Best Friends with Benefits

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Best friends with benefits, that’s how Bill described us. My description was two friends where one was desperately in love with the other, while he blatantly ignored how she felt for him. When he transferred colleges, to be further away from his family, I had hoped that this would be my much needed clean slate. Unfortunately it was anything but. He would call to catch up at least twice a month. The calls would last till sun rise sometimes. Often I’d have to be up early the next day to go to work and I would drag till I got home.

That summer I stayed in that east coast city. Finances weren’t great in my family and I thought it wiser to stay and work than to go home and do nothing but lounge at my parent’s home. Bill had made a similar decision. He had found a job where he lived that he decided to stay for. There was no chance that I’d see him, from the look of things it seemed that we’d only keep our friendship alive via phone calls, or so I thought. A week before Fourth of July, Bill called me to say he had decided to go home for the holiday to see his family and that he would love to see me too.

Bill’s parents were acutely religious and conservative. While the few times that Bill took me over to his house on weekends his parents’ were nothing but nice I got the feeling they weren’t ecstatic about me visiting their home. I was too much of a free thinker, non-conformist, free spirit for their conservative palate. How someone who grew up in that type of household could be my friend was easily explained, Bill loved the breath of fresh air I was compared to how he was brought up. For me my friendship and love for him was the fact he set boundaries to the lack of limitations I had. If we hadn’t become friends freshman year I know that I would have become a wilder child than what I already was. Opposites attract, seemed to be my reason to be so strongly attracted to him.

After much apprehension of if I should go visit him at his parents’ home while he was in town I decided to do it. Sure his parents had disdain for me that only their religious politeness didn’t let them vocalize. Maybe this would bring more heart ache for me as I tried to show him that I wanted more than a friendship and he ignored it. One thing that I kept thinking was that maybe this would be the time he wouldn’t try to ignore the obvious. When I called him to tell him I’d hang out at his parents the holiday weekend I wrote down his flight number and arrival time. He talked to his parent’s and it was agreed that they’d meet me at the airport before he go there and that we’d all get in their car and head to their home.

Fourth of July fell on a Saturday so the office I worked in gave us Friday off. When I woke up I found my Vera Bradley duffle bag and packed some jeans, shirts an extra pair of flip flops and some toiletries. I grabbed my duffle and walked to the train station to catch the train to the airport. At the airport I looked almanbahis giriş up the gate his flight would be coming in from. When I got to the gate his parents were there already. I put a smile on my face and said hello to them. We didn’t have to fake pleasantries for too long. Bill came out of the gate soon after and since he only had a carry on it was straight to his parents’ house from there.

The day went nicely enough. Bill caught his parents up on what college was like in the Midwest. Many of the stories they were hearing for the first time I had already heard before. His parents suggested we go out to dinner and then a movie that night. Going to his parents’ house was always shell shock for me. They lived about an hour away from the city but life there was so different from city life. I was raised in a city down south before moving up to school up north. I had never once lived in the suburbs it was always strange to me that you had to drive everywhere. When we got back from the movies his parents let Bill and I know they wanted us to have a scriptural reading before they we all went to bed. His mom was surprised when she handed me a bible I told her it wasn’t necessary that I had an app on my iPhone. She was surprised but quickly recovered from it. They read a chapter from the bible and had everyone take a turn. Bill and I sat on the floor of the family den as we read. We stayed there talking, when his parents went up to bed.

When they finally went into their room Bill pulled me into a hug, “I didn’t think they’d ever leave so we could talk just the two of us.”

“I don’t mind them. They’re different. I like it,” I smiled as a stretched out on the floor. He laid down next to me as we began talking. I could tell this would be one of our all night conversations.

In the middle of catching Bill up on some of our mutual friends my back started hurting. I flipped over and positioned myself in child’s pose as I had learned to do in my yoga classes.

“Still having back problems?” he questioned while sitting up.

“You try having these on you,” I retorted while grabbing on to my substantial sized boobs.

“Lay down on your stomach. I’ll give you a massage,” he ordered while standing right behind me.

“You’re just trying to get your hands on me” I giggled as I did as he requested. His hands began to massage my back and a slow moan came out of me.

“This would be better if your tank top wasn’t in the way,” he informed as he lifted the shirt up. The shirt quickly came off and was thrown to the side as his hands massaged my lower back where he knew I had the most pain. His hands were magic on me.

“I want to try to get more of your lower back but your skirt is in the way. Do you mind taking it off?” I pushed up enough to let him know that I was standing up. This wasn’t my first time stripping in front of him so I knew what he liked. I unbuttoned almanbahis and then unzipped while looking him straight in the eyes. My skirt was thrown towards where my shirt was. I was down to my light yellow thong and matching bra. I laid down back on the floor without saying anything.

His hands continued their massage on my back. His hands slowly went down to my ass and then my legs. His hands slowly went back up and stayed near my crotch for some time. I could feel myself getting wet. I wondered what his next move would be. I didn’t have to wait too long. His hand roamed back to my lower back and then to my upper back. This time without asking me to do it he unhooked my bra. His lips joined his hands on my back.

“Turn around,” he whispered in my ear. His hand immediately went to my breast as he massaged them. Another moan escaped me.

“You like that?” he questioned as his mouth was coming down to my tits.

“You know I love you playing with them as much as you love playing with them,” I replied as my hands began pulling his shirt off. His mouth lifted up long enough for his shirt to come off. Then his mouth returned to suckling on them.

His mouth left my tits to begin kissing first my stomach and going down to my panties. His hands playing with my nipples as he did that but then they moved to my hips. Then slowly kissing down all the way to my pussy and teasing me by kissing my thighs instead of eating me out. Then when I couldn’t handle it anymore he stuck one finger then two into me and finger fucked me while sucking my clit.

My legs were around him making sure he couldn’t stop. When he sensed I was about to climax he stopped and began teasing me by hitting his dick on my clit. He finally entered me and starts fucking me slowly. I wrapped my legs around him again as he started pounding me. I scratched his back when I begin to scream because of my orgasm. He kissed me and bit my lower lip to keep me quiet. No need to wake up his parents. As I was cumming I squeezed him so hard that he finally came in me. He got off me and laid next to me. When I looked at him he had a satisfied face on him

“What now,” I inquired him not sure if I mean between us or at that very moment.

“Sleep is what we need next,” Bill replied, I wrinkled my nose.

“I’ve been put in your sister’s old room. It’s all pink and flowers and so girlie. All the things I’m not,” I say to him feeling used that now that we had sex he’s putting me away.

“Sleep with me,” he grabbed me by my hand and starts leading me to his room.

“What if they catch us? Your mom would finally have the excuse to kill me,” I pulled back grabbing my clothes.

“We wake up before them and you sneak into my sister’s room. Don’t put you clothes on we’ll sleep like this,” he replies. As I pick up both our clothes I followed him to his room. We get under the covers and for the first almanbahis giriş time in a long time I fall asleep right away.

The vibrations of someone’s cell phone wakes me up. I turn over and find myself facing Bill’s chest. I snuggled next to him and try to ignore the vibrating phone. His phone is next to him in his night stand charging. That means that the person getting the insistent calls is me. I don’t want to wake anyone up so I grabbed my clothes and put them on and as quietly as I can I walk downstairs and open the door to their balcony facing the woods surrounding their house.

I looked at who’s been calling me. The phone shows several missed calls from my mother. It was barely 7:30 on a holiday weekend of course she’s the only one who would call me. Conversations with my mom can last for a long time so I laid down on the floor of the balcony and put my legs up. My mom catches me up with what’s going on with my family down South and I tell her about work. When she asks what I’m doing for the holiday I lie and tell her I’m hanging out with some of my college friends to see the fireworks.

As my mother continued to talk without breathing or letting me put much in I heard the door creak open. I hope it wasn’t that loud when I came out. I get up from laying on the floor to see who else is up. I turn around to look at the door and Bill is outside. I mouth to him that it’s my mother on the phone. He smiled at me as he comes near me and brings me toward him. His face went on my neck and he kisses it. He gives me slow kisses till he reaches my mouth. I felt myself relaxing against him and want for this to continue.

“Hey mom I actually have to go. I want to hit the shower and run some errands,” I lie to her once again.

As I tell my mom this blatant lie Bill has reached under my shirt and begun playing with my nipples. I almost moan before I’ve hung up on my mom.

“Good morning, Sunshine,” he says as he takes my shirt off to continue playing with my nipples.

I moved closer to the railing to have something to hold on to as my legs turned to mush. He turned me around so I would be facing the woods and then bends me over. He grabs my hair and pulls it in a way that I have to arch my back. I’m positioned perfectly for him to enter me. Instead of entering me though he sticks two fingers into me.

“You’re so wet” he tells me as he enters me with one thrust. Feeling his dick fill me makes me moan. Unlike last night where I was afraid we’d get caught by his parents I’m so filled with lust that I have no worries stopping me. I’m extremely vocal and don’t hold back any of my moans. He holds me by my hips as he fucks me fast and hard. My breast seem to have a mind of their own as they bounce everywhere. I’m extremely self-conscious of this detail and as if he read my mind he grabs on to them and begins playing with me as he continues to go in and out of me. I can feel my orgasm starting. A sudden warmth reaches my pussy and seems to spread through my stomach and my chest. As it gets warmer I can’t hold it back and scream so hard the birds in the trees all fly away. My pussy takes a grip on his dick and he grunts as he comes inside of me.

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