Becoming Lizzie

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She was in a place unfamiliar to her. The music was loud. The air was pungent with alcohol and sweat. It was dark, and stifling. How could anyone enjoy this? Yet, here she was.

At 30 years old, Savanah had never been to a nightclub. She wasn’t even sure what enticed her to go tonight.

Married at 18, to the man who was supposed to be her one and only love, she never desired to be part of the party crowd. There was always so much more to do. Cook, clean, drive the kids to school, then practice, then home. Church on Sundays, and family night. Every night. It was the life she had always wanted.

That was what she had wanted.

Until she came home one afternoon, to find Charlie in bed with Liz, the neighbor they had lived next door to for the last 8 years. Their children played together. They had gone on vacation together for years. She and Liz had been shared secrets. Now it seemed they shared much, MUCH more.

Liz lay at the edge of the bed, her legs resting over Charlie’s shoulders as her fists clenched his hair. She arched her back, pushing her cunt harder into his mouth. She cried out in ecstasy.

Not sure what enticed her to stand there, Savanah watched in agonizing shock as her husband fucked her best friend.

“Cum for me Lizzie. Cum all over my face.” Charlie said, his husky voice a deep growl.

At this, Savanah cleared her throat, which felt dry and tight. “You should at least have the courtesy to close the God Damn door!” She said clearly, then turned and walked away.

She wouldn’t think twice about that now. Tonight was about her. It was about freedom. About being something, someone she was not.

She spent the whole day preparing herself to become someone different. She’d gone to a salon for the first time ever! Cut her hair into a new style, and changed the mousey, lifeless brown color to a golden, shimmering, honey blonde, with darker streaks. Low tones, the hair dresser had called them. She had her eyebrows , legs and bikini line waxed. Ouch! Beauty was pain, everyone had always told her.

She bought new makeup, for the first time since her wedding, including lipstick. Red, with a paten leather shine. Pierced her ears, and bought high heels. It was a good thing momma had paid for all of those debutant classes when she was a young girl. Back then, Savanah had been irritated that momma believed in such things as being prim and proper, and beautiful, when all daddy cared about was God, and “doing the right thing.”

To Hell with all of them. Tonight was about her.

She went to the bar, and ordered a bottle of water from a good looking, albeit feminine man of about 23. He smiled at her. “New, girlfriend?”

She could feel the warmth in her cheeks as she nodded.

He reached across the bar and took her hand. “It’s ok, sister. I got your back,” he told her, and made her a fruity mixed drink.

Savanah sat down. She knew she couldn’t sit here all night, but maybe here she could reinvent herself for the night.

“Call me Billie,” said the bartender with the ultra-high voice.

“Hi Billie. Call me Sa…” She wasn’t sure why, but she decided not to give her real name. “Elizabeth.”

“So, what’s the story Honey?”


“Everyone has a story, Lizzie. What’s yours?” The man called Billie asked.

Lizzie. Lizzie… It felt weird hearing it in her own mind. Of all the names in the world she could have taken on, she chose the one that she detested the most.

“She must have been a real bitch, huh?”

She wasn’t sure what she should say. Billie was, after all, a stranger. And she really wasn’t even sure what he was talking about.

“But,” Billie went on. “She must have been some Cat, if you want to be her.”

Was that it? Had this young, gay man called it right? Was she jealous of the woman that turned her husband into a sexual beast? Maybe. Perhaps.

“I guess.” Wall all Savanah could think to say.

“Well, it’s okay Sa… Elizabeth. Your secret is safe Ümraniye Escort with me.” He made a gesture at his mouth like turning a lock, then tossed his hand over his shoulder as if throwing the key away. “So, I know why I’m here. What I wanna know, is why you are?

“Different.” Savanah said quietly at first. “I just want something different.”

“Okay, Lizzie, I’m wrapping up here, and then us girls are gonna hit the floor.” Billie tossed his head back, threw his towel in a sink behind the bar, nodded to the bartender at the other end, and walked away.

As she waited for her new friend, Savanah watched the groups of people. No one really looked different. Just a bunch of guys, and a bunch of girls having a good time.

Finally Billie sashayed his way to her. Kissing both men, and women on the mouth as he pushed his way through the crowd.

“Okay, girl, tell me you play pool?”

She smiled kind of timidly. “Not really. But, I’m a quick learner,

Together they went to a room in the back that was a little more secluded from the crowd. A few tables and booths had people. Some were empty. So, Billie grabbed a booth, put his and Savanah’s drinks down, claiming space. Then he grabbed a cue stick and dropped a 10 dollar bill on the closest pool table.

A group of people flocked to them. “The Goddess. That’s what they call me when I play. Goddess with a stick, and a dick.” He joked. Everyone laughed and took turns kissing him. “Everyone, this is Elizabeth. Elizabeth, this is everyone.” Short introduction. It was obvious to her, that there was no time for idle chit chat.

A very pretty woman, with a wild, A frame cut, and black hair with blonde streaks grabbed her own cue stick, and racked the table’s balls. She moved closer to Savanah. “Hi. I’m Melissa. Welcome.” She made a shot, hitting the cue ball so hard that all of the colored balls scattered, shooting one solid, and one stripe in opposite corner pockets.

“Nice shot!” Someone in the group said, mockingly.

“Slop. You slut.” Billie teased. “My shot. And I call solids.”

Everyone laughed. Easy to see Billie was the center of attention. No one her even seemed to notice or care about how flamboyant he was.

Savanah sat at her table and watched the others. They were having a great time. They each ordered new drinks while she still nursed her first. They all laughed and joked, and talked. She just watched. She took a long drink from her glass when she noticed the couple at the next table were making out.

They were hot and heavy. He had his hands in his partner’s hair, holding on tight.

She had been in love like that once.

When they separated, she noticed that they were both men. She nearly choked on the cold liquid that almost burned on its way down.

From behind her, Billie laughed, and slapped her on the back. “Guess you didn’t know you were in a gay bar?”

She shrugged, smiled. “No. Um, I didn’t.”

For a moment everyone watched and waited, wondering how she would react.

“Cool!” She said, and sat back in her seat.

The others went back to their game, and Billie sat down with her, handing her a new drink.

“Sorry, girl. I thought she was an ex.” He told her. “Here. This is from Melissa. It tastes horrible, but knock it back fast, you’ll never notice.

It smelled like black licorice. She liked black licorice. She took Billie’s advice, and drank it in one gulp. Coughing as she swallowed. The jagermeister burned. “Um, yeah. Wow.” Savanah took a deep breath, and cleared her throat. Drinking like this, it wouldn’t take long until she was more than buzzed, because, she was a light weight. Actually, she’d never even had a drink before tonight. She confessed as much to Billie.

“Your turn.” Melissa said, bringing her cue stick to the table, indicating to Savanah that she needed to get up out of her shell… seat.

“Yeah, sure. But I’ve never…” She scooted out of the booth and took Ümraniye Escort Bayan the stick Melissa handed her.

“Don’t worry, Angel. I’ll be gentle.” Melissa said seductively with a wink.

“Thanks for the drink.” Savanah told her. “Next one’s on me.”


Savanah held the stick in her hands, as she had watched the others do, the thin tip between the fingers of her left hand, with the butt in her right, and stood at the pool table, trying to decide where she should shoot.

Melissa came up behind her, and their bodies warmly collided. Savanah felt a bit shy. Almost nervous.

Melissa gently pushed Savanah’s shoulders until she was bending at the waist. She then covered Savanah’s left hand with her own and caressed it. She glided the stick between the other woman’s fingers. “See where the glare of the light hits the cue ball? That’s where you want to hit it to get the 7 in the side.” Her breath felt tingly on Savanah’s neck.

Must have been the booze. Savanah felt as warm, giddy, and timid as she had on her wedding night.

She struck the cue ball, pulling back just right on the stick in her hand and closed her eyes, so she wouldn’t see thee miss. She could hear the balls hit each other. She peaked just in time to see thee seven ball roll into the side pocket. Savanah blushed bashfully. It felt good doing something different.

“Great job, Lizzie!” Melissa told her, and gently kissed her on the mouth.

Savanah felt dizzy and light headed, sure she was more than buzzed. Nearly drunk. Melissa kissing her made her heart race. Everyone continued their game, and conversations as if nothing ever happened. It was like it was perfectly normal for women to out rightly show their sexual attraction in public.

Was she really blind to all the same se couples making out around her?

Melissa noticed the pink in her cheeks. “Sorry. Your lips just looked like they needed to be kissed.” She told Savanah.

Savanah cleared her throat. “Don’t be. Really. It’s all good.” She just wished she didn’t feel so damn… So damn what? Nervous? Frightened by the advance? Excited? Turned on? That’s exactly what she was feeling. Turned on. Her throat felt dry. Like she needed another drink. There were plenty on the table. All full. Obviously someone had gotten another round. She slid into the booth and grabbed a tall, frosted glass of beer, and took a long, refreshing gulp.

Billie flashed her a fabulous smile and winked. He knew his new friend was getting drunk, but she was loosening up. He could tell it was exactly what she needed.

Melissa slid in next to her. “So, tell me, Lizzie, what brings you out tonight? And in here?”

Savanah shrugged. She didn’t really want to ruin her night by going into it. After all of this time, she could still hear the other woman moaning, as her husband licked, sucked and tasted her pussy.

“I just wanted to dance. I felt like I needed a change. And well… Here I am.”

Melissa nodded in attention. She put her hand on Savanah’s thigh, up so high that her fingers nearly brushed the crotch of Savanah’s panties. For just a moment Savanah’s body tightened. Melissa noticed. “Lucky me.” She said, not really caring if Savanah was nervous or not. Melissa could tell that she was enjoying the attention. She flexed her hand, lightly squeezing Savanah’s thigh.

Savanah took a deep breath, and held it. No one other than Charlie had ever kissed or touched her before. And tonight, she was getting the attention of a very attractive woman. Her heart raced a little faster. She wasn’t sure what she should feel. She didn’t know if she should stop Melissa’s advances, or just let the night go where it would. She had, after all, come to a gay bar. She was, after all, very turned on. She was, after all, looking for something different. Licking a drop of beer from her moist lips, Savanah decided on the latter.

“So then, Lizzie, are you gonna dance?” Melissa took her Escort Ümraniye hand and led her to the dance floor.

Savanah didn’t really know the song, but it was very sensual. Not slow. Not fast. There were plenty of others on the dance floor, some dancing close, some not. All dancing provocatively. She could feel Melissa behind her. Could feel as Melissa’s hands caressed her hips, and lips brushed across her neck. “Just let me lead you.” Melissa whispered breathlessly into her ear. Savanah did just that, and let her own hips fluidly rock and sway with Melissa’s.

Melissa took Savahah’s arms, and put them up over her own head, and trailed her finger tips down the length of them, sending a tingling shock through Savanah’s blood. She arched just enough to press closer into Melissa’s body. “Umm.” She heard Melissa murmur. “Nice.”

Soon Melissa’s hands were back to Savanah’s hips, pulling her closer. She could feel her partner’s ass as it pressed into her crotch. Savanah’s heart beat now struggled, trying to fight its way out of her chest. Savanah knew she should stop dancing like this. It could lead to so much more.

Savanah pulled away from Melissa. She left the woman standing on the dance floor, rushing to the ladies room. Savanah’s clit felt hard, as her cunt pulsed and throbbed to the rhythm of her heart. She needed release. She locked herself in a stall, and just stood against the door, trying to will herself to calm down. She heard the bathroom door open, then close. Heard the water turn on, then off, but no one went into the other stall.

“Lizzie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. I thought you wanted me to…” Melissa started.

“Don’t!” Savanah interrupted, a bit sharply, still hidden in her stall. “Don’t apologize. I did want… I don’t want… I do want… Oh, Hell,” she said, opening the door, walking to the sink to face Melissa. “I don’t know what I want.”

Melissa took one of Savanah’s hands and pulled the woman close to her, and cupped the back of her head. “It’s okay, Lizzie. I’ll be gentle, and I’ll stop if you say so.” She pulled Savanah even closer, until their bodies touched. Breasts to breasts. Face to face. Melissa tightened her fist into Savanah’s hair, and kissed her. She pulled at Savanah’s lips, forcing them to open, so she could slide her tongue inside. Hungrily, tongue met tongue. Teeth glided gently, tugging and pulling.

Melissa’s free hand caressed, squeezed and teased Savanah’s breast through her clothes.

Savanah arched into her. She wanted more. Melissa wanted more. She let her hand trail Savanah’s abdomen until it reached her skirt. She lifted it, and found the mound she was looking for. Safely hidden, warm beneath sheer, silky fabric. Melissa rubbed her fingers over Savanah’s pussy. Savanah pushed into her, now almost demanding more.

Now Savanah had her own hands on Melissa. One on her breast, squeezing, kneading. One on Melissa’s other hand, pushing it harder into her cunt.

Melissa found the band of Savanah’s panties and slid them down her hips, her thighs. Melissa moved her mouth to Savanah’s neck. Biting. Licking. Kissing. Her mouth continued its way down. Melissa pushed Savanah up against the wall, and went to her knees. She pushed Savanah’s skirt up higher, and lightly covered her warm, now wet pussy with her mouth.

Savanah gasped. Not even Charlie had ever gone there.

Melissa pulled away. “Should I stop?”

Savanah responded by grabbing two fistfuls of Melissa’s hair and pulling her face back to the cavern between her legs.

With pleasure, Melissa used her teeth to tease Savanah’s clit. Feeling it throb as it grew harder.

She used her fingers to tickle the lips that encircled the hard little bud. She slid her fingers into the deep cavern of Savanah’s pussy, first one, and then another. Melissa used her fingers like tongs, opening her pussy a smidge wider, thrusting her tongue deep inside. Savanah bucked her hips, accepting Melissa’s mouth deeper inside.

“That’s it baby. Fuck my face.” Melissa told her. “Such a beautiful pussy.”

Savanah moaned and arched her shoulders back. She couldn’t get enough of Melissa’s mouth. She knew she was on the verge. “Please.”

“Yes baby. That’s it. It’s okay. Come on. That’s it. Cum for me Lizzie. Cum all over my face.”

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