Breakfast and Discipline

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I woke up in Bobbie’s arms, with the morning light filtering through the single high curtained window bathing us in soft fuchsia light. She was also waking up, and we cuddled and snuggled and petted each other in that drowsy content state. Under the sleepy fuzziness, parts of my body were starting to wake up…and scenes from the night before were flickering into my awareness. When she nuzzled my neck and kissed it, and slid her hand down to my pussy, those parts of me were contemplating more sex…in just a little while…

And then Elvis started belting out “Heartbreak Hotel” right next to my ear. God rest his soul, but not right now, dude…

“Shit, sorry,” Bobbie muttered, reaching over me to pick up her phone. “Hello…hey…yeah. Mmm…I did have overnight company…” she giggled. “…I’d say very lucky. What?…Sure, that’d be great. Mm, a couple of those chocolate croissants, maybe two of the almond ones too. I’ll reimburse you later…oh, that’s true, guess you do owe me this time…get the fruit cups, too…” She turned to me, “That sound O.K.?” I nodded. “Yeah…I recall you saying that…hmm, it might be…Brian O.K. with that?…Ha! We’ll talk about it…when you come in, we’ll let you know…yes or no…it’ll be pretty obvious…yes, of course. O.K., see ya in a few.” She clicked the phone off.

“Delia’s bringing breakfast. And…she’s still interested in, um, a scene. I don’t think Brian left her very satisfied last night.”

“That sucks, about Brian…What – a scene with both of us?”

“Yeah. I told her that I would make sure you were cool with that and we’d let her know when she got here. Look, even if you say yes, you’ll try it now, you can change your mind at any time. If it feels weird before we get started, just say…um, ‘pasta’. And it’s O.K. if you really don’t want to do it at all. I’m totally fine with it, either way. We can just…do as we like. As we both like.”

I leaned in and kissed her, letting my hand stray down to her breast. As we kissed, I let it roam further south. Her naked pussy was moist and hot; her legs parted to let me play.

I broke the kiss. “I think I’d be willing to give it a try…yes. Let’s see what happens.”

“Excellent,” she replied. “Oh! Do that again…” And the game – at least ours – was afoot…

I was squatting on her face, letting her soft wet tongue and lips work their magic on my labia and clit, pumping my hips gently to make the lapping of her tongue ebb and flow against me, focused only on the pleasure she was giving me. She was clasping my ass in her hands to better keep my juicy pussy where she could taste it; as I writhed against her mouth, I would move my gaze from the direct sight of her pretty face, eyes closed sweetly, mouth and chin slick, nose pressed into my mound, to the profile view of us in the side mirror. Watching her eat my cunt intensified the pleasure. I gasped and then sighed happily when her probing tongue found a precise point on my clitoral hood that added an additional thrill; she made a murmuring sound of reaction against my flesh. The additional vibration of the murmur elicited another spike of pleasure, and another gasp and sigh. She took note. I could feel the lapping of her tongue like the lapping of waves on the seashore, each wave cresting higher, bringing me closer to orgasm. We kept it steady, me rolling my hips in rhythm, her fingers gently digging into the cheeks of my butt, her tongue bathing me gently and firmly, punctuated by her occasionally humming against my skin to give me that additional vibration. I was panting, just about ready to explode.

Then a flicker of movement in the mirror almost broke my concentration, making me falter for a brief moment. A girl had come in, closing the door carefully behind her. Bobbie, not breaking stride at all in her perfect cunnilingus technique, took one hand off my ass and gestured at the newcomer with a quick wave and pointing – my blissed-out mind produced the name “Delia” before returning to being totally focused on what was happening to my cunt.

I felt a tiny twinge of embarrassment, but I was far too close to orgasm to do anything but dismiss it and keep going. I was gasping with each breath, my eyes taking in that the girl had set something down on the table, and was now sitting in the pink chair, watching as I rode Bobbie’s face.

“Ahhh, ohh yeah, I’m gonna come…coming…fuck fuck fuck, yes baby,” I managed to gasp out. Bobbie seized my clit with her lips, sucking it into her mouth and humming at the same time, and I exploded, near-howling as my cunt muscles tightened and released fast and hard. Bobbie laid off the sucking and humming and wriggled her tongue around my folds and into my vagina, lapping up the juices leaking out with each release. I leaned with my forearms against the wall, spent and panting, trying to keep my over-sensitive clitoris away from Bobbie’s mischievous flicking tongue; she was bent on teasing me with it and tightened her grip on my ass cheeks while I wriggled to adana escort keep her from touching my button.

“Enough…oh lord…ohhh…noooo…” She’d caught my clit in her lips and was sucking it. “No…ohhhh…yeah, yeah, oh holy FUCK I’m going to come again…FUCK I’m coming!” It was swift, hard, and made my entire body arch and shudder. This time she relented, giving my slit a few gentle laps before loosening her grip, letting me lean on my arms against the wall, spent and panting.

She slid out from under me, like a mechanic working on a car, and addressed the seated girl. “Hey, Delia. You brought breakfast?”

I turned my head to look at the girl; she held up a white paper bag. “Yeah, the pastries. I got the ones you wanted.”

“Thanks. Coffee?”

“Um, it’s brewing. I’ll bring it down when it’s ready, Miss Bobbie.”

Bobbie shifted in the bed a little; even in my blissful state, I caught that the “Miss” added to “Bobbie” was significant, and that we’d just started negotiating. Having recovered – or at least having my legs stop shaking, anyway – I slid down in the bed next to Bobbie. I was a little self-conscious, but this girl Delia seemed not to care…and I had been well aware of her watching avidly while Bobbie finished getting me off. Bobbie caressed my shoulder, trailing her fingers down to my breast and smiling when my nipple hardened at her touch. She gave me a mischievous look, wicked little tongue-tip appearing between her teeth, then cocked an eyebrow and tilted her head at Delia, asking me wordlessly. I nodded once. What the hell; if they were both game for this game with me, I was game for it with them.

“Game on,” I whispered to her.

I took quick stock of Delia: she wasn’t really my type, but cute enough. She was petite: not just short but slim and small, with narrow hips and small tits. Her hair was straight, shoulder-length, strawberry-blonde; she had big hazel uptilted eyes and a pert little upturned nose. Nothing remarkable but cute. She was wearing a big white button-down shirt that looked like it probably belonged to her boyfriend, and tight faded jeans. She was…wholesome-looking, all fresh-scrubbed and vanilla ice cream, and I made a note to ask Bobbie later how this roommate situation had come about. And was this cute little thing really a Freak with a capital F?

I admit, it might not have really been my scene, that brand of freakery, and she may not have been my type, but I was intrigued. And horny.

I gave Bobbie a small grin back.

“Delia,” Bobbie said in a firm tone. “This is Lula.”

“Hi,” I said, waving my fingers at her and smiling, then dropping my hand to toy with one of Bobbie’s nipples.

Delia ducked her head as if too shy to meet my eyes, but I knew she was covertly looking at us. “Hello, Lula.”

“Miss Lula to you, Delia,” Bobbie corrected.

“Oh, forgive me, Miss. Miss Lula, it’s so nice to meet you.” Good grief, she had a little schoolgirl voice, and I couldn’t tell if that was part of the role, or just her voice.

“So you brought the pastries as I told you, but instead of also bringing the coffee at the same time…you came down here to watch us fuck.”

“Sorry, Miss. The coffee should be –“

“I didn’t ask for any backtalk, slut. You snuck in to watch us fucking, didn’t you? That’s really, really naughty.”

“Yes, Miss. It was naughty of me.”

Bobbie lay back a little, giving me more access to her breasts. I leaned over and took a nipple into my mouth. Bobbie sighed and played with my hair.

“You said on the phone you’d been naughty, Delia. Were you a naughty slut?”

“Yes, Miss. A very naughty little slut.”

“And then you come home, and instead of doing what you were told to do, or doing it right at least, you come down here and act naughty some more…I see.” I stopped sucking and trailed kisses over to her other tit. “What do you think, Lula? Was that pretty naughty, her watching me eat your pussy…” here her hand went down to cup my pussy for emphasis, one finger flicking my clit, “…Instead of properly bringing our breakfast?”

“I have to agree with you, Bobbie. It’s terribly naughty.” I said it with mock-concern, hamming it up…without feeling the urge to laugh, because yes…I really was intrigued and aroused. I’ve played BDSM games before, and on occasion when a partner overshot the mark and demanded or said something really dorky, I did burst out laughing, and it was all too ridiculous. I am NOT either dom or sub by nature. But as a game it can be fun, with the right person, in the right way, at the right time. And Bobbie had slipped two fingers into my cunt and was gently massaging the slick walls of my vagina, and it was too delicious to even think about not playing this game.

“Did you hear that, slut?” Bobbie asked. “Now…did you like watching me eat Lula’s pussy? Did it get you wet?” She slipped the fingers out of me and sucked them. “Lula’s pussy is so yummy. Were you adana escort bayan wondering what it would taste like? Or what it would feel like? Did it turn you on to watch me make love to Lula? Answer me, little slut.”

“Yeees…yes, Miss.”

I parted my legs a little to give Bobbie’s probing hand more room to roam, and also to display my glistening, flushed cunt to the girl. She was staring, her tongue darting out nervously to lick her lips.

“Yes, what, slut?”

“Yes it turned me on to watch you eating Lu – Miss Lula’s pussy like that, Miss. It looked good.”

“Are you wet, little girl, like a good little slut?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Come here. I want to check.”

Delia shuffled over to the bed to stand at something like attention.

“Take off those jeans, slut. And panties. Come to think of it, you need an inspection. Take off all your clothes.” As Delia started to pull off her clothes, Bobbie continued: “Did you fuck your boyfriend last night, slut?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“How many times?…Put your clothes on the chair. How many times did you let him put his prick in you, slut?”

“Just once, Miss. He was tired.” Delia had pulled the big white shirt off, and was removing a little white lace-edged bra to show very small, perfectly round breasts with small beige nipples. Her skin was milk-pale, and sprinkled with freckles.

“Only once, whore? That’s not enough for a horny little slut like you…fold the clothes as you put them on the chair, Delia, you useless slut. Yes…did he eat your pussy at least? Fold them NEATLY, bitch. Really, you are the most impossible little slut.”

Delia finished folding the clothes. “He fucked me only once, Miss. And he didn’t eat my pussy, Miss. He was tired…”

“I don’t care what he was feeling like, and I didn’t ask you to tell me! Put your collar on.”

Delia went over to the dresser and pulled a plain black leather collar out of the second drawer, strapping it around her neck.

“Come here, slut.”

Delia moved closer. She was small and lean and sleek, with not much ass – a little flat for my taste – and her pussy hair was carefully trimmed into a cropped reddish V. Only the slightest hint of pink showed in the cleft of the outer lips.

“Did you wash really well for me, slut? You’re not full of nasty spunk, are you?”

“Yes, Miss, I washed really well. We used a rubber, Miss.”

Bobbie pretended to consider this answer, then demanded: “Spread your legs a bit, slut.”

Delia complied, straddling her feet several inches apart and bending her knees slightly while standing.

“Hold open the lips and show us that cunt.” Her little pussy was a hairy rosy seam; the inner lips and clit were small. But her vaginal entrance was obligingly parted and slick. Bobbie ran her finger from the little clit down to her vagina, then thrust the finger in, swift and hard. Delia grunted, then tilted her head back slightly as Bobbie fingerbanged her roughly She was wet enough that her cunt was slurping at the intruding finger.

“Well. You are a wet little whore. But it’s all pussy juice, so you’re not all nasty down there. Guess watching me and Lula did get you hot,” Bobbie pulled the finger out and pinched one of the fleshy outer lips. Delia gasped, and a small smile played on her lips.

“Yes, Miss,” she whispered. Bobbie pinched the other labia, harder. Delia moaned.

Abruptly, Bobbie pulled her hand away. “Stop standing there, slut. Go get the coffee. Now. Miss Lula and I are ready for our breakfast. Which might include eating more pussy. After your punishment, perhaps you can watch. If you’re a good little whore. Would you like that, slut?”

“Yes, Miss! Thank you, Miss!” She scurried out of the room.

Bobbie turned to look at me. “This is all right for you, Luby-loo?”

I grinned. “It’s…interesting.”

She cupped one of my tits and nibbled on it. “Yes, but…do you want to do this scene, and does it turn you on so far?”

I took her free hand and pressed it against my twat. “…What do you think? Am I turned on enough for you? Think I want to do this?”

She fondled my inner lips and clit. Both were wet and engorged. “So that’s a yes, then?”

“Oh, yes. With you? It’s a hell yes, Bobbie.” I leaned over to kiss her deeply while she insinuated a finger into me, seeking my G-spot.

“Great, then…the safe word we use is ‘boxwood.’ Anyone says that, we stop what we’re doing. Don’t be too shy about using it if anything is too much, or you feel weird, O.K., love?”

“‘…Boxwood’? Like the hedge?”

“Of course! You know you want to pick a safe word that isn’t something you’d ever say while fucking. And I damn sure don’t talk about gardening when I’m fucking.”

“Well, we could always talk about bushes during sex…if we had bushes…” We both giggled a bit, silly with each other, and she tickled me lightly, making us both giggle a bit more.

“Mmmm…Damn, you’re escort adana hot, Lula. I want to fuck you all day and night.”

I could hear Delia overhead opening a cupboard and the clattering of cups on the counter. I gently pushed Bobbie onto her back and started licking her skin. It still tasted like jasmine and vanilla; I recalled us gently massaging each other with lotion after our second shower before going to sleep. I slipped quickly down between her legs, hooking my arms under her thighs, and with no further ado began eating her gorgeous pussy with enthusiasm. She twined one hand into my hair with a pleased little moan, obliging me by parting her cunt lips with the other hand so I could have easy access to the tender slick inner flesh of her sex. I slurped at her with the flat of my tongue, devouring her sweet-salty juices, then settled into sucking her hot pink button while thrusting two fingers into her. I was fucking her determinedly, wanting to make her come all over my face.

The aroma of coffee wafting over the lovely pussy scent I was engulfed in announced Delia’s return; I moved higher onto my knees, arching my back so I was presenting my ass and slit to her view.

“Put the tray down on the…table…oooohhh…slut. And sit on the floor in your position…and…oh yeah, Lula, that’s it, love…wait until we’re ready to…mmm…deal with you.”

“Yes, Miss.” I snuck a glance in the mirror at Delia; she had put the tray down and was standing there staring at my slit with her mouth slightly open. I hummed against the juicy flesh of Bobbie’s cunt, recalling how damn good that felt. She squealed.

“Oh, fuck, Lula, you eat pussy so good, yeah! Ohhh…I’m close…unhhhh…don’t stand there…Delia…sit like…mmm you were told…oh lord, harder, yeah, lick me harder…that’s it…I’m coming now!”

And she did, gyrating her hips harder, holding my head hard against her while she came. I licked her clean while she shivered and squealed at the feel of my tongue. I pulled my head away finally to speak, “You have the sweetest, most beautiful cunt, baby. I could just eat you for days…”

“Mmm. Thank you, darling…thank you…yes, baby, come up here and kiss me.” I complied, our tongues savoring each other long and deep. After we broke the kiss, Bobbie turned to Delia, who was sitting on her heels on the floor, knees demurely together, looking down at the floor. But she was smiling, and her cheeks were flushed.

“Ah. Little slut. Pour the coffee for us now. We’re going to have breakfast while we talk about what we’re going to do with you.”

“Yes, Miss,” Delia did as she was told, arranging croissants and fruit on a plate and pouring the coffee.

“Are you done, now? Good. Good little whore. Tell us: did you like seeing that, slut? Are you still turned on and wet?”

“Yes, Miss.”

I sat up and turned to Bobbie. “I think we should check her again.”

“I agree. Come here, now.” The petite girl, clad still in just the dog collar, came over, standing in that awkward attention pose.

“Get on the bed with us, slut. At the foot of the bed, in your place. On your hands and knees.” Delia complied, her butt pointing toward the mirror.

“Turn around and present your cunt and ass to us for inspection. Yes, slut.” The smell of her arousal mingled with the scent and taste of Bobbie’s juices still wet on my lips. Bobbie put her hands on the girl’s asscheeks, pulling them apart slightly. She had a tiny pink rosebud of an anus; I saw it twitch as Bobbie stroked it with her fingertip.

“Hmm. Lula? Do you think she’s clean and pretty enough there? She likes things in her asshole, because she’s a dirty little slut.”

“Weeelll…she looks O.K. It looks clean. Her pussy does, too. Wet, though.”

“I think everything passes inspection, slut. At least how you look and smell. Taste?” Bobbie looked at me, offering me the right to judge. I leaned in and gave the little cunt one long hard slurp from clit to anus, pausing in the stroke only to jab my tongue into her vulva once. Delia drew her breath in sharp; I dipped my tongue back into her pussy and pumped it in and out for several strokes. Delia’s cunt muscles tightened around my tongue. Her little pussy was snapping tight, and she was creaming on my tongue. I pulled it out; Delia groaned.

“It tastes not bad, really. I’d say she passes that inspection.” I licked a little juice off my lips. She didn’t taste as sweet and tart as Bobbie, more musky, but very yummy, still.

“All right, then. But the little whore wanted you to service her. Make her come. Isn’t that what you wanted, little slut? To have Miss Lula eat your little slut pussy until you had an orgasm?”

“Yes, Miss,” Delia replied, sounding abashed, like she was admitting something shameful.

“You don’t get to have Miss Lula make you come unless we want to reward you. I’m not going to let you come at all, unless you act like a good little slut. And before you can do that, you have to be punished.” She moved to get out of the bed. “Come on, Lula, let’s eat. Breakfast, that is.”

We sat at the little table, still naked. She called to the girl still doggy-style on the bed. “Turn around so your pussy is toward us. And stay there like that until we are ready to deal with you, slut.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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