Bigger is Better

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Saunita was a third year Human Physiology major. She had to submit a term paper that would account for fifty percent of her semester’s marks.

Professor Addleton was allowing his students to select the topic of their paper, to research it and to present their paper to the class.

The twenty-two-year-old coed wanted to choose something unique, unlike anything her classmates would do. That’s when she came up with the idea of a study of men with small penises.

Saunita had one perplexing problem, where was she to find subjects for her research?

One night she was discussing the project with her father when he spontaneously volunteered to participate.

Saunita was surprised, unsure of how she should treat her father’s suggestion. Would it be too weird for her to use own father in such a close manner?

“Do you have a small penis?” Saunita blurted out.

“Four and a half inches!” her father smiled.

A hundred thoughts flashed through Saunita’s mind. This was sick, twisted, doing a sexual experiment with her father as the subject. Still they knew each other and Saunita had no doubt her father would express his truthful thoughts.

“You would be comfortable talking about it with me?” Saunita asked.

“C’mon Saunita, you’re a woman now, and quite a beautiful one if I may say so?” her father replied.

Saunita had lead a sheltered life. Her parents had emigrated from Iran during the uprisings and settled in the United States.

Taking up residence in a small Oklahoma town they had guided their daughter through the trials of being a visible minority in her elementary schools and sent her off to university full of confidence.

Her parents had always been very strict allowing her only to date other Muslim boys whose families followed the teaching of the Koran.

That is why her father’s liaise faire attitude to her project surprised her.

The decision was made and Saunita’s father would be her pilot subject for her school assignment.

Dev Alahad operated a successful chain of convenience stores. Saunita’s father had done quite well financing his daughter’s university education plus supplying her with her own Honda Civic to get about with. Saunita had dated a couple of boys but was concentrating on her studies.

Consequently her sexual experience was limited, she had only had intercourse with two boys and they had average size penises. Saunita was not well informed on the difference size made.

It was agreed that Saunita and her father would conduct their interviews in Saunita’s bedroom where other members of the household would not disturb them.

It was in the evening after dinner that Dev entered his daughter’s room dressed in his robe and pajamas. Saunita had also changed into her pajamas and lay on her stomach across her bed.

“Ready?” her father asked.

Saunita jumped up and went to get her notebook and her father got his first glimpse of her bare breasts as he loose fitting pajama top fell open at the neck.

Dev felt his cock twitch as he gazed at his daughter’s perfect olive skinned tits. Tiny chocolate buttons teased to be suckled on.

“So your penis is only four and a half inches long?” Saunita asked in her best interviewer’s voice.

“Yes.” Dev acknowledged.

“How long do you wish it was?” his daughter asked.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe seven or eight inches.” Dev confessed.

“Why would you like it to be bigger?” Saunita continued.

“So I could make your mother happier.” her father replied.

“Mom is not happy with it?” Saunita asked surprised.

“She doesn’t complain but she likes bigger ones.” Dev revealed.

“How do you know that?”

“Because she tried some and told me!” her father spilled the truth.

Saunita was horrified that her mother had sex with other men. It was against all the proper values her parents had instilled in her.

“Did you know about it?” his daughter asked.

“I watched them.” Dev admitted.

“You watched my mother having sex with another man?” Saunita asked in disbelief.

“It is better she be satisfied than to forgo the anguish in the dissatisfaction of disappointment.” Saunita’s father declared.

“Who sires mother? ´ Saunita asked in astonishment.

“Her brother, your Uncle Sighed. bursa escort Sighed was blessed with an extremely large member.” her father answered.

Saunita was astonished by the image of her mother submitting her body to her brother to achieve an orgasm.

“How often does Sighed service my mother?” Saunita asked.

Her father’s revelation had encouraged a flood of new questions in Saunita’s mind. It was no longer about her biology project but about the incestuous infidelity in what she had believed to be her upright family values.

“Sighed usually looks after mother’s needs when he visits on Thursday nights.” Dev answered.

Uncle Sighed had been visiting almost every Thursday night as long as Saunita could remember. Now the reason for his habitual visits became clear. He was fucking her mother!

“Does this not bother you father?” Saunita asked.

“At first it did but when I saw how happy and loving your mother become I knew I was doing the right thing.” Her father explained.

“That what family is my dearest daughter, they submit to the other’s needs so they too may be happy.”

Saunita got the impression her father’s remark was directed at her. That a good daughter would submit herself if her father could find happiness in her body.

“May I see your cock father? Saunita asked.

Dev was surprised by his daughter’s shameless request and her use of the word cock referring to his inadequate manhood.

Dev considered his daughter’s request for a moment than opened his robe. Standing he pulled out his erect cock for his daughter to take a look at.

Saunita’s was fascinated staring at her father’s erection. True, in was not very big but it seemed to be beckoning her.

“May I touch it?” she asked shyly.

Her father approached to where she was sitting. Saunita’s hand went out and gripped her father’s hard cock.

“Stroke it Dear.” her father moaned.

Saunita did as her father asked, running her hand up and down the short distance from the head to his scrotum. She felt his cock throb in her hand.

“Would you put it in your mouth?” her father looked at her with puppy dog eyes.

Saunita’s crimson lips opened.

Saunita held her breath as her father entered her mouth. She had never had a cock in her mouth before but this was a special father and daughter ritual. It was a daughter’s duty to honor her father, to submit to his wishes and bring him pleasure. If this required her to suck his cock, so be it.

His cock felt strange in her mouth, unlike anything she had ever accepted. Of course she had had meat in her mouth but it had not been alive! Saunita had put her own fingers in her mouth but she could feel her mouth on her fingers but with her father’s cock she only felt his cock.

Her lips automatically sealed around his member as she inhaled. Saunita’s tongue explored her father’s cock as she adjusted it in her mouth. He was only small but felt quite large in her mouth.

She felt her father’s hands cradle the back of her head and hold it as he edged more cock into her head. Her father’s cock slid further into her mouth almost reaching her throat.

“Suck Daddy’s cock Sunshine.” Her father moaned.

Saunita’s father had not called her Sunshine since she was a teenager. She began carefully sucking her father’s penis.

As Saunita sucked and stroked her father’s cock she knew he would soon ejaculate his sperm. Would he deposit his seed in her mouth or would he withdraw his penis and perhaps sprinkle her face with his globs of milky white fluid? Saunita would accept his choice, ingest his sperm if that is what he chose or allow him to decorate her face.

Her father released her head and reached down and lifted the hem of her top up above her breasts. As she continued sucking her father fondled and caressed her bare young mounds.

Saunita experienced her first taste of a man’s sperm as her rope after rope of her father’s semen fired across her tongue. Unquestioningly the obedient daughter swallowed.

The strange stuff journeyed down her throat like a slimy snail sliding down to her stomach. A salty brackish taste spread through her mouth as her father’s cock continued to deliver his seed into his submissive daughter’s mouth.

Saunita heard her father moaning sounds bursa escort bayan of deep pleasure as she consumed the substance.

Saunita was happy, she had brought such joy to her beloved father simply by feeding off his cock. She sucked the final drops of father’s semen from his spent penis before allowing him to withdraw.

Having calmed her father’s arousal Saunita resumed the interview.

“Will you continue with our top off?” her fast her asked.

Obligingly she slipped her pajama top off over her head baring her young breasts for her father to view whilst they talked.

“You have become a truly beautiful woman my daughter.” Her father praised.

“It is because I have a wonderful father.” Saunita replied still tasting her father on her tongue.

“Does mother get great pleasure from Uncle Sighed?” she asked her father.

“I have watched your mother experience remarkable orgasms with Sighed’s member in her.” He answered.

“Do you think Uncle Sighed would pleasure me?” Saunita questioned.

“I fear his organ is much too big for a unspoiled vagina such as yours my daughter.” Dev offered.

“But I have had other men with sizeable penises in me!” Saunita argued.

“Let you father sample your treasure and then I will be better able to advise you.” Dev suggested.

Saunita stood up and pulled her pajama bottoms down over her hips revealing a lustrous bush of shiny black pubic hair. She stepped out of the pajamas and returned to the bed.

“Take me father.” She said opening her legs.

Dev could see the glistening of moisture peaking out through her hair and knew she was sexually aroused. His face went down to her open crotch and his tongue burrowed into her jungle of tangled hair.

He heard Saunita moan as the tip of his tongue crossed over her erect trigger while he explored her channel. His tongue slid into her birth canal without difficulty confirming to she was no longer a virgin.

Removing his face from between her legs he positioned himself to mount her.

Saunita closed her eyes as her father lowered his cock into her waiting vagina.

“Ahhhhhh!” he moaned as his daughter’s warm flesh gripped him.

Her father sank into her his full length and did not reach her cervix, he was small!

“Oh Daddy!” she moaned as she wrapped her legs around him.

It was a slow and leisurely fuck. Having relieved himself in his daughter’s mouth Dev Alahad wanted to savor her womanhood.

“I will speak to Uncle Sighed on your behalf.” Saunita’s father said as he left her room.

Many thoughts run through Saunita’s mind that night as she fell asleep. She had sex with her father and she did not feel any guilt. She desired to have her uncle’s giant cock in her and experience what her mother had all these years. Saunita fell into a troubled sleep dreaming of a faceless man with a huge cock fucking her in her virgin ass.

Saunita was sitting at her computer recording the information she had learned from her father onto her project paper.

“Hi Sunshine, I talked to Uncle Sighed.” Her father announced as he entered her bedroom.

“Yes. What did he say?” Saunita asked excited.

“He said he would be honored to bed you.” father smiled.

Saunita grinned, as her dream was to come true.

“He would like you to go to his home Friday night.” her father advised her.

Sighed Gavaskol lived in a large house not far from the Alahad home where he lived with his wife and nineteen-year-old daughter Aisha.

Saunita mistakenly thought Uncle Sighed would be home alone having sent the women on a trip somewhere so they may have the house to themselves. She was surprised when Aisha answered the door.

“You have come to see father?” the pretty girl greeted her.

Saunita was invited into their home and greeted by Aunt Hanna sitting in the parlor. After greeting their visitor Aunt Hanna instructed Aisha to take Saunita upstairs to her father.

Saunita was astounded by the directness of their contact.

Aisha guided her cousin to the master bedroom where Sighed was waiting garbed in a silk robe.

“I understand you want me to service you?” Sighed said greeting his young visitor.

Saunita blushed at the bluntness of his question, “Yes” she shyly replied.

“Please escort bursa disrobe.” Sighed ordered.

Saunita began removing her clothes and was surprised to see Aisha was also undressing.

Both naked girls crawled onto the bed while Sighed removed is robe and Saunita got her first look at her uncle’s monster cock.

“Oh my god!” she thought having never seen such a huge cock on a man. She estimated it measured at least ten inches in length and had the girth of her forearm. Any woman that could accept such a cock in her would surely experience a tremendous orgasm.

Saunita glanced over at her cousin. Aisha lay prone on the bed awaiting her father to join them. Aisha was a fragile girl, daintier than Saunita. Her skin had a lighter shade and her breasts were more conical, not as full as Saunita’s. Saunita could not imagine such a little daughter accepting her father’s gigantic cock.

Sighed walked over to the bed with is erection threatening the girls like Godzilla about to pillage a village. The bed groaned from his weight as he joined the two young girls.

“You are not a virgin my child?” Sighed asked his niece.

“No uncle, I have laid with my father.” She answered.

“Good.” Sighed replied as he positioned himself on his back with his upright erection pointing to the ceiling.

Well-known to Aisha this indicated Sighed desired his courtesans to pay homage to the object of their desire. The very small daughter reached out and took her father’s cock in her hand. Saunita watched as she began to lick the bulbous head as if it were an ice-cream cone.

“Join her Saunita.” Sighed ordered.

Saunita moved her face closer and her tongue came out to timidly lick the shaft of her uncle’s great cock.

Being so close to her uncle’s enormous cock only made it seem more menacing. Surely such a load would tax her vagina’s ability?

“Ride it Aisha my lovely.” Sighed ordered is daughter.

Dutifully Aisha rose to straddle her father’s erection. Saunita assisted by guiding it to her cousin’s entrance as she lowered herself in the impossible task of taking her father’s cock inside her womb.

Saunita watched in awe as her uncle’s cockhead spread his daughter’s labia and inch after inch of the wide pipe disappeared the young girl’s sanctuary.

Aisha did not stop her plunge until her spread pussy lips kissed her father’s scrotum. She had completed the impossible with developed skill.

Saunita saw the look of pleasure in her cousin’s eyes as she rode her father’s cock. She realized Aisha’s pussy was a normal case for her father’s cock.

Aisha bobbed effortlessly on her father’s penis like a cork in choppy water. Sighed gripped his daughter’s waist synchronizing her movements with the rhythm of his cock.

It looked so easy when Aisha did it and she certainly was no bigger than Saunita.

“Let our guest have a turn.” Sighed said to his daughter.

Grudgingly Aisha dismounted her father’s joystick.

As he slid out of his daughter Sighed’s hard shaft glistened with a coating of her juices. Saunita could see his cock was wet all the way to its base yet it seemed to have grown larger from being in her.

Determined to try to be like her cousin she threw her leg over her uncle’s hips and placed her entry over the tip of his cock. Bravely she sat letting her weight drive uncle’s meat into her.

The pain was as short lived, as it was acute as Sighed’s cock stretched her tense cunt to accept its size. Saunita smugly slide down on Aisha’s lubricant until she to had received his entire cock into her young womb.

What an astounding feeling, until she had rode her father’s little cock she did not realized what an effect size had. With Uncle Sighed’s gigantic cock in her Saunita felt fulfilled with no space wasted in her internal playground.

Sighed’s hands cupped her firm breasts as she began to gyrate her hips on his pleasure bringer.

“Oh uncle!” Saunita moaned before Aisha kissed her.

Saunita was enjoying the deep powerful strokes of her uncle’s cock when Aunt Hanna appeared in the bedroom doorway.

“I see you have tasted the bliss your mother seeks.” Aunt Hanna said, “Do not neglect out little Aisha.”

Aisha smiled her content as she fondled Saunita’s breasts with her father.

Aunt Hanna was gone as quickly as she had appeared leaving her husband to enjoy his two young courtesans.

Saunita returned home with an irremovable smile on her face to finish her school report.

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