Bed Room Shenanigans

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I am standing in front of the door way and you walk up slowly towards me and your hands on my shoulders to remove pull down the straps of my dress. Letting it fall to the floor around my feet allowing to me to step out of it. You slowly reach up to remove my bra letting you fingers brush against my nipples making them stand up from your touch then you move your hands slide down my side to waist and you repeat the same touch down my abdomen to my edge of my panties and as you remove them you let your thumbs brush along the edge where my panties would touch and as you reach my lips you drag your nail along the edge of my lips, I shudder and breathe in deeply trying to repress the whimper escaping from my mouth because of your touch.

Suddenly you straighten up after teasing me with your touch on my groin. You place your left hand on the dip of my lower back and your right hand on my left shoulder and you begin backing me up towards the bed until the almanbahis back of my legs touch the edge of the bed. Then you slowly put pressure only shoulder signaling for me to allow you to lower me down on to the bed. Your hands tug at my hips to urge me to slide up the bed so only my legs hang off at the knees. Then you move some pillows underneath my hips to help elevate my body to meet the level of your groin as you stand there and I can feel your fingers running along my out lips and slowly tracing though my inner lips and then the tip of your cock teasing the same path through my outer lips and into my inner and around my clit moving my juice all over my pussy, lubricating me to be ready to take your full hard length deep inside my pussy. I brace myself to take all of you but instead I feel you move away from me.

As you pull away from me you move my ankles onto your shoulders and with both my legs resting on your shoulders you grip my hips almanbahis giriş so hard that I can feel every single one of your fingers holding me tight in place not wanting me to move. Warning me not to move then suddenly I feel the tip of your cock touch my lips gliding around my clit and then you begin to thrust inside slowly at first allowing me to stretch around your hard cock until I hear you groan and I feel you begin to start pumping me as hard as you can harder and harder until you are inside me completely and there is no space between our groins. Over and over you slap into me and then suddenly you slow down pulling in and out with slow deliberate strokes. I can hear the sound and know you are listing to my juice flowing over your cock with every single slow deliberate stroke back in and pulling back out.

Your last stroke back out of me you slide up my body and roll me on top of you and I lower myself on your cock slowly pushing your hard almanbahis yeni giriş shaft inside stretching my pussy to accept you. You reach up and I massage my breasts while I continue to slide up and down riding you getting wetter as you play with and bite my nipples. Suddenly you slowly lift me up so I have to work my way up to your face, one hand gripping the headboard and the other holding the back of my head then lowering my pussy real slow onto your tongue your beard brushing against my inner thigh as I slowly lower myself onto your tongue giggling a little as your beard tickles my thigh and then moaning as I feel your hot breath touching my skin and your tongue connecting with my lips and then my clit. Eating me as if you’ve been starved for days and this is the only nourishment you’ll receive until I cum in your mouth.

Then moving me to my stomach so that I am laying flat with my legs together and you slowly slid inside you me. Then when your cock is so hard and ready to release you turn me back over and start kissing me, slow, long passionate tongue kiss while you start pumping a really big amount of cum into me. You pull out real slow and watch it start flowing out of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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