Birds of a Feather Ch. 15

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CAUTION READERS: Once again, I would advise readers to take notice. This chapter does cover quite a verify a sexual activates. While there is romance, we may also have incest, young female/old male, anal, oral, ass to mouth, pussy to mouth, M/F, F/F, M/M, group sex. Water sports, cum/pee swallowing. While this is very erotic to many, some readers may be offended by such activity. If that applies to you, I would suggest you not read any further. Thank you for your input and constructive criticism. Also, thank all of you who took the time to vote.


It is now Mr. and Mrs. Frank Howard, and they are about to leave on their honeymoon, but the FAMILY is planning a fast paced, sex filled send off. Kathy is fine with what as long as Frank saves a little something for her when they get toe honeymoon cottage.


Most of the guest had left when Kathy asked if I had noticed that we hadn’t seen much of the FAMILY MEMBERS since the ceremony.

I told her that we had been so busy I hadn’t noticed, but I agreed with her. I looked around and only saw Mom, Maggie, and Walter

The remaining guests came by, conveyed their best wishes and thanked us for inviting our fellow employees. As soon as they left, we walked over to Maggie and asked her where everyone had disappeared too. She asked us to set down; she wanted to talk with us before we met for our FAMILY send-off.

She told us she felt it only fair to let us know there would be some FAMILY members there that we hadn’t met and she was sure we were not aware they were members of her and Walter’s family. We also needed to know that the ages ranged from H.B. Sr. at age 74 down to some as young as age 18, but everyone there is aware of what they could and could not do.

Kathy asked, “Maggie, just what will be going on, do we have anything to be concerned about?”

“No, nothing to worry about, I think you may be a little surprised at some of the people who are here, and I wanted you to be aware of the ages. As for what they have planned, they would like to have our version of a reception line. Everyone will be naked, and they would all like to have some sexual contact with both of you, a quick lick of the pussy, sucking the cock or anything along those lines.”

I asked Kathy if she was okay with all of this. She smiled, “Really, I think it is kind of exciting and now I’m curious as hell. I’m wondering who the surprise FAMILY members are.”

Just as we finished talking, Cindy’s son Mark pulled up in a golf cart. He told us it was our ride to the house; he and the other kids were going to go for a ride on the chopper and would be back in about an hour.

When we arrived at the house, we entered through the kitchen door. Walter walked over to the corner of the kitchen and unlocked a door that I thought might be a storage room.

He stepped inside and Maggie motioned for us to follow. When we entered, I saw it was an elevator. Walter inserted a key and turned it. The elevator started moving down. When the elevator stopped, and the door opened, we stepped out into a room that was approximately 24′ X 24′ with Karma Sutra drawings all over the walls, mirrors on some sections of the ceiling and walls. There were three unusual looking well-padded tables near the middle of the room.

The room was full of naked people; some just stand in small groups talking and others involved in various sex acts.

Maggie clapped her hands a couple of times. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing, turned our way and applauded.

I was looking around the room to see who we did or didn’t recognize. Amie, Morgan, and Allen walked over to us. Amis was holding a tray of champagne glasses, filled to the rim. She offered each of us a drink, and I knew at a glance that it was a little dark to be only champagne.

Amie had that little mischievous smile, and I knew what was in the glasses.

“Amie, you little shit,” I said with a big smile.

Mom punched me in the side, “Shame on you Son, this sweet young lady probably strained the hell out of her bladder to get all this for us.”

We all laughed, then raised our glasses in a toast, “To Frank and Kathy from all the FAMILY who loves you and wish you the best” Walter said as he emptied his glass in two big swallows.

He laughed as he hugged Amie, “Honey, you do provide an excellent drink.” We all downed our piss/champagne drinks as we agreed with Walter.

Maggie told us to follow her as she led the way to a small room in the corner and we began to undress. Amie put our clothes on hangers as we removed them. She knelt to help me take off my shoes. I noticed she was looking at Kathy while she was on her knees. Kathy looked back at her, smiled and nodded her head.

Amie unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, pulled the zipper down, and my pants followed. Before I could step out of them, Amie had my cock in her warm, almanbahis wet mouth. I had flashbacks of the first time my cock ever enjoyed the pleasure of that sweet mouth.

It was almost like there was an unwritten rule today, no more than two or three good sucks on my cock. As Maggie had said, I guess everyone was just helping to prime the pump.

Two good trips down Amie’s throat and she moved over to Kathy, who spread her feet wide apart, giving Amie good access to her dripping wet pussy.

Amie only made a few thrust with two fingers into Kathy’s pussy and a vigorous licking and sucking of her clit.

Amie stood up with a big smile on her face and pussy juice dripping from her chin; I pulled her to me, kissed her passionately and licked her face clean of my wife’s pussy juice.

We entered the main room again and walked toward the three odd shaped tables in the middle of the room. I noticed they that were mounted on a round center post. The tables were well padded, and the middle was about four feet wide. There was a headrest at one end with padded strips about a foot wide on either side. The other end of the table was divided into a V with a wide nylon strap at the end where they joined. There were two more padded strips on the wide part of the table, just above where the V comes together.

I didn’t need to ask what the tables were for because they were already in use. There was a woman on the first table. She was laying on her back with her head on the padded headrest, and her legs were stretched out on each side of the V with her butt cheeks resting on the nylon strap.

I couldn’t tell who she was because Cindy was kneeling in the padded strips on either side of the woman’s head and her pussy shoved down on the woman’s face.

I could see the back of the man’s head that was kneeling between her legs, fingering her pussy while he was sucking her clit.

Cindy waved, “Hey Mushroom, Hi Hot Stuff. The fabulous face I’m sitting on belongs to Dawn; you met her earlier today. The happy young man eating her pussy is Hank’s youngest brother, Terry. That’s his lovely wife Amanda on the other table with Shawn and Paul. We’re just warming things up for you two.”

I told Cindy we had already had the privilege of meeting Terry and Amanda, and we enjoyed every second of it.

Maggie said we could do anything we would like but because we had so little time they wanted us to have a small sample of everyone we hadn’t been with so far. She said some of them wanted to know if we would mind if they cum in Kathy and let her take it with her on your honeymoon.

I looked at Kathy; she was smiling as she spoke loud enough for everyone to hear, “It will be perfect for me to have something from you to take with us but go easy with Frank. I don’t want him to cum here; that’s all mine later tonight.”

Everyone cheered and applauded again. Shawn and Paul uncoupled from Amanda, and they helped the shapely brunette off the table. Cindy and Berry did the same for Dawn.

Dawn patted the table and motioned for me to lie down. Amanda motioned for Kathy to lie down on the other table.

As I climbed on the table a man and two young girls walked up beside Dawn, “Frank, this is my husband Marshall Finch, these young darlings are our nineteen-year-old daughter, Tina and our eighteen-year-old daughter. If you don’t mind, we’ll let Tina and Taylor get a little sample, then Marshall and I will take our little taste. We’ll then switch place with Terry and Amanda, who is with Kathy now.”

The young females gave me a passionate, deep tongue kiss. Then Marshall and Dawn lifted Tina up, and she placed her knees on each side of my head. She took two fingers of her right hand and pulled her lips apart, then lowered her young pussy down to my mouth.

I placed my hands on her hips and raised her up a little and licked my tongue across her puckered little rosebud, then on up through her pussy.

Just as I started to push my tongue deep in the young pussy, I felt a small hand wrap around my cock shaft and the head of my cock slip into a warm wet mouth.

I moaned and pulled Tina’s hips down tight against my mouth, pushing my tongue as deep as I could get it in her tight little pussy. I moved my arm over the top of her leg far enough that I could get a finger on her clit. While I was tongue fucking her pussy, and massaging her clit, I could feel Taylor’s saliva running down my shaft, and she was using her little hand to spread it up and down the full length of my shaft.

Just as I was about to get a little rhythm going between the two girls, I heard Dawn tell them their time was about up. Tina started rotating her hips, grinding against my tongue and finger. At the same time, Taylor lowered her mouth about half way down my shaft, started shaking her head back and forth while humming at the same time. It was such a sensation I had to direct all my thoughts on Tina to keep from cumming.

Just as Taylor pulled almanbahis giriş her mouth off my cock, Tina let out a deep throat moan and I felt her young little pussy squirt a small amount of her sweet juice into my mouth.

Her Mon and Dad helped her off the table, and she leaned over and gave me another passionate kiss. As soon as she back away Taylor was there pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, “There’s more where that came from, but you’ll have to pay for it with a load of your hot cum next time” Taylor laughed as she backed away.

As Dawn was climbing on the table, she asked me how I liked Amie’s champagne mixture. I laughed and told her I enjoyed it a lot. “Good, you’re gonna love what I’m about to do,” She said as she lowered her very close trimmed jet black haired pussy down to my mouth.

Just as I pushed my tongue into hers gaped open lips, I felt two little shots of piss squirt into my mouth. I heard Dawn giggle as she pushed her soaked pussy down on my face and started fucking my tongue. I began to move my arm over the top of her leg; Dawn grabbed me by the wrist and pulled my hand to her mouth. She quickly coated my fingers with her spit then raised herself up a little as she aligned two fingers with her asshole, then pushed down.

While Dawn was driving down on my tongue and fingers, I felt Marshall’s tongue lick around the head of my wet cock head, then started slowly sliding down until I felt my cock head slip into his throat. I was thankful when he didn’t move; it felt so good I don’t think I could take much throat action.

I heard a long, low groan coming from Dawn. As her pace increased, so did her groaning until I felt the gush of her warm pussy juice in my mouth.

She set still for a few seconds, and then as Marshall pulled his mouth off my cock Dawn rose up letting my tongue and fingers slip out of her holes.

She stepped off the table, leaned down, and kissed my pussy-coated lips. Tina and Taylor followed by licking their Mom’s juice off my face.

Then, Berry and Amanda moved over to me as Marshall and his family moved over to Kathy.

Amanda greeted me with a deep tongue kiss, and then whispered, “Berry just pumped a load in Kathy’s pussy, would you like to clean him up while I put that great looking cock in my hole?”

“Yes, I think that would be great,” I said, as I looked over at Berry’s, still erect, dripping wet cock.

Amanda pushed a button on the side of the table, and the headrest lowered down a little. I turned my head to the side as Berry stepped up and I sucked his tasty cock into my mouth. I could detect the flavor of my darling wife’s pussy mixed with Berry’s cum. I closed my eyes, savoring the flavor as I allowed Berry to push his in cock into my throat.

I felt Amanda as she straddled my hips and felt her hand wrap around my shaft as she aligned my cock with her hole. I thought, “Damn, that’s one tight pussy. Then I realized my cock was ball deep in Amanda’s asshole. She humped her hips a couple of times, then rose up until my throbbing cock slipped out of her ass.

As Berry pulled his cock out of my mouth, Amanda jumped down off the table and walked around between my legs. She took my hard cock into her mouth. She gently cuddled my balls in her warm hand as she started moving her mouth down, licking her tongue from side to side on the underside of my shaft. She stopped when my cock reached the back of her mouth. Then she pushed down again, causing my cock to slide into her throat.

“SHIT, OH FUCK, NO, NO, GGGGRRRRR, I CAN’T HOLD IT, I’M GONNA CUM IN HER MOUTH,” I thought. Then she gave my balls a firm squeeze as she pulled her mouth off my cock.

I cried out, and my cock softened a little and the urge to cum had subsided.

“Sorry about that Mushroom, I hope I have a chance to swallow your load some other time.

I heard flesh slapping together and Kathy and Marshall moaning. I knew he was about to shoot his load in my wife’s hot pussy. Dawn was locked in a tongue-twisting kiss while Taylor and Tina were sucking on Kathy’s nipples.

As soon as Marshall could catch his breath, he pulled out of Kathy. Taylor and Tina were quick to start cleaning the cum off his cock.

Walter stepped up beside my table, and Maggie moved over to Kathy’s. They started pushing buttons on the side of the tables, and the head rose up, and the legs went down until we were both in a setting position.

As soon as we stopped moving Sarah, (Walter and Maggie’s daughter) moved up between the tables She introduced the man and two young girls, her husband, Stephen Mangham, their daughters, twenty-year-old Nina and eighteen-year-old Britney.

From the first time I met her, I always thought Sarah has such an elegant look about her. Sarah, Stephen, and her brother Dale Sr. were all doctors but that wasn’t it. There was just something about her that always made me think of royalty. Standing before me now, stark naked didn’t change that a bit.

I almanbahis yeni giriş laughed, “Are the doctors going to examine us now?”

They all laughed as Sarah said, “I think you’ve already meet the other doctors that are here today. I would like to interduce Stephen’s sister and brother-in-law.”

I’m sure I was matching the shocked look on Kathy’s face when Myra and Ken Hutchens stepped up.

Ken gave Kathy a kiss on the lips, and Myra kissed me and lightly pinched my nipple. Myra stood up and ask, “Ken, and I are wondering if you know we are a part of the FAMIL and being here today will have any affect on the way you feel about us as your doctors.”

Before I could answer, Kathy spoke up. “HELL YES, it will affect me, being part of the after hours group is great, but now we’ll be spending time with FAMILY, and I like that very much.”

“Good, we would like that also,” Myra said as she gently stroked my very sensitive cock.

“This thing looks about ready to shoot its load. Let’s keep your cock out of our mouths and work on other areas.”

Maggie used the controls to get Kathy and I stretched out again. I heard Stephen moaning, “Okay girls I’m about ready to cum, let me get to Kathy’s pussy.” Sarah and the girls had been sucking his cock and balls while we were talking to Myra.

Stephen moved over and shoved his primed cock into Kathy’s soaked pussy as Britney climbed up and straddled Kathy’s head, pushing her young pussy down into Kathy’s waiting mouth.

Nina climbed up and presented me with her dripping wet young pussy. My first lick was from the crack of her ass, up across her little-puckered rosebud, then plunging my tongue deep into her tight young pussy and out across her hard clit.

I felt my someone lifting my legs a little, then a hand on each cheek, totally exposing my asshole. I felt just the slightest touch of a tongue a couple of times. Then the warm spit hit my hole, followed by a tongue pushing hard, slipping past my sphincter and into my asshole. I wasn’t sure who the tongues belong to, but I did know they damn sure knew how to use their tongue.

I heard Stephen’s heavy grunting as he pumped his load into Kathy’s already cum filled pussy.

At the same time, Nina grabbed a hand full of my hair, pulling my head up little and pushed her pussy hard against my mouth as her warm juice flowed into my mouth.

The talented tongue slipped out of my ass, and there was a changing of hands on the cheeks of my ass just as Nina flipped her leg over and stepped off the table. She leaned down and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth and moved it around. She broke the kiss, and licked her lips, “MMMmmmm, I just love the taste of my pussy, thank you, Uncle Frank.

Nina helped Britney get on the table and straddled my head. I was expecting her to push her pussy into my mouth. Instead, she sits back on my chest.

Sarah stepped up beside the table, leaned down and kissed me on the lips. As I open my mouth, she pushed a small glob of cum into my mouth. I sucked her tongue as she pulled it out of my mouth.

“That was from Kathy’s pussy but it was only the overflow, we’re leaving it full for you to have later. Stephen has a little treat for you if you would like to have it.”

I didn’t say a word, I just turned my head to the side and opened my mouth. Stephen’s cock was thickly coated with cum as he pushed in my mouth. He stopped when his cock head hit the back of my throat. I reached around, grabbed the cheek of his ass and pulled him forward. He moaned as he placed his hand on the back of my head, holding me in place.

He moved his hand and started slowly pulling his cock out of my mouth. He leaned down, and I knew he wanted to kiss me.

Knowing that many men often have a hang-up about kissing another man, I put my hand behind his head and pulled his mouth down to mine. We pushed our tongues back and forth a couple of times before he broke the kiss.

Britney rose up on her knees a little, Sarah picked up my right hand, took my middle finger in her mouth, and when she pulled it out, it was dripping wet with her spit. She pulled my hand around and lined it up with Britney’s asshole. I could feel that she was already wet as Sarah started pushing my finger into Britney’s tight little asshole.

She let out a little moan as I pushed my finger deeper into her ass.

She adjusted her position until she could get her pussy to my mouth and keep my finger in her ass. I licked up from my finger until my tongue was pushing deep into her pussy. She quickly started massaging her clit as she started humping her hips back and forth, fucking my tongue and finger.

In just a few seconds, she was flooding my mouth with her young, sweet juice. I was surprised at the amount of her cum. I swallowed as fast as I could, not wanting to lose a drop.

Sarah and Stephen lifted Britney off the table, and Britney wrapped her arms around her Mother and started sucking on her erect nipple.

I watched as Ken pulled his cum dripping cock out of Kathy, looked over and smiled as he headed my way.

I felt a little tug on my ass cheeks and remembered that someone was holding my cheeks apart. I looked down to see Myra smiling up at me.

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