Book Club Chronilces -Susan

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Our relatively small book club has been running for many years, with the same ladies as members. We are all happily married — to our first husbands – and have kids that are nearly adults themselves. Having known each other for years we have shared many close personal stories. However, being very discrete women it took some time for us to realize that we had all indulged at some stage in our lives, in some form or level of extra-marital sexual pleasures. I have captured the spirit of these stories in writing,

This is the story of Susan’s first exposure to extra-marital excitement.


Dave and I had decided to go on an island holiday that year. We both enjoyed the beach and sea but preferred the quieter resorts, especially in the off-season. We were planning on starting a family soon and wanted to enjoy what was potentially our last holiday without kids.

The holiday was proving to be just what we wanted. The resort was quiet, relaxed, with good food and good wine and discreet but very friendly hotel staff. All this made for a romantic time and for great sex. As was inclined to happen when we got more relaxed on holiday we would also indulge in slightly more adventurous sex, but always only in the confines of our bedroom. I was happy as the sex on holiday had been very good.

We enjoyed a lot of the water based activities available at the hotel and soon became quite friendly with Mark, the guy in charge of arranging the activities. He was a good looking guy, well built and tanned and Dave teased me about looking him up and down. I did acknowledge that he was attractive but just laughed when Dave suggested I fancied him. I had never had had any relationship with another man, but did — like most women I assume – have some little fantasy of getting seduced by a hunky man.

I would never discuss this with Dave, although he had some years ago told me of his fantasy of watching me being seduced and fucked by another man. I never really quite understood the reasons behind such a fantasy, and assumed that it was just a once off dream as he never mentioned it again.

One of the activities at our hotel was a boat trip around to the other side of the island to a secluded beach that could only be reached by boat. It was a day trip, with a picnic lunch provided. We had booked our trip a few days earlier and really looked forward to the days outing. We got to the pier at the appointed time and found we were the only guests there. Just as we were starting to wonder if the trip had been cancelled, Mark arrived and told us that we were the only ones booked for the day, so they would not use the normal, big boat, but he would take us out in the speedboat.

On the way he pointed out various island features and kept us entertained with various guest stories. One of the features he pointed out was a small bay edged by large boulders on either side and lush green forest on the inland side. He said he really liked to go there for some personal time as that little beach never seemed to be used by anybody else.

Mark dropped us off at the allocated beach, making sure we had sunscreen, drinks etc, before he headed back to the hotel. We would be picked up early afternoon he said.

It was wonderful being on our own on the isolated beach and as we swam and relaxed. Dave even managed to persuade me to tan topless — something I would never do if there were other people around. Dave of course offered to rub sunscreen on my untanned tits and I willing accepted knowing that it would feel good. I did not really care if I got turned on by it since we were the only ones on that inaccessible beach. As he lovingly rubbed the cream on my breasts, he gave me a naughty grin and said he was sure that Mark would like to see my nice firm tits.

I smiled at his compliment. I knew that he loved my 36C tits that had retained a good shape and were still nice and firm. “I’m sure he see’s many topless girls here in the summer. Why would he want to see mine specifically?” I responded to Dave.

“Just because you have a great body” Dave smiled at me and started giving my nipples more attention. Soon my nipples got hard and I felt the familiar pleasurable tingling sensations indicating the start of arousal.

Dave knew the tell-tale signs well and leaned over and gave me a long kiss. I reached across and stroked him through his shorts, and commenting on his growing hard-on. Dave upped the ante, sliding his hand across tummy and under the elastic of my bikini pants. I was normally very nervous about sex outdoors because of the chance of being seen, but somehow I felt quite secure on this secluded beach. Besides which the combination of the warm sun on my exposed breasts and Dave’s sensual touch was getting me quite turned on. I started thinking that I may even consent to having sex on the beach — which was quite an erotic thought.

Just as I was really getting into the idea of sex in the open we heard the distinctive sound of a motor boat approaching. Feeling almanbahis adres thwarted and sexually a little frustrated I quickly pulled on my bikini top as Dave and I watched the boat approach.

To our surprise it was Mark, back much earlier than we expected him. He beached the boat and told us he had the rest of the day off because it was so quiet at the resort. Our sexual frustration soon dissipated as Mark joined us playing in the calm warm seas. After a while Mark asked if we would like to go to “his” beach as he referred to the beach he had showed us earlier. We both liked the idea of going somewhere where very few other tourists had been.

Mark stopped the boat a little way off the beach telling us that there were boulders that prevented him going further in-shore. We all just jumped over the side and Mark started the fun by ducking me and Dave under the water. This resulted in much high spirited jostling in the water. At one point I came up from under water to find my strapless bikini top down around her waist. I quickly turned my back on Mark as I pulled to top back up, but blushed nonetheless knowing that he had seen me topless, even if it was only briefly. I silently cursed my choice of a strapless bikini top for that day. One with straps would have been much more secure for this type of frolicking in the water.

Still with my back to him I heard Mark casually remark, “Hey Sue …. you don’t have to put you top on just for me. We get many women tanning topless here. Besides which you look in great shape.”

I was taken aback when Dave also chipped in, and I saw him wink at Mark as he spoke. “Come on honey, why don’t you carry on tanning topless? There is nobody else around here and Mark says he doesn’t mind.” I just stared back at him, not knowing if really wanted me to expose my tits to Mark (which I did not plan on doing) or if he was merely letting me know that he was okay with me going topless (even in front of Mark) if I wanted to do so.

I remembered that Dave had sometimes told me that he fancied the idea of other men seeing me topless, since he wanted them to see what he thought was a sexy pair of tits. Not quite knowing what Dave’s intentions were I did not reject him out of hand and decided to play along by replying, “I’ll see how I feel about it.”

Fortunately the men left it at that. Mark produced some cold beers from the boat and we gratefully downed the refreshing amber liquid while just drifting around in the lovely calm sea water. Feeling refreshed from the cold drinks the messing around in the water started again.

Mark started diving under me, then picking me up and throwing me up in the air to then splash down in the water. He was clearly quite strong judging from how easily he seemed to toss me in the air. I was having fun — and had to admit that I was actually quite enjoying the attention from Mark.

To my horror the next time Mark playfully tossed me out of the water I felt my bikini top come right off. I assumed it was from the force of the water on it, but I did fleetingly wonder if Mark had intentionally tugged it loose as he tossed me. Whatever the cause my tits were uncovered again.

Before I surfaced from the water I quickly covered my tits with one arm, and then used my other hand to wipe the salt water from my eyes as I stuck my head just above water. I frantically looked around for my top and was relieved to find it drifting near me. I quickly grabbed it and turned my back on Mark to put it back on again. I glanced at Dave, who gave me a little smile and nonchalantly watched as I tried to regain my composure.

As I maneuvered my top to put it back on I panicked. In consternation I looked across at Dave and held up my bikini top. “The strap has broken. I can’t put it on!” I looked at Dave pleading for help.

Before he could respond, I was aware of Mark next to me. “Oh I am really sorry if I caused that …… But never mind, you really don’t need that. You can just enjoy being closer to nature in this beautiful place!!” Without asking he took my broken bikini top from me and tossed it into the boat.

I was a bit stunned. I did not have anything to wear that would cover my tits. I looked at Dave and then at Mark to see if they would offer some solution. They in turn were just looking at me, Mark with a bit of a wry smile, waiting to see what I would do. Realizing that I actually had no option but to go topless, I gradually lowered my arm that was covering my breasts. I felt my nipples harden in response to a naughty thrill that ran through me as I revealed my naked tits to Mark. Giving him a sheepish smile I said, “Well I guess you I am just going to have to go topless then.” I noticed that Dave was grinning. Obviously he was pleased that I had been forced to expose my tits to another man — and so had fulfilled his fantasy.

I felt a strange mixture of excitement and nervousness at being topless next to these men — especially Mark. Not knowing quite how to deal with it I dived almanbahis adresi and swam under the water to surface closer to the shore and further away from the men. The water was much shallower there obliging me to fully expose my naked upper half to the men as I stood up in the water. I wondered how I was going to deal with being topless in front of both men for the rest of the day. I had never been topless in front of another man since I had started dating Dave many years ago. It felt all the more “illicit” going topless now since we were also outdoors. I needed a drink to calm my nerves as I came to terms with my situation. I called back to Mark as I headed for the beach. “Please bring us another cold beer Mark. I need something to cool me down.”

As I said it I realized the double meaning — that I was potentially getting hot and aroused from being exposed. I silently admitted to myself that I was a bit aroused from the experience. I heard Mark and Dave both chuckle as the double meaning was obviously not lost on them. I wondered if they had noticed my erect nipples even though I had been a little way away from them when I had surfaced from the water.

Feeling less exposed at this distance from the boat I watched as Mark secured the boat and got out some beers. Dave was already heading to shore. When he got to the beach I quickly approached him and spoke to him urgently but quietly. “Are you okay with me being like this in front of Mark?”

He glanced down at my naked tits topped by still erect nipples and gave me a huge smile. “You look so fantastic, I’m proud to have you topless in front of him!” I felt a mixture of relief and confusion at his willingness to have me exposed to Mark. Sensing my confusion (Dave is great at reading my body language) he gave me a hug and whispered in my ear. “I wouldn’t even mind if you stripped off completely — you have got such a sexy body to show off.”

“Oh go away ….. you horny man,” I playfully chided him and gave him a little push toward Mark who was just coming out of the water with beers, beach towels and sunscreen. Mark was clearly quite accustomed to ensuring that his hotel clients were well looked after. As he approached us I felt a deep down little thrill of arousal again knowing that Mark was going to see my tits from close up, exposed in the sun. I found myself hoping that he liked what he saw. I still felt proud of my 36C tits, which were nice and firm.

Mark carefully put down everything and then walked over to me with a towel. “Let me dry the water off you before it evaporates and leaves a salty layer on your skin, which can make you itch,” he said starting to rub the towel over my back. I was rather taken aback at Mark’s casual approach given that I was standing there topless. I tried to cover up my surprise by responding, “Wow Mark …. you really are very considerate.” As I spoke I tried to look casual about placing my one hand on my opposite shoulder, thereby more-or-less covering my exposed breasts. I still felt distinctly awkward (even if a bit excited) about being topless around Mark.

Mark dried my back and then moved down to do the same to the back of my legs. I tensed up slightly as he lingered just a bit longer around the top of my thighs and around my bikini bottom. Fortunately it was not a thong type, even though it was only just adequate to cover my butt.

Having dried the back of me, Mark purposefully moved around to the front of my legs and I could not help wondering if I should stop him at some point. Surely he was not going to try to dry my naked tits?

I smiled down at him as he dried my calves and then my thighs. He continued his task seemingly with the sole intent of getting me dry. Although he made it all seem innocent, his hand did briefly touch my crotch. My body gave a small involuntary jerk as he touched me there. I tried to surreptitiously glance across at Dave to see if he had noticed what had happened. If he had noticed it either did not bother him, or he was just pretending that he had not noticed anything.

I was still deliberating in my own mind whether Mark’s touch had been intentional when he gently took hold of my arm that had been covering my breasts and eased it away from my body and dried it. He did this all so nonchalantly that I felt I could not resist. I did blush, however, as my nipples went erect again and Mark got his first close up view of my completely naked tits. As Mark dried that arm I wondered if he would actually be forward enough to try to dry my tits as well? What if he did? Should I let him do so? Did I want him to do so? I had let him dry the rest of my body, so how would I be able to end it before he touched my tits? I felt I really shouldn’t allow him to dry my breasts …. but also knew that it would be quite a naughty thrill to have him touch me there.

Mark dropped the first arm at my side and picked up the other to dry it. As he did so he gave me a soft, open smile. “You should tan topless more often. You have beautiful tits. almanbahis adres Be proud of them and don’t hide them.”

I blushed again, and responded in a slightly embarrassed tone to Mark. “I’m glad you think they look good.” I didn’t really know what else to say.

“Oh they certainly do!” said Mark, not hesitating to reach out and dry my breasts. I was caught totally off guard by Mark just reaching out and touching my tits. I had really expected he would ask before touching such a sensual part of a woman’s body. I really did not know how to react and ended up just staring down at his hands toweling my tits dry. A distinct thrill ran through my loins feeling and watching this man rubbing my tits.

Mark tossed the towel over his shoulder. Looking me right in the eye and with a mischievous grin on his face he reached out with his bare hand and cupped one of my tits. He fondled it briefly and ran his fingers over my very erect nipple before stepping back from me. My body gave another involuntary jerk, in response to the erotic thrill that ran through me. My nipples are very erogenous zones and Mark had caused a strong tingle in my body.

“Beautiful tits, nice and firm and lovely nipples ….. Sue, you look fantastic. You could happily tan topless on any beach.” Mark smiled at me again as he started walking back to where Dave was sitting on a spread out towel. “Who would like a cold beer?” Mark called out, defusing the slightly erotic ambiance that had developed.

I stood there looking at Mark and Dave. I was trying to come to terms with the fact that in the past few minutes I not only had ended up topless in front of another man, but he had actually fondled my tits in front of my husband who had not objected ….. and most of all, I had found it all quite exciting.

I gladly accepted the cold beer that Mark offered to me. Quite aside from needing to cool down the sensual ambiance I was finding it very warm in the sun. The refreshing beer went down easily and quickly, as my mind tangled with my new experiences. What was it that made it exciting to expose myself to Mark? I was not surprised that his touching my tits had given me a thrill, but I wondered if the fact that my husband had allowed it to happen had actually added to the sensuality of it all.

Mark laid out a towel for me which I gratefully reclined on as I finished my beer. Despite claiming to have seen many women topless on the beach I noticed that Mark was openly enjoyed looking at my tits.

“Is this really the first time you are tanning topless Sue?” he asked. I just nodded in reply, which prompted him to ask, “I am surprised, since you have such a good figure. Are you shy about showing off your figure, or does Dave not like you to go topless?” Mark probed.

I was a little at a loss for words at this direct questioning. Dave seemed to sense this so he responded. “Oh I don’t mind at all. In fact, I would love her to tan topless every time we go to the beach. That way I can enjoy her looks – and see other men appreciating her body as well.” Dave gave Mark a grin indicating that he was aware that Mark was appreciating seeing me topless.

I frowned at Dave hoping that he would understand that I would prefer him to keep quiet, rather than expose his fantasies to Mark. Despite my concern over Dave saying a little too much, I had to admit that I loved him for his compliment. I always liked the reassurance that he still found me sexy.

As I had feared, Mark picked up on Dave’s desire to see me go topless. “Well it seems you have an open invitation from your husband to show yourself off Sue. In fact he says he wants you to expose yourself. Are you embarrassed to be topless in front of me?” Mark asked before lowering his voice in a conspiring tone, “Or are you actually getting a little thrill from exposing your breasts in front of another man and don’t want to admit it?” he added with a naughty chuckle.

I gave a nervous laugh – which rather embarrassingly probably indicated to him that he was not far off the truth – and tried to deflect the question. “Are you always so forward with your hotel guests?”

“Only the really sexy ones — and especially the sexy ones that I bring to this beach” Mark winked and grinned at me.

“I thought you said you regarded this as your beach. So do you bring lots of “sexy” women to this beach then Mark?” I decided to try to direct the questions at him, rather than me being the focus.

“Oh only those that I think will take off their tops for me” Mark teasingly responded to me, and then added with a wink to Dave, “and those that will strip off completely of course!”

“Do you really get women that will go naked here on this beach?” I asked, somewhat surprised at his flippant comment. I could not help but glance around to see how exposed one would be if you were totally naked on this beach.

“If they start topless they often end up naked as they relax and appreciate how deserted this beach is,” Mark replied sensing my doubt.

I tried to assess if Mark was being serious or just having me on. It struck me that possibly it was only single, free spirited women that had the freedom to act in this way. I challenged Mike. “I guess those must all be single women — who are probably trying to charm you and win your favour.”

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