Better Late than Never

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It was after a friendly get together. Ethan had gone with his wife to a friend’s house out in the suburbs, about ten miles or so miles away from their home. They spent it okay and had a good time frolicking in the pool, listening to music and goofing off. They had way too much to drink, and at the end of the day had a knock-down, drag-out fight.

They’d yelled at each other and said such honest things to each other, to the point where they jointly decided they didn’t want to be together anymore. It was the last straw for both of them. Ethan decided to call Sally and ask her if he could stay with her for a while.

He and Sally had known each other for many years. She was a little blue-eyed, older lady with light blonde hair, smart, sweet and kind. She wasn’t just older, she was way older… she was 72.

He could never tell what it was about her that so excited him so much. She must have smoked for a long time in her life because her skin had lost some of its elasticity, and she had a lot of wrinkles but when he put his arms around her and kissed her, she felt so good, and she always responded like a horny teenage girl… all excitement and eagerness.

On his occasional visits to her house, she would sometimes jump up excitedly and wrap her legs around him and kiss him deeply, their tongues exploring the inside of each other’s mouths. She kept her hands wrapped around his neck, and he would reach back and grasp her soft shapely ass. You’d think that at 72 her ass would be flat and saggy, but it wasn’t, it was just right.


They initially met many years before, when he was 16 and she was 55. She was his caseworker and had looked out for his best interests when he got placed into child protective services. He’d gone into the foster care system and for two years she’d been his advocate.

He’d noticed her great curves and a shapely ass right away. He’d been instantly smitten and had tried his teenage best to hit on her, all to no avail. She was having none of it, she was a professional, though he could tell she enjoyed his attention.

She was old, but so shy she would barely meet his eyes without looking immediately away. He found her incredibly attractive… wrinkles and all.

Things changed once he turned 18 and was removed from the foster care system. He knew he couldn’t ask her out if she was his adult caseworker, so he asked and was later transferred to another social worker.

He was drawn to her. He had the impression that she hadn’t received attention from a man in years, that she’d given up and resigned herself to being alone. This was his initial impression, and he wasn’t far from the mark. She was lonely, discrete, kind, gentle and a desperate for male attention. She’d been divorced for more than ten years and was raising a son and a daughter.

As soon as he turned 18, he pursued her relentlessly. He sent her flowers, emailed her poetry, wrote her romantic emails and refused to give up. She finally relented and agreed to meet him for lunch at a little out of the way restaurant.

He got there early and sat at a table where he could watch as people drove up. He wondered if she’d show or back out. After waiting about ten minutes, he saw a car pulled over by the police right in front of the restaurant and, lo and behold, it happened to be her.

When she finally took a seat in front of him, she was so nervous and flustered that he could barely make out what she said. He was surprised she still showed up after getting a ticket on her way to meet him.

Once she calmed down a bit, he put his cards on the table and laid it out plain and clear for her in just a few words… with every expectation of hearing her say no.

“Will you be my sex slave?” he asked her.

She got all flustered again and wouldn’t look him in the eyes. She stuttered and moved her tiny hands erratically as if about to emphasize something then stopped. She was looking down at the table while he waited quietly then she looked up into his eyes and in a tiny voice, almost a whisper, she said “yes.”

“I’m going to rock your world, old lady!” he said to her, smiling widely.

It took a few weeks for them to set up their first sexual rendezvous. It was incredible but he’d seen a woman so nervous about being with him.

They’d met in a hotel room… excited… eager… nervous. He’d knocked on the door and she’d answered, wearing a tight floral-patterned dress that hugged her curves to perfection.

She’d been his first.

From that point on they saw each other about once a week. Occasionally they’d get a hotel room.

Those were good times. She would do anything he wanted. If he told her to take off her panties before he got the hotel… she’d do it. If he said he wanted her to meet me somewhere to give him a blow job… she’d do it. If he told her to swallow his cum… she’d do it, and she did THAT hundreds of times.

Her shyness was always so endearing and her obvious almanbahis intoxication with him had him constantly coming back for more. She was so beautiful, so soft and gentle, so willing. But all good things come to an end. A year later he joined the Army and shipped off to basic training.

They lost touch for 15 years.

Eventually, he left the Army for a great paying job in the civilian sector and, now married, moved back to town where he and Sally reconnected.

This was many years later, and a lot had happened in her life during that time, in both their lives. For her, however, she’d survived cancer and even brain surgery. Her memories of their year-long sexual relationship were like a hazy, wispy, unreal dream. She said it was like a dream or something that had happened to someone else.

As they talked on the phone, by email and text their relationship rekindled. It was all he could do to hold himself back from having her every single day. By the time they’d started seeing each other again she was 72, her fine blonde hair was very short, and she no longer had breasts.

She didn’t want him to see her that way and made excuses but when he finally convinced her to meet him and he saw her again he thought she looked beautiful… much older, damaged, a bit run down, too thin… but still very beautiful. She was wearing a bandana on her head to hide her short hair, the result of chemotherapy in her fight against breast cancer.

He couldn’t recall too much about that first meeting other than he was super nervous, though he doubted he was as nervous as Sally. He could only imagine her trepidation and fear at his reaction when he saw how much she’d changed over the years and what he’d think of the ravages the cancer she’d defeated caused to her body. She was hesitant and fearful, but when they came together and kissed… she was still his shy beautiful little Sally… and she excited him as much as ever… maybe even more.

From that point on they met once or twice a week, sometimes less sometimes more. Every time he saw her it took him no time whatsoever to “rise” to the occasion. To kiss her, to touch her, to have her was heaven to him. Seeing her on her knees in front of him taking as much of his manhood in her warm wet mouth as she could was so stimulating and hot that it took him less than five minutes to cum in her mouth.

At first, they just had sex in her living room. She always claimed her bedroom was a mess, which it was, but he thought she just didn’t want him to see her in a well-lit room, the living room was kind of dark.

On one occasion, once she sucked him until he was ready to explode, he told her to take off her yoga pants and ride him. It was always challenging to penetrate her because she was so tight, but when he finally managed it, it was incredible.

She clasped her arms tightly around him and, groaning soft “ohhh’s” in her raspy old lady’s voice, she shifted her pelvis up and down on him, impaling herself ever deeper on his raging, rock-hard manhood and grinding her clitoris against him until she drove herself to orgasm.

Once she calmed, he stood up and she wrapped her legs tightly around him so he wouldn’t slip out of her then with a firm grip on her soft ass he slid her up and down while thrusting himself inside her. She weighed next to nothing, so he was able to do this for a while but stopped when he was ready to explode. He then put her on her back on her couch, which sits in the middle of her living room, and thrust inside her trying to brace his feet on the floor but the couch moved almost a foot with every one of his thrusts until it braced against the bottom of her stairs. That’s when he started pounding into her.

For ten excruciatingly pleasurable minutes he thrust into her, loving her raspy “ohhh’s” of pleasure as he bottomed out inside her and the intense look of lust in her heavily wrinkled face, until he couldn’t hold back anymore and plunged as deep inside her as he could and came like a geyser. He could feel every inch of his cock clasped as if by a tight, warm glove and spasmed, shuddered and twitched until he’d emptied myself completely inside her.

By this time the bandana had fallen off her head. He didn’t care that her hair was short and that she was old… she was still his shy little Sally.

He told her to lose the bandana. She didn’t need to hide anything from him. He did tell her she needed to eat better and exercise because he wanted her nice and healthy for all the sex we were going to have.

And so it went, week after week, month after month for years. Most of the times they met, he didn’t have time to linger so he’d have her get on her knees right there one step inside her living room and pleasure him with her mouth until he exploded. He loved listening to her moans of pleasure and the sound of her gulping as she swallowed his essence.

On occasion he would have her meet him at different places and she would pleasure him in the back of his car. almanbahis giriş It was so exciting that he started taking pictures of her pleasuring him. He didn’t know why but doing so increased his excitement though she was neurotically upset by it and needed constant reassurance that they were just for him. She finally resigned herself to his wishes and didn’t flinch or shy from him when he captured their most intimate acts on camera.

Over the course of the years, they got to know each other well, both in their personal lives and in the bedroom. Especially in her bedroom. He couldn’t count the number of times he’d come in her mouth or inside her. He even pulled out and came on her belly once… it had been thrilling to watch her scoop up his cum with her fingers and lick it off while looking into his eyes.

They were attracted to each other and comfortable and compatible, regardless of the huge age difference.

The fact that they were so into each other is why he decided to make this huge change in his life. It was time to move on, to try something new, to call Sally and ask her if he could move in. And so, this is where the real story begins…

Chapter 1

He just didn’t want to deal with his wife anymore. Even though he couldn’t remember what they’d argued about, it was the last straw. It was time to move on. To break things off before they got any worse. He took his cell phone out of his right pocket, swiped it a couple of times, pecked at it and then put it to his ear. It rang a few times then her heard Sally’s raspy voice.

“Hello,” she said shakily. She always seemed nervous when he called her, and it was after midnight.

“Hi, Sally,” he said hesitantly. A little nervous about what he was about to ask her. “Is there any chance I can come stay with you for a few days? My wife and I got in a huge fight, and I don’t have any other place to stay? Would that be okay?”

The seconds dragged by as he stood there with the phone to his ear, getting nervous because he’d expected an instant yes. He didn’t know she was trying to control her excitement and wildly-beating heart at the thought of having him all to herself.

“Of course you can come stay with me,” she said finally after clearing her throat, her voice even shakier than before. “Are you sure it’s okay?”

“It’s fine. Not a problem,” he responded.

“Okay. Give me 30 minutes to get things ready before you get here,” she said, looking around at the mess her house had become.

It’s not as if he doesn’t know how messy my house is, she thought to herself with a laugh, then started straightening up her place. Eager to see him and giddily excited at the prospect of finally having him to herself, even if it was for a short while.


It took him longer than 30 minutes, he got to her house after 2 a.m.

Sally was still straightening up when she heard his easily recognizable loud confident knock. She recognized it right away.

Heart thudding and a little dizzy, she made her way to her door. With a final look around to make sure her place was as neat as she could make it in so short a time and a quick fluff of her hair, she opened the door.

He stood in the shadows of her porch with the overgrown plants brushing against him. He looked large and as confident as ever. The lights in the street behind him kept his face in shadow.

Nervously, she opened the door wide and stepped back to give him room to come in. She watched as he entered her house with several bags in his hands, put them down and closed and locked the door behind him.

Laughing, she jumped up and wrapped her legs tightly around him as he clasped her to him, kissing her deeply and passionately.

Her heart seemed ready to burst out of her chest when he finally set her down, breathless and shaky.

He looked around, noticing she’d worked hard to clean up.

“Your place looks great, but you didn’t have to make a big deal about me coming here,” he said. “I’ll be honest though, I appreciate it.

“Thank you, baby,” he murmured, kissing her again, soft and lingering this time.

“You’re welcome,” she said after his kiss ended, her body tingled. “I want you to be comfortable and I know you don’t like it when my place is a mess.”

He picked up his bags and looked at her with a small smile on his face.

“Time for bed, Sally.”

Nervous again, she nodded and preceded him up the stairs to her bedroom.

He followed close behind, admiring the play of her buttocks as she climbed the stairs. It had a hint of a sag but to him it was magnificent. His hands itched to touch the soft rounded ass right in front of his face. That’ll come soon enough, he thought.

They made their way to her bedroom. Sally had done a good but hurried job of cleaning up. The queen size bed had a sheet and just one pillow and nothing else. The same way she usually kept it but without the magazines and mail scattered about on top of it.

He almanbahis yeni giriş could tell she was still nervous because of the sharp twitchy way she moved about as she continued to straighten up the room.

“Calm down, Sally. It’s not as if this is my first time at your place,” he said softly.

He watched her thin shoulders rise and fall as she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and tried to force herself to relax.

The low light of her bedroom softened the lines of her face as his eyes caressed her face and body. There was no denying she was old but to him she glowed as with a halo.

He went to stand before her, looking at her tightly closed eyes and stroked her bright blonde hair. It had grown out quite a bit since he’d first came back.

Her blue eyes opened wide, and he looked deep into them as he wrapped his arms around her once more, his own dark eyes holding her prisoner as a wolf to his prey. He leaned down to kiss her.

She relaxed her body into him, surrendering herself to him yet again and raised her heavily-wrinkled face to meet his kiss. It was soft and gentle at first then harsh and demanding. Warmth spread from her chest to her belly and finally down to her groin as he grasped and squeezed her buttocks, their tongues circling and exploring.

She felt him swell against her as they explored and delighted each other. She reached down to rub and squeeze his iron-hard member through his jeans while their lips and tongues connected.

She welcomed the rough scrape of his day-old beard against the soft skin of her face, neck and shoulders as he tasted and explored her, teasing and inflaming her passion.

She couldn’t wait any more as with trembling fingers she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. Her hands pulled down his underwear and eagerly grasped his throbbing manhood. His member stood tall and proud and looked huge in her tiny pumping hands. She bent forward and took him deep in her mouth, his salty taste sharp on her tongue. With her nose buried in his wiry pubic hair, she inhaled his strong musky smell deeply as if to breathe him into her.

She heard him moan with pleasure and felt his fingers entwine in her fine blonde hair as she began to bob her head, her tongue and lips feeling every ridge, bump and vein on his large throbbing member. She reveled in the deep sounds of pleasure she heard come from his mouth and from deep in his chest. She pulled back and flicked her tongue on the bottom of the wide head and eagerly took him in her mouth again when he groaned and thrust his hips forwards.

“Please go faster, Sally!” he whispered hoarsely.

Looking down at her bobbing head, he stroked her blonde hair and caressed her ears and face. He loved how she looked when she took him in her mouth. Her lips stretched to a thin O around his girth, her eyes tightly closed, the wrinkles on her face and forehead standing out in stark relief, her lower face shining with saliva and his precum. The sight of her made him want to possess her, to make her his in the most instinctive and visceral way.

Bracing one hand on his upper thigh and the other wrapped around the base of his member and cupping his balls, she sped up her motions. Her head gyrated wildly, and she hummed and moaned, sending vibrations up the length of him and adding another dimension to the pleasure she was giving him. She felt him grab the hair on the back of her head and tried to keep from gagging as he sped up her motions, thrusting his member at her face as fast as he could. She dropped her hands and just let him do as he would.

Feeling both powerless and powerful she opened her eyes and looked up at him. His face was contorted with lust and became more so when he saw her eyes were open.

Though his member was quite hard, she felt it harden even more, and noticed a change in his taste and knew he was about to cum. She could also see it in his face and eyes.

“Wait, wait,” he whispered hoarsely. “Stop … wait a second.”

She felt disappointment and a sort of loss when he pulled himself out of her mouth before his climax. She looked at his large member throbbing right in front of her face and then up at his face.

Looking down at her kneeling form, his member inches from her face, it looked as if she were praying, and his cock was her shrine.

He had to have her and even though he had cum in her mouth countless of times he wanted more this night… their first night together.

“It’s time for you to ride me,” he said firmly and commandingly.

Knees aching, she stood and watched as he undressed. His shoulders were wider but the rest of him was as slim and straight as when they’d first met and she loved to look at him. Naked, with his large member hard and ready, he met her eyes.


Dropping her eyes submissively, she rolled down her pants and underwear and left them on the floor where they fell but kept her blouse on. She still wasn’t comfortable showing him all her body, she didn’t know if she ever would be, but he never complained about it or asked her to take off her shirt. Somehow, he just knew.

Looking up again she watched as he lay on his back on her bed, her heart beating even faster at the sight of him on her bed… their bed now.

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