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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


I sensed something was wrong almost the minute I came into the house. There were only two weeks left in the school year, and then Nancy would be home from school for the summer.

My little darling had just turned 18. She’ll start State University in the fall on a gymnastics scholarship, so this will be the last summer the two of us can spend some serious time together.

Anyway, Nancy should have been home from school, but she wasn’t in the family room watching TV, and while she’s a straight A student, she never does homework right after school. I checked the basement playroom, but she wasn’t there either. Then I went up stairs.

Nancy wasn’t in her room, which was a surprise. Just then I heard the music, coming from my bedroom, but very faint. My bedroom door was closed, and it shouldn’t have been. I walked slowly down the hall, trying to be as quiet as possible. Slowly, quietly, I pushed open the door to my room.

There she was, my little darling, in my armchair, drinking a beer from my best crystal. And on my dresser were two opened beer cans. My guess was they both were empty.

Nancy was wearing my freshly laundered dress shirt, the one with the pleated front, the one I wear with my tuxedo, the one I had planned to wear that evening to the formal dinner party. I could see her bare legs, but because my little darling is less than five feet tall and was seated, I couldn’t tell what else she was wearing.

I can only guess how it had started. First she came home from school early and decided to sneak a can of beer. That was easy. After that she decided to “dress up,” and then she decided to risk a second can of beer.

Nancy’s a curious little girl, and my guess is that she decided to explore my night stand. In addition to my favorite porno books, mostly erotic spanking and anal sex, I’m sure she found the vibrator and the tube of KY. I keep the nipple clips and the butt plugs in another place, safely locked away from prying eyes. That gear only comes out on nights when my girlfriend decides to sleep over.

Well, Nancy now knows part of my secret life, and this summer she’ll learn even more. I’m sure the little girl will kick and scream the first time I make her put the smallest plug up her ass, but I know that over time she’ll come to love the sensation of the much wider plug, the sensation of being completely and totally filled …

Nancy froze when I came into the room. She started to protest.

“Daddy, I didn’t mean to, really I didn’t.”

I started to take my belt out of my trousers.

“Take off the shirt and put it back on the hanger.”

“Daddy, I didn’t mean to drink the beer … or read your books …”

“Off with the shirt!”

“Please, Daddy, let me change in the bathroom.”

“If I take you to the bathroom, I’ll strip you absolutely bare ass naked and spank you … first on your sexy little ass … and then between your pretty legs … with mersin escort this strap.”

“Please, Daddy, please don’t spank me there, not between my legs.”

There was a long pause. “If you have to spank me, please don’t spank me on my naughty bare bottom. Please don’t spank me in just my bra. Daddy, please.”

“Take off the shirt, now, or I’ll strip you naked right now and really give you a beating.”

I hoped Nancy would refuse, that I would have an excuse for undressing her myself, and then whipping her tight sexy little gymnast’s ass, but she did as she was told.

With her back to me, Nancy started to unbutton the shirt. I watched her shrug it off her pretty shoulders and toss it on the bed. That would be one more reason to punish her.

“Now turn around and face me.

Slowly, reluctantly, Nancy turned around. She’s less that five feet tall and only weighs about 90 pounds. The little girl has a perfect gymnast’s body. There she stood in her little white cotton bra, barely filling the A-size cups. Her eyes were downcast, her panties half way down her thighs. My little darling had been drinking beer and playing with herself. I couldn’t help but wonder who she was dreaming of.

“Thinking about anybody I know?’

The blush. It had started at her cheeks and worked its way down to the tops of her tiny breasts. Her mother, my ex-wife, blushed that way the first time I came home from work early and caught her playing with herself. Her mom wanted to stop but I made her continue. And the mother of this darling child was both aroused and humiliated when I made her put her middle finger up her ass as she played with her cunt. Yes, my pretty little daughter was every father’s dream, and I hoped she would turn out to be as anal as her mother.

“I think you know,” Nancy sputtered as she turned an even brighter shade of red.

By then, Nancy was starting to sober up. This spanking, and what came afterwards, would take a while. I was sure that by the time we finished, she would be very sober, that she would be very aware of everything I did to her.

“Good, you can take your panties all the way off, and then we can get on with your punishment.”

“Daddy, please, it’s not right for you to see me like this.”

“If I have to get my handcuffs, and cuff your wrists, I’ll take off both your panties AND your bra.”

Nancy knew from my tone of voice that I was very serious. In addition to being a varsity level gymnastics, my darling Nancy swims with the local club, and I discovered only last week that she shaves and trims her pubic hair so she’ll look good in her high cut racing Speedo or the tiny bikini bottoms girls her age favor..

Slowly Nancy pushed her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She tried to stand with her legs together, wanted to cover her sexy little blonde pubic patch, with one hand.

“No,” I commanded. “Your hands, on top of your head.”

Nancy started to protest. I’m sure the little darling really hated having escort mersin to stand in that foolish, humiliating position.

“Daddy, please,” as I used the strap on the front of her bare thigh.

“Do you want another, with the strap, between your legs?”

“Please, Daddy, no.”

“Then do it!”

So Nancy did as she was told, put her hands on top of her head in that ridiculous position. She looked very pretty standing there wearing only the tight white cotton A-cup bra. Her nipples were starting to get hard, from fear and from arousal, and I’m sure she was just a little bit damp between her legs.

Sometimes humiliation can be a powerful form of both arousal and punishment. So I told the little girl to lift her leg, to put it up on the chair, to give me a better look at her sweet young pussy.

“Daddy, this isn’t right.”

“Do!” I ordered as I hit her again.

Her pussy lips were wet and puffy from arousal, from touching herself and then having to undress for her Daddy. That’s when she started to sniffle, and a tear started to form in the corner of one eye, to slowly run down her pretty cheek. She wanted to wipe it away, the darling, but she was too afraid to move. It was all very touching to watch her, my Nancy, wanting so to please me, but not yet knowing how.

This is a minor but important digression. My bedroom is really a small suite. It has lots of built in storage. And a poster bed with night tables, desk (really a very sturdy Chippendale table, perfect for spanking) and matching chair. There’s also an arm chair with matching ottoman. I’ve designed the room with lots of walk around space, enough to swing a strap or when using a small cane.

When my girlfriend spends the night, she hates to be spanked while leaning over the desk. In that position, over the desk, she much prefers my cock in her pussy or in her very tight ass. What she loves most of all is to be made to kneel at the foot of the bed, her arms over her head, the ropes going from her wrists to the tops of the posts. Usually I make her spread her legs, and run another set of ropes from her knees to the bottoms of the posts. She looks very pretty, opened wide, wet and aroused, waiting to be tormented. Sometimes I use a ruler on the insides of her thighs, sometimes I use a soft flogger on her breasts, sometimes if she’s been very naughty, I put clips on her nipples, sometimes I …

In the next few months, I’ll introduce Nancy to the desk and the ropes, introduce her to a whole new set of pleasures. From her secret reading of my porno collection, I’m sure Nancy has a general idea of what I have in mind for her. But for now I only want her over my knee, to be able to feel the softness of her sexy young bottom, to see her ass as it turns first a pretty shade of pink, and then bright red as I continue to spank her. And I know I won’t be able to resist the temptation to spread the cheeks of her pretty little bottom, to use my finger tips to rim the pretty pink little pucker, to tease her sensitive mersin escort bayan asshole. Yes, the chair will have to do for now.

I placed the chair in front of the bed, with plenty of space around it.

“Get the slipper, Nancy.”

“Please Daddy, spank me on the bare, with your hand, not with the slipper.”

“If I have to get it myself, I’ll give you a dozen with the strap when I’m finished, and then another dozen with the hairbrush.”

I had only used the strap once before. She took a dozen on her tight young ass, last year, when I caught her playing hooky from school. That was when she and her slutty friends decided that hanging out at the Mall was the most important part of High School life. So the thought of two dozen EXTRA with the strap and the hairbrush had to be terrifying.

Nancy got the slipper from my closet. It has a black cloth top and an orange rubber sole. The sole isn’t smooth. It has raised dimples – for traction when doing the Tai Chi form. It will leave a very nice design on my daughter’s 18 year old bottom, as she’ll soon find out.

“Nancy, over my knee.”

“Daddy, please.”


Reluctantly, Nancy got over my knee.

“Now your arm.”

She placed her right arm in the center of her back, and I grasped her wrist firmly with my left hand. I stared with my hand and gave her 20 on her right bottom cheek. Just a moment to cool my hand and then I gave her 20 more on the other side. A slight sob, and I’m sure she could feel the beginning of my erection.

“Please, Daddy, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to … and I’ll never drink a beer again, never, I promise.”

That was when I picked up the slipper and gave her 20 really hard ones on her bottom.

“Please Daddy, no more. I can’t take any more.”

“Quiet! I’ve only just started to spank you.”

Then I gave her 40 more, 20 on each side, on the backs of her thighs. She cried for the last 20, squirming, kicking, rubbing her tight young pussy against my raging hard on.

I gave her a moment to rest, and then began to spank her one more time.

“Please, Daddy, I can’t take any more. Please, I’ll do anything … anything … but please stop spanking me.”

Lord, I wanted her so badly. As she begged me to stop, I put my hand between her legs, and started to rub her tight little pussy a little, just to see how wet she gets from a bare bottom spanking. For a first time spanking, she was wetter than I had expected. And from previous conversations, I knew my pretty young daughter wasn’t a virgin.

Then I started spanking her again.

“Please, Daddy, don’t spank me any more.”

I continued to wallop her pretty young ass and the backs of her shapely legs.

“Let me suck your cock instead. Or fuck me in the ass like in your picture books. Please don’t hit me anymore, Daddy. Instead, tie me up and fuck me in the ass like you fuck your girlfriend. But please don’t spank me any more. It hurts so much. Please, Daddy, I’ll do anything. Anything!”

Those were exactly the words I wanted to hear. I believe fathers and daughters should show each other affection, but I also believe in serious discipline when it’s required. And after all, she’s my little girl, and I know what’s best for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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