Brandon and Megan

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Brandon Jamison liked many things about hanging out at the gym. Not the least was taking off the tight constraints of proper underwear and letting his cock swing free in flimsy gym shorts. He liked to feel his cock swinging in his shorts. He was big and liked being big. It made it far easier to get girls into bed and Brandon really liked getting girls into bed.

Of particular interest was a tall brunette he’d seen at the gym. Her workouts made him chuckle. She didn’t take her workout too seriously and would flit like a butterfly from one machine to another, trying each, giggling at her efforts, and just having a lot of fun. There were moments when it seemed like the whole idea of a workout was a private joke, but in a silly, innocent way. If she was that playful in the gym, what was she like in the bedroom? Brandon very much wanted to find out.

He started the conversation as he’d started many, hitting on women at the gym. After two minutes she figured out that he was hoping to get her into bed. By the third minute she’d decided he was extremely fuckable. At the five minute mark, she decided that as long as he didn’t screw it up, she would sleep with him.

He realized within a minute that she was a loose cannon, probably a little flaky, but potentially fun. She was a free spirit whom he could never tame, but the chase would be fun.

A smoothie at the juice bar turned into an invite to a drink. They found a bar, had a couple of beers. At some point, he leaned over and kissed her. She kissed him back, stroked her hand on his chest, and said she wanted to leave. With him.

They walked a few blocks to her house, holding hands. She lived in an older, brownstone apartment building in the bohemian section of town. The lobby was that kind of stately foyer with an air of aged elegance that said it used to look better in its time. They climbed the two flights to her door and entered an apartment that was simple, modern, nicely furnished. Crate and Barrel style, but tasteful. A black leather couch faced a glass and steel shelving unit with the usual – television, DVD, a number of pictures. Several flowering plants were on the windowsill, and a shelf of books. She ducked into the bedroom while Brandon scanned the titles. The books on a person’s shelves tell you almanbahis adres about them, so he’d heard. A couple of chick-novels, relationship books, a long run of titles in Spanish and French, a couple of photo albums. A half dozen tall, cylindrical candles in hurricane lamps around the room. The apartment had a faint scent of vanilla. “I think she’s a romantic,” he said to himself. “Sometimes, yes,” she said, right behind him. He started at the sound – he hadn’t heard her return – and she giggled at getting one over on him. Tight jeans and a red silk camisole now framed her body. Her hair, unbound, cascaded around her shoulders.

She bounced on bare feet into the kitchen and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. “Let’s get to know each other,” she said, as she sat on the couch.

He joined her. They sat for a while, drinking the wine and chatting. She finally put down her glass and asked when he’s going to kiss her. He smiled, knowing that this was the invite to move on to what he really wanted.

He kissed her, gently at first, both of them giggling as they began to touch and kiss. Clothing started to disappear. Eventually she was down to her bra and panties, and he was wearing only boxers. She stood up, reached for his hand, and led him off the couch.

They scrambled into the bed, and ended up with him on top, between her thighs. His cock was rock hard, and pressed between them. “Hmph,” she said, with a wicked grin. She slid a hand below his waist and wrapped it around his shaft. “Oh, my, you are a big boy..” she laughed. He smiled. He kissed her lips, then slowly worked his way down her body, kissing her everywhere. Her bra came off, and he spent a good ten minutes warming her up by kissing and caressing her breasts. Working his way further down, he slid her panties aside, then off, and gently tongued her pussy. She came once, a good strong orgasm, and asked him to give her a little rest. He lay down next to her, his cock tenting the boxers. She smirked and pulled them off him, started gently rubbing her hand up and down the hard shaft.

“I’ve got condoms,” he said.

“I’m on the pill,” she replied.

He placed his hand on her cheek, and kissed her tenderly. Then firmly. Then passionately. She rolled to bring almanbahis adresi his body on top of hers, and used a hand to position his cock between her legs.

“Just like that?” he asked.

“I could stroke it or suck it, if you want, but I think you really want to fuck, and so do I,” she said, chuckling.

He gently pushed forward, parted her pussy lips with the knob of his cock and shoved the head shoved. She exhaled as his cock began to enter her, and he moaned slightly at the feeling of her warm, wet tunnel spreading around and gripping his penis. With their eyes locked, he plunged inside. She grunted as he stretched her open; it had been quite a while since she’d had anyone his size inside her.

They joined and moved together. Ten minutes later, Brandon reached orgasm. His cock blossomed inside her, and pulsed as it released his semen into her body. She accepted it, loving the feeling of this very muscular man spilling his essence into her.

After a rest, she pushed him onto his back. Two quick strokes and his cock was rock hard again. She mounted him, sliding slowly down the full length of his very hard shaft. She ground her pubes against his until the combination of friction against her clit and feeling completely stuffed with cock gave her an explosive and rather vocal climax. As she cried out in a mix of agony and ecstasy, Brandon again ejaculated, his cock spurting another load of his seed into her wet and quivering womanhood.

They slept. When Brandon woke in the morning, sunlight was pouring through the curtains and the bed was empty. Pushing aside the morning grogginess, he realized he could hear the shower in the bathroom running. He rose from the bed, naked, strolled into the bathroom and found her in the shower, soaping up. He opened the glass door, stepped inside, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her.

She warned him, teasingly, not to get romantic on her; the night before was fun, but she isn’t looking for him to be her boyfriend.

He smirked and started teasing her pussy with his fingers. “Don’t get me wrong,” he joked, “I just came in here to see if I could get one last time.”

She smiled and reached for his cock. It was already half hard, so a few quick handstrokes had him hard and ready. almanbahis adresi His fingers, churning her honey pot, had her very well lubricated. She leaned back against the wall, inviting the well-hung twenty-three year old to step between her legs. She licked her lips as he smiled and aimed his cock. The knob slid between her lips and started to enter her. She exhaled, enjoying it.

Achingly slowly, he leaned into her body. One inch, then two slid inside. She moaned as he slowly pushed in. He slowed even more, teasing her. She realized he was intentionally holding back the full length, which only made her more eager to feel him all the way inside. “Oh, fuck,” she moaned, “you are very, very good at this…” He leaned in and kissed her, parting her lips with his tongue, while gently easing the rest of his throbbing tool up into her. Without breaking the kiss, he slid his hands down her neck, arms and sides to her hips. Holding her hips as the water cascaded down on them, he drew his cock back a good four inches and slowly drove it back in. She moaned as he slowly fucked her, first with four inch strokes, then five, then six. Each time he moved forward, his cock stretched into the deepest part of her.

After a few minutes of slow fucking, he slid out and turned her to face the wall. She smiled, arched her back, and shoved her ass back at him. He aimed his cock, grabbed her hips, and gently pulled her back onto him. She moaned and squirmed as he hit bottom and started to pump in and out.

A few minutes later, Brandon could feel his load building in his shaft. He smiled, enjoying the feeling of getting ready to shoot off inside her. He leaned forward and whispered, “I’m gonna cum, babe. I want to see your eyes when I do.” He pulled out slowly, while she moaned in frustration as he withdrew from her body. She turned and spread her legs. “You know where to put that, I hope.” He stepped forward, positioned himself and, looking right into her eyes, shoved his cock inside her. Three or four deep thrusts were all he needed; he leaned in and whispered in her ear, “baby, I’m gonna cum…”. He raised her arms above her head, and spread her against the wall. She moaned and started to climax; he felt her shaking and panting as she came. He leaned forward and kissed her intensely, and thrust his hips forward one last time, burying himself inside her. A second later his cock jerked and flooded her body with hot semen.

They dried and dressed, and she sent him on his way with a kiss and her phone number. He knew he’d be using it again.

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