Bonnie Ch. 07

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The arrival of Lois

Lois. My first adventure with a true sex starved woman. It didn’t matter if we had fucked 3 or 4 times a day for a month. She NEEDED sex every day. If she was on her period, I fucked her in her ass, or she blew me. Didn’t matter. She was horny all the time. This went on for 2 years. It stopped abruptly when she told me she was pregnant.

Everything about her changed. She wasn’t horny anymore. She was angry. I was angry. It just all stopped. Did I miss the sex? Fuck yes, I did. But she was a different woman as I was a different man.

2 years of nasty court battles finally concluded, and I was awarded custody. Lois just disappeared and stopped coming to court. A moral victory for me but not so much for Jessie. Every kid needs a Mom. They really do.

As the years went by, I raised Jessie the best I could. I was not an award-winning Dad but we did OK. I had a couple of longer relationships with women who liked Jessie and helped me through her awkward years. That I was thankful for.

Jessie gave up on her Mom when she was about 12. She would always say, “just you and me Dad”. And that was how it was until she found her sister. She would spend time with her sister every weekend. She got to know a lot about Lois from her side of the family.

Lois. It has been about 20 years since I saw her last. Some nerve to show up at my door. I was shocked when I opened my door that Saturday morning. She was humble. She was quiet. She was embarrassed. She was apologetic. None of that mattered. She left her children. Poof. Threw down a ninja smoke ball and disappeared.

“Tim…I..I need to apologize.”

“NO…you need to go. Go back to where you came from. You left Jessie, Bonnie and you other son. Just left. There is no excuse!” I told her.

“Please hear me out. I had problems. I was scared. I needed help. It doesn’t really matter I am sure, but I really only abandoned Jessie. She was small, didn’t really know me. I kept in contact with the other kids almost the whole time. I have even met Jessie at Bonnie’s. She knows I am her Mom.” Lois stammered.

I closed the door in her face. Let sleeping dogs lie I thought.

That night at dinner, I asked Bonnie about her mom and her whereabouts. Bonnie took a deep breath and said she knew he Mom was back and living in an apartment a few miles away. And been since Jessie was about 13.

“6 YEARS, you have known this?” I was furious.

“I’m sorry, honey. I know you were mad when she left Jessie. But I did not want to bring Ankara bayan escort up bad memories and what we have here is perfect. I did not want to ruin things.”

For the first time since Bonnie and I got together, I went to bed alone. I slept in the guest room.

I could hear her crying. I knew she was upset as I was. I finally fell asleep.

Sunday, I awoke and found Bonnie and Jessie walking out the door.

“Where are you 2 off to?” I asked, trying to be as upbeat as I could.

“To see our mom.” Bonnie rasped and closed the door.

Lunch time came and went. Finally, the door opened, and they walked in.

“How was your visit?”

Jessie walked off and Bonnie sat beside me.

“Tim, we need to talk. I know this is hard for you. But Jessie wants her mom back in her life. Like forever. She has forgiven Lois, and so have I. It is time for you to do the same. “

“How can I? She just left. No reason given.”

“You have to find a way. You always said…” I will find a way” when things were not so hot for us. You always found a way to overcome. ALWAYS. Now is no different.”

Bonnie knew she was right. I did also.

“Fine. Invite her for dinner tonight. You, me and her. Hash it all out. No Jessie.” I will talk to Jessie once this is over.


Lois showed up and 6 on the dot. Bonnie opened the door and invited her in.

They sat in the front room as I prepared the last of dinner.

“Still cooking Tim?’ Lois asked.

“Yes, have never stopped.”

I heard Lois tell Bonnie that I had always been a great cook. Glad she remembered.

We sat at the table and talked for hours. Most was serious. Some was reminiscing. At the end of the night Lois left, thanking me for all I had done and still am doing for Jessie and Bonnie.

Bonnie and I cleaned up the dinner mess and went to bed. I snuggled up to her and put my hand on her chest. Felt good to feel her. We drifted off and fell asleep.

I met Jessie for lunch on Monday and we talked about her mom and her coming back into her life. It was a good talk. Jessie gave me a big hug when we parted and whispered in my ear that she loved me.

When I got home that night Bonnie was busy with the baby and making dinner. I grabbed the baby and wandered into the living room. I put the baby in her swing and returned to the kitchen. I wrapped my arms around Bonnie and my hands found her breasts. I massaged them softly. I felt milk through her bra and shirt.

“Stop Tim! Dinner will never Escort bayan Ankara get made if you get me all worked up.”

I laughed and stopped, slapping her on the ass. She grinned devilishly and put the dinner on the table.

We ate and around 8, she put the baby to bed.

As she came out of the baby’s room, I noticed she was bra less. He massive jugs swaying as she walked.

“Now, where were me earlier? Oh yes, you were milking me. Care to continue?”

She crawled onto the bed and on top of me. She removed her shirt exposing her tits. Milk was dripping from the swollen nipples. I knew she was horny and needed some play time. I grabbed one and pulled to my mouth sucking the milk from her nipple. She was grinding her pussy on my cock. I could handle no more. I pushed her off and removed her panties. I pulled out my swollen cock and poised the head at her opening. I pushed in slowly and started pumping her cunt.

She was moaning loudly. “OH GOD YES FUCK ME TIM. FUCK ME HARD. MAKE ME CUM!!”

She orgasmed hard and crawled off my cock. She took as much of me into her mouth as she could. She sucked me until I was close. When she felt me start to go she pulled her mouth off and grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed holding back my eruption. Her mother did that to me all the time. I guess her dear old mother gave up some of her secrets! She teased my cock head with her tongue. My cock twitched. I needed to cum. Finally, she released and started stroking my head.

I started cumming, she aimed my cock at her tits and I emptied on her. What a mess. What a glorious mess.

We got up the next day and stripped the bed. We showered and went off to work.

Around lunch time, my phone rang. It was Lois. She was wondering if we could have lunch and talk about Jessie some more. I named place and we met about 20 minutes later.

We talked for about an hour and I excused myself to head back to work. As I got up she grabbed my hand. I stopped and looked at her.

“It has been along time since you and I last were together. Bonnie has told me about your little arrangement with her and Jessie. I want you again. I want all of you guys.”

I was speechless. “Great, so now What? Blackmail?”

“No.” Lois replied. “Cock.”

I sat back down. Stupefied.

“Right now? I must get back to work. I will call you.”

“OK. Don’t be long in making that call.” Lois grinned as she said it.

I went back to work and went home sick. When I walked into the house, Bonnie was Bayan escort Ankara there.

“What exactly did you tell your mom about me and you and Jessie?”

Bonnie’s face turned red. “Almost everything.”

Again…dumbfounded. “She wants you again Tim. We all do. Can’t you see what the drug of choice is here? You and that cock. I love you, Jessie loves you and I don’t think Lois ever stopped. What man could say no? You have women who crave you. You are the package. Successful, kind, caring, loving and sexual. Can’t you see that?”

I didn’t know what to say. I just sat there. What the hell have I done? I never saw myself like that. Dirty old man, yes. Sex god? Hahahaha, never.

“So now what?” I asked.

Bonnie said that her and Jessie and Lois were together all morning. They talked about sex, incest, and life. They engaged in sexual activity, with Lois getting her girls off.

My cock was hard. Bonnie knew it. She knew I couldn’t resist.

She picked up her phone and sent a quick message. A few minutes later, Jessie and Lois walked in. The three of them went into the bedroom. A few minutes later they called to me. I walked in.

All 3 were on the bed, naked. Lois in the middle. Her body was older, better. I peeled off my clothes and asked Bonnie and Jessie to get off the bed. They wanted to see their Mom get fucked and I had no objections.

I pulled her to me and got between her thick thighs. I slapped by cock on her belly reminding her of how far I planned on impaling her. She smiled wickedly and asked what I was waiting for. I stepped back and pushed into her. She groaned as I did. She was sloppy wet. It was familiar. Jessie and Bonnie were sitting there watching, fondling each other as I fucked their mother hard. Lois’ tits were bouncing with each hard stroke. I watched them quiver a I pounded Lois’ cervix. Jessie got up and straddled her mom and dropped her pregnant cunt onto her mom’s face. Bonnie got behind me and Lois and was playing with my balls and her moms clit. I could feel Lois tighten as she neared climax. She squeezed my rod with her pussy and started to cum. As she did, I felt the urge to let go with my cum. I filled her womb. It ran out of her as I pulled out. Bonnie was lapping it up.

“I am going to cum on your face mommy! Suck my clitty! Oh God lick me, lick me!” Jessie screamed at Lois. Lois pulled onto her face and held her tightly as she licked and sucked Jessie’s swollen clit.

Jessie came hard. Bonnie was eating her mom and lovers cum from her mom’s pussy. I was fucking my old lover, my new lover and my daughter. The bed was a mess. We didn’t care. We all fell asleep. I woke up and found Lois rubbing my cock with a look on her face that was devious.

Just like old times. Just like old times.

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