Birthday Surprises Ch. 05

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I awakened to find Ann in my arms, laying on my back staring at the clouds drifting by. When I dozed off, she must have closed the tail gate and curled up with me, both of naked, sleeping in the sun in the back of my truck. It was nice having her so close to me, quietly laying there, I felt her breathing. She has told me several times that I make her feel “safe” but the truth is, I feel safe when she’s with me, I feel like she’s my rock in this crazy world we live in. That constant force always making me feel at home when I am with her.

She stirred and lifted her head to see me gazing at her. “Hey sexy,” she groggily stated.

“How long have we been asleep?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “but I’m getting cold”.

“You’re naked!” I bluntly pointed out.

“Yea, maybe that has something to do with it!” she sneered back.

I sat up, and gathered in my surroundings, another pristine day on the lake. The temperature had dropped a bit and some clouds were rolling in. I looked down at Ann, she was amazing, laying there beneath me, her tight body begging to be touched, yet completely comfortable with herself to be on display like she was. I reached down and pulled my boxers and jeans back up and buckled my belt. I climbed down out of the truck and picked up her clothes which were scattered among the rocks from our earlier romp. I tossed them to her.

“How ’bout a lift, stud?” she said looking at me, now standing with her arms out. She practically threw naked herself into my arms “I’d rather get dressed out of the wind!” She sighed, as she kissed me again. I opened the door, careful to keep my balance and set her comfortably in the passenger seat. As I closed the door she began to sort out her clothes and get dressed.

I grabbed my shirt off the rocks and stretched it over my frame, pitched the blanket and cooler from the back for the truck into the cab into the second row of seats and shut the door again. Took in one long look at my surroundings, and climbed in and started my truck to make the drive home.

By the time I got back in, Ann was already mostly dressed, she left her white oxford off, content to sit next to me with just shorts and her silky pink camisole on. Damn she was sexy, and she almanbahis adres knew it too, and knew just how to use it to get me to do whatever she wanted. Those perky breasts began bouncing again as we headed back down the trail toward the dirt road that would lead us to the highway.

She caught me glancing at her mounds seeming to frolic in the silk beneath her shirt. “Didn’t get enough of an eyeful earlier huh?” she asked with a smirk on her face. “Well, maybe they’ll show themselves again later tonight for you.”

I turned and stepped on the accelerator a little harder wanting to shorten this drive, knowing that she had something already planned for later.

I eased the truck from the dirt back roads and back onto the highway. The 325+ horses grumbled to life and soon we were rocketing down the highway at 75 mph. Most of the traffic was a little slower and we were passing people frequently, Ann was peering down looking into their cars to see what people were doing.

We approached a semi truck in the right lane and as I passed, Ann asked me to slow down. I pulled even with the cab, and to my surprise, Ann rolled her window down, and nearly hung herself out the truck waving her hands madly at the driver. I looked over to see him roll down his window, his eyes bulging at my Ann, leaning out into the wind with nothing but sheer silk whipping in the wind to poorly contain her gorgeous breasts.

When he got his window down, she yelled at him ” You know it’s my man’s birthday today!” She yelled, “you think I should show him these!” And with that she pulled her camisole down, both her tits popped out the top, in full view of the driver. I was trying to watch the road, and not focus on her heart shaped ass leaning out the window showing off her assets to the trucker. When he caught sight of her melons he practically swerved into my lane. I took that as a clue to accelerate again, and I heard him hooting and whistling as he laying into his air horn with a loud, and long blast at her as we drove off.

She turned back around, giggling like a school girl, and rolled her window back up, her breasts still dangling free out of her top, “you should have seen his eye balls, I think he blew his load right there in his truck!” almanbahis adres she giggled. She leaned back in against the door to give me a clear view. “All that excitement over my little girls here,” she said softly, as her hands caressed over the tops of both her breasts, I noticed her nipples were completely hard from the cool air. She pinched them gently and tugged on them. My cock immediately stiffened in my jeans, beginning to strain at the heavy fabric. I felt a drop of precum exit the tip.

“Those little girls, aren’t so little.” I stated, “and they’re about as perfect a set as anyone has ever seen!”

She added, “and much to the chagrin of that truck driver, they are all yours tonight.”

I smiled, “just tonight?”

“We’ll see,” she said coyly, that devilish grin appearing again, as she pulled her silk top back up over her breasts, “another performance tonight like you had earlier, and I might have to extend your lease on them!” she giggled with that remark, and sat back in her seat, content that she’d gotten me hard again, and I tried to focus on the road.

It’s difficult to drive with a rock hard cock in your pants, and I had to adjust to give my throbbing member a little more room. I knew that Ann saw me do that, she smiled, but didn’t look or make any comments. We drove in silence for the next 10 minutes. She then turned and leaned over, getting her lips right up against my ear, and whispered. “Is that big cock still hard for me stud?”

I almost pulled the truck and the both of us into a ditch! I narrowly saved both of us from complete peril; she laughed loudly, and reached down, stroking my cock through my jeans as I regained my composure. “I see that your jeans don’t fit so good baby,” she coyly remarked.

I just smiled, and answered, “yea, something needs to be done about that.”

She interrupted her rubbing to unzip my jeans and fish my stiff cock out through the fly. The relief I felt was badly needed, and she slowly began to stroke my cock with her hand.

She leaned in again to my ear, “tell me when you are getting close stud! I don’t want to make a mess in here!”

That comment combined with her manipulations with her hand, sent me reeling in fast forward toward orgasm. almanbahis adres I looked over at her, she casually looked out the front window as rain started to splatter on the windshield as we passed unassuming drivers in other cars, while she knew she was bringing me closer to the apex I so badly wanted.

My cock twitched and throbbed in little hand. Precum making it slippery, she slowly slid her hand up and down my well lubricated shaft, make sure to slip her finders over the head, making me shudder. It felt amazing, here we were speeding down the highway, passing traffic and she’s stroking my manhood, giggling and whispers in my ear, “tell me when you are close.”

I was close, I felt my balls tighten, and the electricity in my pelvis signaling the beginning of my impending orgasm. “I’m close!” I responded.

Anticipating her lowering her head into my lap to catch her reward I moved my arm, but instead she let go of my hard rod in her grasp. She sat back quickly in her seat.

“What the fuck?” I said in agony, right at the brink of my own orgasm.

“Not yet honey, I have a special treat for you later tonight, and I want something from you,” she replied coyly, but her voice sounded sympathetic to my need.

“You have to be kidding?” I agonized again with her, pleading for her to finish me off. But my own orgasm was already subsiding and I was not as close as I was just seconds ago.

She sensed this, and finished her statement, “Tonight I am going to give you what you’ve been asking me for since we started dating,” she started out.

I turned and looked at her quizzically.

“You’ve been asking to videotape us having sex, and tonight, you are going to get just that,” she paused, “and as a finish, I want you to drop a huge load of your hot, sweet, sticky cum, all over my face!”

If I was still as close as I was a minute ago I would have cum all over the windshield right then. I was absolutely speechless, I couldn’t utter a word. All I could do was moan.

As we pulled back into town she watched my cock deflate, and she carefully tucked me back into my jeans. After zipping me up, she gave me a loving pat, and whispered, “don’t worry baby, later tonight, I’m going to make him to spray all over me!” My cock throbbed once again in my jeans at the sound of her voice and the slutty words escaping her lips.

I smiled and turned my attention to the traffic and the pouring rain, counting the milliseconds until that happened.

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