Blondie’s Taboo Christmas Trip

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Blondie’s Taboo Christmas Trip

Cajun cutie’s cuckold hubby watches her ball her bad-boy brother

My beautiful wife lost her virginity to her older, physically handicapped brother her senior year of high school. When I met her two years later, she was sexually active, even promiscuous, and within a few years of marrying we had begun a mutually enjoyable hotwife/voyeur/cuckold lifestyle. Several years and many men later, shortly before the events depicted here, I found a journal on her brother’s computer chronicling their sibling incest, confirming a suspicion I’d long held. Blondie had earlier become unusually passionate with two different partners who had physical eye defects, the first of whom was a cowboy, causing me to dub her heightened passion the “Cowboy” syndrome. Since her brother also had a “lazy eye” when he became excited, I began to connect the dots, which Bert’s journal then subsequently validated. Confronting her with the evidence led to a rather bold admission that she had indeed had an extended incestual relationship with her brother that she had fully enjoyed and had even continued while we dated, up to and, for a while, after our marriage. When I offered her an opportunity to renew that relationship with me observing, she had eagerly agreed.

All this is recounted in earlier stories beginning with the two-part “Blondie Bags a Black Cherry” continuing with how this little blonde Southern hottie initially became sexually involved with her physically handicapped brother in the two-part “Blondie Beds Her Needy Brother”.

Events immediately preceding this story can be found in “Blondie Confesses to Sibling Sex”.

It is my hope that you will find her ongoing sexual adventures both interesting and stimulating.

Due to my frequent stayer platinum status in their Rewards program, the Marriott front desk clerk in their pre-Christmas, mostly empty hotel obligingly upgraded us to a sumptuous, high-floor suite with lots of warm, polished, oak paneling and a panoramic view to the west of downtown Baton Rouge, the Mississippi River and the campus of my alma mater, LSU. Ideal for a seduction scene, the expansive sitting area had a wet bar with stools…a larger-than-usual-for-hotels, L-shaped sofa…a pair of large easy chairs and a large wooden cube of a coffee table similar to the one we had at home…a perfect stage for Blondie’s planned dancing and stripping.

Once settled into our room, we headed over to Blondie’s childhood home, a long, spread-out, 3000 square-foot, red-brick ranch style…less than three miles south and west of our hotel, in a neighborhood lying alongside University Lake, just east of LSU. There were several cars in the wide driveway and three-car garage, likely indicating an early, pre-Christmas gathering of the Le Monde and Boudreaux clans from across Acadiana. Despite a bitter bite in the air from a deep-penetrating Arctic air mass…making Blondie’s new fox coat delightfully wearable…I smelled delicious aromas wafting out of the huge back yard as we exited the car. Regardless of the cold, those outdoor cookers would be going constantly through Christmas Day, I well knew.

Inside, Maman Le Monde’s first critical comment after the requisite hugs and cheek bussing, was how we “kids” were just throwing our money away staying in a hotel rather than staying free with them. This even though Blondie had informed her mother repeatedly in previous weeks that we were staying for free, using my rewards points and doing so because we knew the house would be overcrowded (and constantly noisy—although Blondie hadn’t said that).

Our hotel suite would provide a quiet respite from all the family drama…and, on this particular holiday…perhaps a very convenient playpen. Maman would have been upset to hear that we wanted refuge from her family, but she would be absolutely apoplectic if she were to ever learn what we were actually planning to do in that refuge.

Blondie’s brother, Bert, came out of the kitchen feeding his face a piece of homemade pecan fudge, stopping dead in his tracks when he spotted his stunning sister. His dark, Gallic eyes locked in like lasers on her sweater-encased breasts and well-turned legs, as I held her fur so could she slip out of it. Along with her ivory cable knit cashmere sweater, she was wearing a tight, beige, above-the-knee skirt that cupped under her buttocks…showcasing her shapely ass. Bert’s eyes were freely roaming from her platinum mane to her four-inch-heeled, gold-trimmed, ivory Come-Fuck-Me sling pumps. I leaned forward, softly chuckling,

“This is going to be like shooting fish in barrel, honeychile—he’s already hooked.”

Stepping over to her big brother and firmly embracing him, Blondie gave him a very nice chest press with those tits—substantially beşiktaş escort larger tits than when he’d last sucked them—whispering into his ear, giving him a good whiff of her intoxicating perfume. I noted favorably the gunslinger mustache he’d grown in the past year…that we’d first seen him sporting on our brief Thanksgiving visit a month earlier. It afforded him a bit of a roguish appearance, a dissolute, bad-boy look that my naughty wife has a weakness for when manhunting.

With an inward smile, I saw that there was in fact a fairly strong resemblance between Bert and Jeff, the Alabama bad boy who had inadvertently set this planned seduction in motion. For the first time I registered the rakish similarities between her brother and both the bad boys who’d triggered Blondie’s fevered Cowboy responses. However, unlike them, Bert had a developing potbelly hanging over his belt—but that wouldn’t be a problem—I’d seen his little sister fuck men with bigger bellies and still eagerly enjoy the experience if they were good lovers.

Blondie remained close to him, her small, ring-encrusted hands fluttering about his chest and arms in light, intimate touches as she gazed into his face with much more than sisterly interest. Hooking her arm through his, she led him to a small, quiet alcove framed by a large bay window looking out over the expansive front lawn with its huge old oaks. I stayed rooted in place watching my experienced little seductress ply her skills.

I noted, as I had at Thanksgiving, that Bert’s tremors and spasmodic twitching movements seemed more pronounced than previously. But with that long, lanky, nearly black hair, those dark, penetrating eyes and that sensuous mouth…full-lipped like his sister’s…and the recently-acquired mustache…he possessed a certain raffish attraction that a woman intent purely on sex might be drawn to if she could get past the distracting movements.

Smiling, I thought amusedly, especially a woman like my wicked wife who knew very well how well-endowed he was and how well he employed that endowment—interestingly not in spite of, but perhaps because of, the involuntary motions so off-putting to less adventurous women. I smiled to myself thinking about Blondie’s earlier critiques of her brother’s sexual skills and what those other women were missing out on. I admit to being intrigued and even more eager than usual to see those skills applied to my soulmate—after all, I was about to watch her engage in adult sibling incest, an activity that would assuredly hit new heights on our decadence index. I felt that tell-tale tingling in my testicles that was always there when my wife was pursuing sex with another man, this time made even more tantalizing by the taboo incestual aspect of it.

I was keeping a watchful eye on the two of them while glad-handing family members and fending off vaguely remembered holiday well-wishers, when Blondie turned, casing the room…ensuring no one was watching…before pivoting back to Bert and going up on tiptoe to kiss her brother lightly on the lips. I saw a quick flicker of pink tongue dart from her crimson lips and Bert break into a big grin. I realized my chances of watching my first real-life, sister-brother fuck show—surely the ultimate voyeuristic experience—and starring my beautiful blonde bayou babe, had just increased exponentially.

As she came back across the room, Blondie had that wide, heart-stopping, sexy smile that still could send a rush of loving exhilaration coursing through my system. Yes, I could share her beauty and the most intimate aspects of her body with other men, even this indolent brother, but I still loved her with all my being. Oddly, these feelings of love seemed heightened when she was actively engaged in the seduction of another man. The complexities of the human psyche are myriad and unfathomable, I mused.

Approaching me, she stood on tiptoe, brushing her lips against mine with the barest hint of the same tempting tongue she’d just teasingly promised her grand frère, and whispered,

“You’re right, cher, it was like shooting fish in a barrel.”

When I raised my eyebrows inquiringly, she said, “I asked him about life without a wife and it’s like you said…the only thing he misses about Edith is the sex, bad as it was…and he admitted he hasn’t gotten laid since they separated. Then I asked him if he ever thinks about what we did an’ he said constantly. I told him I’d been thinkin’ about it a lot lately an’ want to talk to him about it more tonight.”

“Did you see me kiss him?” she asked, and when I nodded she smiled cunningly, explaining his big grin, “I gave him a little taste of tongue just to set the hook an’ then told him he’s still one of the best fucks I’ve ever had…’cause I never knew where his big ol’ fat cock was comin’ taksim escort from next, an’ he loved that.” She grinned, “An’ I said it in just those words…no beatin’ around the bush about it.”

Just then Maman called her and with no further details, Blondie waltzed off to the large kitchen, the primary female gathering spot, I’d long ago learned, for this merger of Cajun clans. The next few hours were a blur of eating, drinking, reminiscing and of course, loudly played Cajun music. Bert was kept occupied by the overly-solicitous attentions of several cousins, aunts and uncles who saw him only on holidays and were thus excessively kind to the only handicapped member of the merged clans.

Bert’s dark eyes, however, seldom left his sexy sister, following Blondie everywhere, although I didn’t see the two of them engaged in another private conversation. Nearing nine o’clock, I caught Blondie’s attention and tapped my watch meaningfully. She went immediately to Bert and a brief exchange ensued, ending with her giving him another brief brush of lips.

We made our goodbyes, pleading a long day and a busy one tomorrow as well. As soon as the Caddy’s doors slammed shut, the naughty sister turned to me, her eyes sparkling with lust…her smile one of salacious glee as she burbled.

“He’ll meet us in the hotel bar in a few minutes, d’accord? I told him we have something to show him and une proposition très intéressante (a very interesting proposition) to make.”

When I asked why the bar, she reached under her seat while explaining, “I want to break the ice between the two of you on neutral ground and explain our unusual hotwife-cuckold lifestyle over a drink, although I doubt he’ll have any problem with that…mon grand frère (my big brother) has the morals of an alley cat, after all.”

She paused, then, “An’ I want to show him this.” Waving the pages of his journal, she explained,

“I want to explain how you found it and rather than being upset with me after reading it, you found it very um, shall we say, stimulating. Then we’ll just play it from there depending on how he reacts, okay?”

Twenty minutes later, we were seated in a low-lit corner booth in the nearly empty Marriott bar when Bert entered. Blondie waved him over with that lush inviting smile. We had a large Crown and water, the Le Monde family drink, awaiting him. He didn’t look at me as he slid into the booth and I could understand his suspicious discomfort. Blondie wasted no time, pushing the journal, facedown, over to him as he took a big swallow of Crown, saying,

“Bertie, honey, Rick happened to find this when he was fixin’ your computer back durin’ Thanksgivin’ an’ showed it to me. Whyn’t you give it a once over to make sure it’s yours… confirm that you wrote it…an’ then we’ll talk about some things, d’accord, sweetie?”

Looking both nervous and puzzled, Bert turned the document over and stared, his face blanching white then shading red with embarrassment. Glaring at me, he muttered,

“You had no right to…” as his sister reached over, patting his hand, cooing,

“You’re right, sugar, but I think you’re gonna be real happy with the way this works out for you,” then glancing at me, winking, “For all of us, cher, n’est-ce pas (will it not)?”

Bert finally raised his eyes, puzzled, still unable to meet my steady gaze. Blondie said softly,

“Rick says there’s a lotta porn on your computer so maybe I can explain this in a way you can understand an’ appreciate, cher.” She had both hands on his now, her long red nails gleaming in the circle of light from the low hanging lamp…massaging the backs of his hands reassuringly as she leaned across the table, maintaining eye contact.

“See, Bertie, you like porn…an’ okay, that’s no big deal…Rick likes porn, too…we both do…but Rick prefers live porn an’,” she waited a beat before continuing in a throaty purr,

“An’ your vilaine petite soeur (naughty little sister) is absolutely his favori actrice porno (favorite porn actress).”

Blondie’s brother was a very bright guy and I saw the light of dawning comprehension flare in his eyes when, still looking deeply into those eyes, she crooned,

“Which means…as his favorite porn star, I hafta pick up autres hommes (other men) to perform with me in the sexy shows I put on for my husband, comprends-tu ce que je dis, amant (do you understand what I’m saying, lover)?”

The dawning comprehension became a sly gleam of “I knew it!” confirmation.

Tapping the journal with a long red fingernail, she said seductively, “Rick wanted to know if your account is vrai et précis (true and accurate) and when I confirmed it is, he asked me if your bite (cock) is really that big an’ if our fuckin’ was really that hot an’ I assured him both were true, d’accord, mon nişantaşı escort chéri (okay, honey)?”

Then she dropped the bomb with, “Rick also knows everything that happened that month you stayed with us out in Texas, cher,” and when his mouth dropped open in surprise, she tittered,

“Everything…how we fucked every night when he was gone and even how we fucked on the couch with him right there in the garage.”

She smiled wickedly, “I told him everything…every…single…thing…so you an’ me, we’re busted, grand frère, totally an’ completely busted.”

Bert was silent…but a slow smile began to spread under that bad-boy moustache as his sister pulled his arms toward her…massaging his forearms…asking softly, “You know what else he asked me, Bertie?” When he just shook his head almost imperceptibly, she stage whispered,

“He asked me if I’d like to fuck my big brother again sometime an’ you know what I said?”

She just sat there looking into his eyes for a long, suspenseful moment before cooing,

“I told him that oui, bien sûr je voudrais (yes, of course I would)… J’aimerais encore baiser mon grand frère (I would love to fuck my big brother again).”

“An’ then he asked me if I wanted do it on this trip an’ I said of course I’d love to do it on this trip…this time with my husband watchin’…d’accord, mon chéri?”

He took her hands and leered at her, “You know, Blondie, I always knew you’d turn out to be a slut because you just liked fucking too much not to.” I noticed his left eye was slightly askew.

Pulling his hand to her mouth, she kissed his palm, “An’ you, grand frère, are the one who made me such a petite salope (little slut) by gettin’ my cherry an’ doin’ such a good job of it that I let you keep fuckin’ me—even after I married Rick.”

“An’ you, grand frère, are the one who went off to school after teachin’ me to like it an’ want it so much that I had to find other boys to give me what you’d made me so hungry for, n’est-ce pas (is that not so)?”

Bert threw me a cocky look at my wife so brazenly praising his sexual prowess. Blondie smiled raunchily, “But like I told Rick, you had a bigger cock than any of my boyfriends an’ used it better, too.”

She teased, “I’ve got a couple of regular boyfriends now who are pretty good in bed. You think you can outdo them?”

Winking at me, she cooed to him, “I hope you remember how much I still liked it out in Texas.”

Holding his hand in front of her lust-filled face she lewdly licked his palm, peered between his splayed fingers and purred in a sultry voice,

“Remember how I just couldn’t get enough of it, right up until you left—even after gettin’ it multiple times a day almost every day for a month. Rick knows now that he was neglectin’ me back then because he was more in love with his new job than his new wife, so I was more’n ready for what you gave me.”

Bert looked at me smugly. Seeing this, she looked at me, too, chuckling, “Yeah, Bertie, my husband knows how much I liked your cock. I even admitted I’ve always preferred it to his, both before we got married…an’ after.”

“He knows we’d already been fuckin’ a good while before he an’ I met an’ that we kept doin’ it right up to the wedding—how I let you fuck me after every date with him—how him fuckin’ me just got me warmed up ‘n ready to come home an’ get fucked really good an’ hard by your big ol’ thick Cajun cock.”

Wow! She was really pumping him up and putting me down—overdoing it a bit, I thought. My ears perked up at this bit of a different version of the story than she’d told me. In this telling, she was admitting she was a fully willing, even instigating, participant, which I suspected was much closer to actual events.

She told him, “I’ve been brutally frank with Rick about the whole situation. As I said, he knows I preferred your cock because it was bigger and felt better in me an’ you’ve always fucked me more—shall we say—creatively.” “I told him our old joke about how I never knew where that big ol’ dick was comin’ from next.”

“Tell me somethin’ grand frère, does it still stay nice ‘n hard after you come?” When he grinned, nodding slightly, she groaned and whispered, “Can you still come as much an’ as often as you could back then, baby?”

When he grinned again, nodding, she pursued her intimate interrogation, “Multiple times a night like you did in Texas?” As he again nodded, she turned to me, gloating, “I made him come three times in one night a coupla times an’ I do mean he came in me, actually ejaculated every time, although he did have to rest up a while between ’em, remember, stud-muffin?”

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Bert asked, “How about you, sis, that sweet pussy still as tight as it was?” then glanced at me to see if perhaps he’d gone too far. Smiling, I nodded, waving it off.

Blondie smiled coyly and said, “Ask my husband…he’s the recruiter for my fan club.”

I grinned, “It’s a big club…and a happy one. Last guy she fucked was raving about how tight it is…and that was recently, Bert, so you’re going to be one very happy big brother when you get back in there.”

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