heavy. She shifted in place, determined to stay strong, to resist. Sir loved it when she held out.

Then his thumbs found her nipples and drew lazy circles around almanbahis them. Each touch was like a jolt to her long, hard, pink nipples and she jerked against him, letting out a sharp cry. Heat flooded her face, her stomach, and between her legs. Sir didn’t let up. His fingers met and pinched the sensitive nubs with increasing pressure. Persephone bucked against him, letting out a long, high whine.

“Oh? Does my little pet like this?” he teased.

The bastard. He knew full well what she liked. Sometimes Persephone thought he knew what she liked better than she did. She gave a quick, sharp nod. She didn’t trust herself to speak. Not with his hands playing over her breasts relentlessly, driving her crazier and crazier with just his touch.

“Good.” The word echoed in the basement. He stopped, holding her breasts but no longer teasing her. Sir shifted behind her, lowering himself down until his lips were against the back of her neck. Kissing once, twice, along her shoulders. Lazy. There was no rush to it, no urgency from him. He was taking his time, keeping her captive to his slow hunger. She loved it. She hated it.

Then his lips went up her neck, to the side. She froze. He kept going. Persephone moved away from him, but he pulled her back against him. She knew where he was aiming right as his mouth found her earlobe. He took it in his mouth, kissing and sucking it right as he pinched her nipples once more.

“FUCK,” She hissed, fighting to get away from him again. Sir didn’t let her leave. He held her in place, mouth working at her overly sensitive ear while his powerful hands all but mauled her breasts as she struggled against him.

“You fucking bastard,” she managed to moan out. Her entire body was hot now. He knew her weaknesses, and he didn’t play fair. He never played fair. She hated the way he could play her like this and turn her into a wanton slut. She loved the way he could please her without even trying.

Persephone broke. She writhed against Sir. Her hands went up to go around his shoulders, holding herself up while he played with her body. She rubbed her thighs together, stoking that fire he built inside of her, desperate for a bit of relief. He adjusted seamlessly, grinding his own naked body against her, promising her what was to come while he toyed with her and drove her past the point of careful control.

The darkness the mask provided condensed her world down to his hands on her tits, and his mouth on her ears, her neck, her lips; whatever he could get as she struggled to stay upright. She couldn’t stop the constant stream of whimpers and high pitched moans coming from her if she tried, and Persephone was far from caring.

Sir gave her tits one last loving squeeze before he dropped her. Persephone crumpled to the ground. The concrete was freezing against her knees, and wet. Her face lit up as she reached down to feel her pussy. She was dripping, and kneeling in her own juices. Sir’s hands pulled hers away.

“Did I say you could touch yourself?” he barked out. His voice echoed in the basement, silencing and stilling her. His hand stroked her hair softly, as if to balance out his voice. “You’re not behaving very well today, pet. Has it been a long day for you? Has it been too long since we’ve had a session down here?”

Persephone hesitated, then nodded. She didn’t need to clarify. He just needed to know that she wanted it, wanted him, and that she was willing to play by his rules. Sir was kinder and gentler than he should’ve been to her. She leaned into his touch, and he cupped her cheek.

“I should just leave you down here, on your knees, until you cool off.” Persephone whimpered. Sir chuckled. The next thing she knew, she could feel him shift and press the length of his thick, hard cock against her cheek. The heat was searing. “Or I could let you make up for your behavior…”

Persephone didn’t need to be told twice. She nuzzled his cock sweetly, running the length of it across her cheek, back and forth. She pulled back and planted a sweet, innocent, lingering kiss on the bulbous head. She didn’t remove her lips, but instead kept pressing little kisses. He thought he could tease her until she fell. She could do all that and more to him. She reached up to wrap her fingers around almanbahis giriş his cock, but his hand slapped hers away.

“No,” he sighed, stroking her hair once more. “No hands allowed. Not tonight. You don’t get it that easy. Try again, pet.” His deep voice was both scolding and impish. Persephone scowled. That just made him laugh harder.

She ignored the tip of his cock and went straight for his balls. She nuzzled against them once before opening her mouth and taking one inside, sucking on it and tugging it. He stopped laughing. Her tongue lapped at the sensitive orb and she moaned around it. Persephone heard Sir curse above her, shifting in place.

As much as she loved and worshiped his cock, his balls hung low and were amazingly sensitive. She loved the way he smelled, and the way he tasted. Most of all, she loved the way his hands buried themselves in her hair and held on as she bathed first one testicle and the other with her tongue. Even with his commands, she could play dirty.

Persephone finally let his sensitive balls plop out of her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked up the underside of his cock slowly. She tasted each inch of his flesh, swirling her tongue around the thick vein that she loved to tease him about. Up to the tip, where she slurped up a dollop of his pre-cum.

She licked at it slowly and sweetly, like a cat getting a small drink of water, but going no further. She didn’t need to be able to see to imagine the look of frustration and lust on his face. And a second later when he pulled his cock back and let it slap against her face, she couldn’t help but let out a giggle.

“Pet,” he warned, though his voice was strained.

That was all Persephone needed to hear. She opened her mouth and swallowed his cock inside it. Her lips formed an O that she pressed against his thick erection, moving her head forward until she could feel him at her throat. She pressed just a little harder until she could feel the tip start to turn down, and she swallowed. Hard, quickly, enough to drive him crazy without delivering what he wanted. Sir let out a strangled grunt. She had him.

Persephone bobbed her head back and forth. The slurps of her tongue lashing against his hard cock were obscene sounding, even to her. It made her suck harder, moaning around the thick piece of meat in her mouth. Sir struggled against her, surprised at her onslaught. She longed to grab a hold of his legs and keep him there, at her mercy…But she was a good girl.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” Sir snarled above her. He grabbed her hair with both hands. She waited for him to pull her forward, driving his cock down her throat; she was eager for it. Instead he just pulled. Her scalp burned in the best way. Then she was yanked off of him. Some of her drool splashed on her chin. Persephone looked up at Sir blindly, giving him a sweet smile that would just set him off even more.

She wasn’t disappointed. Sir didn’t pull her to her feet so much as grab her by the shoulders and drag her with him. Persephone squeaked, reflexively fighting to get back to her feet. Sir picked her up and dumped her on the workbench on the back. The impact knocked the air out of her and she fought for balance.

Sir pushed her forward until her legs were dangling off the edge, ass in the air waiting for him. At least he’d been considerate enough to put a blanket on the bench beforehand. Persephone looked over her shoulders, stifling a curse as she still couldn’t see if she tried. She didn’t need to see to know what was next.

Sir put one hand on each of her legs slowly. He squeezed, spreading her apart and pulling her closer to him. Once he was satisfied she wasn’t going to fall off, Persephone felt him press up against her. His entire body covered her as he moved into position. Like usual, he pushed himself up against her and stopped, waiting.

Persephone didn’t say anything. Instead, she just wiggled her ass against his cock. Slow at first, then more insistent. Her round, fleshy ass slapped against it as she pushed back until she could feel his cock, still covered in her spit, against her achy, needy cunt. She had been ready for this since the moment she saw the mask hanging.

His hand caressed her ass tenderly. It was the last bit canlı bahis siteleri of tenderness he was going to give. Persephone shuddered with anticipation.

Sir thrust forward with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. He held on to her spread legs to steady her and slammed his hips forward the moment he was clear.

Persephone cried out as she felt his cock split her open. She was wet enough to allow his thick member to push through any resistance her tiny body might’ve had. Her pussy clung to him like a second skin as he bottomed out in her with another couple of inches left to go. It hurt as much as the first time they had made love, but now she craved the pain.

Pulling out took an eternity. An eternity of feeling every inch of his cock vacating her, while her pussy all but cried in protest as he left her empty. Then he slammed home again. Persephone cried out, pushing against him. She wanted more than he was giving her. He owned her then, more than any other time. She pushed back against Sir, but he pulled out again slowly.

“P-please,” she whispered. Sir stopped halfway inside of her and stood very still. She tried to wriggle backwards to force more of his throbbing cock inside of her. Sir held her in place. She grew more desperate by the second. “Please!” she begged.

“Please what?” Sir purred above her. His hand squeezed her ass hard enough to leave a bruise. Persephone’s back arched.

“Fuck me!” She cried out. “Stop playing with me and just fucking fuck me! I’m tired of – “

Sir gave Persephone exactly what she wanted. He slammed into her hard enough to knock the air out of her. His cock hammered inside of her tight, wet, hungry pussy. The table wobbled and slammed into the wall with each thunderous thrust.

Persephone’s mouth opened in a silent scream as her lover finally took her for real. Her body tightened, bucking against his involuntarily as her senses left her and all that remained was a bitch in heat. From miles away she was dimly aware of his hands burying themselves in her hair. A second later he jerked back and she gasped.

She closed her eyes and let go. Her entire world was reduced to her body. Her scalp and cunt burned so sweetly. Sir hit a button deep inside her, and that beast grew and grew. Her legs twitched uselessly, spread far apart for the easiest access possible.

He fucked her for minutes, hours, days. It all blended together as she rode the high, squeaking each time his hips slammed against hers, sending his balls slapping wetly against her clit. She could’ve stayed like that forever, ever climbing to heaven. He couldn’t.

His thrusts grew shorter and more frantic. His hand on her hair pulled harder, tilting her head to the side. She felt his hot breath against her neck, and then his lips on her neck once more. He slammed his cock into her once more, bottoming out and still struggling to go deeper. He growled and bit down, and that’s all it took.

Blackness deeper than the blindfold on her face took Persephone. Perfect, silent, sweet darkness. A second later, it all crashed into her as her body clenched tightly around Sir’s buried cock, milking him for every drop of his hot cum. Warmth exploded in her cheeks, her stomach, and between her legs. Her body was alive and out of her control.

Sir panted against her, kissing and groaning and murmuring wordlessly into her ear. Her body weakly cried for more, before that need died down, replaced with a lazy contentedness. She wriggled against Sir. He groaned and pulled her against him, arms wrapping around her middle as they rested on that table.

Eventually he tugged the blindfold off of her and tossed it to the ground. “I love you,” he whispered. The words struck her like a bolt of lightning. He stood up, pulling her with him. He threw the blanket on the ground and took her with him, snuggling against her right there.

“I love you too,” Persephone echoed with a sigh. “Where are the kids?” Now that they’d had their fun and the blindfold was off, she was herself again, and his beast was sated. She could do whatever she wanted. All she wanted to do was stay right there with him, feeling the delicious aching of her sated body.

“At my mom’s. Gone. For three whole days.” Her husband’s lips pressed against the back of her neck. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” His hand went up to cup her left breast, squeezing teasingly.

“Order pizza, get drunk, and watch cartoons?”

He sighed.

“I fucking love you so much.”

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