Beyond Reality

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Song:Beyond the Invisible
Artist: Enigma

“Close your eyes,
This feeling’s real life,
It is real and not a dream.
I am here and you’re with me…”

* * *

Aradia laid in her bed dreaming dreams her virgin mind should never dream. There in her tiny chamber of the covenant, she tossed and turned in her bed as her dreams began to feel like reality.

She could see him. He was tall and powerfully built as he looked down at her virgin body in bed. He wore no shirt and his arms were covered in ink. His auburn hair flowed like the seas and his eyes were emeralds. His body was finely chiseled with muscle that reminded her of a Greek god. There was an unreadable emotion in his eyes that served to frighten and excite her at the same time.

Slowly, with their gazes locked, he eased himself into her bed beside her .She stared with longing at him for she had never seen a warrior such as him and she seemed to be peering at her intently. His gaze dropped from her eyes to her shoulders to her breast. She didn’t miss the obvious examination and approval. Her heart jolted and her pulse pounded as he lowered himself to her. There was a tingling in the pit of her stomach and she tried to throttle the dizzying current racing though her. She closed her eyes and tried to swallow the lump in her throat but to no avail. The lump grew into a hot ache.

Slowly, his hands slipped under her arms bringing her close to him as he balanced himself on his elbows. She was amazed at how hard his body was and yet he handled her with such care. He said not a word as his lips covered hers passionately. His tongue sent shivers down her spine as it traced the fullness of her lips, demanding entrance. Unsure, she opened her mouth and almanbahis his tongue snaked inside and his kiss became urgent and exploratory. She quivered at the sweetness of the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She succumbed to the forceful domination of his lips as a liquid heat rushed to her womanhood. As he roused her passion, his own grew stronger and his manhood tightened against the restraining fabric of his pants.

A hand slipped from under her and came up to her shoulder and eased the silken strap of her sleeping chemise down exposing a young and ample breast. Another hand followed the same procedure exposing the second breast.

She moaned as his strong hand fondled one small globe; it’s pink nipple marble hard. Her breast surged at the intimacy of his touch. A whimper of protest escaped her lips as he broke the kiss and traced a path of heated kisses from her neck to her breast. His lips touched her nipple with tantalizing possessiveness. He began to suck tentatively as her little gaps of pleaser reached his ears. One hand then slid down her taunt stomach to the swell of her hips. He eased the hem of the chemise up, exploring her thighs and then moving up to her moist center. She cried out when his fingers parted her folds and touched her pleasure bud. His touch was light and painfully teasing, the gentle massage sending currents of desire though her.

Completely aroused now she drew him closer to her, her cries and pleas sounding. The fact that she could feel his hardness pressing against her drove her desire onward.

“Please,” she whimpered, innocent as to what she was asking for.

He answered her by sliding a long finger inside of her causing her body to arch against him. Slowly, he slid his finger almanbahis giriş in and out of her drenched love hole. She was lost and completely mindless, and then his finger began to move faster as he added a second finger. She began to climb a mountain of pleasure. Higher and higher she climbed until her screams signified her earth-shattering peak.

He watched her with satisfaction as she floated down from her high. Removing his fingers covered in her juices, he brought them to her quivering lips and lightly traced them, smearing her juices across her lips so they became shiny and glossy. He then brought his fingers to his own lips and licked the remaining juices off. Their lips met and she felt buffeted by the winds of a savage harmony, as she tasted herself in the kiss. Rapidly, the urge to feel him inside of her grew unbearable.

Swiftly, his pants vanished and he maneuvered himself between her legs, his sex begging entrance to hers. Slowly, as he kissed her, he entered her tightness, fighting hard to keep the savage beast inside of him that so desperately needed release. She moaned into his mouth as she felt his massive hardness fill and stretch her magnificently. His body melted against hers and the word was filled with him. He came to a stop as the head of his sex met her maidenhead. Pulling her closer and deepening the kiss, he surged forward and she cried out and gasped in sweet agony. He paused kissing her lightly as tears formed in her eyes and his whispered words of love and comfort. After long moments, the pain passed to be replaced by pure bliss . Passion pounded the blood though her heart chest and head as she moved slightly beneath him, testing his strength. He felt like a cannon inside of her hard, long and thick. Never almanbahis yeni giriş had she felt anything like this and she doubted that she would ever feel it again.

He began to move, sliding in and out of her, as waves of pleasure throbbed though them both. She lay panting, her chest heaving as his pace quickened. She wanted more as her impatient grew to explosive proportions. Her hips began to move impatiently against him just enough to cause him to snap.

With an animalistic growl, he surged into her. She cried out and clung to him for dear life as he began to thrust himself in and out of her heated honey over and over again. Harder and harder he plunged, his hips snapping violently. Her screams filled the tiny chamber as she rode the wave of pleasure deliciously mixed with pain. Her body bucked against him desperate for release.

Suddenly, an earthquake began to rumble though her body and her body began to vibrate with liquid fire. With a cream of passion and sheer bliss, her body exploded and she was hurtled beyond the point of return. He was quick to follow as her muscles clamped down on him. A venomous howl escaped his lips as his hot seed poured into her tight body with a vengeance.

He collapsed atop of her, their bodies covered in a fine sheen of sweat heaving for air. The smell of sex filled their nostrils and clouded their minds. Once he could take in his surroundings again, he rose onto his elbows and placed a light and loving kiss on her nose, closed eyes and lips.

“Finally, you’re mine,” he whispered as he lightly nipped at the sensitive flesh of her neck.

With a loud gasp she bolted upright in her bed her hands flying to her throat. She looked down at herself and fought back a cry of fear as she saw her nude body and the evidence of her virginity stained onto the white sheets. Absently, her finger traced the necklace around her neck and was horrified to find her beloved cross was replaced by the symbol of the Prince of Darkness.

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