Bosom Buddies

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My name is Shane, and right now, I’m a senior in college, but this story goes back a few years to the days in the dorms. Back then, I was new to the idea of not having parents around, as well as all the fucking hot girls on my floor, my true bud was Tyler, who lived down the hall a bit. Tyler and I were peas in a pod; we looked almost exactly alike, were pretty much built the same, and had dicks to be proud of.

Ty was the closest thing to a bro I had. He and I got to be real close buds over the months, and we did a lot of stuff together. Sometimes, if we struck out at a party, we’d just go home and beat off together just to pass the time. We pretty much knew how to get each other off, so we’d talk about girls we like and how much we want to fuck them hard.

Figuring my bro would be free for a good two hours, I went straight to his porno stash and started picking out some good videos. I popped one in and started rubbing my shit in my sweats I had on. Tyler noticed what was going on and sat next to me and whip his shit out. We both got naked and started jerking, occasionally smacking at each other’s nuts or nips just for fun. With my dick in my hand, I looked at Tyler and got this great idea. I looked at him and told him I wanted to fuck some girl with him right then. He seemed a little freaked at first, but I was able to convince him to go for it. We got our sweats back on and walked around the dorm hunting for puss. I found Ankara bayan escort this girl I hooked up with the week before, and figured we found our victim. Now I’m generally a nice guy, but when it comes to girls, I lay the mack on hard for them, and they usually like it after a while. I went up to this girl and tried to get her to fuck me and my bro.

Her name was Gina, and she was a frosh like Tyler and I. Gina was a hot girl. She just joined a sorority, and her house and my fraternity did a lot of stuff together. I met her last week at a party and ended up spending the night with her, and I could never forget how tight her shit was around my dick.

I went up to her and started talking. Tyler just stood there, and I introduced the two. I started asking her how her week was and all that shit, but then moved real close to ask her for her bed and puss for a bit. Tyler and I were both pretty much tenting our sweats from beating off before, and I made sure Gina could feel my bulge by leaning right up against her. I leaned in and whispered into her ear how much my bud and I want to fuck her right now. She just looked at Ty, looked down at his bulge and giggled. She took my hand and led me inside her room. Tyler just followed us in…we were set.

By the time the door was closed, my sweats were on the ground and my boner was rising up. I grabbed Gina’s body and started taking off her shirt. My bro sat on her bed and started Escort bayan Ankara jerking his shit under his sweats. I got her on her knees right in front of Tyler, then bent her over, sticking her ass in the air. I slid her panties to the side and started licking her puss to get this shit started. Tyler saw her face go from smile to moan as my tongue started to work her snatch. She pulled my bro’s sweats off his body and started to kiss his dick all over. By the look on my bro’s face, it was going to be a good time.

After letting out a yes between moans, we stood her up and she climbed on my bro. She started riding him facing me, and I could tell by the look on his face that she was still as tight as ever. I stood up and bent her face down toward my crotch, which she started licking all over, getting every last drop of puss juice on her tongue. I started feeding her my cock, and before long, she was taking my entire dick in as my buddy fucked her puss hard. I could tell she was trying to moan, but my dick in the way made her moans just vibrate into my dick. After a bit, I could feel her start to cum on my bro, and her juices flowing off Tyler’s sack confirmed that

After a while, I leaned her back up and knelt in front of my bro’s shit. I started rubbing her clit for him, which she returned by grinding harder onto Tyler’s cock. I eventually leaned in and started tonguing her clit more, and this just drove her nuts. I started Bayan escort Ankara sliding a finger in her puss while Tyler fucked her, and it felt like there was so much room left in there…something I had to fix. I stood up more and put my dick against her clit and started rubbing it on her button. Before she knew what was happening, and before she could protest, I was sliding my dick in her puss with my bro.

Ty and I were best buds, so the thought of our dicks touching didn’t bother me at all. Instead, all I cared about was how tight her puss was getting the farther I slid in her. After a while of her getting used to it, Tyler and I were pretty much the same depth in her snatch, just pounding the shit out of it. By now, Gina was moaning hard and loud, and I was almost beginning to worry if people would notice. Instead of giving a fuck, I just kept on pumping in her with my bro, finding this awesome rhythm that kept her moaning and squirming on us. We gave each other a high five then just lied there for a bit. After she cums, I pull out of her and let her fall into my bro’s arms. I whisper into his ear, “Bro, it’s just us three, let’s cum together in her” and we both started shooting our loads in her at the same time. We seemed to shoot forever, and after a bit, she couldn’t hold any more in and some started dripping on the bed. I put my arms around his neck like buds and slept the night.

We got her all cleaned up, then got dressed and booked. I called her later that night, and she was still not getting over all the dick she got that day. Next night, Tyler and I jerked again thinking of the puss we tagged together. Eventually, for the rest of the year, we’d do her together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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