Boy-Toy Ch. 02

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Friday came, and it found me filled with emotion. Nervous, excited, horny, scared. Truth be told, I was about to go away for a weekend with four men that, outside of how they look naked and taste, I knew nothing about. I had taken the morning to primp myself. Once again, bathing and removing every ounce of body hair making my toned tan body look just that much better and younger. The men said that I didn’t need to worry about bringing anything, but I packed a small bag with the bare essentials like toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, flavored lube, you know, the essentials!

I dressed in some girl’s short black volleyball spandex shorts and a tight black t-shirt with some black sandals. My cock, hard, was fully visible in the shorts and the material went up my ass. You might as well have painted them on. They had called early that morning telling me to be shaved and cleaned and to wear something tight and black.

I received another call and it was from Mitch, telling me that they were downstairs in the limo and for me to come on down. My heart began to race as I quickly grabbed my wallet, locked the door and raced down. I jumped into the back of the limo to find still, just the four of them. Mitch explained that we would be at the cabin first and that the other two guys and Mandee would be there later.

I found out that Mandee was one of their interns who had a major thing for guy on guy sex and was coming down to “watch”. I was sitting there between Mitch and John and they were both rubbing on my legs and asking me if I was ready for this weekend. I just smiled and put my hand on both of their crotches and started massaging my answer into their cocks. John grabbed my face and began to kiss me and Mitch started tweaking my nipples. John asked me to suck his cock and I happily smiled and got down on my knees in front of him. I pulled his shorts down and began licking his cock up and down like the fleshpop it was. My ass wiggled İstanbul Escort in the air like the bitch in heat that I am and was immediately molested by the other’s hands.

“We got ourselves a great one this time. We may not even need to audition anyone next time”said Charles.

I sucked off John, then Mitch, then Charles and finally Alex’s beast, swallowing all their loads, soaking up each one of their sex filled insults and wanting more. They told me that I was not allowed to jerk off until we got to the cabin. My cock was so hard that it hurt, but I was determined to do what my master’s wanted of me.

While driving, they each started to get the need to pee, so the driver pulled off at the next rest stop and parked. I noticed that there were not a lot of cars at the rest stop and very happy for that. We all got out and headed towards the men’s restroom, me still in my tight slut clothes, and we all entered.

We all peed and then went to leave. Upon leaving, two tall black gentlemen were walking in. They did a stop and turn when they saw me, and I heard one of them say, “damn dawg, look at the ass on the fairy boy there!”

The men stopped and turned around and Alex said, “You like our slut?”

“Fuck yeah we do.”

“Would you like to borrow him for a few minutes?”

My heart was racing. Borrow? You mean to tell me that these guys were going to be allowed to use me. I didn’t even know them.

“Hell yeah dawg. Let us piss and then we’ll take your boy for a spin”

Alex looked at Charles and he went and closed the gate to the restroom so that the “Closed for Cleaning” sign was showing. We all walked back to the restroom area and the black guys told me to come over and give them a hand.

I walked in between them and they told me to reach in a pull their cocks out and hold them while they piss. I reached in and couldn’t believe it. These guys were well Kartal Escort Bayan over 6′ tall and their cocks made Alex’s seem average. I gripped my hand around their logs as they blasted the back of the urinals with their piss. While they peed, I slowly jacked off their cocks as best I could considering I couldn’t get my hands around them all the way.

Once they were done, they pushed me to the ground and began wiping their cocks on my face. As humiliating as it was to have their left over piss rubbed on my face, in a public restroom, by guys whose name I didn’t know, I was so turned on and the thought of these cocks was not helping.

I lost it. I took the guy on my left into my mouth, stretching my mouth, trying to get what I could in. I jerked off the guy on my right for a while as I bathed his friends with my tongue. I switched and did the same thing. I went back and forth two or three times before they took things into their own hands. They started trying to fuck my mouth, with their hands on the back of my head. If one wasn’t in my mouth, it was rubbing on my face or slapping me.

Mitch told them that they should get a look at my ass, as it was tight and firm and probably dying to get filled.

Dying was the right word, but it’s what I felt would happen to me if they tried to stick these logs up my ass. Still, didn’t care. I was here to be a slut, not to say no. They stood me up and had me bend over, hands on a sink as their huge hands molested by ass. The taller of the two got behind me and started dry humping me.

“Ah yeah, the fairy’s gonna scream.”

With that, he pulled down my shorts to my knees and kneeled down. He spit right on my tight shaved hole then stood up and worked his cock up and down the crack of my ass. He began pushing and it was as if my ass was putting up a fight. A fight it was sure to lose. He grabbed my hips, and shoved hard. Then came the Anadolu Yakası Escort pain. My pain was of no consequence as I am sure that the tightness of my ass compared to the size of his cock was putting him in heaven. He began to fuck me. And when I say fuck, I mean fuck. He was grunting, slamming into my ass as if he would win a prize based on how hard he slammed into me. He told me to look up and watch myself get fucked. I did as I was told but truth be told, every time he slammed into me, the room spun so concentrating on this was impossible. His friend told him to turn me towards him and they did. Bent over, hands on his friend’s hips, I took his friends cock and became impaled from both ends. The pain had gone away and I was filled with more ecstasy than I had felt ever. This went on for a little while longer and then they switched. They fucked me from both ends till they both pulled out.

They told me to get naked on the floor. They then both stood in front of me jacking off furiously. I opened my mouth to catch their cum and they told me to shut my mouth. I was going to wear their cum. While looking up, I noticed that John had a video camera and was (and had been) filming the whole thing. These two monster cocks unloaded what felt like a pint of cum each. I was soaked. I was happy. I was still horny. They guys told me to clean their cocks off with my mouth while jerking my own cock off. I looked up at Mitch and he gave me the Ok. I took these huge cocks into my mouth and just savored the felling of softening cocks popping in and out of my mouth, dancing in front of and on my face like angry snakes. I shot so hard that some flew and hit the other side of the restroom wall. They brothers gave my face one final slap with their cocks and then they packed up and left.

Alex told me to get cleaned up and to meet them out in the car. We were only an hour away from the cabin and had to get their in time to get me set up for the welcome.

I did as I was told and headed out to the limo. I got some strange looks from some of the rest stop visitors, but I didn’t care. My needs were being satisfied. My boy toy, cock sucking, cum craving, being used needs that is.


Next Chapter: “Boy-Toy” Ch. 3 – Welcome, care for a blow-job?

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