Better Late than Never

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White flecks of snow danced across the window to the parking lot. Tara sighed and rolled her eyes to herself as she turned to walk back to her desk, casually running her fingers across the string of Christmas lights that lined the hallway wall. There is no way I am getting out of here in time for the Christmas party, Tara thought to herself with a sigh and a pout.

Of all the days for Tara to be late, this was not the day. Everyone was going to be at this party, including her ongoing obsession, Dr. Brian Taylor. As Dr. Taylor’s personal nurse for the past three years, Tara had spent a lot of time working very closely with him…close enough to know that the subtle, woodsy scent of his signature cologne was almost as scrumptious as the man who wore it. She had been secretly hoping that tonight would be the night she would finally grow a pair of alcohol-induced cojones and convince him to spend some quality alone time with her.

Good Lord, Tara,get a grip. Lost cause. Move on. Tara mentally slapped herself back to reality with that thought.

Besides, Tara’s first-world problems were nothing compared to the issues her patients faced every day. In fact, the reason she was going to be late was a sweet 82 year-old patient by the name of Frank who wouldn’t be getting his pain medicine before the holiday if she didn’t get his insurance company to approve the prescription. That was just not an option. Tara would do whatever she needed to do to get the job done. She always did.

Tara plopped down into the chair ungracefully and took a big breath before picking up the phone to make the dreaded phone call to the insurance company. 45 minutes later, Tara was pumping her fist in victory, and Frank had his pain meds.

“Merry Christmas, Frank,” Tara smiled and did a little victory dance as she straightened up her desk.

“Oh the weather outside is frightful…” Tara didn’t let her terrible singing voice put a damper on her Christmas spirit as she swayed her hips and put the last pen in the holder, “…But the f…UuuCK!!!” She stammered and halted as her eyes landed on Dr. Brian Taylor’s beautiful form leaning against the doorframe. He was smirking with his arms crossed, and Tara smacked her hand over her mouth in shock.

“Oh my God! How long have you been standing there?!” Tara groaned.

“Long enough for me to know that if you ever chose to leave the field of nursing, singing would probably not be a good alternative career for you…” Dr. Taylor chuckled, a sexy lopsided grin adorning his beautiful face as he took a few steps toward her desk.

“Hey!” Tara closed the distance, laughing and swatting at his chest. Tara mentally patted herself on the back for not swooning as her hand met the solid mass of muscles that was his body.

“Ow!” Dr. Taylor feigned injury and he clutched at his chest, catching Tara’s hand as she tried to pull it back. His smile faded a little and his eyes grew intent as they stared between Tara’s eyes and her lips. He took a step closer to her, adding, “Now, those dance moves, however…they were something else entirely.”

Tara’s eyes rounded as she absorbed his heated look and the words that followed. Ok, what the Hell was that about? Tara wondered and decided not to read too much into it. “Well…” Tara cleared her throat nervously, almanbahis “Other than bearing witness to my utter humiliation, what are you still doing here? The Christmas party started a while ago. I thought everyone was gone.”

“I could tell you that I was finishing up charting, but that would be bullshit,” Dr. Taylor moved incrementally closer into Tara’s personal space. His voice was quiet and rumbled through her as he spoke. He continued, “The truth is, I was a little behind and scrambling to get out of here on time for the party, and as I was heading out I noticed you were still here on the phone. I realized that we were likely the last two left in the building and decided to change my plans so I could get you alone for once.”

Dr. Taylor’s hand was now brushing over her shoulder and down her arm as he continued to speak, “We have chemistry. You have to feel it. God, I know I do…” He breathed deeply and paused, giving Tara a moment for his words to sink in.

“I…wow” Tara stood with mouth slightly agape. Oh, boy, did she feel it. She thought back to the first time she saw him when she was hired three years ago. She simultaneously stopped breathing and came on the spot the moment she saw him walking down the hall toward her. He was tall and it was obvious by his fitted dress shirt that he worked out. He had dark, almost black hair and golden brown eyes and dark-rimmed glasses. She remembered standing there thinking that he looked a bit like Clark Kent.

In addition to her obvious and immediate visceral attraction, Brian had whittled out a place in her heart with his personality. That first day he gifted her with a wide grin and a warm, strong handshake, eagerly welcoming her to his office. Over time they developed an easy friendship that included their long-standing tradition of pranking one another. For instance, she once covered his office doorknob with the KY Jelly they used for pelvic exams in the office. Another time, he scared the shit out of her by putting on a hideous clown mask on and jumping out at her when she left the break room. There was always an undercurrent of tension there, but Tara had convinced herself a long time ago that it was probably one-sided. Dr. Taylor was out of her league. Sure, they were both single and good looking, and they were good friends. It was just never something she seriously considered.

Taking her lack of response and the fact she didn’t back away as assent, Dr. Taylor tilted his head and shifted forward until he had brushed a feather-light kiss to her lips. The shock left immobilized at first as her body and mind caught up to one another, but when they did Tara found herself raising her wrapping her arms around his neck and sinking into the kiss. That one kiss held the years of restrained tension that Tara now realized was shared. Hallelujah!

Brian drew his head back, breathing heavily. “I need you, Tara…probably since the day you walked into this office, if I’m being honest with myself.” He pressed himself closer to Tara, and she could feel the extent of his need as it pressed hard against her lower stomach. Her entire body ignited with that point of contact, and she couldn’t stop the small groan that escaped the back of her throat. “Truthfully, I was planning on trying to convince you to come home with me after almanbahis giriş the Christmas party tonight, but it seems that Santa has gifted me an early Christmas present.”

While he trailed kisses down her neck, Tara closed her eyes and rolled her hips. Each touch of his lips sparked an electric current through her body, and she suddenly felt very overwhelmed with the combination of sensations and emotions that were coursing through her body.

“Please tell me you have no qualms about fucking me in this building, Brian, because if you tell me we have to stop I will spontaneously combust right here.” Tara huffed, and Brian laughed into her neck. He lightly nibbled at her ear, and his hands dipped to the waistband of her blue scrubs. His fingertips tickled the skin of her lower back and hips. When his fingers found her lower abdomen, she shivered.

Brian looked over his shoulder and she followed his gaze out the window to the parking lot. There was a light covering of snow on her car, now, as it continued to fall. He angled his head toward the front office, silently communicating that he wanted to take this to his office where it would be more private.

Tara nodded, following as he grabbed her hand and led her to his office. They approached the end of the short hallway and Tara couldn’t help but laugh as she saw her artwork on Brian’s office door. She had stayed after work one day last week to decorate his door with Santa Claus with a very unflattering, but still adorable, picture of Brian’s face that made it look like he was saying “Ho, ho, ho!”. She had even created 3 little elves with goofy pictures of Tara and Brian’s 2 medical assistants, Sarah and Kay. It was hilarious and, of course, he loved it. Brian looked back at her and smiled as he realized what she was laughing at.

Once they entered his office the lights were off, but what was left of the daylight shined through the closed blinds. Brian was always so neat, and of course his desk was bare except for a lamp, a small desk clock, and a 3-tier metal paper sorter. This was a very good thing, because as the door clicked shut Brian’s hands suddenly wrapped under Tara’s ass and he hauled her up. Her legs wrapped around his hips without hesitation, and he carried her around to set her down on his desk.

Brian ran his hands through Tara’s hair, framed her face, and resumed kissing the hell out of her like before. Somehow, Tara’s shirt and bra ended up across the room, and Brian made quick work of her scrub pants and panties. He quickly took her in from head to toe and came to settle himself between her legs.

“Tara…Fuck. You are so sexy.” Brian’s hands roamed from the soft dip of her sides to cup both breasts, gently circling the soft flesh. Thumbs grazed across her pink nipples and Tara’s head suddenly couldn’t hold its own weight, falling back as she sighed with satisfaction. She felt hot breath and his warm, wet tongue glide along her collarbone as he spoke, “Mmm…I think I would like to amend my request for you to make your famous chocolate chip cookies. This is so much more satisfying, I think. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Definitely.” Tara breathed as she lifted her head. Brian moved his attention to her left breast, flicking his tongue out to tweak her soft pink nipple. Suddenly, Tara no almanbahis yeni giriş longer wanted slow. She grabbed hold of his hair and writhed against his face as he continued to assault her senses with his soft kisses. She panted, “You know, I was never very good at waiting to open my presents.”

Brian sensed her torment and nodded his head as he unbuttoned his dress shirt. Tara couldn’t help the “Mmmmmm” that sprang from her throat as her hands stretched out to worship his chest. Brian unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and Tara couldn’t hold herself back any longer. She swatted his hands away, her hands diving in with all the zeal of a kid on Christmas morning.

“Tell me, again, why it took us so long to do this?” Tara pumped her fist slowly as Brian removed the rest of his clothes. His eyes were closed and his head fell back, hands gripping the edge of the desk for support. She was smiling like a lunatic, but she didn’t care. She was still having trouble rationalizing the fact that he was in her hands and that this was really happening.

Eyes still closed, Brian responded, “I don’t know, but if I don’t bury myself inside you right now I’m going to go off like a Fourth of July fireworks display.” Tara leaned back on her elbows and unsuccessfully tried to stifle a laugh that ended up a loud groan when Brian fisted himself and ran his length between her legs. She was obviously very aroused so the sounds of her slick wetness echoed off the walls at his continued tactile assault.

“You have got to stop teasing me…Ahhh!” Tara’s complaint was ripped from her lips as Brian suddenly gave her exactly what she needed. The pressure was almost painful at first as she adjusted to his size, but then it quickly morphed into overwhelming pleasure as he slowly rocked within her, “Please, Brian. ” Tara begged.

Brian’s eyes were glued to where their bodies were joined and his fingertips sank into the swell of her hips. His pace picked up and each thrust was punctuated by his grunt and the sound of the desk as it was moved little by little across the floor.

“I can’t…I…Brian!” Tara’s body shuddered as waves of bright, tingling light burst through her body. She had never been able to reach orgasm with penetration alone, but somehow that was exactly what was happening. Brian’s grunts became louder and his pounding rhythm became more erratic with his approaching orgasm. He pulled himself from her suddenly and Tara could feel spurts of wet heat as they hit her lower abdomen.

Their deep gasping breaths were the only sound in the room and Brian leaned forward with his hands planted on either side of Tara’s chest, “Shit! I wasn’t wearing a condom. I am so sorry…It doesn’t really help after the fact, but I’m clean.” He was still breathing heavily.

“Shut up. It was amazing. I’m clean too, and I have an IUD. So stop thinking so much.” Tara reached for Brian’s face and pulled him to her as she rose up to kiss him forcefully.

“I must have been really, really good this year to deserve this.” Brian stared down at Tara when he pulled away from their kiss. “Come home with me. Please, Tara. I know I’m going to want to do that again and often.”

“Hmm…I think I need some time to think about it.” Tara tapped her chin and twisted her mouth into a contemplative pout. Brian stopped breathing for a moment and he looked like he was about to burst a blood vessel. She decided to end his misery, “Yep! I would definitely like to do that again. And again. Repeatedly.” Tara beamed and reached for Brian’s neck, “Now, take me home, Dr. Taylor.”

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