Birthday Wish – All Girl Party!

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All I can say is WOW! Actually I can say a lot more than that and that’s why I’m here; to tell my story to all my sexy friends. The 29th of March is my birthday. And two of my best girl friends gave me the most amazing gift; them! All to myself, all night long! How is that for friendship!

The plan was to go to Rachel’s house for some girl fun! Now Rachel has been very horny since her husband left on deployment a month ago. She was way overdue for some fun. Angel is my other friend whose husband is out of town for two weeks and also was incredibly horny.

Angel and I arrived at Rachel’s house around 8:00 and immediately relaxed into our girl night. Wine was pouring, sly sexy smiles were everywhere and girl chat was the start of the evening. While Rachel had me open gifts, Angel was preparing chocolate fondue. When all was ready, we moved into the living room and gathered around the coffee table. I love chocolate! Especially when you’re sharing it with girlfriends.

Now to set the stage, Rachel is wearing a short sundress, Angel is wearing black dress pants with a sheer button down top and I’m in white pants and a low cut top. Next thing I know, Rachel comes out with matching tops like Angels. Rachel quickly strips out of her dress and puts on the top. Angel and I are staring stunned at her sexy body. I’ve tasted this girl many times and I still stand in awe of her sexiness.

Not wanting to be the only one not it the sheer top, I quickly changed as well. The heat of the moment was getting to all of us….of course it could have been the wine too. Either way, tops and clothes started coming off not too long after they went on. And believe it or not, with the hotness of the moment and the sexual tension so thick you could flick your tongue out and taste it, we sat around naked and chatted for about 15 minutes more. Something about being naked and hanging out with girlfriends seemed so natural and relaxing. Now guys, no offense, would have pounced us the moment a tit got flashed. But with women, we are more relaxed and sensual.

After staring at these two sexy creatures for awhile, I couldn’t take it any more. I jumped up, stood over both of them, held out my hands and said, “I need both of you. Now!” Not want, but need. My body was aching for this. It had been all week! Don’t get me wrong, Jason takes good care of my sexual needs. But knowing all week that I was going to have these two sexy ladies all to myself was excruciating. tokat escort

Anyway, back to the good part. I led the way to the bedroom, where Rachel had stripped everything but the sheet off the king-sized bed. Perfect, lots of play room! We all crawled up on the bed and I lay between them. Their intention was to make me the center of attention all night since I was the birthday girl, but I was having none of that. See Rachel and Angel had not been with each other intimately. Hell, they didn’t know each other long before they planned this girl’s night for me. I had already tasted and been with both of these sexy creatures. So it was a thrill for me to see them discover each others bodies.

I moved out of the middle and put Rachel in the middle. I wanted to taste her. I had to make her moan with ecstasy. Out of the three of us, she has been the one going without intimate contact the longest. As Rachel leaned in to kiss Angel, I separated her legs and lightly licked her labia. Her sharp inhale and moan with delight told me that she needed this. Long slow licks from her ass to her clit made this sexually frustrated creature twitch with delight.

With Angel kissing her petal lips and perky breasts and me aggressively attacking her clit, it wasn’t long before Rachel was riding the wave of a much needed orgasm. Not wanting to stop, I remained attached to her swollen clit; making her twitch and moan with an extended release. With her skin flushed red at her neck and breaths coming in quick gasps, I knew this creature had released the sexual tension she had been harvesting for a month.

While she was coming down, I told Angel that she had to taste this sexy pussy. Angel dove at Rachel’s soaking pussy while I kissed her waiting lips. Angel must have been working her magic because once again Rachel was cuming with loud moans and full body twitches. I love the fact that Rachel cums easily.

Now you would think that Angels tongue was tired from vigorous pussy licking, but no! The next thing I know, I’m flat on my back with a huge grin on my face. Angel licked at my pussy lips gently and then separated them to find my labia slick with juices. These sexy ladies had me so wet I almost dripped.

While Angel got her fill of my pussy, Rachel was sitting back caressing my body. On no, this won’t do! I grabbed Rachel and told her to sit on my face. So she straddled my head facing away from Angel, so that when I looked up I saw her sexy tits and gorgeous face. I LOVE THIS tokat escort bayan POSITION! I wrapped both of my arms around Rachel’s hips and buried my face in her soaking pussy.

While vigorously attacking her clit with my mouth, I ground my chin into her dripping cunt. This dual motion sent Rachel into another fit of moans and twitching. She tightened all the muscles in her body and let out huge gasp as the orgasm swept over her. She rolled off of me and collapsed in exhaustion. Angel, the poor darling, was getting a numb tongue and told Rachel to make me cum.

Rachel latched on to my clit and sent a shock through my body. Angel thought she was going to sit by and watch, but I told her to get on my face like Rachel just was. Since Angel is a bit shy at times and relatively new to bisexual fun, she got this cute smile on her face. Almost as if she didn’t know what to do.

When I got her into position and started grinding my face into her dripping pussy, she tensed and moaned aloud. This is not normal for her as she is generally quiet during sex. Angel is like me in a lot of ways; it takes work for me to cum. But there is something about a person (man or woman) who moans aloud from what I’m doing to them that makes me hotter.

Having Angel moan aloud from my grinding her pussy sent me over the edge in a huge way. I gasped for air, bit the inside of Angel’s thighs in ecstasy and bucked my hips wildly for what seemed like 10 minutes. This was heaven! I didn’t want it to stop. I could have stayed in that position all night. And I so wanted Angel to cum on my face. But she lay down and relaxed for awhile while I caught my breath. Damn this was fun!

Now Angel was the only one here who hadn’t cum all night! Rachel dove between her legs and had this sexy girl gasping in no time. Rachel got her pussy while I attacked her perky tits and sexy mouth. Soon enough the torture of riding the edge of an orgasm, she was begging for a break.

While taking a breather, Rachel grabbed her camera and shot some sexy girly group photos. At that time, Rachel’s son woke up and needed feeding. While she was doing that, Angel broke out a new toy she bought me for my birthday. The phallus was shaped like two fingers and they rotated while a nubby thumb looking thing vibrated. She impaled my soaking pussy with this toy and turned it on high speed. Wow, it vibrated every part of my pussy. In no time I was having another mind blowing orgasm. I like my new toy! She also got me escort tokat a bullet which has massive vibration. Got to love girlfriends who buy you sex toys!

The night was far from over. We all went out the living room and munched on more fondue. We took some sexy pics while lying around naked. It was great to just sit there and be girly and sexy.

After we told our respective spouses later about what happened, they didn’t get it. Of course, guys go-go-go all the time, while women just enjoy being around one another. Since it was about 2:15 in the morning, it was time to call it a night. Angel and I said our goodbyes with promises that we’ll do girls night about once a month! YES!!!!

Once home, Jason was up and waiting. And I mean up as in hard as a rock! It wasn’t long before Angel and I were taken to the bedroom and quickly stripped naked.

Knowing that Angel needed a good fucking and a mind blowing orgasm, I lay on my back, spread my legs, laid Angel face up between my legs and told Jason to fuck her pussy good! Yea, like he was going to argue. Jason entered her soaking pussy and proceeded to pound her nicely. Jason was holding onto my thighs as Angel held onto Jason. It was as if he was using my body to push himself deeper into her. Mmmm…very sexy moment.

A few more positions later, I realized that I needed to break out the bullet. I wanted Angel to scream with release and we were not going to stop until she did. I handed her the bullet and watched as she teased her clit. Jason fucked her pussy and watched her face intently; looking for signals as he puts it. As Jason pulled out and sat back watching Angel, I retrieved my glass dildo. Jason inserted the cold glass into Angel and watched as I did as she reached the edge.

Knowing it was going to take a hot cock to push her over, Jason replaced the glass with his hard cock and pounded Angel until she yelled out, arched her back and gasped with release. Yes, this sexy creature is a sight to behold when she orgasms. Jason couldn’t hold back any longer. He flipped Angel over on her side and pounded her until he released all his hot cum into her still twitching pussy. This was all very sexy to witness. We all fell asleep with exhaustion and contentment.

All I can say is I have some fucking awesome friends and an even better husband! While it was not this porn movie type night, it was one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long while. Sitting around being girls, being naked, being sexually satisfied over and over again by sexy girlfriends is my idea of a perfect night! I hope to repeat it again and again. Oh yea, that’s right…..we said once a month we’d get together. We’ll start a club…..PEA’s = Pussy Eaters Anonymous. Of course we won’t be trying to cure our pussy eating habit, we’ll be feeding it; to each other!

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