Becky and Granddad

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My name is Becky and the following story is an account of how my granddad cured my crippling shyness with boys with his hands-on sex education.

I had always felt insecure about my appearance. Forever envious of other girls I saw around town with their perfect looking bodies and pretty faces.

Young men always seemed attracted to my friends but never to me. I constantly worried that my ears stuck out, my ginger hair was always a mess, my freckles looked silly, my bum was too big, my breasts too small; the list is endless.

I’d only ever had one brief sexual encounter with a boy during my first year at uni. He only seemed interested in how quickly he could grope my boobs and get inside my knickers. At the time I felt flattered that he seemed to like me and during that disastrous evening lost both my virginity and my dignity. Having let him hurriedly undress me, roughly grope me, and then penetrate me, it was all over very quickly leaving me feeling dirty and used, but above all disappointed.

Afterwards, I was petrified that I might be pregnant but luckily it was OK. Since then I have been on the pill, living in hope of finding a nice boy but as the months passed by, I concluded that it would never happen because no boy or man would ever find me attractive.

The only relief from my strong sexual urges was reading erotic stories and then masturbating as I lay awake in bed.

I’d read a lot about different types of sexual encounter and often fantasized about them as I lay awake at night masturbating. I guess that I could not be described as naïve because my theoretical sexual knowledge was extensive. Much to my dismay and disappointment the only way to describe me would be very inexperienced but keen to learn.


Having celebrated my nineteenth birthday the previous week, I was back home after my first year away at university. Since my grandmother’s sudden death earlier in the year my grandfather was temporarily living with us.

I’d always had a great relationship with him and, knowing I could share any secret hopes and fears with him without him judging me and in confidence, made him my favourite relative.

My parents had gone away on vacation, so it was just me and granddad in the house.

I’d gone to bed and left him downstairs watching a movie. I had been reading a story about a young woman having a sexual relationship with a much older man.

The story was very explicit and as I felt the familiar feelings of arousal, I slipped a hand down between my legs and started to masturbate. As I reached over to turn the bedside lamp off, I knocked it on the floor causing a loud crash.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and quickly pulled my hand out from between my legs as Granddad knocked on the door and called, “Are you OK Becky?”

“Yes,” I said, “I can’t sleep and now I’ve just knocked by bedside lamp over.”

The door opened, he peered through and smiled saying, “I’m just making some hot chocolate before I go to bed. Why don’t you come downstairs and join me like you used to?”

It was something we used to do when I was much younger. We’d drink hot chocolate and granddad would give me a cuddle before taking me up to bed.

I felt wide awake and with a sudden feeling of nostalgia I said, “Yes, I’d like that. I’ll be down in a minute.”

Granddad smiled as he said, “I’ll go down and make the chocolate then. I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

I watched him go and heard the stairs creak as he went down. Having always slept naked in recent years I got out of bed, slipped on a silk dressing gown, and went down to join granddad.

I went straight to the living room and heard granddad call from the kitchen, “Just coming.”

I was still standing as he walked in with two mugs of hot chocolate.

He was wearing his favourite old towelling dressing gown. Despite his age I noticed how strong he still looked; broad shoulders, deep chest and still walking straight backed and proud.

He placed the mugs on a table next to his favourite chair, sat down, patted his knee, and said, “I suppose you are too old now to sit on granddad’s knee.”

It was something I had always enjoyed and with my feelings of nostalgia still strong I smiled at him, walked over, and sat on his lap.

He placed his arm around me as I snuggled up close with my head resting on his shoulder.

My feelings of nostalgia were strengthened as he gently stroked my hair around my ear, feeling like he was delicately repositioning each strand of over my ear. It felt very comforting, just like it always had.

“How is your love life,” he said softly, “I bet all the boys are after you.”

I stifled a sob, remembering the one and only boy I had been with who had taken my virginity, and replied, “There aren’t any boys. I’m not pretty enough and none of them like me.”

Grandad continued to caress my ear as he said, “They must all be blind Becky. You are a lovely girl with a pretty izmit escort face and a warm heart. So, you have never had a boyfriend?”

“Not a boyfriend as such, Granddad, just a one-off date with a boy who took my virginity.”

“I see,” he said, pulling me closer and continuing to stroke my ear.

“I’m guessing that he was finished very quickly and that you didn’t enjoy any of it.”

“I thought that losing my virginity would be something special,” I said.

“That’s the trouble with many young men,” said Granddad, “They have no self-control and are usually only interested in their own pleasure.”

“I don’t think he liked my body,”

“Why ever not?”

“My boobs are too small, and my bum is too big.”

His hand moved from my ear and he began to stroke my cheek as he said, “You’ve always looked perfect to me Becky.”

I felt a warm glow hearing his kind words with my head snuggled against his neck.

When his hand slipped from my cheek down over my neck to the front overlap of my dressing gown, I perhaps should have stopped him, but I didn’t want to.

With one continuous caressing movement his hand slipped beneath the soft silk of my dressing gown and cupped one of my breasts. His tender touch was very different to that of the boy who had taken my virginity. Granddad tenderly squeezed my breast before easing the front of my dressing gown open to expose both breasts, exclaiming, “Becky you look beautiful and I think your boobs are perfect.”

I blushed as I felt my nipples start to tingle as Granddad circled each one in turn with the tip of a finger. They became more and more sensitive as he tenderly traced around my areola. As my nipples became erect, he gently squeezed and teased them sending small waves of pleasure through me.

As he toyed with my boobs, he started kissing my forehead and said, “Does that feel nice Becky?”

“MMmmm, yes,” I mumbled, feeling myself getting wet.

Grandad continued to kiss my forehead as he moved his hand down from my breasts, unfastening the silk tie and then pulling my dressing gown open as his hand slowly meandered down over my belly.

Gripping each side of the gown he eased it open, revealing my belly, pubic hair, and pale legs.

“Beautiful,” he said, as his fingers slid into my pubes.

I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care. All I wanted at that moment was to have granddad touch me between my legs; to feel how wet I was.

I sighed softly and instinctively opened my legs as granddad’s fingers slipped through my pubes and touched my wetness. Despite his large hands his fingers felt like the delicate touch of a feather as they gently parted my oozing lips. He then traced the outline of my labia with the tip of one finger, gently exploring from my clit, down the edge of my outer labia and almost down to my bottom.

I started to writhe under his touch, yearning to feel his fingers touch my clit and penetrate me.

All my senses were heightened as his fingers continued to tease between my legs. I started to move my hips against his fingers and my breathing was becoming heavier and rhythmic. His touch gradually felt firmer until he slid a finger up inside me. My thrusts became harder now that his finger was inside me and his palm pressed against my vulva.

I could feel myself losing control as I thrust my vulva and engorged clit against granddad’s hand. He in turn was now matching my thrusts with the movement of his hand until, with my eyes closed, a series of loud sighs and a prolonged scream of pleasure, I orgasmed.

I clamped my thighs around granddad’s hand holding it where I wanted it as wave after wave of sheer pleasure overcame my senses.

Gradually I relaxed and as I lay in granddad’s lap, I felt euphoric and with an overwhelming desire to please him.

After a while he slipped his hand out from between my legs. I felt a little embarrassed as he held his wet finger up to his mouth, licked it and said, “You taste beautiful Becky.”

Without any prompting I shifted my self to one side of his lap. I could see that he was erect as I gazed at the large bulge under his dressing gown.

Feeling bold I unfastened the belt of his gown, slipped my hand down inside and wrapped my hand around his impressively hard penis.

I then gazed into his eyes as I said, “I want to make you cum granddad. Can I watch as you spurt your stuff?”

“Of course,” he said, “If you want to.”

There were so many things I wanted to do. Things I had been fascinated by in the many erotic stories I had read. One of these was a fascination to see a penis ejaculate.

I excitedly slipped off granddad’s lap. My dressing gown was gaping open but granddad’s appreciative gaze at my exposed body gave me a warm glow and a new feeling of confidence.

For the first time in my life I felt at ease with my body. As I slipped off his lap onto the floor Granddad shifted his knees apart allowing me to kneel between them.

The yahya kaptan escort front of his dressing gown was now gaping open revealing his erection and scrotum. “Show me how to do it Granddad,” I said, as I tentatively reached forward and touched his hairy balls.

Part 2

I watched as he reached down, gripped the shaft of his sizeable dick, and then began to masturbate. “Like this,” he said, as I watched him repeatedly pull back his foreskin to reveal a purple shiny head.

He then released his dick saying, “Give me your hand Becky.”

He then moved my hand to his shaft and watched as I wrapped my fingers around it. “Now do what I did Becky. Grip it quite firmly and then move your hand up and down.”

It felt warm and hard as I followed his instruction. My gaze was fixed on the shiny head of his dick as I repeatedly pulled down on his shaft and watched his foreskin slide down to reveal the whole of his glans.

“Like this?” I asked.

“That’s perfect,” he said as I settled into a steady rhythm.

As I stroked him, I noticed that he had closed his eyes and his breathing had become harsh. I felt excited as he started to thrust his hips as if fucking my hand.

“Grip it tighter,” he said hoarsely, “I’m going to cum.”

He started to thrust his hips faster and then I felt his shaft pulsating as he exclaimed, “Yes, yes!”

I watched with amazement as he ejaculated. An arc of semen spurted from his dick and splashed down onto his belly.

I’d read about oral sex and was curious to discover what semen tasted like. With small globules of Granddad’s semen still oozing from his dick I leaned forward and, with his foreskin still pulled back, tentatively ran my tongue over the head and licked off the semen.

I wasn’t sure what to expect; perhaps it would be yucky, but no. I discovered a tangy salty flavour that I thought was quite erotic.

I then satisfied another part of my curiosity as I opened my mouth and took the head of granddad’s dick into my mouth. I wondered what it would feel like to make him come with my lips around his dick; to feel him spurt his stuff directly into my mouth like I’d read about.

I’d also read about women licking the man clean after sex. Wanting to please granddad and curious to taste some more of his semen, I released my grip on his softening dick, leaned over it, and started to lick the semen from his belly.

As I slurped his stuff up with my tongue, I satisfied another curiosity by swallowing it. It felt slimy as it went down, but it gave me a thrill to be so uninhibited with granddad.

Having licked his belly clean I returned my attention to his dick and licked off the last few drops before standing up victoriously and saying, “How did I do granddad?”

“Better than I could have ever imagined Becky,” he said.

I just stood there half naked, feeling pleased with myself as his eyes roamed from my boobs down to my pubic hair before saying, “Becky, you look fabulous, an old man’s dream come true.”

I blushed as I replied, “Thank you, I liked pleasing you.”

He was silent for a while and looked more serious as he said, “This must remain a secret Becky. You mustn’t tell anybody.”

“I know, you can trust me granddad,” I said as I jumped into his lap and gave him a big kiss before saying, “I want you to do more with me and let me help you cum again.”

He kissed me back and briefly caressed one of my boobs before saying, “I’m too weak willed to resist you. Goodnight Becky, see you in the morning.”

The two mugs of chocolate were probably now cold, but I didn’t care as I went back upstairs to my bedroom still feeling the afterglow of my incredible orgasm.

That evening as I lay in bed my thoughts wandered to what might happen during the next two weeks of my parent’s absence. I knew that what Grandad and I had just done was wrong, but I didn’t care. Around young men of my own age I felt insecure, feeling that they were comparing me to images they had seen in magazines and on the internet, young women with perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect figures.

Granddad made me feel beautiful, sexy, and uninhibited.

Eventually I drifted off into a deep and satisfying sleep.

Part 3

The following morning, I had a quick shower and went downstairs to get some breakfast. On the kitchen table I saw a note which read, ‘Becky, gone out to get some shopping. Back by lunchtime. Granddad. XX’

I had some toast and a coffee and felt a little restless waiting for granddad to return. I started to wonder if granddad read erotic stories or such like to aid his masturbation. I had already assumed that being alone he almost certainly masturbated. I went back upstairs and into his room. There were no books or magazines lying around but, knowing that he was a modern granddad I opened the laptop computer that was on a small table in one corner of the room.

I opened gebze escort the browser screen and then clicked on ‘Bookmarks.’

I felt a rush of excitement realizing that I had discovered his favourite porno as I saw a long list of links with labels such as, college girl Punishment, college girl sucks and lots of similar titles.

I clicked on one which read, ‘Old lecturer Punishes college girl.’

The video started with a man about the same age as granddad standing next to a girl who looked about my age dressed in a simple blouse and skirt. He was telling her that he must punish her for a recent misdemeanour. I felt myself becoming aroused as he told her to pull down her panties and then bend over the back of a chair that she was standing next to.

Having obeyed his instructions, she bent over the chair with her panties down between her knees.

The old guy then lifted her skirt right up to reveal her naked buttocks.

I started to imagine that the girl was me as the old guy began slapping each of her buttocks. The camera angle was such that I could see everything between her legs. Between slaps the ‘old guy’ used his feet to shift her legs apart and then started to grope between her legs.

After a lot of slapping and groping he got out his dick and roughly took her from behind.

I’d never seen anything like this before but found it very arousing.

I skipped through some of the other videos and found that there was a common thread running through all of them. They all featured a girl of about my age and a much older guy. What surprised me most was that the girl looked very similar to me with ginger hair, freckles, and small boobs.

Having watched some of the many videos I suddenly had an idea to please granddad.

I closed his laptop and went back to my room. Rummaging through my wardrobe I found what I was looking for. Tucked away in one corner was an old white blouse and short pleated skirt. I pulled out the skirt and blouse together with some white knee length socks.

I felt excited as I tried to anticipate granddad’s reaction when he saw me dressed like the girl in the video.

I quickly undressed and then searched through my underwear drawer until I found a pair of plain white cotton panties. I also found an old white cotton bra but with a feeling of mischief decided to go braless beneath my blouse.

I pulled on the panties and then tried on the skirt. I had grown since I last wore it but felt pleased as I managed to fasten it around my waist. The skirt was mid-thigh length, but I remembered how some of the girls; the pretty ones, the perfect ones who I despised but was secretly jealous of, would roll the waistband of their skirts around a few times to make them even shorter.

I now did the same until the hem was just below my crotch. I then put on the blouse. I realised that my boobs must have grown some more since the last time I had worn it. However, I still managed to fasten all the buttons except for the top three which I decided to leave undone.

I then pulled on the white knee length socks before checking myself in my bedroom mirror. I hoped that granddad would like my new appearance as I saw the girl in one of his favourite porn videos looking back at me.

As a finishing touch I found two lengths of ribbon and arranged my unruly hair into two bunches. Glancing once more into the mirror I realised how promiscuous I looked with my short skirt and braless breasts quite visible through the fine cotton of my old blouse.

Time had passed by quickly whilst I had been dressing up for granddad and I guessed that he would be home soon.

I went back downstairs and excitedly awaited his return. I heard the doorbell ring and, assuming granddad had mislaid his key, I rushed to go and open the front door. I briefly glanced down at my revealing skirt and the clear outline of my nipples through my blouse and giggled at the thought of granddad’s reaction before reaching for the door catch and opening the door.

As I opened the door my giggling abruptly stopped, and my cheeks flushed red as I was faced with a man of about the same age as my granddad. He smiled warmly as he said, “You must be Becky. I just popped by to see your granddad. Is he in?”

I felt frozen to the spot as this smiling stranger’s gaze fixed on my chest, slowly moved down to my short skirt before moving back up again and replying, “No, I’m sorry, he’s out at the moment”.

As he spoke, I could see that his gaze was fixed on my protruding nipples as he said, “Will you please just tell him that Jack called round.”

“OK,” I said shyly, quickly folding my arms to try and hide my braless breasts from his admiring gaze.

After he’d gone and I shut the door I could still feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment. It made me realise that despite my current appearance I still lacked the confidence and self-assurance that I had always been so envious of in others.

Part 4

As I waited for granddad to return I had to admit to myself that despite my acute embarrassment at the way in which granddad’s friend Jack had gazed appreciatively at me on the door step, his mental undressing of me had both excited and aroused me.

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