Behind Closed Doors

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“What shall we name this store you want to open?” Ali asked.

“Behind Clothes Doors or Behind Closed Doors?” Bee replied.

“Clever twist on words and their meanings. Is that the sole reason for choosing that?”

“No, I saw a store for women’s wear and adult toys in Northern California’s Gold Country in Grass Valley when I was there one summer. The name has had many encounters with me over these few years.”

Ali asked, “Encounters? Like in the movie, ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind?’ Like near brushes with death? Do miracles occur around you? What do you mean?”

Bee said, “Listen, Ali, if I tell you this you have to promise you will not think I am crazy and promise me you will never mention it to anyone. I have had twelve years to accept it and I still have a hard time doing so until December-24th each year when I am pleasantly reminded.”

Ali detected the big shift in Bee’s demeanor when Bee replied. Ali realized something important was about to happen between Bee and her.

It was now twelve years after that December-24th. Ali and Bee were Christmas shopping for their significant others when this little revelation was related to Ali. She was not prepared, nor could she have been vetted for the story Bee told her about Behind Santa Claus’s Clothes Closed Behind her Closet Door, the Christmas Eve after her18th birthday.

Bee had been out on a date with her girlfriend, Jo, and opened the closet door so she could hang her coat. When she swung the door open, she saw a pile of fur and velvet stuffed in the corner behind her suitcases. The colors were distinctively those of Santa Claus, complete with the red velvet and white ermine trim.

Bee reached in and drug the pile into the entry hall. She also found a pair of boots to retrieve. When she picked up the pair of boots, she saw a small box and a card stuffed in the right boot, and an iPhone box in the left boot.

She closed the closet door and was startled to see a fat, ruddy-faced, white-haired and bearded, sparkling blue-eyed, naked man standing at the bottom of the stairs. She was almanbahis at first startled. Then she was someone else. If she had looked down first, she would have seen a hard cock pointing at her.

She looked at his face and… …he winked his eyes as the closet door had swung closed. That wink had allowed her to see her fantasy coming to life.

She immediately began to remove her clothes and jewelry. Then she left her clothes on the entry floor right where they fell and followed him upstairs. She was boldly focused on seeing the head of his cock as it swung from side to side as he climbed the stairs. At first, it looked long and thin, and then when he reached the floor above and turned to face her, she noticed that it was standing proudly upright, was hard, and seven to maybe eight inches long; and growing in diameter every second. He had turned around, which placed his cock and testicles at the height of her face as she neared the top stairs. His cock was beautiful and his balls hanging loose and low.

She instinctively knew in her fantasy that his cock was there for the taking. Reaching up and grasping his testicles in one hand, wrapping her fingers in a tight circle right at the top of his scrotum, she squeezed them as tight as she could. He smiled at her and kissed the top of her head. He held her head in position so that his cock went sliding into her throat smoothly and completely. It was just like in her fantasy.

In her fantasy, he gently face-fucked her for three or four minutes. She tapped his leg to get him to pull back, and when he did, she sloughed a throat full of saliva and phlegm onto his scrotum, her hand, and his thighs. She was back on his cock in seconds with her mouth and one hand pumping up and down until she felt him begin to tense up and squirm in discomfort. She tightened her grip and pulled his scrotum down until she knew it hurt a lot because she could feel him sag when his knees started to buckle.

She pulled off of him and spun him around telling him to bend over and spread them. As he bent over, she spread his legs with almanbahis yeni giriş the backs of her hands and again grabbed his testicles and pulled them backward until he moaned in pleasure. It was just like her fantasy.

It seems that Santa on Christmas Eve liked to travel for a few hours around the world clearing landing zones and restricted no fly zones. He stops at those homes and houses that have some special significance for him in that year. Twelve years ago one such stop was to see a young woman 18 years old who was still a virgin.

Santa knows who’s been naughty and nice and this woman didn’t even seem to realize that naughty existed, except in her fantasies. Santa had arrived a little early and had taken advantage of the timing to get her bedroom ready for him to fulfill her fantasy when she arrived home.

He remade the bed with fresh waterproof thirteen-hundred count linen and placed two cameras to record at twenty-second intervals from above the headboard and in front of the TV.

He started the soundtrack from ‘Bolero’ and the iPhone which he set to take video. He positioned it so it was focused on the bed from the top of a tall boy dresser, setting it on 20-second intervals for timed videos. The drapes were closed, and the heat turned to 73 so she would not be cold.

“Lights, Camera, Action!” he shouted and startled her. She jerked in fright, but feeling his cock was damp, she guessed it had started to weep pre-come, She was so far into the living out of her fantasy, that she bent forward between his legs to taste it. It was just like in her fantasy. She bumped her forehead against his ass, and eventually, she had his cock pulled backward. The tip was at her lips as she was leaning against his ass so she sucked the tip into her mouth as it continued to pulse more come. It was just like in her fantasy.

Bee’s fantasy had always resulted in the man of her fantasy filling a juice glass with come and then while he ate her cunt she would sip his come. She always would have repeated major orgasms and repeated sexually explicit almanbahis giriş hallucinations while coming over and over again. It was just like that in her bedroom.

He tied a blindfold of soft black velvet encrusted with 5 carats of Blue Nile Legacy diamonds securely over her eyes and forehead. While he was coming to her fantasy’s satisfaction, he was handing her the gift box.

She took the gift box, and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand then licking it clean she had him sit in a chair so that she could sit on his lap with his cock buried up her ass.

They easily had figured out how to get that done.

Santa said, “Merry Christmas, Bee. You have lived this year in the spirit of the living, the spirit of life. We, at the North Pole, decided to fulfill your fondest fantasy and offer you the chance to have everything you want for the rest of your life. We have never before fulfilled a sex fantasy so we will enjoy this as a ‘first time’ for us.” (It probably doesn’t count as a first experience at Literotica)

“We will continue fulfilling your fantasies for the next six hours of your own imagined unedited fantasy experience.”

“Then you will need to decide to have everything you want or to have what is in that box.”

“You will share mementos of this experience. The mementos will belong to me, but they will be available to you every Sunday and for the few days every Christmas through New Year’s Eve. You can edit the fantasy every year, and rewrite the script and all features of the fantasy to fulfill your life’s desired experiences. All of this is your Christmas present every year for the rest of your life.”

“By the way, Bee, think of Ali in your fantasy, as she loves you true. See what happens if you include her just once. Just know that it is always up to you how much anyone in your fantasy will ever remember.”

Bee replied with a few questions, “Do I still get to see the mementos with either choice? Will I still get the Sundays with either choice? Every year I could rewrite a new fantasy, completely?”

Santa Claus went downstairs, dressed, went back upstairs and said, “Yes to all three questions. Bee, what say you? The box or whatever you want for the rest of your life?”

“So, Bee, Merry Christmas aside, is this a real conversation? Or is this one I won’t be able to remember?” Asked Ali.

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