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I sat on the large stoop of my parent’s brownstone in Brooklyn that late autumn evening, watching the dark blue sedan as it made it’s third pass by the house. It was my Brother Ames’ car. He was trolling for parking. Ames refused to double park and wait for parking. Waiting drove him crazy. But this was Park Slope, where everyone has a car (sometimes two) and looking for parking wasn’t a job, it was always an adventure.

I watched as a neighbor, the nice brown skinned lady that lived up and across the street, walk a stranger to his car. Stranger to me at least. Although I wasn’t a snoop by any means of the imagination, I made it my business to know who my neighbors were, even if I didn’t know their names. The nice brown skinned lady waved as her friend, a small man, hair very white and skin just a shade darker than the lady’s moved his large car out of the tight parking space and drove up and off our block.

I saw my chance and dove for the empty space where the huge had sat. I stood up and bounded down the stoop. I tore up the block, in full track star mode , scaring the shit out of my tall black neighbor. She stopped being scared long enough to smile at me. I sheepishly smiled back, all the while thinking how silly I must have looked as I ran all out for a parking space. We regarded each other for a second, after wistful hellos. She was very good looking, with wavy shoulder length brown hair and a full figure. I was about to say something to stop her from going inside the house when a honking from behind me. It surprised me into almost soiling myself. I stepped on to the sidewalk and my brother slipped his car into the space like a girl would slip into a nightie. He got out first.

“Hey Ben, nice save.” The smirk was plastered on his face. It was the “I just told a joke about you smirk”, the one I appreciated the least. I never understood why my brother treated me like he did, but I had begun to get used to it. Just.

Next out of the car, was Jenny, Ames girlfriend. They had met in college. Jenny was smart as a whip and pretty as a summer’s day is long. She also had a very soft spot for me that Ames’ didn’t appreciate in the least. But I did, very much so. “Yeah, Ben,” Jenny said with the sincerest smile imaginable, “Thanks. I thought Ames was going to bust a blood vessel or something.”

“Or something!” I turned to see Jackie slamming the rear passenger door behind her. Jackie was Jenny’s sister and she was beautiful. Long legged, and well shaped, with curves upon curves, but not exaggerated ones. Round, full, soft ones, that made young men like me sometimes lie awake at night

I had only met her once before, during a weekend that both our families spent at the girls’ parent’s summer house at some small lake hours away from the city. Jackie had made a lasting impression on me, in that red, soaking wet bikini. The nipples on her ample breasts poking through the fabric like arrow heads. Her hips wide and alluring. And there was a glimmer of interest in her eyes for me. She spent a lot of time bumping into me that weekend, teasing and testing my body and mind. And once, walking back from a boat pier to the house, she was just slightly ahead of me, I followed her close like a puppy would. When she abruptly bent down to “get something”. My Pelvis smashed directly into her warm ass. My cock filled out to it’s complete fullness in seconds. I was appalled at myself, but also enraptured at the feel of her silky cheeks. She gave it a little wiggle before apologizing and walking off with sly smile on her face. Nothing else happened that weekend, of course, but the memory of her behind pressed against my hard member has kept me warm on these cool nights.

Adrift in the memory, until Jackie had said, “WELL?” her eyes sarcastically wide, I didn’t realize that I was starting at her. ” Um, Hi Jackie, What a surprise.” was all that would come out of my mouth. “Surprise!” she stretched he arms up in the air and smiled a half smile that broke over her face like dawn.

Needless to say, the stretch was astonishing. It brought her shape to bear in the most wonderful of ways, pulling at the fabric of her tee-shirt and jeans, straining it at her breasts and hips. I tried not to let out a long breath that I had been holding, but I failed and had to disguise it as best I could with a half cough, hand over mouth. My eyes didn’t leave Jackie’s body for a second, though, and she SO noticed.

Ames grinned a wide, and silly grin. He had noticed too. almanbahis So did Jenny, but she just smiled and blushed, quietly embarrassed for me. In my own embarrassment, I broke from the group, turning around and jogged across the street mumbling that Mom would need help with the extra place at the dinner table. As I turned, I caught sight of the brown-skinned lady. She was still standing in front of her house. She had watched the whole thing and softly chuckled to herself. My embarrassment knew no bounds.

Later, after the meal of meat loaf and mashed potatoes had been consumed and the not so big news of Ames and Jenny’s nuptials revealed, I sat alone in living room and skimmed through the many television channels in the hope of finding anything to get my attention off of Jackie. I was failing epicly, when she floated in and plopped down next to me. She swiped the controller out of my hand and changed the PBS Spanish-American War Documentary to MTV. I felt her warmth immediately. It covered me like a wave. The scent of her hair filling my head with an apple orchard.

She was hunched over slightly watching the screen intently. I sat close to her, close enough to bathe in her heat but not close enough to touch. She turned around quickly to ask me something, as I was taking another quick whiff of her hair. Our eyes locked for a second. “Do you like Videos?” was what she said, but her face, in that sly smile was asking something else. I answered the unmentioned question. “ummm, Yes, Yes I do.”

She leaned back against the sofa. Tossing off her shoes as she did so. She rubbed her stomach her face in mock pain. “Your Mom’s a good cook. I ate so much I think I’m going to burst.” The rubbing pulled up the dark tee-shirt from her pants, letting me catch a glimpses of her flat porcelain stomach and the very cute belly button that I remembered from last summer. It winked at me.

“You have a cute belly button.” I heard it slip out of my mouth. She sat up and pulled her shirt up in glee. ” You think so? I’m going to have it pierced soon.” She looked at it while she talked then making a circular movement with her hand she said ” I want to wear those chains that go around your waist you know. I think its sexy..”

She stopped for a second on the word “sexy” and then turned her face up to me, eyes mischievous, and small through slits. “Do you think they are sexy Ben?”

“I think they are very hot. Especially with the chain.” I didn’t wait any longer. I stared at her eyes, opened my mouth slightly and kissed her hungrily. My tongue leaping into her semi open mouth. She wound her tongue around mine, pressing her hot body against mine. I could feel the heat of her nipples through her bra and against my chest. We kissed each other deeply for what seemed like hours. Lost in our release of shimmering passion. My cock which had been hard on and off since she got out of the car, rose to its full strength and pressed mightily against my shorts and against her thigh.

We stopped for a moment to catch our breath. She was chuckling, ” I was wondering when that was going to happen. You were looking at me at dinner like you wanted me for seconds.”

She was right. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I pulled her to me and kissed her mouth, face and neck hard. Then biting her neck softly as I kneaded her ass cheeks. She unexpectedly reached up my shorts and grabbed at my cock. Squeezing it roughly in her small hands. She stopped as unexpectedly, putting her hands at the waist band of my shorts.

“Show him to me.” she said as she unhooked my top button and unzipped my pants open. My cock sprung out of my brief’s like a hungry animal. She pushed me on to my parent’s couch and popped it into her warm and inviting mouth just as hungrily. I was very close to giving in to the sweet pleasure of her attentions, but the thought of being caught by my parents in the living room was a fright even if exciting in a very naughty way.

I pulled her off of my stone member and said, ” We gotta go some were else. I can’t do this here.” My confession was met with a pout of disappointment which turned quickly into that sly smile I was getting quickly enamored with.

“You’re driving me home. but I’ll tell them I’m taking the Subway to a friend’s. That’s what I was going to do anyway. Catch up.” Jackie got up and got her things. I waited a minute or two until my hard companion had calmed a bit and decided that hers was a good idea after all. I went almanbahis giriş downstairs and grabbed my car keys. I listened while she said her good-byes, then waiting a beat or two took off up the stairs. I rushed by my parent’s, Jenny and my Brother barking as I went , “Taking the car to Bay Ridge! See ya later. Congrats!’

I was down those steep steps and in the car before anyone had any idea that It was me. I started the old Volkswagen and pulled slowly out of the tight parking space knowing that Jackie was probably already half way to the train station. I pulled down to the stop sign and coasted out into the Avenue, testing the waters before crossing the intersection. I saw Jackie in the distance and in my excitement almost pulled out totally into the intersection and right in front of a large SUV. We both stopped short. I smiled sheepishly as the other driver glared. He waited a second, memorizing my face, then took off down the avenue.

A moment later I was down the block letting Jackie in the car. She gave me quick directions, up and around the streets that lead into the compacted forest that is Prospect Park. We were barley with in the boundaries of the park , following a winding road, when she pulled out my semi hard cock. I jerked the wheel a little at her sheer audacity as she massaged it firmly in her hand. She said quietly “Park over there.”, waving her free hand, to a secluded parking spot under a grove of trees grown bald by the already too cold Fall.

My Car cleaved through the darkness and into the grove, I turned off the car and shook a little from the attention I was getting from Jackie. She looked at me and I tilted my seat back waiting for her to take the next step. I didn’t wait long. She took the head of my cock into her mouth. Using her tongue to massage its bulbous facade. I was lost in the pleasure of it, even more so when she started to suck hard on the cock head, making a sort of vacuum with her mouth. It didn’t take me long to come after that. Fire ran from my tight scrotum to the tip of cock. My cock spurted what felt like quarts of my hot spunk into jackie’s mouth. She swallowed quickly which was a surprising talent. Not a drop was spilt. I was spent but not drained of my lust for her.

She recognized the lust burning just beyond my eyes and slowly took off her top. Her breasts were large, round and so very soft to the touch. The nipples were brown and hardy. Standing up in the coolness of the car. I cupped both of them in my hands. I put one nipple in my mouth, then the other. Licking and biting softly making circular motions with my tongue over the aeroles. Jackie gasped a little and held my head to her bosom. Letting me take my time and have my way with her two beauties. The adoration seemed to go forever, until she took one of my hands away from her tit and placed it on her damp panties. I still don’t know to this day how she was able to take off her jeans while twisted up with my face in her chest in that car. Thank heaven for small miracles.

With my mouth and one hand still working on her tits, I used my other hand to push the panties to the side and then slipped my finger into her hot, juicy pussy. When then Index finger went in, she stiffened a little. Slowly she became caught up in the rhythm of my finger moving in and out of her. I stopped every once in a while and flicked my thumb against her protruding clitoris. She began to moan loudly as I worked my finger against her sex. Faster and Faster I went. My combinations becoming more rhythmic . Soon had both hands at work. One hand concentrating on fingering the other massaging her clit to a fever pitch. Jackie came only once. But it was a hard orgasm. She sucked in a breath, stiffened and arched her back. Immobile for a few seconds, she let the breath out as she relaxed.

It was a few minutes before she turned to face me. Her face was still full of mischief . I watched with amazement as she pulled on her shirt and with one deft move opened the door of the car. I was fumbling with my shorts and car keys as I jumped out of the car and followed her up a path that emerged out of nowhere. I knew better than to yell after her as she ran up the path to an Old Victorian that was used as an administration building for the Parks department. The evening chill was biting at my face and legs as I ran after her. She was already working on the door with what looked like a key. I reached her as the door to the place was opened. We fell inside and she almanbahis yeni giriş locked the door behind us.

“How did you get the key to this place?” I asked breathlessly. She giggled and held I up close to my face. “My father owns this place. He won’t sell it to the city but he will let them rent it. He likes to use it for picnics and stuff . Want to see the Rooms?'” She said “Rooms” like a tease, and took off up the large foyer to the stairs and up them until she was at the top. I followed her quickly but cautiously, looking for the security guards and dogs and such. In my search for the invisible I lost sight of my objective. Jackie had lead me onto the second floor of this Victorian mansion with out a clue as to were she had gone. Until I heard the giggle coming from an open door at the end of the long hall. I walked up to it slowly. The door opened to a set of steps that lead up into what must be the attic. There was a click and dim light spilled down on me. I walked up the stairs slowly and found her at the top of them, in a small room, totally naked.

She was standing feet apart , hands cupping her breasts, which looked larger and even more beautiful there, she wasn’t smiling so much as she was beckoning me with her lips. I focused on her eyes, not looking at anything else until I was a kiss away and then I breached that distance. Pulling her close to me, feeling the warmth of her body against mine. I kissed her as hard as I could then kiss d my way down her body. Sucking on her flesh as if it was a succulent meal.

Once I reached my destination, I knelt and worshipped at the temple of her sex. Licking and sucking on her clitoris and virginal lips. Tonguing inside her and at the place in-between her pussy and asshole. It was hard for her to stand and she began to get racked with orgasm after orgasm. She grabbed my hair in both hands as I pulled her clit closer to my face, my hands firmly on her full buttocks. Finally she let go and fell back onto a bed which I swore materialized out of nowhere. She lay on the bed very still. Slowly getting her strength back and just luxuriating in the afterglow.

I busied myself with my clothes, dropping them on the floor as I hurried out of them. I slipped onto the bed and began to kiss and touch Jackie again my hands as hungry as my lips for a taste of her flesh. She responded slowly at first, but after awhile was touching and kissing me as passionate I was her. She took my penis in her hands and lead it’s tip into the opening of her already wet pussy. I sucked a breath through teeth at the shock of pleasure that shot up the head of cock into the base of my spine. She whispered in my ear as I began to wiggle my cock into her pussy. “Slowly, Ben, Slowly. I want to remember this for a long time.” She bit my ear after that. Nibbling at it for punctuation. I pushed my cock to the balls and began to work my hips in a slow rhythmic motion at first and then as slowly as I could I picked up the pace of my thrusts into her pleasure palace. Her nails tore at my ass and back as her legs wrapped around me. As I sucked on her large nipples, she began to moan loudly and buck her hips against my waist. She began to chant the words “Fuck me, Ben.”. Changing the punctuation and expression. Dropping an “Oh God”, and “Shit” and sometimes an “Oh Fuck!’ to go along with it.

I began to feel the pressure building at the base of my balls. It was pulsing like a river at flood time. I didn’t want the river to flood its banks yet. I pulled out of Jackie. “I want it doggie style, baby.” I said as she started almost screaming protest. She wasted no time and turned over on the bed, her perfect ass in the air waiting for my love muscle to attack. I jumped right in. leading my hot cock into the tunnel of love.

My meat pushed deeper into her than ever before. She screamed and came instantly. I was a ways behind her, having lost contact with her body for even a short time had cooled my passions. Although they were starting to build again to a frightening crescendo. The palms of my hand were slick with sweat as I gripped her beautiful rump, my knuckles white. Later She told me that she came again when I did. I couldn’t remember her final moan of release. The doors of perception closed on me in a split second. The power of my orgasm slammed me deaf and dumb. I was frozen against the cold wooden floorboards. My hair stood on end and for a moment I forgot were I was.

Much later, in my car as I drove her to her friend house, she broke the silence that had between us to tell me that she was dating this guy. Nick or Chip or something equally as stupid. It was serious. She was in love. But you know sex was different and some times you had to break the rules. I guess that she knew better than I.

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