Before The First Day Pt. 04

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I hope this story fills in the blanks between Pt. 3 and The First Day. As usual, it can be read stand-alone, but probably makes more sense to read it in order. Please like and comment so that I’ll know how to proceed.


Tomorrow was the day my wife was to get the biggest surprise of her life. I can’t explain how this whole idea had come to me, but now that the moment was upon us, I was having second thoughts. Would she be angry? If so, what would she do–walk away, call the cops, forgive me? My hope was that she’d accept my gift as it was intended, strictly for her pleasure. God, I sure hope so!

We both woke up fairly early but were well rested after our fun time last night. Emily rolled over and gave me a big kiss and said, “Thank you for making me feel so loved and attractive!” I replied, “You make that so easy, I’m the one who should be saying thanks!” Then I initiated the kiss. Well, one thing led to another, and we were making out like a couple of horny teenagers. Before long, our hands found their way to each other’s crotches. My cock was half-hard from all the kissing, but now it was rock-hard from her delicate stroking. Her pussy was already damp when I first started sliding my fingers gently on either side of her clitoral area. By the time I was fully hard, her pussy was leaking a fairly steady flow of her juices. I couldn’t resist that!

“Climb on top of me.” I want to eat that delicious pussy of yours while you pleasure my rod with that incredible mouth! She kept on stroking me as she maneuvered around and on top of me. The way she did it kept my arms pinned to my sides. She positioned herself with her mouth directly above my swollen, pulsing rod, but her pussycat was just out of my reach. Try as I might, my neck and tongue just weren’t long enough to reach her scrumptious gash.

“OK. Big boy, now it’s my turn for the “orders!” I’m going to suck you dry, but not until you make me cough three times with your talented tongue and mouth. No hands! “I’m going to keep them right where they are.” Who was I to argue with the beautiful woman holding my rigid prick right in front of her mouth? “Well, I guessss that sounds like a pretty good deal… OK…” feigning a bit of reluctance.

With that, she ever so slowly took my manhood into her hot, wet mouth, simultaneously lowering her pussy to within reach of my needy tongue. I took a long, slow, wet lick from above her clitter to just before her asshole. As I passed her dripping opening, she slid her mouth all the way to the base of my shaft. It felt like a wet, velvety sleeve had engulfed me. It was all I could do to remember my name (Eric or something, right?) much less remember to lick her. She reminded me by pushing her pussycat down onto my lips. That’s when I went to work.

I licked, nibbled, sucked. Hard. soft, up and down. Side to side. Swirling. She kept getting hotter and wetter. If I stopped to catch my breath, I heard a little whimper, and I felt her pussy pressing down on my face again. I could tell she was getting close by the way her blowout had gotten a bit erratic. It was time for

. I sucked her clitter between my lips and gently lashed at it with my tongue. It only took a couple more minutes like this, and she was bucking and flailing. She took her mouth off my cock and started, “Oh. Ah. I’m gonna…I’m about…Oh fuck…That’s so good! ” “Oh, like that, ahhhhh!” With that, she plunged her head all the way down my rod and held me fully in her throat while her hips continued to buck and a steady flow of her juices flooded my mouth (and the bed). I released her clitter, caught my breath, and said, “OK, that’s one.” and immediately grabbed her clitter with my lips again.

“AYEEE!” she howled. And her hips immediately began a rhythmic humping of my face. I kept my lips latched onto her clitter for a couple of minutes, then released them and began lapping at her juicy cunt. I was in heaven. My dick was getting one of the best blowjobs a man could ask for, my eyes had a view of the most gorgeous ass and pussy, and my mouth got to drink in her special delicacy! Damn, I was a lucky man. I kept up licking her entire pussy, just barely touching her clitoral. When I did, there was a little hitch in her face-humping. So, each time I got to her clitoral area, I pressed a little harder and stayed on it a little longer. She finally caught me there and pressed herself against my mouth. I took the hint and started swirling my tongue all around her clitoral region, just barely missing it. She wiggled and tried to get me to tongue her love bud directly. When she started moaning around my shaft, I sucked her clitter between my laps and tongued it hard. She released my prick and said “Fuuuuuck” and began basically pounding my face with her pussy. This time I could see her beautiful womanhood opening and closing as she spasmed through her climax. There was even more delicious nectar for me, too!


!” and with that I grabbed her clit with my teeth and gently pulled on it while my tongue resumed its assault on its tip. almanbahis She instantly went stiff and started panting, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, ah, ah, ah, oooooooohhhhh!” She stayed like that for about 10 seconds. I’m not sure she was even breathing. But her cramp was pulsing, and she squirted her girl-cum all over me, the pillow, and the headboard. I had mercy on her (and didn’t want her to die before she finished my blowjob) and released her clitter. She relaxed a bit, her face-humping slowed, and I could hear her gasping for breath. She said, “Oh. My. God. That was definitely three!”

And she began sliding her head up and down my drooling shaft, sucking the tip, then slowly sliding my steel-hard member all the way down her throat until she could reach out with her tongue and swirl it around my balls. She stayed like that until she needed air. Then I repeated the process. Each time, she did something slightly different, whether it was gently using her teeth on the way up or on the way down; or sucking the tip hard, swirling it with her tongue, or rubbing it on her face. Some times she’d do a few shallow sucks and then plunge all the way down. As she could feel me getting closer, she got faster and faster and spent less time on just the head. When I was about to blow, she went into full-on piston mode. taking me from the head all the way down and back, over and over. That did it. I let out a giant bellow of “Oh fuuuuuuccccckkk” and released a load like I hadn’t cum in three weeks. She kept her head all the way down while I erupted like a volcano down her throat. Her swallowing made me cum even more and harder. When I was done, she came up gasping for air and rolled off of me, finally releasing my arms. I quickly flipped around and kissed her swollen lips. We both got to taste it ourselves. It was hot.

After a few minutes of just lying there together, we looked at each other and shrugged. I had to be at work in about an hour, so I rolled out of bed and hit the shower. When I was out of the bathroom and dressed, I could smell the coffee and toast. I went in the kitchen and was greeted by a naked Emily, who was happily making breakfast and smiling. “I’m not sure how you’re going to get any work done today, knowing that I’m at home waiting for you.” Like this.” And with that, she hopped onto the counter and struck a sexy pose, showing me everything she had to offer. I said, “Thanks.” I guess? It’s certainly going to be a hard day at work!” We laughed, and I hit the road.

Anyway, there were a few final preparations to be made. I had to plan a nice dinner–candles, wine, the whole nine yards–for tomorrow. I also needed to be sure that Dove was ready with her part of the plan. I texted her “Ready?” and almost instantly got back the 100% emoji. OK. I called a nearby florist and arranged for a nice centerpiece to be delivered tomorrow afternoon. I called a local liquor store that delivers and placed an order for a couple of nice bottles of champagne, two bottles of a wonderful Pinot Noir, a good Bourbon, a nice Scotch, and a great bottle of Reposado Tequila to be delivered after the flowers. I then called the local grocery and ordered a dozen raw oysters, three nice ribeyes, some fresh asparagus, and some potatoes to be delivered around 5:30 tomorrow. a very productive trip while my car drove me to work.

The day seemed to creep by, but maybe it was because I kept checking my watch or remembering “breakfast” or thinking about tomorrow or… Then there were the meetings. They seemed to drag on, with everyone apparently loving the sound of their own voice for way too long. When quitting time finally rolled around, I was at the door and headed for my car. As it took me home, I texted Dove again, “I’m ready, but nervous.” A minute or two later, I got “Me too, but excited” (flame emoji). As I drove (OK, the car drove) up to the house, the garage door automatically opened, and I took over parking duty. As I went inside, I pressed the close button and went inside. Emily was home, or at least her car was. Maybe she was out for a run or in the back.

She didn’t appear to be inside, but as I made my way through the house, I saw her sitting, or rather, lying, on the lounger on the back deck. She was facing away from the sliding glass doors, so she hadn’t seen me yet. I was about to call out to her when I noticed that she was intently watching something on her phone. Then I realized that her shorts were pulled down to below her knees and that I couldn’t see her left hand! I pulled out my phone and used the camera to zoom in on her screen. She was watching a video of a fit-looking man and a shapely blonde woman fucking outdoors. As I watched her video “with her,” the two fucking were discovered by a passing redheaded female hiker. Needless to say, she asked them to join in, and they agreed. The couple then began kissing and undressing the redhead, who appeared to enjoy being the center of their attention. When she was completely naked, the blonde began French kissing her while the man gave her boobs some attention. I noticed that Emily almanbahis yeni giriş appeared to be even more absorbed in the video than before. When the blonde began sucking the redhead’s tits, the man moved down and began to finger both the redhead’s and the blonde’s snatches. At this point, I could see that Emily’s left hand was moving a bit faster. The blonde directed the redhead to lie down on their blanket and continue sucking on her beautiful breasts. The guy moved down and began lapping at the redhead’s clitoral area while continuing to work his fingers in and out of her obviously wet pussy. The blonde moved around until she could straddle the redhead’s face. When she was in position, the man moved up and began to kiss the blonde as he lined his way above average sized pole up with the redhead’s pussy. As he drove it home in one long, slow push, I heard Emily let out a big sigh. Her left hand was very busy, and her legs were on the arms of the lounger.

I left my “hiding place” and just quietly walked up near the glass doors and continued to watch Emily and her video. I could see that the action was about to reach its climax and just as all 3 of the actors “apparently” came, Emily most definitely did! She squirted almost off the edge of the deck. She watched the video while the actors all swapped places and cleaned each other up using their mouths as she put her own fingers in her mouth. She put her legs down but kept gently playing with her pussycat. Every now and then, I could see her shudder just a little. I was going to have to do some snooping to find out what kinds of pornography, other than public FFM, she was into.

I just stayed put while she collected herself and turned to see me. Her (formerly in her pussy) hand flew up to her mouth, and then she just relaxed, let it fall to her side, and opened the door. “How long have you been standing there?” “Since the redhead discovered the other two fucking in the woods,” I said, smiling. Emily asked, “Are you OK with what you saw?” I said, “Sure, I like the idea of fucking a stranger in the woods!” with a grin. She gave me a gentle shove and said, “You know what I mean!” “Yeah, I’m more than OK with you getting off however you want, as long as you love me!”

“OK, I didn’t intend to do that today, but I sat down and was just poking around on the web and found this porn site that is supposedly run by women and only publishes videos that are “ethically produced.” whatever that means. “My interest was piqued, and I started exploring.” She paused for a minute. “That wasn’t even the hottest one.” But, after watching a few – OK maybe more than a few – I just had to cum.”

“Honey, that’s fine.” I want you to feel good and know that I’m OK with it. It’d be OK if you got yourself off 10 times during the day, as long as there were some left for me.

“OK. Another confession: that wasn’t the first time I came while you weren’t home–today. After you left and I was still naked in the kitchen, I was still pretty horny. “I saw those green bananas on the counter and wondered… I was right, they feel pretty good.” and she smiled an impish little smile. I kept my smile to myself, knowing that I had it all on disk.

“Wow, you are quite the horny little minx, aren’t you!” Like I said, if you want to keep your motor running all day, that’s fine. Just don’t run out of gas before I get home!

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem.” Knowing that you’re OK with it, I won’t have to sneak around. And, it kinda makes me feel naughty, knowing that you know.”

We ate some leftovers for dinner, watched a couple of shows, and headed to bed. We kissed and cuddled for a while, and then I told her I was still kind of shot from this morning and had to get an early start tomorrow, but that I’d make it up to her tomorrow. She asked if it was because I caught her jibbing off. “Oh, hell no! Quite the opposite! It’s all I can do to resist you. But I’ve got to leave early tomorrow and meet with one of the executives first thing. I need to have my wits about me. And, you fuck me ‘witless’!”, I reassured her. She kissed me goodnight, and we both fell asleep. Or at least so I thought.

I woke up a short while later and heard a gentle rustling and kind of shallow breathing coming from Emily’s side of the bed. Luckily, I was lying on my side, facing her. Out of the corner of my barely open eye, I could see that she was again watching a video on what appeared to be the same website. This time it was two guys, a blonde guy, a dark-haired dude, and a brunette, beside a swimming pool. The brunette was on all fours on a cushion of some sort, while the blonde guy fed her his oversized prick and the other was lying beneath her in the 69 position, licking her dripping pussy. She was alternating between sucking and deep-throating the two well-hung guys’ cocks. The blonde guy moved around to behind her and slowly started working his horse cock into her tight ass. She began to alternate between shoving a bit more of the blonde guy’s prick in her butthole and taking more of the almanbahis giriş other guy’s tool farther down her throat. After a couple of minutes, both guys were getting the full length of their members pleasured. The brunette was getting more and more excited, moaning (as best she could) and shuttling back and forth between the two huge rods. All of a sudden, she went rigid and began to quiver. Both guys pulled out their guns and simultaneously sprayed her back and face with massive amounts of creamy vapor. Emily apparently liked the show, because at that moment, she bit down on the pillow, stifling a moan, while her hand brought her apparently insatiable pussy to another clenching climax. I couldn’t wait till tomorrow! She then rolled over, sighed, put her phone on her nightstand, and fell asleep. I have no idea how, but I fell asleep shortly afterward.

I did get up early, and Emily was still sound asleep. I needed to get an early start because I wanted to make sure everything was ready for the big day. I went to my home office and logged into the cameras, found all the footage that I wanted to keep from yesterday, and saved it away. I was going to have to go through more of what I had to see if she had more to say than she already did. I grabbed a quick shower and shave, pulled on my standard khakis and polo, headed to the kitchen, and started a pot of coffee. I made some toast, put my coffee in a go-cup, and peeked in on Emily. She was still sleeping soundly. I headed to my car, opened the garage door, backed out, and set us on our way to the office. I tried to relax and enjoy my ride and “breakfast,” but the worry and doubt about today’s plan kept coming back to me. I texted Dove a thumbs up and a question mark. I got an instant reply of thumbs up and fire emojis. I checked in with the florist, liquor store, and grocery store–all were on track. By now, it was about 8:25, and I’d be in the office by 8:30. There are only a few hours to wait for the outcome. I was on pins and needles.

I really did have a meeting with the director of R&D at 8:45, too. I really had no idea what it was about, having just started at the company and all. When the appointed time arrived, I was walking up to his assistant’s desk. I did a double-take because she bore a striking resemblance to the brunette in Emily’s video from last night. Needless to say, I was distracted and didn’t even hear her ask if I was Eric. She cleared her throat, I came back from my thoughts, and she repeated the question. “Uh, yeah. Sorry. “You just look so much like someone else I know.”… “Oh wait, no, that’s not a line! I’m uh, sorry! Let me start over. “Yes, I’m Eric.”

She just smiled and said, “Mr. Peters is ready to see you.” She got up, and I got an up-close view of her long, shapely legs below her mid-thigh-length skirt. Her boobs were above average and were stretching her blouse just enough that it was still acceptable office attire, but just barely. She turned and walked over to Mr. Peters’ door, and I got a chance to admire her tight ass with no hint of a panty line. God, my imagination and libido were going wild. This was going to be a really hard day at work! “Mr. Peters, Eric is here.”

“Come in, Eric. I’m sorry we haven’t had a chance to meet in person yet. But I’ve read all about you and almost feel like I know you already. And please close the door.”

I pulled the door closed behind me. It seemed much heavier than it looked and than I expected. “Well, thanks, Mr. Peters.” I don’t…”

“Please call me Jeff.” Let me get right down to business. Your résumé and past experiences told me a lot about you. “You have, or at least had, a military clearance, right?”

“Yessir. Top Secret. due to the systems that I had access to and the work that I had to do on them.”

“Great. Great. “Is it still current?”

“I guess so.” I didn’t even think about that when I went back to school.

“In any case, we can sort that out in pretty short order.” You probably don’t know–and if everyone is following the protocols, you shouldn’t know–that we are currently working on a project for an undisclosed government agency. Please assume that your Top Secret clearance is still in effect and that you are still bound by it. OK?”

“Sure. Yessir.”

“What I’m about to tell you about is something that is very sensitive and could be quite valuable to our government and our company. Are you willing to sign some pretty serious non-disclosure agreements and additional covenants on your contract? Of course, because of all the restrictions and responsibilities, you will be well compensated.

“Mr. Pe–oh, Jeff, I had access to some of the most highly classified systems that our government operates. “I’m quite willing to sign and to have a hand in developing whatever it is that will help our country and our company.”

“GREAT! After you have thoroughly read all the documents, and if you are still agreeable to working under the terms, please sign them. Then we can start talking about what we’re working on. If you can’t sign, that’s perfectly acceptable, too. You can continue in the role you were hired for with no penalty or shame. Have a seat over there and start reading. I had to sign basically the same documents, so I know it’ll take a bit for you to go over them. “Can I have Sarah get you something?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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