Being taught 2

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Chapter 2
“Mmmmm” she heard him moan as she felt the beads swishing against the back of her legs “You will do”
She felt his hand fist in the back of her hair and push forward “Bend over you stupid slut” he growled when she didn’t bend over fast enough “I shouldn’t have to tell you everything, you obey my hands as well as my words. Now grab your ankles, I think its time to stretch you even further”
She bent over quickly feeling him push two more beads in her quickly and brutally “ooooh” she cried out feeling her asshole stretch, feeling the pop of each bead stretch her more and more feeling her already full anus filling more and more.
“You love it don’t you slut” he whispered in a hard voice that told her how much he enjoyed her pain “tell me now how much you love it when I hurt you” she heard as she felt his huge hand come down hard on her ass.
“Y-y-yes” she cried “hurt me more please, harder, please”
“Stay like that until I tell you to move, you fucking cunt” he said and she could hear him pulling their purchases out of the bag. “I think she has earned this” he murmured to himself. She could feel her cunt tighten thinking of the plugs and whip they had bought, she had barely a second to wonder what would be next as she heard the crack of the whip seconds before her ass and thighs exploded in pain.
“Ahhhh” she screamed in pain like she had never felt before “harder please harder” she cried as the tears poured from her eyes.
“You’ll get more when you earn it you fucking whore” he said, thrilled at the the sexy little slut begging him to hurt her more. He reached over and grabbed her by the hair, it was already starting to tangle from his manhandling. He turned her around and looked at her face, he could see the tears still in her eyes and the path of the ones she had already shed. He leaned in and kissed her roughly “by the time I am finished with you, your face will be a mass of tears and cum you bitch”
He turned her around by the hair, and started pushing her towards the stair, propelling her down as she did her best not to stumble. When they got to the bottom he pushed her to her knees “stay” he growled. She stayed in position and tried not to move a muscle as she heard him move around behind her. She felt him lean over her and start putting something tight around her neck “Since your such a dirty little bitch you should have a collar and leash” he started pulling her along into a room. Ankara escort He stopped as they came into the room and told her to stand up and look around.
There was a large bed with posts on all four corners. The head of the bed had a mirror facing it, there was also a large TV on the other side of the room she watched him in the mirror walk over to a side table and grab a remote. The Tv exploded into sound, she watched the movie on, the woman was tied up and there were 8 men in the room, you could see the whip marks on her ass and thighs, the clips on her nipples, she heard her cry out pain as another man came up behind her and shoved his huge cock in her ass balls deep.
“Do you notice anything about the room in which that dirty whore is being used, anything familiar” she heard him murmur quietly in her ear. She had been so transfixed on watching the girl on the video being used that she hadn’t even noticed him coming up behind her. She could feel her cunt quivering while she tried to tear her eyes from the fucking. She looked at the other details and realized it was the room she was standing in. She looked around suddenly, for the first time forgetting not to move without permission. She saw cameras mounted all over the room, in corners, mounted on tables and even on top of the tv. She looked back at the video but looked at the man torturing the asshole of the girl on the video and saw it was her date.
This was something she had never considered. For the last couple of weeks, this man had been telling her how he would hurt and humiliate her, how he would degrade her and she had fucked herself and as many cocks as she could waiting to meet him. She had never considered that her humiliation would be immortalized. It took less than a second to realize that while she he nerves where heightened and she was starting to be apprehensive about what the rest of the night entailed, knowing she was trapped and had no way out, she was even more excited.
She felt him grab her collar and drag her to the bed strangling her as he pulled. He pushed her roughly on the bed and she got on her hands and knees in the position she knew he would want her in. “Mmmmm you are an obedient little slut aren’t you” he growled as he circled the bed. She could hear the girl on the video begging for him to stop as he circled her like prey. “Since you are so obedient I will answer some questions that you know better than to ask.”
“Yes, Ankara escort bayan the cameras are on. They will record every scream, every cry and every humiliation I do to you tonight. Yes, I will show them to people. In fact Mick is watching right now, say hi to Mick whore” he roared as he pulled her head back roughly.
“H-h-hi Mick’ she stammered looking directly into the camera he had her head pointed at.
“Now, bitch tell the camera how you want everything I am going to do to you, tell the camera how you have been begging me to hurt and humiliate you, to make you scream and beg for mercy while I ignore your plea”
“Y-yes please” she choked out, the collar he was pulling her head back with cutting off her air, making it hard to talk “Please turn me into your obedient whore to be used and hurt until you are satisfied, please, please don’t stop for anything” She felt the wind as his hand came down and slapped her face so hard it felt like her cheek would explode.
“Good little bitch”
He let go of her collar and she watched in the mirror as he walked over to the bag he had dropped beside a chest when they first came in the room. She’s watching him as he bends over and dumps the bag, the whip, plugs and ropes falling to the floor beside the chest. He picks up the ropes and walks slowly over to the bed. He ties a rope around each of her wrists and ankles but does not attach them to the posts on the frame of the bed.
“You are still willing, my little cunt, I will tie you to the bed when you start fighting me. “He laughs lightly “And not to worry you will start fighting me”
He stands to the side of the bed near her head and barks “watch me whore” he pulls off his shirt exposing muscular chest and arms that exuded strength. She swallowed slowly knowing the damage the strength in those arms could to do to her. She could feel her juices flowing freely from her cunt. She watched and his quickly and efficiently pulled the zipper on his pants and let them fall before he stepped out of them. The cock that was released was magnificent. It made the beads currently stretching and ripping her asshole open look like marbles.
“I can see on your face that you admire my cock, so I think you should show me how you worship it” He grabbed her collar and stuck his fingers in her cheeks to open her mouth wide and shoved his cock deep in her throat making her gag and choke. He pushed harder, cutting off all her air, Escort Ankara she could feel her eyes bulging as he choked her with his cock and could see the blackness coming as she started to pass out.
Quickly he pulled his cock from her mouth and she gasped for air, a long string of her saliva connecting the tip of his cock with her mouth. “Just so you know bitch” he said as he swung back and slapped her again “I won’t always pull out, I love fucking a unconscious slut” he quickly shoved his cock deep in her throat once again choking her. He did this over and over until she couldn’t even think; her body took over just begging for air when he allowed it.
Once the bottom of her face was covered in spit and precum he pulled away, his cock a huge slimy python staring at her. She kneeled there gasping for air, feeling dirtier than she had ever been before. He slapped her once more and told her to turn around and face the mirror as he walked over to the chest. He grabbed the two plugs and looked at them. He seemed to be considering then dropped the smaller of the two. She knew then he would not work her asshole wider he was going to rip it open for his cock. He came up behind her and in the mirror she say the look of anticipation on his face as he reached up and yanked the beads from her ass quickly.
She screamed at the top of her lungs and could feel the wetness on her thighs knowing as he ripped her ass open she squirted and came like she never had before.
“Reach back and pull those ass cheeks wide for me cunt” he growls as he spanks her ass over and over till she can feel the heat and glow of her cheeks.
She reaches back and spreads her abused asshole wide and feels the tip slide in till it meets resistance. “Beg me to ram it in bitch, tell me how much you like it when I hurt you” he almost purrs at her “I saw you squirt you dirty whore” he almost laughs.
“Yes, p-p-please, ram it in there, make me scream again, please, hurt me please, please, please” she begs.
He gives a small smile as he rams the large plug deep into her asshole making the tender flesh feel as though its ripping open and she screams with tears pouring down her spit and precum covered face. He grabs her ankle and roughly pulls her over onto her back with landing on her stretched aching asshole and tender abused cheeks. She automatically spreads her legs wide, displaying her cunt and wet thighs, arms reaching over her head and reaching for the posts, somehow knowing this is what wanted.
“Good girl” he laughs lightly as he walks over the chest with their purchases piled on top and brings back the whip …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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