Black Journal Ch. 15

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Duncan Cyrus, age 23, Back Home

So, I moved back home to my parents’ house. That was short lived because I needed my own place. I had saved up for such an occasion. Within a month I was in a new apartment and my pops had set up a job interview for me with an associate at a fauna and flora laboratory just outside the city limits. Basically what I do there is take care of the clients/patients. You know: watering, feeding, and waste control/management. It’s practically the lowest rung, but even I get paid a decent amount. My co-workers were friendly people. They basically try to create new species, or rescue nearly extinct types. I learned a lot even though I was moving from one area to another by the minute.

My new apartment (third one) was about the same size when I left Kansas. The bathroom is bigger, but it took away from the size of my bedroom. No worries there because I’m mostly inside the den area doing my hobbies. My new neighbors at the time were not friendly. They were either nosey or obnoxious. They were loud for no reason at that. And my downstairs neighbors were always complaining that I was loud. To be honest, it wasn’t me, but my neighbors to the right. They were always arguing and slamming. I even had to go over to ask them to keep it down. Come to find out the woman didn’t even live there. They were both on the fat side of the tracks. The almanbahis adresi woman was Latina. Didn’t know from what particular country or culture though. She came to my chest, big ole round butt, thunderous thighs, big breasts, and a mature, chubby face.

Now, the night that I was able to see her (official neighbor to my right) in her birthday suit was when she and her boyfriend had gotten into a fight. It was late, so I went over to get them to quiet them down. Just as I saw her leave the apartment she ran up to me and kissed me in front of her boyfriend. He started yelling expletives at me. I just stood there flabbergasted myself. I turned to leave and immerse myself back in my sane world when I was forcefully turned back around by my neighbor and he swung at me. I ducked fast enough and stepped back. He was yelling something at me in Spanish and his girlfriend tried to stop him. I just went back into apartment. She came a-knockin at my door at about 2 in the morning. I was tired but that is why it’s called a blowjob to put you to sleep.

There was no love lost after that between my neighbor and me. He would try to have these annoying parties and bang on my door. Eventually he was kicked out and it wasn’t even me who reported him. His girlfriend, well ex, had come by in-between times he wasn’t home to give me lip, tongue, and throat almanbahis adres services. One day he came up to me and tried getting into another fight with me. Brought his comrades and everything. It’s hard fighting one guy and keeping an eye on the others. Short story – I lost, horribly. I was still alive so that was good. Revenge was on my mind through my recovery. I received all the necessary information about the females of his family (ex and other compatriots I knew in the city), that were noteworthy to fuck and to carry out my plan. By week’s end I had set up fuck dates with his sister, a cousin, a tia, and an abuela. By months end they will all feel the wrath and fury of me. I even had it all planned out, the sex stuff I mean.

For his bubble, bbw booty abuela, it’ll be her first black man experience so I’m going to deep stroke every last orgasm from her. I will eat her out and leave her satisfied for a second and third coming, literally and figuratively. She will be allowed control because she is my elder and deserves that respect.

His tia will be sent a nice little card with an invitation to a party. She’s into anonymous hooking up. His ex told me that. His tia is a fat and stacked woman with a cute, cultivated face and nice brown skin. Her favorite place to go to was this club downtown that is membership only. I was able to almanbahis adres get information on her favorite type of fun. She likes fucking muscle bound idiots as they wear a mask. She likes being man-handled. I was able to reserve a private room. Nothing but doggystyle vaginally and anally for her. Going to ride that ass three times hard just for him.

Lastly, there’s his sister and a cousin. To be honest I thought they were sisters. They are very close. They share everything, even men. They don’t go out with a guy unless the other approves. Approval is looks, sanity, and sexual stature (dick size and shape).

His hermana is bodaciously plump, which means she is a curvy and rounded ssbbw. His prima is maybe a size or two smaller but only in bust. The cousin’s height probably a half an inch shorter. They both have that pale skin complexion. They don’t be in the sun much unless it’s for man-hunting. I met them separately and formulated a plan with each to set the other up for a kidnapping. Of course it isn’t real, but the victim doesn’t know that. All I know is they get to watch the other helplessly feast on my sausage and get turned on without getting none. Yes, my bondage sadistic side will be shown that night.

Once all of my date nights were set up and the plan ran through a myriad of scenarios, I sent ex dick monster of a neighbor a letter in the mail stating that his loved ones will be taken care of and they will enjoy. That is the g-rated version I just stated. I basically used the addresses of his friends so he couldn’t trace it back to me. I’m a very bad bad bad bad bad bad bad Black man of the highest order.

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