Bec , Sammy: Let’s Do The Fist!

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Hi! Welcome to Sammy’s third outing with her Aunt and Uncle. There is incest, fisting, some pissing and a bit of anal. Sam’s being a bit adventurous.

This is a stand alone story for the ‘April Fool’s 2020’ competition, but if you want to start at the beginning, please read

‘Bec & Sammy: That was a slip up’ then

‘Uncle Tom & Sammy going for a ride.’

I’d like to thank Vanna, Jayde, Marina and Molly for their contributions to the fisting scene.

All comments gratefully accepted.



I woke up. I was on the floor. Why was I on the floor? I sat up and rubbed my head, then tried to look at my fingers in the semi-dark. My head had clipped the bedside table on the way down and it hurt. No blood though. I took a deep breath and became a bit more awake. Right. I’m on the floor. Ouch…

I turned around and I could just make out in the near darkness Sammy’s bare arse just inches away from my face, pale in the early summer dawn light. That explained what happened. It was Sam’s second last night with us before she had to go home, and she wanted a snuggle session with her bestest oldie friends – Aunty Bec and Uncle Tom. She was full of energy, even when sleeping it seemed, and her wiggly butt had pushed me out of bed.

It had been an interesting couple of weeks with Sam. She managed to impale herself on her bedpost, which led to me sliding my dick into her virgin vag, Sammy fisting Bec, Sam and I getting covered in cow shit, driving home naked and being pulled over that way by the Police. Good but unusual times. It was not how any of us expected Sammy’s annual visit to go. And now Bec had promised Sammy that she’d get fisted today. Friday – Fistday.

Bec had wrestled with her conscience a long time before coming to her decision. When Sammy was stuck on the bed, getting her off safely was the priority, and getting her sexually excited seemed the best option. Not really a palatable option as her Aunt and Uncle, but the best for Sam’s wellbeing. That led to a throw-away line from Rebecca that night where she suggested her hand would fit inside Sammy’s vagina. Sam was fascinated with the concept of being stuffed and she was not going to let Bec back out.

To Bec, a promise is a promise, so that really was the key point. She had promised to fist our eighteen-year-old niece, and she was going to keep that promise. Bec and I had a long talk the night after her impaling, trying to figure out how best to contain our newly released ball of sexual energy.

“Of all things sexual to want to do, she wants to have my hand shoved up her clacker. I mean, really? Why that? I can see why she played with the bedpost before falling on it and why she likes the run of the mill fuck with you, but fisting’s getting pretty extreme.” Bec sounded pretty exasperated.

“No idea,” I replied. “She’s a smart kid though. I know she did some bedpost research, so I’d assume Sam did some other insertion investigations. It comes back to you though,” I reached over the table and held her hands, “You have to be ok with it. If you don’t want to, I’m sure she’d understand.”

Bec sat back and waved a hand in the air, “That’s just it. I really don’t have a problem with it. I should have. I did have. I never, ever thought I’d be seriously considering fisting another relation. But now, I’m actually ok with the idea.”

‘Another relation?’ I thought that was an interesting comment, but I put it down just as a slip of the tongue due to the late hour and the copious amounts of red wine we had both consumed.

“Ok, so look at it this way. We know she can ride a three-inch post. Easily. So physically Sam won’t have a problem. Mentally, she seems fine. Talk to her, make sure you’re both ready, then come up with a plan. I’d suggest taking a bit of time and slowly stretching her bits, but that’s your call. Just let me know how I can help.”

Bec nodded and finished the last of her wine. “Yeah. I’ll think about it and talk to Sam. Just to see if she really wants this, or I just get a bloody great cucumber for her.”

I finished my glass and laughed, “She likes doing things with her favourite Aunt. Be happy. You’ll really be a part of her.”

Bec pulled a smile, “I guess so. Just like there’s little bits of you inside her.”

“Yup. Now can I put bits of me inside you?” I stood up and waved my semi-hard dick at her from under the leg of my shorts. “He wants to share the lurve….”

“I suppose so. As long as he doesn’t fall asleep before I get what I want.”

So that was the plan. Bec finished wrestling with her conscience before finally talking with Sam about the idea. Sammy liked the idea of a cucumber – emphasis on the Cum, but ‘insisted on getting fisted.’ And then she played the mopey eyed kitten card.

“It’s ok Aunty Rebecca, I understand. I’m your little girl and always will be. If you don’t want to do grown-up things with me, that’s fine. Really it is.” Sam then stood up and trudged towards the door to her room, her naked bottom peeking out from under her tank top. bursa escort Which brings us to the night after Sam and I got home from doing the ‘Nude Day parade.’

“So that’s why I didn’t go with you guys to the beach today. She guilted me into agreeing, the little… I don’t know – manipulative little cow. I wasn’t going to buy gel around here, so I drove two towns over. And even then I got some odd looks. Should have ordered it online.” Bec grumbled to me after Sammy had finally gone to bed.

I laughed at the image of Bec scuttling into the adult accessories store for the tub of fisting gel. But then, earlier today a female cop had taken a photo of my naked arse beside Christine, my convertible, and I was already receiving messages from my fellow karateka congratulating me on how toned my rump was looking. Sneaking into an adult store was probably the less embarrassing of the two.

“Funny. So the plan is what, when and where?” I asked. “Tomorrow, and here I assume?”

“Actually, I was thinking of going to Blacknose Bluff. It overlooks the beach, there’s grass, trees, tables, and a view out to sea. And no one really knows about it. I want it to be really special for all of us, and like you said, take some time to warm her up. It’s a lovely spot and the added thrill of maybe getting caught will help get her juices flowing.”

I shook my head, “Nup, the idea of getting caught won’t have any effect. She drove Christine through McDonalds naked and stood up to shake Dylan’s hand. I doubt that the thought of someone catching her with a hand inside would do much.” I cocked my head and looked at my wife. “But you like the idea, don’t you?”

Bec turned a deep scarlet, “Well, I am getting a bit turned on by the idea of playing grown-up games with Sammy in the open. A bit different to playing poker – poke her.”

“Bec, that’s a really bad pun. Ok, so a picnic at the Bluff. Sounds good. Do you need me to do anything?”

Bec reached to the notepad beside her and slid a sheet of paper across the table. I took it and started reading. I looked up at her and raised my eyebrows at one item. “Really?”

“If it’s what I think you’re looking at, really.” Bec gave me the ‘I dare you to disagree’ look that withered any opposition to her thinking.

“Ok, well you’re in charge of this expedition. No problem, I’ll pack it all into Christine in the morning.” I yawned and stood up. “Well, shall we adjourn? Looks like it’s going to be a big day tomorrow.”

“Yep, we should. And Tom? Nothing tonight. I need you to give me the best fucking ever tomorrow so I’m so wound up I won’t care what I’m doing. And you can do anything. Full permission. Anything.” Bec stood up and hugged me, her free-floating double D’s wrapping around my body. I went to tweak her nipples, but she slapped my hands away. “Nothing.”

I nodded my consent and smiled. Tomorrow was going to be a fun day.

So Friday – Fistday, as Sammy had called it, started with a thud. The two girls were still snoring gently, so I quietly padded out to make a coffee. I looked back at the pair. They were spooned together and Sam’s right arm was cuddling Bec’s large boob. Bec’s hand was holding Sammy’s onto her own chest. I thought about taking a photo but decided it was better just as a memory. I loved both of them. I never expected that I’d be making love to both of them. ‘Corny,’ I thought as I left.

I made a large, strong brew and sat down to re-read Bec’s list. Most of the list was just the normal picnic stuff, but then it got a bit weird and very specific. The old milking stool from Bec’s Grandparent’s farm, four towels, two large blankets, one dozen golf balls, the little league baseball bat Sam’s brother left behind, marker pen, plain olive oil ***NOT THE GARLIC ONE***, three bananas, a large cucumber, the gel, vodka, orange juice, condoms, latex gloves, battery packs and phone charger cables, camera tripod, honey, and the plastic tongs with the silicone ends.

I scratched my head as I read the list a couple of times. Rebecca, like usual, had put a lot of thought into this exercise. Sammy’s poor little cunt didn’t know what it was in for.

I heard a rustle on the carpet behind me and two teenage arms wrapped around my naked torso. “Good morning Uncle Tom, Happy Fistday! Can you please make a coffee for us and bring it in? Bec apparently has a schedule for us, and we’re behind already.”

I looked around at the gorgeous naked young blond hugging me. I waved the list at her, “Good morning Sunshine. I hope you’re ready for a pounding if this list is any indication of what Bec has planned.”

“I’m so ready, I’m leaking already! Here, have a feel!” She stepped sideways and pulled her labia apart. The intoxicating scent of an excited Sammy wafted to my nose and I involuntarily licked my lips. “No! Don’t lick your fingers, just push in.” Sam scolded me as I went to apply some moisture to my digits.

“Ok.” And with that, I gently pushed two fingers into her warm, and very wet vagina. She felt wonderful. I slowly pushed my fingers bursa escort bayan in a circle, pulling the front, pushing the rear and slowly moving my fingers in and out as I was going around. “You’re not wrong Sammy. You’re amazingly damp.” I pulled my fingers out and sucked them clean. “Coffee and cunt juice – breakfast of champions.”

Sam looked disappointed with my exit, but I explained that we were on Bec’s timeline and we’d better not stray too far from it. “Go back to bed and tell Bec I’ll be in soon. And think about what you both want for breakfast.”

“Ok Tommy! Happy Fistday to me, Happy Fistday to me…” she sang as she skipped back to the bedroom. I snorted at the sight of the little wiggling bum and long blond hair flicking from side to side. She may have been eighteen, but she still had the little girl in her. I went into the kitchen to make coffee.

I put the three mugs on a tray and walked to the bedroom doing my best naked French waiter impersonation. I could see from the light that the curtains had been opened and I could hear Bec softly moaning. I turned into the room to see Sammy’s head between Bec’s legs gently licking her Aunt’s genitalia. I stopped and did a double-take. “Well, are we having fun?”

Bec looked at me with a glazed look, “She’s very good. Breakfast of champions you apparently said.”

Sam looked up and I could see she had a finger moving inside my wife. “Bec asked how I was feeling and I told her I was really wet. She said the plan was for you to get her really excited as well, so I thought I’d help her start. You don’t mind, do you?”

I put the drinks down. “No, of course not. If you’re both happy, that’s great. Nothing like sharing the experience.” Sam went back to roughly applying her tongue to her Aunt, and Bec reached over for her coffee. She had her priorities right.

“Boobs and ears please.” she murmured to me, putting the mug back down.

I started gently caressing her milky white tits, paying particular attention to her almost invisible nipples. I ran my teeth over the slightly rougher area and was gratified to feel them start to rise. It seems that redheads mostly all have pale areolas and nipples. When she was excited, the nipple became bright pink and really poked out. I loved getting them to appear. She also got a kick from having her ear lobes bit. She didn’t know why – it just turned her on big time.

I sucked hard on a nipple and glanced down at the blond hair bobbing through the red pubic hair. My niece and my wife. I scratched Sam at the base of her skull. She looked up, her tongue on Bec’s clit hood. She flicked it, then gently grabbed it in her teeth and pulled. Bec gasped with the pleasurable pain Sam was inflicting.

“Where did you learn that?” Bec panted rapidly.

Sammy just growled and shook her head, treating Bec’s bits like a chew toy. Bec grabbed Sam’s head and grunted. Her hips involuntarily jerked up and Sammy got whacked in the face with her Aunt’s orgasm driven mound. “Owww. That hurt.” Sam sat up and rubbed her nose. “I like stretching and squeezing my clit bits, so I thought you’d probably like it too. Guess I was right.”

“Honey, that was great. Best orgasm I’ve had from a girl, ever. You’d make a great lesbian.”

“Nah. To be honest, I think I like dick more than cunt. Yours is great,” she hurriedly said, “but it comes with a nice serving of penis. I don’t know if I’d eat a girl’s pussy just for the hell of it.” Sam crawled to the top of the bed and grabbed her coffee. She took a sip and nodded. “Cunt flavoured coffee’s nice though. I’d like to see that at Starbucks.”

We laughed, and I asked what the plan for the day was.

“Well,” said Bec, “you fuck both of us. Together. Ten strokes for one, swap, ten for the other repeat, and finish in me. I want your balls well and truly drained. Then breakfast. Scrambled eggs on toast. It’s going to be a long day, and we’ll all need a protein boost. Then showers and you, little Miss,” pointing at Sam, who was sipping her coffee and playing with my dick, “will be shaved completely. Tom will help.”

Sammy started to argue that she didn’t want to be clean-shaven as it grew back itchy.

“Don’t care,” said Bec, “That gel is thick and sticky. I’m not fighting through your gel-covered pubes. You’ll have to put up with the itch. Or stay bald. Now finish your coffee. Let’s get fucked.”

Sam took a final mouthful of coffee and handed me her mug. Her cheeks were puffed out as she hadn’t swallowed, and I wondered what she was up to. I didn’t have to wait long. She slid down the bed, still holding my now very hard penis. When her mouth was level with me, she carefully worked her mouth over my shaft so it was now resting in a mouthful of warm coffee. She didn’t spill a drop. I was impressed.

Bec was looking at her young niece in amazement, “How do you think up these things?”

Sam just shrugged her shoulders as she bobbed her coffee filled mouth up and down. Her tongue circled my tip, trying to blend my leaking with the drink. Eventually, escort bursa she swallowed the lot and sat up. “That’s pretty good too. That’s a fun sensation.” She smiled at Bec, “Tom’s ready. I’m ready, and you’re ready. Do we just lie down side by side?”

Bec finished her coffee, “No, something more intimate.” She swung her feet over the side, then moved so her bum was right at the edge of the bed. She lifted her feet up and out so her smooth looking entry was wide open for business. “Lie facedown on top of me Sam, and make sure your vag is in line with mine. I want Tom to be able to pump you, then me without stopping his rhythm.”

Sam looked a bit apprehensive, “Are you sure? I don’t want to squash you.”

Bec laughed and held her arms wide, inviting Sam onto her body, “You weigh much less than Tom, and I’ve been looking forward to a snuggle fuck all morning. Come here and give your Aunt a hug.”

Sam crawled on top of Bec and wiggled into a comfortable position. I checked that their holes were aligned and gave Bec a thumbs up. Sam was taller than Bec but had managed to work her way into a position so she could suck on her Aunt’s tit.

I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. This was beyond my wildest fantasies. I slid my middle finger into Bec and my thumb into Sam. Both girls groaned in unison with my touch. It felt odd fingering two vaginas at the same time. As I moved my fingers around, I could feel the differences in wetness, texture, temperature and tightness. Sammy was wetter but Bec’s vag was gripping my finger tighter. I had thought Sam’s nearly virgin hole would be the grippier.

I changed so two fingers of each hand were devoted to their own vagina and roughly started swirling around inside the girls. Sam was chewing on Bec’s nipple, and her Aunt had wound her fingers through her niece’s long hair, gently massaging her scalp. Bec had her head tilted back, her mouth open and making soft mewling noises. It was like she didn’t know what she was expecting or how to feel about it.

Sammy, she’s always loved Bec’s big boobies and I could see that she was really enjoying caressing the soft mounds. Both women were now blissfully into each other so I quickly pulled my fingers out and slid my dick into Sam. Bec opened her eyes and I caught a quick flash of disappointment at me leaving, then acceptance as she realised I was starting the main act for the morning. She mouthed ‘Love you. Go hard.’ at me, and I nodded.

Sam had let go of Bec’s nipple and was just resting her head, concentrating on the feeling of me in her. Bec had let go of her hair and wrapped Sam in a big hug, probably to hold her still while I did the coordinated fuck. I gripped Sam’s bum and rammed into her. She liked it hard. The first impact made her lift her head up sharply.

“Oof! Oh, that’s the spot Tom,” she grunted. I gave her nine more, then slid into Bec. Ten for her, then back into Sammy. Back and forth I went, gradually increasing speed as I became more confident with my aim. Sam tried to break out of Bec’s hold, but her Aunt held firm.

“No, stay still. Let Tom fuck us both. If you move, he’ll have to readjust and I like this, all close together.” Sam relaxed and the two girls stared lovingly at each other. Well, that’s what I assumed as I continued to switch fuck. It was hard work. I really had to concentrate on what I was doing – not like normal sex where you got into a rhythm and let go whenever. It did have the advantage that I was pounding both pussies for much longer than I would normally last because my mind was solely focused on equally sharing my willie, not on the sensations I’d normally be concentrating on.

My girls had closed their eyes and were relaxed, just letting me do my thing. Ten – swap – Ten – swap – Ten… Sam was the first to go. Her hips started to slightly move even when I wasn’t in her, then she gave a little moan and a deep sigh. I kept going. Ten – swap – Ten – swap…

“Honey, did you have an orgasm?” Bec asked, kissing Sam on her forehead.

“Mmmm, yes. Just a little one,” Sam dreamily replied, “It was nice. Just a gentle rise.”

Ten – swap… “Well, this is really fun. Do I keep swapping? I don’t think I’ve ever stayed this hard for so long.” I panted.

Bec hugged Sam tight, “Sammy, move up a little. Time for Tom to stop working on you and for him to shoot his load in me.”

“Oh, ok. But can I still play with your boobies?” she moped. Sam really liked being filled. I hoped Joe was more energetic than me. His dick was going to get a workout when she got home.

“Of course. I love your nibbling.” Bec squeezed one of Sam’s nipples as confirmation.

I finished my last ten with Sam and drove into Bec, then waited until they had readjusted themselves. When Sam was comfortably suckling Bec, I started a faster rhythm than earlier. I grabbed Sammy’s bum to support me and pulled her cheeks wide. I’m not really into anal, but I’d fingered her little bum hole the first night. I thought about pushing a thumb in, but I decided that the better option was to slide two fingers back into her vagina and the other hand in the small of her back to help me balance. Sammy never let go of Bec – she just sighed through her nose as I moved my fingers back and forth in time with my fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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