Black in Me Pt. 14

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Big Tits

The adult bookstore across the street from a truck stop had become a regular after-work stop. Almost every time there was multiple trucker cock available, sometimes one in each glory hole. This particular visit gave me the opportunity to engage in something I had never done, nor have have since – sex with a father/son team.

The booths were really busy when I first entered so I went into one the only one with no glory hole and figured I’d wait until one became available. The attendant was very aggressive in getting people to drop quarters which meant it would not be long before someone vacated one. After hearing voices in the hallway I opened the door a crack to see two Black men leaving a booth, one was older, perhaps in his 50s and the other younger. Both were heavyset like football players. After seeing no empty booths they re-entered the one they were in, closed the door and dropped quite a few quarters. As luck would have it, someone in the booth next to them left, prompting me to immediately enter it even though the time had not yet run out on the video I was watching.

After feeding the machine some quarters I bent don and saw the two of them standing, not doing anything while the older guy changed video channels. Anxious to get things started, I put my finger through the glory hole, hoping that would get their attention, which it did.

“Go ahead and put your dick through, he wants to suck it,” said the voice of the older man, deep with a southern drawl.

Without saying anything the younger man unzipped his jeans and pulled out a long, fat uncut dick, putting it through the opening. After a quick inspection for signs of concerning abnormalities I slowly slid it into my mouth. The tapered shape made it easy to get it all in, my mouth pressed against his pubes while I sucked.

“He sucking you?” I heard the older man ask.

“Uh-huh,” responded the younger man, his voice soft and sounding filled with pleasure as worked my lips and tongue around his rapidly growing cock.

After about 5 minutes of blowing him, he pulled out. I looked through the hole and saw that the older man had his dick out and was already hard, a good ten inches of uncut, dark meat. After putting it through I went to work on it, attempting to deep throat it but it was too wide. Sending I was having trouble, the older man pulled out and bent down to the glory hole.

“Come on over here, the doors open,” he said. I quickly stood up, opened my door and entered their booth. Both were standing with their cocks out. The younger man’s dick was slightly smaller as it had softened.

“How you doing?” asked the older man, shutting the door behind me. With both being over 250 pounds and me not being a lightweight we tightly packed. “Suck his dick first,” said the older man so i got on my knees and gave the younger man head. While blowing him I felt a hand on my head, İstanbul Escort playing with my hair and gently guiding me as I bobbed up and down on the hard cock which was not as wide, allowing me to slide it into my throat.

After massaging his dick head with my throat muscles I felt him throbbing, pull slightly out so that he was still in my mouth, then the gush of semen. I could not swallow fast enough the amount of cum that he was shooting. Cum ran out of my mouth and dripped from my chin as he emptied himself into me.

“There you go son,” I heard the older man saying. I looked up to see him rubbing the shoulders of the guy I just sucked off. “Now let me get some of this mouth.”

As I sucked the older man, his younger counterpart stroked his dick to full hardness again, allowing me to go back and forth between them with my mouth. Their cocks were similar in taste, texture and length, but the older man has wider and subsequently more difficult to suck once fully erect. He patted me on my head, then pulled out.

“Let me see that ass,” he said, reaching around and feeling me. I pulled down my pants and turned around. “Damn boy,” he said, squeezing my cheeks. “You like to get fucked?”

“I do,” I said, feeling his finger probing my hole. “Got a place we can go?”

“We can go back to my truck. “But Let me have a little right now,” he said, unbuckling his pants and letting them fall to the ground. “Son, not enough room in here. I’ll meet you outside.” Without word, the younger man left, leaving us alone, with space to do more.

I was prepared for this to happen, lube and condoms in my pants pocket. Before I could bend down to get them he removed my shirt. “Pants too,” he said, throwing my shirt on the floor. While removing my clothes I bent down to look through the glory hole to the next booth and saw the young man looking.

“You going to let him fuck you?” he whispered.

“Yeah,” I whispered back, feeling my hole getting lubed. Then I felt his hands grip my waist, then slowly introduce his hard cock into me. The young man stuck his cock through the hole which I immediately put into my mouth. When he started fucking me I found it difficult to suck at the same time so I pulled off.

“Get back on that dick,” said the older man as he slowly slid in an out of me. As hard as I tried I could not do both men at the same time. The space was too cramped and the glory hole was too low.

Sensing I was struggling, he pulled out. “There’s more room in my truck,” he said, sounding disappointed as he pulled his pants back on. As I got dressed I heard the younger man leave the booth and walk away. “Meet me outside,” said the older man to me as he left the booth. After finished getting dressed I met them outside of the bookstore. They were laughing hard at something and my insecurities were kicking in, Maltepe Escort thinking it was about me.

As we walked across the street to the truck I was introduced to the older man as King, and the younger man Jermaine. King introduced the young man as his “son”, immediately clarifying that it was his 19-year old stepson. But I wasn’t convinced because the two looked so much alike regarding body size, skin tone, facial features, and dick size.

“Right now, let’s go back to my truck and finish what we were doing in there,” said King, putting his large arm around me. His friendliness and unashamed affection were a welcome change from closeted men on the down low. King knew what he wanted and was forthright about it. Jermaine remained quiet most of the time, mostly because his step dad controlled the conversation and situation.

Upon entering the truck, King made room in the cab by tossing some items, mostly clothes, into a cabinet. “Get yourself comfortable, James,” he said. As I disrobed I noticed Jermaine sitting in the passenger seat, not saying or doing anything. “C’mon son, you too,” King urged Jermaine. After shutting the curtains, Jermaine removed his clothes and joined me in the cab, sitting across from me. He looked at me and licked his lips, then played with his soft, uncut cock.

As I went to lay on my belly to give him head, Jermaine said “Come sit here,” patting the space in front of him. Having sex with someone for the first time with someone always involves some guesswork and exploration, and this was no different. Once into position sitting directly across from Jermaine, he quickly put his hand behind my head and leaned into me, engaging in a gentle kiss, which I returned. For a young man he was a good kisser, starting out soft with a little tongue then gradually increasing the intensity with nibbles and soft bites. As he put his hand on the back of my neck to to pull me in closer, I felt King get behind, then hug me from behind me, pinching my nipples and kissing my back.

“Let’s get your behind in position so I can stick it in you,” said King, his powerful arms pulling me towards him as he backed away. As I got into a doggie position Jermaine guided me to his dick which was now once again erect. While sucking his dick I felt King pour lube onto my hole, then immediately start entering me. My muffled groans of discomfort seemed to only further arouse King. “Fuck this is some good ass,” he said. “Hang in there baby, I’m almost all the way in.”

The searing pain subsided as I slowly adjusted to his size. I could feel the girth and length of King’s cock fill my hole. “Go ahead and fuck his mouth boy,” King said to Jermaine as he slowly worked himself and and out. Jermaine put his hand on the back of my head and worked with my mouth with steady strokes, making me periodically gag which turned Maltepe Escort Bayan King on.

“Choke that motherfucker,” King cheered on as he delivered several rapid thrusts, filling the truck with sounds of flesh banging flesh. With the weight and power of the man fucking me I could no longer keep Jermaine’s cock in my mouth. Needing to breathe, I stopped sucking him and let out moans of pleasure as King pounded my ass. I like sex to be more rough than most people and King was certainly delivering. He was taking full lead in the situation which heightened the pleasure.

“Fuck this pussy is open,” said King after plunging his cock inside of me and grinding it.

“Feel good?” asked Jermaine.

“Hell yeah. Got this pussy wide open for you son.” With that, King pulled out, then grabbed and squeezed my butt cheeks. “Turn your ass around.”

After turning around and getting into position I heard King coach Jermaine on how to fuck, indicating to me this was his first time doing anal with a man. While King reached over and spread my cheeks to give easy access to Jermaine, I took his softening cock into my mouth, now easier to suck. After a few misses, I felt Jermaine’s cock steadily slide inside of me.

“Oh this feels good,” he panted. As badly as I wanted to see the nonverbal communication between them, I was focused on sucking King’s dick, which was now easily filling my mouth.

“Lick my balls,” ordered King, his voice strained with what I assumed excitement over watching his son fuck a man for the first time. While I switched to licking and sucking King’s large, black hairy balls I felt Jermaine’s thick cock sliding in and out of me. Though his dick felt good inside of me, his fucking lacked gusto.

“Don’t be afraid son, white bitches like this want to feel that dick. Smash that pussy,” said King. “Ain’t that right white boy?” King directed towards me. “Tell him you want to feel his big black dick in your white booty.”

“Fuck me with you big Black dick,” I said rather unconvincingly.

“You can do better than that James. Beg for that black dick, you know you want it.”

Normally reserved in vocalizing during sex I let loose, begging Jermaine to fuck me which resulted in a sudden barrage of aggressive thrusts.

“That’s it boy, get yours!” shouted an enthusiastic King as if he was witnessing a moment that he eagerly anticipated. Moments later Jermaine nutted inside of me, followed by King stroking himself until he sent several ropes of warm cum onto my face.

After a brief silence when we all caught our breaths, I scooped the cum into my mouth, pleasantly surprised by its neutral taste.

“Alright James, you can go. You did good by my boy,” said King, suddenly uninterested in having me around. While I wanted to stick around and talk, even maybe another round of sex or get their contact information, I sensed his aloofness and got dressed as they did.

King shut the passenger side door behind me as I left out, not saying anything. While not fully satisfied due to the lack of a pleasant departure I had a assful of cum and the residual taste of it. Not having an orgasm myself, I headed back to the bookstore for more fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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