Bottoms Up

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Little did me and my wife know at the time, some 51 years ago, that an adult board game would direct our lives down a sexual path that we still follow and have enjoyed to this day.

This is a true story about my wife Lisa and myself happily taking that path.

My name is John and my wife’s name is Lisa. Some 51 years ago we got married but the story starts a year before that.

I hope you enjoy the story.

In 1967 Lisa was 20 and I was 21. We were engaged to be married in 1968. We both lived with our parents and, yes, we did have protected sex.

We used to go over to our married friends house regularly for dinner or just to hang out. On a few occasions, they let us use their bed so me and Lisa could fuck. I suspected that they saw us fucking but it didn’t bother me and I was ok with them seeing Lisa in action too. I never said anything to her.

Many times we had some drinks and played strip poker with varied rules. After a couple of drinks, Lisa was really into playing the game. The farthest that the game went was the girls got topless and some touchy feeling by me and Dom.

Dom was older than us at 23 and his wife, Marilyn was younger at 19. We knew them for years before they got married.

Anyway, Dom and I were in the service together so it was somewhat normal for us to see each other naked. I was envious of him because he had a nice big thick cock and was bigger than mine.

Now, before I go much further let me give you some details about us at almanbahis adres the time.

I was 5’8″, 135, brown hair, hazel eyes, 7″ cut cock.

Lisa was 5’7″, 125, long black curly hair, green eyes, big tits and big nipples and a nice ass. She kept her pussy trimmed.

Dom was 5’11”, 170, brown hair, brown eyes and a 9″ uncut thick cock.

Marilyn was 5’6″, 115, brown hair, big tits, brown eyes and nice ass.

So, one night we were over their house for dinner. When we got there Dom said that he had a new board game that he wanted to play after dinner. We said that would be great.

After a delicious dinner, Dom brought out a game called “Bottoms Up” an adult x-rated board game.

Dom went over the rules but added a couple of extra ones to make it more exciting. We all agreed, but Lisa was a little apprehensive.

The object of the game was to be the last person still wearing clothes. The winner then decided on any punishment due the losers.

The game started slowly with the loser having the option of taking a drink or removing a piece of clothing.

After about a half hour, Marilyn was topless and Lisa had three drinks and removed her blouse.

As we continued, Lisa lost her bra and was topless and Marilyn was down to her panties. Dom and I were down to our briefs.

The next half hour decided the winner, Marilyn. Dom and I lost our briefs and Lisa was now naked too.

Marilyn decided on our punishment. She said that almanbahis adresi Dom and I had to get on the bed with Lisa in the middle and have sex for 10 minutes.

By this time, Lisa lost all her inhibitions and just kept smiling and laughing. She gasped when she saw Dom’s cock which was hard and erect.

The three of us got on the bed and Marilyn told us we had 10 minutes to have sex.

Dom was all over Lisa and Lisa played with Dom’s cock. Marilyn yelled out, “Dom, go ahead and fuck Lisa.”

Lisa looked at me and I told her it was ok if she wanted him to.

She didn’t say anything but pushed Dom to get on top of her. Marilyn kept yelling for Dom to get his cock in my fiance’s cunt.

Sure enough, I watched as Dom’s big cock slid all the way into Lisa’s cunt.

Dom started fucking her as I moved my cock to her mouth. Lisa started sucking me as she was getting fucked.

I told them I was going to cum and I pulled my cock out of her mouth and sprayed my cum all over her.

Don kept fucking Lisa and said he was going to cum. He pulled his cock out and shot his cum on her tits and stomach.

I quickly went over to Lisa and kissed her and told her I loved her.

We all rested for awhile and before we knew it, it was time to go.

Marilyn went over to Lisa and kissed her. Then Marilyn invited us to stay over. Lisa looked at me and I told her it was ok with me but she had to decide. I whispered to Lisa that if we say yes, she almanbahis adres will be getting fucked more than once before the night was over by me and Dom and that Marilyn was going to do her as well. She said she knew what was going to happen and if I was ok with it. i told her it was ok with me.

It didn’t take much time for her to decide as she said yes.

Then she realized she had nothing to wear. Marilyn said she could stay naked. Lisa said that was fine.

That night, the four of us slept naked in their bed and had sex with each other numerous times in all sorts of manners.

Once we were in bed, me and Lisa started making out with Dom all over Marilyn. Soon Dom had his cock in Marilyn and I had mine in Lisa. We both fucked the women and after a short time we switched and Dom was now fucking Lisa and I was fucking Marilyn.

Dom pulled his cock out to put on a condom and then started fucking Lisa harder. Soon, both of us were cumming and we shot our loads in them.

We rested a bit then I pushed Lisa towards Marilyn and Marilyn wasted no time in making out with Lisa. Dom and I watched them as they kissed and felt each other up.

Marilyn wasted no time in going down on Lisa and got into 69 with her. We could see Marilyn’s tongue darting in and out of Lisa’s cunt.

Lisa then got her first taste of pussy as she started eating Marilyn. Soon they were both moaning and having multiple orgasms.

When we finally decided to call it a night, Lisa faced Dom in bed and I watched as she slipped his cock in her cunt for the night.

Lisa lost her anal cherry to me. It was Lisa’s first time making out with a woman, Marilyn and she enjoyed it.

We never realized how a simple board game could change our lives for the better.

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