Born to Suck Ch. 21

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“Oh man, now I know how those girls in that bukkake movie felt,” I thought to myself as two more guys, one standing on each side of me, started to unload on my already semen-covered face at the same time. My young face felt like a huge glazed donut as they shot more of that beautiful silky fluid onto it. I had lost count of how many loads I’d taken, but from the amount of cum running down my chest and dripping off my face, it had been plenty.

We’d gone to the horse show and as Kurt and I sat in stands, we saw Sven speaking to a few other guys that had been handling horses as well. He’d speak to them and then we’d see them look over in our direction, and then turn back to him and nod as he kept talking. He moved to another group of about four guys and the same thing occurred there. I felt both excited and embarrassed as the guys seemed to be eyeing me up, just like they looked at the horses being paraded around in anticipation of the auction the next morning.

Sven eventually disappeared into one of the barns and then we watched as he brought out Rogue. The black stallion looked beautiful, the brilliant sun just glistening off his blue-black hide. Sven walked him slowly a few times around the parade ring as the gathering horse-men watched and made notes. He led the impressive animal back and forth before the watching throng before finally returning Rogue to his stable. He came back and joined us in the stands as Kurt and I watched a big chestnut taking his turn.

“Rogue looked great out there,” I said as Sven sat beside me.

“Yeah, he’s lookin’ good. We should do fine tomorrow.”

“How are things lookin’ for tonight?” Kurt asked as he nodded towards a group of guys Sven had been talking with.

“Oh, I think we’re gonna do just fine tonight,” Sven said with a big smile on his face. “Let’s go get something to eat and then we should head back to the motel.” He nodded towards the parade ring. “These guys are gonna be showin’ up a little later. I wanna make sure the Kid here has enough energy to keep up tonight.”

“Sounds good to me,” Kurt said as he got up and dusted himself off. The three of us made our way back to Sven’s truck and he took us to a barbeque joint specializing in chicken and ribs. Sven ordered a platter with both and some fries and their homemade baked beans. After my first bite, I knew that they had earned their reputation; the food was absolutely amazing! I’d never tasted anything so succulently delicious in my life. The chicken was so moist and tender, and the ribs were so juicy and flavorful, I wondered why we couldn’t eat like this every day.

“Shit, this is good,” Kurt said as he grabbed another gooey rib from the platter. I finished long before the two of them, my little body deliciously satisfied after the amazing meal.

“I hope you saved room for dessert, Kid,” Sven said as he gnawed on a chicken leg.

“Dessert?” I asked.

“Yeah, a bunch of those guys are coming over to paint your face for you and feed you some of your favorite treat.” I saw him give Kurt a little wink. “After all that food you packed away, you still got room for it?”

“Y….yes sir,” I said in embarrassment, feeling myself turning red. “Are….are they really going to do that?” I couldn’t hide the excitement in my voice.

“Yep; after checking you out, most of them seemed pretty anxious.” He dropped the bones of his chicken wing onto his plate and wiped his greasy face with a napkin before looking at me intently. “You’re not gonna let me down, are you Kid?”

“N….no sir,” I stammered, shaking my head vigorously.

“Are you gonna make me proud of you?”

“Yes sir. I hope so sir,” I said as I nodded my head up and down. “I want you to be proud of me.”

“That’s a good boy. Just do what you think I’d want you to do, and you’ll be fine. Just do as we say, and Kurt and I will make sure you get all the cum you want tonight.” He sat back and took a long slug of his beer before looking a Kurt with a big smile on his face. “And then when those guys are done, Kurt and I are gonna keep that pretty little body of yours full of hard thick cock for the rest of the night. How’s that sound to you, Kurt?”

“That sounds like a perfect plan,” Kurt said as he sat back and wiped his own face. “I’ve got quite a few more loads I wanna get rid of before I head back home to Lucy.”

“Good, then let’s get out of here,” Sven said as he finished the rest of his beer with a long deep gulp and looked across the restaurant and raised his hand. “Waitress!” Our waitress, a sweet-looking college girl, brought our bill and Sven again dropped a number of bills onto the table.

“Let me get that,” Kurt exclaimed, reaching for his wallet, “you got breakfast.”

“No, don’t worry about it,” Sven said as he extended his hand, the abrupt motion stopping Kurt. A big smile appeared on Sven’s handsome face, “We’re gonna more than make up for it tonight, believe me.”

“Alright,” Kurt said with a nod as he slipped İstanbul Escort his wallet back into his pocket.

“Good. Now Kid,” Sven said as we got up and left the restaurant, “I want you to make sure all those guys tonight get their money’s worth, okay?”

“Their money’s worth?” I asked surprisingly. “They’re paying money to cum on me?”

“Sure Kid,” Sven said as he put his big arm around my shoulder comfortingly as we made our way to the truck. “You don’t think I’d let these guys sample those sweet lips of yours for free, do you?”

I didn’t know what to say, I was both confused and fantastically excited at the same time. I ended up saying the first thing that came into my mind. “How… much are they paying?”

Sven gave a loud chuckle and I saw a big smile cross Kurt’s face too as Sven opened the door to the truck and I climbed in. “Now don’t you worry about that, Kid. I’ll take care of everything. You just concentrate on keeping as much spit flowing in that pretty little mouth of yours as you can.” We drove for awhile, each of us with our own thoughts before Kurt spoke.

“How many guys do you think are comin’ over,” he asked as we continued back to the motel.

“Hard to say,” Sven replied. “I told them some of them to bring their friends if they wanted.”

“Well….well….lookee here,” Sven said as we pulled into the motel parking area. “Looks like some of them couldn’t wait to get started.”

I looked over and saw two pick-ups parked outside of our motel room. There were four men standing near the front of the trucks talking; a couple of them with their booted feet resting on the bumpers of their trucks. As we pulled in next to them, they looked our way. I recognized a couple of them as men Kurt and I had seen Sven talking to earlier in the day at the horse show.

“Hey guys,” Sven said to them as we piled out of the truck. “You boys feelin’ a little anxious to get underway?” He had a shit-eating grin on his face as he pulled out the room key.

“Damn right,” one of the guys replied, a tall young guy with sandy hair who kind of looked like the leader of the group. “We’ve only seen this in the movies.” He paused for a second and looked at me as Sven opened the door and stepped aside. “You sure your boy here is up to it?”

“Oh, he’s up to it alright,” Sven said as he motioned them inside. “The more cum this kid can get, the happier he is. Right, Kid?”

“Y….yes sir,” I nodded meekly as Kurt put his arm around my shoulder and ushered me into the room.

“So where are we gonna do this?” the sandy-haired guy said as he looked around the room.

“Just take it easy, Reg,” Sven replied as he reached over to the desk and grabbed the pile of extra sheets we’d gotten from Stricker earlier. He picked them up and tossed them onto the couch as he stepped into the TV area. “C’mon Kurt, give me a hand.” The two of them picked up the big coffee table and moved it over into eating area of the little kitchen. Sven then stepped back and spread the sheets out on the open floor area he’d created between the TV and the couch. Satisfied with his work, he reached over, grabbed the remote and flicked to one of the porno stations.

“Now that’s more like it,” one of the other new guys said as they looked at a busty blonde getting it from both ends by a couple of well-hung guys.

“There you go, Kid,” Sven said to me as he set down the remote and nodded towards the spread-out sheets on the floor. “That’ll be your play-pen for the next little while.” This brought a chuckle from the other guys who I noticed were watching me hungrily. I felt like a lamb being set up for slaughter…..but at the same time, I was also incredibly excited about what was about to happen.

“I……I……,” I stammered as I looked up expectantly at Sven, unsure of exactly what he wanted me to do now.

“Just take your clothes off and get down there on your knees,” he responded in that warm comforting voice of his. “Once you’re in position, I think the boys here’ll know what to do.”

With the peering eyes of six grown men watching me intently, I nervously stripped off my clothes and tossed them aside. My hands seemed to come together to cover my privates self-consciously as I stepped forward and dropped to my knees in the middle of the room.

“He’s really got a pretty mouth on him, doesn’t he,” the guy named Reg said as he stepped forward and started undoing his belt.

“Does he ever!” the other guy who had spoken said as he stepped next to Reg and hurriedly kicked off his boots at the same time as he started to undo his jeans.

“Show them what a nice target that mouth of yours can be,” Sven said as he gave me a little smile. As I knew he liked, I slid my pink tongue forwards and slowly drew it around my full soft lips, leaving them shining. I then pursed my lips into an “O” shape as he’d taught me. I looked over and saw the four guys in the midst of their disrobing, Anadolu Yakası Escort all stop and stare at me with looks of desire on their faces.

“Oh fuck,” Reg said as he stood still, his eyes locked on my full wet lips. “He looks like he wants it as bad as I want to give it to him.”

“Oh, he wants it alright,” Sven said as he stepped forward between the four guys and me. “I think there’s a little financial matter we need to take care of first.” Sven held his hand out towards the guys and they all reached into their wallets or pockets and pulled out some cash. I saw them passing a number of bills each to Sven, but I never was able to get an accurate count; but it did look like quite a bit of money.

“There, now that that’s out of the way, enjoy yourselves.” Sven stepped away and stood next to Kurt as I saw him counting the money before slipping it into his pocket. The guys quickly shucked off the rest of their clothes and started stroking their cocks as they seemed to slowly close in around me; like hungry wolves on their prey.

“Why don’t you start with this one, little guy,” Reg said to me as he stepped right in front of me and pointed his swelling cock at my face. I took one final look at Sven who gave me a comforting nod of approval, then eagerly opened my mouth and slipped my wet lips over the head of Reg’s offered cock.

“Oh fuck, what a hot fucking mouth he’s got,” Reg said to the other guys as I slid my lips further down his cock, my hot saliva bathing the stiffening shaft. I sucked Reg’s cock for a minute or so as he rapidly grew in size until he’d reached full erection. His cut cock was probably about 7″ long, with a slight curve to the left. After dealing with the size of Sven and Kurt’s cocks, I had no trouble taking his. From the corner of my eye, I saw the other three guys standing at around him, slowly stroking their stiff cocks in my direction.

“Let me feel those lips,” the other guy who’d spoken earlier said. Reg pulled out, his hard wet cock making an audible “POP” sound as he quickly withdrew.

“Her you go, buddy,” the other guy said as he stepped forward, pointed his rigid cock down and fed it right in between my waiting lips. It was the first uncircumcised cock I’d ever had and I found it interesting the way his foreskin was tightly adhered to the hot cockhead beneath. He reached forward and ran his fingers through my hair as I bobbed my head up and down as I sucked.

“My turn,” one of his other buddies said a minute of so later. They switched places again and I had another nice hard cut cock in my mouth. I sucked this guy for a minute or two as well before the fourth guy took his place while the others continued to stroke their beautiful hard cocks while they waited for their next turn at my mouth.

They started to rotate taking turns as I sucked each of them for a second….and then a third time. They were all considerably smaller than the cocks of Sven or Kurt, but I could feel myself getting more and more aroused as I continued to suck slavishly, the saliva in my mouth flowing freely as I licked and sucked at one cock after another.

While I was sucking Reg for the fourth go-round, there was a knock at the door. Kurt opened it and five more guys came in. I saw them look over at what was going on and then Sven stepped forward and collected more money from them before they started to undress.

“OH JESUS…..I’M GONNA CUM!” I heard Reg warn from above me. He pulled his throbbing cock from between my sucking lips and started stroking it vigorously as he held it pointed directly at my face. I watched with my mouth gaping open as the glistening red eye filled with his creamy seed before it shot out forcefully to land upon my upturned face.

“GIVE IT TO HIM, REG,” his friend said as he stepped up on the other side of me and pumped his rigid cock towards me. As a second and then a third milky rope jettisoned forth from Reg’s shooting cock, his buddy let loose with his load. I was temporarily startled as a thick wad pounded against my other cheek and across my nose. I flicked my eyes in that direction as the guy moved closer and jacked his pulsating cock all over the other side of my face. I felt more of Reg’s cum land on me as this guy kept shooting too.

“OH YEAH, LET’S COVER THE LITTLE COCKSUCKER,” Reg said as he pumped out the final drops of his thick warm cum onto my smooth young skin. As Reg stepped back, one of his buddies stepped forward and started to shoot. I saw from the corner of my eye a new guy step forward to join the ring around me, his hard working along the length of his cock. The second guy to cum finally finished shooting, his creamy load joining with Reg’s to sit heavy and warm on my face.

And so it went on for the next two hours or so, as soon as one guy would cum, another would take his place. More new guys came into the room and Reg’s friend from the first group even made a beer run and came back. The guys Kartal Escort waiting their turn stood around and talked or watched the porno movies on the TV, usually stroking their cocks in anticipation of their turn.

I don’t know how many cocks I sucked and had shoot on me, but none of them were as big or thick as either Sven or Kurt. At one point, I was so turned on that I reached down to jack off my own throbbing cock.

“Do it into your hand,” I heard Sven say firmly as I wrapped my hand around my cock and started to jerk it off. I cupped my other hand in front of the tip of my engorged cockhead and as the next guy blew his load over my glistening face, I shot my own load. I pumped and pumped, the exquisite pleasure of serving all these guys seeming to flow right through me and out the end of my cock. When I finished, Sven temporarily interrupted the proceedings and the guys all watched as I lapped up my own cum from my hand like a kitten with a bowl of warm milk. As soon as I was done, I looked up in anticipation and leaned towards the nearest cock, slipping my lips over the hot flared head.

I think I sucked off all of the guys at least twice and I know for sure some came three times, including Reg and his buddy. I could feel warm rivulets of cum sliding down my whole body, all the way into my own crotch and over the curved cheeks of my bum as I kneeled there before them. There was cum in my hair and even running down my back. My whole face was completely covered, the warm semen feeling like a delicious silky coating on my smooth young skin.

Finally, the guys started trickling out one by one; thanking Sven and Kurt as they left. The last two guys gave me one final load each, shooting at the same time from each side, their massive loads landing heavily on my upturned face as they pumped out wad after wad of their pearly seed onto me. They shook the last few drops right into my open mouth, pulled their clothes on, and then shook hands with Sven and Kurt before leaving.

“Well, well, look at you,” Sven said as he closed the door and turned to look at me. I looked down at my cum-covered body. There was cum everywhere, including gobs and drops on the sheets they’d spread out beneath me. I felt a warm glow of satisfaction as I savored the luxurious feeling of having all of those milky loads of manly cream either on me or in me.

“Well cocksucker, we don’t want all that cum you love so much to go to waste now, do we?” Sven said as he stepped towards the kitchen area and grabbed a spoon out of one of the drawers. He came and kneeled beside me as Kurt watched from behind the couch, a smile of satisfaction on his face. Sven used the spoon to slowly scrape all over my body, gathering the wads of cum onto the spoon and then feeding it to me like a baby. I loved it. I felt like I was in heaven as this beautiful rugged man fed me spoonful after spoonful of the warm manly cream. He finished by dragging the spoon over my face, gathering in the big gobs of precious seed all those guys had unloaded onto me.

“There you go, Kid, I think you’ve got just about all of it,” Sven said as he slipped the spoon out of my mouth for the last time and stood up beside me. He turned to his friend, “Kurt, you ready?”

“After watching that, fuckin’ right I’m ready,” Kurt said eagerly as I watched him rub his hand over the massive bulge inside his jeans.

“C’mon, Kid,” Sven said as he reached down and pulled me to my feet, my legs feeling unsteady from being down on my knees for so long. “Go on into the bathroom, use that enema kit like I showed you; then take a shower.” He paused for a second as I nodded my head, understanding his instructions.

“Good,” he continued with a sly smile on his face. “‘Cause once you’re done, Kurt and I gonna keep you filled at both ends for the rest of the night.” I looked at both of those two gorgeous men and shivered with anticipation of what the rest of the night would hold for me.

On wobbly legs, I made my way to the bathroom and used the enema kit twice in a row as Sven had taught me. I then went into the massive shower and cleaned myself from head to toe. I combed my hair and even brushed my teeth before returning to join them. They were now both naked, their big majestic cocks dangling invitingly between their legs. After having all those other men feed me their cocks, I realized how lucky I was to have two hung studs like Sven and Kurt to service. Worshipping the gorgeous powerful bodies of these two men was just a dream come true.

“Wh….what do you want me to do?” I asked tentatively as I stepped toward them, my hands subconsciously covering my private parts again.

Sven looked at me with that devilish leer on his face as Kurt’s eyes ran up and down my naked body. “Well,” Sven said, “I figured those guys took pretty good care of that mouth and face of yours, is there somewhere else that might need a little attention?” I saw his eyes look down to my round little bum wantonly.

“Y….yes sir,” I said softly as I felt myself blushing as that teasing little itch in my bum seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“And where might that be?” Kurt asked with a smirk as I watched him reach into the jar of Vaseline and start smoothing the greasy gel along the length of his huge cock in long slow strokes.

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