Brick Walling – The Start Ch. 03

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The other girls were all chatting about Daisy’s encounter the other week and I know I was probably standing back from the chatter a bit, I could tell Rachel was looking at me so at least one of them had noticed I wasn’t joining in with the banter and excited chatter. The thing is that the girls are such a tight group and none of us really have a regular boyfriend as that would get in the way of the group but recently in the past few months my regular friend with benefits had started to turn into a more standard boyfriend/girlfriend thing though I don’t think we had actually started calling each other those terms yet, it was definitely headed in that direction. So when the girls were getting so turned on by Daisy’s really intense, sexy, erotic and thrilling shag the week before I was keeping a secret as really the last thing on my mind was pulling or brickwalling (though that really did sound good) as I was so confused by me own relationship with Ralph. Were we getting together or was this just what happened with anything you start off with a set of rules and end up blurring those edges until the rules are forgotten and something else has emerged?

I’ve no idea to be honest but as the girls chatted and giggled around me I was lost in my own world of thought and with the girls and especially Rachel who I can normally talk to about these things so firmly focused on having some fun with a random guy I just felt a bit left out a bit of a spare wheel. Well probably nothing a few drinks wont sort out when we hit the club and dancing always makes me feel free so that should blast away a few of the thoughts I had stuck going round my brain. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t having a bad time or at all put out by the girls excitement, hell if I wasn’t so confused by Ralph and our I suppose I should call it a relationship then I might have been just as focused as Rachel was on getting pushed roughly up against a brick wall!

Clubs and Q’s there’s really nothing to be done about it unless you want to get on your knees on a regular basis and blow the bouncers, been there done that it’s not worth it doesn’t even get you a free drink! As we got in and did the standard tour of the dancefloor edges. It was pretty obvious that Rachel was up for anything she was literally bouncing in anticipation and I knew that with the way she was dressed and how drop dead gorgeous she looked that it wouldn’t take long for her to pull. It was a matter of who rather than an if. As we hit the dance floor I could tell Rachel had spotted a likely target and what a surprise a group of lads largely all 6 foot or taller who looked like the typical rugby boys she goes for – so not my type I generally like a more geek boy you know the type glasses, hipster looking, cool shoes interesting taste in music that sort of thing. Anyway the other girls were so pre-occupied with pulling that I don’t think any of them had noticed that Rachel needs a wing-girl (yes yes I know terrible term) as her chap had brought a mate.

I hate when blokes do this, it almost always is for one of two reasons either the blokes are unsure which one of them the girl is actually interested in and to be fair in a club this is a pretty common occurrence right or the mate has agreed to be the wing-man to split the girls up but on this occasion Rachel was not requiring splitting up from anyone apart from her total focus on getting fucked and I doubt she was going to let anything get in the way of that. Knowing Rachel she had every detail planned out in her head she’s such a control freak at times I wonder if she will let go and be in the moment when it happens or still be thinking no I need your hand here, your mouth here hahaha that made me laugh. Right well looks like I am going to have to be the friend and get rid of the spare bloke. I dance over towards them smile at the guy over my drink and start to dance with him as I also give Rachel a little smile so she know she is free to go do whatever it is she has planned out in her head.

I dance with this guy for a few songs and I notice Rachel and her chap leaving the dance floor and heading to the bar so I am thinking right friend good dead done where are the girls? But it’s still mid song and it would be rude to just disappear so we carry on dancing for a few minutes. He so not my type this guy, definitely had a broken nose at some point and as I’m quite tall he was only an inch or so taller than me in my heels but he was well built and had a kind of sexy rugged good look about him and he could dance, really good mover. I suddenly realised I was just enjoying dancing with him so when the tune ended and the next one started kept on dancing. By now he was starting to dance a bit closer pretty standard moves for a club. So I was half expecting his hands to go around my hips when they did. He put one hand on my left hip as we danced and pulled me towards him slightly which I let him do as I moved forward he moved his other hand to my other hip and we started to sway together as we danced.

As the beat got more intense I was starting to enjoy the feeling of this man’s hands on my hips he was gently leading me in the dance and our bodies were getting closer and closer. My brain was all over the place almanbahis adresi thoughts of Ralph and what Rachel was up to competing with a small voice telling me to get off the dance floor and the reality of my actions which were moving me closer and closer to this man. I couldn’t think clearly I just wanted to not think as my mind was so confused anyway so as we danced I tried to just relax and have a good time. As we continued dancing he leaned forward, I could feel the heat of his breath on my neck as he spoke into my ear. You’re a good dancer! I smile Thanks you too. As we spoke he took the opportunity to move his left hand around me and onto the small of my back just above my bum. This closed the distance between us and I felt my breast brush against his chest and our groins meet. He felt good pressed against me and I was really starting to enjoy dancing with him.

I’ve always found dancing to be really sexual, if you can dance and get me on the dance floor chances are I am going to get turned on if you are a good mover. This guy was a good mover and as our bodies moved together more the action of his hands on my body was starting to send little tremors of pleasure up my spine. I was wearing a tight black and gold dress which was mid-thigh in length, had a low scoop back and a scoop front showing off a reasonable swell of my breasts. I’m not a large breasted girl a to b cup at most but this dress showed them off to full advantage and I could tell this guy was enjoying looking down at them when he got a chance. His hand on my back was starting to move up and discover my bar skin which had a sheen of sweat from dancing as he moved his hand onto my skin I shivered and moved closer to him. He was starting to have an effect on me and I could feel my nipples harden against my dress and a warmth spread from between my legs. It was about this time that I became aware of his rapidly stiffening cock against my belly. I guess my body was getting to him also. That made me smile, I liked to know I could have this quick an effect on a guy.

As his hand continued to explore its way up my spine in little circles which were setting off sparks within my nervous system and giving me the most delicious feeling I moved closer to him an slipped my hands around his neck by now it would be fair to say we were shuffling to the music and not really dancing anymore both of us more intent on the other than the actual music. I ran my hand up through his hair sending shivers that I could feel through him, I had obviously hit a spot he liked and as I did that he moved a leg between mine taking our dancing to a much more sexual level. I wasn’t sure I was ready for that my mind was still racing so I said to him let’s get a drink and he followed me off the dance floor.

As he got me my Gin & tonic I was looking for the girls I could see Daisy dancing surrounded by blokes all hopping for a chance with her, the girl is just so cute I’ve never seen a guy that didn’t do a double take when she walked past. But I couldn’t see any of the others so god knows what was going on in the darker areas of the bar or outside. I knew that’s where Rachel would be heading eventually if things went to plan.

Graeme came back from the bar, yes we had spoken and swapped names, what we did typical small talk while waiting at the bar. Great thing about this club is it has a bar area so you can actually talk in there a bit more as it’s not as loud so you can actually chat a bit if you want to. It’s actually a good place to come if you want to fool around a bit as it has some booths and other dark corners that people can disappear into. We’ve all used them from time to time.

We chatted for a while with drinks in hand and walked round the bar, it’s always packed so finding somewhere to sit can be difficult as we walked past one dark corner I noticed Rachel and her lad were deep into a kiss and that his hand was between her spread legs with her back against the wall in the corner, we used to call that a knee trembler but she looked like she was having the experience she wanted to have so I am sure we will all hear about it over the next week. She is actually a good story teller so I am sure she will have us all squirming telling us the details.

I was slightly distracted when Graeme grabbed my hand and pulled me down onto his lap, he had found seat in a corner there were a few people around but most of them were making out like teenagers so he must have fancied his chances. Sitting on his lap I suddenly felt quite conflicted, it’s hard to sit on a guy’s lap and for it not to feel sexual but I really had no clue if I wanted this to go anywhere or if I just wanted a bit of harmless flirting. Sitting on his lap definitely felt a bit more serious than harmless flirting but for now we were chatting and drinking our drinks. As I had sat down my dress had ridden up exposing a good amount of thigh to him and as we talked I could feel his body heat through my body.

I almost jumped when he put his hand on my thigh just above my knee. I think most girls cream themselves a little bit when a hot guy puts his hand on their thigh and squeezes the inside flesh with his fingers, it’s so sexual, the heat of almanbahis adres his fingers digging into soft flesh just inches away from the hem of your dress and your pussy is just something else and it has always, always turned me on so Graeme really knew he was pressing a button here for most girls and a big button marked make my pussy wet for me. I could feel my pussy lips snick open and the first wet heat spread through me. God he’d only just touched me and it was definitely having a massive effect on me. My mind was whirling and I think in my confusion and lack of protest he took this as a sign he could continue. His hand on my thigh started to move in little circles and he moved his other hand around my waist and leaned in towards me for a kiss, this was a moment when I was lost in my head, confused about what was happening in my life but my body absolutely loving the electric thrills his hand was send through me. Our lips met and I resisted for a minute but he gripped my thigh tighter and I leaned into him sighed and we started to kiss.

At first the kisses were slow and tentative but as I became aware of his breathing getting more rapid the kisses started to get a bit more urgent and as his tongue slipped into my mouth meeting my own and dancing with each other I moved my arms around him linking us together. His hand on my back was sending little thrills through me as he moved it up and down and his other hand was moving up my thigh towards his goal of my increasingly wet pussy. I could feel his cock pressing against me and knew that this was getting serious. My mind was still in confusion and as I thought about stopping his hands advance head moved his head to my neck and started to kiss and gently bit me there. I threw my head back moaning as I absolutely love having my neck kissed and he nibbled along my collar bone I found myself running a hand around behind his neck to keep me balanced as I arched back giving him access down my neck and towards my breasts. He took the opening and moved his tongue between the valley of my breasts licking and sucking the flesh there.

I could tell he wanted to get my tits out but he would have to move a hand to achieve this and both his hands were busy sending tingles through my body. His hand on my thigh had now moved my dress up exposing most of my legs to the club if anyone was paying attention and he was gently circling the flesh centimetres away from my pussy and my hips were moving in little circles urging him onwards I was really turned on. As he moved the last distance his fingers brushed my covered pussy lips and I moaned dropping my head down onto his shoulder. He moved his fingers over the gusset of my lace panties making me moan and thrust my hips towards him. I needed a firmer touch not these gentle little teases he was giving me. As I felt him move my panties to one side something inside me snapped me back and I jumped off his lap. Sorry I need to go to the toilet I told him and headed towards the ladies. I couldn’t believe I had almost let him finger me in public in the club, couldn’t believe I still wanted him to and was totally confused about the whole Ralph situation.

Wiping some of my pussy juice away I pulled my dress back down and splashed some water on my face, I looked flushed and had a little red sex flush across the slope of my breasts. I knew I was turned on, I knew if I went back to Graeme I was going to do something I might regret. I almost considered masturbating to take the edge off but something told me that all he would have to do is touch me and I would be spreading my legs and letting him touch me again.

As I walked out the toilet he was there. Are you OK he asked, yeah I’m fine I said just needed a break that was getting quite intense. It was he said you are so hot I couldn’t help myself I hope I didn’t go too far? No I replied, it was all fine I’m just not sure about a lot of things just now. Let’s grab a drink and take a break from that I said. Smiling he headed towards the bar. I breathed out not realising I had been holding a breath and followed him. But I could feel my lust, my desire coiled in my belly needing to be released needing to consume me I was almost shaking as I wobbled along on my high heels back to the bar area.

Getting a drink was just what I needed, as we headed towards the bar I saw Rachel heading out with her man and just knew she was about to get fucked up against a wall. Her plan was working so far it was just a little past midnight so she had plenty of time but I suspected that the next part of her plan was going to be frantic and urgent. Graeme asked me if he had done something wrong, I wasn’t sure what to say so I told him no I had just gotten a little uncomfortable being so exposed in public. I’m not sure having my pussy fingered in a club works for me it makes me feel nervous not full of elicit thrills I told him. That made him laugh fair enough he said maybe I got carried away but you felt so good sitting on my lap that I had to touch you as he said this he stepped forward talking into my ear with his hot breath on me. I had to feel your silky thigh, taste your neck and lick the sweat from your breasts. I had to touch you pussy when I almanbahis adres had the chance and I want to do so much more to you and with you. Fuck his words were hot. He went on I’d love to kiss your nipples, bite them gently hear you moan as I do this kiss down your body as I slowly remove your dress and – stop stop stop I said Christ that’s a sexy description we can’t do that in the club I said.

True he replied this is true. I live close by myself if you want to go somewhere quiet where we can do all those things and more. Maybe I said maybe but there’s no rush. I really wasn’t sure but didn’t want him to disappear either. As the night goes by more people from the dark bar area leave the club probably to go and do things to each other they preferred to do in private or in Rachel’s case in an alleyway!

So we found a good dark corner booth which provided a lot more privacy, I think we were both thinking that we would at least fool about a bit more tonight and that was it. I certainly had Ralph back at my place to slip into bed beside and I was thinking a bit more flirting and kissing would send me home hot to trot he was totally getting woken up when I got in. Graeme put his arm round my shoulders and dipped his head down to my neck and give it a nuzzle. I moved an arm round his neck and let him attack my neck again. He moved his hand to my thigh and I quickly moved it back to my hip. I felt him laugh quietly as he started to move the hand up my side. All the feeling he had fired off the first time were coming back it felt like a line of fire where his hands had been on my body and as he moved to kiss me I fully embraced him and we kissed with our tongues moving back and forward and a sense of urgency that seemed to be increasing between us with every movement of his hands.

His hands were in safe places but moving slowly and certainly towards places where I knew he would trigger a response, as he moved his hand across to capture my breast I stopped him. Gasping he looked at me, I just can’t I said? Why not? He asked. I have, have a, a, a boyfriend I stammered not having used that word to describe Ralph before. Graeme smiled and moving to my ear said he doesn’t need to know does he? He must have seen it in my eyes my hesitation my uncertainty and instead of waiting he captured my breast with his hand and pinched a nipple, it felt so good my head shot back and he attacked my throat with kisses and urgent little nips as he worked his way down towards my breast. I was gasping and moaning with each advance with each touch and I knew that Ralph would have to wait at home a bit longer.

Not here Graeme not here I said moving him up. He looked at me and said I live 2 minutes away. I nodded no brick wall for me but the club had certainly had another success story tonight while Rachel was being fucked down an alley I was going to go home with this man and cheat on my boyfriend and then go home and slip into bed next to him. I felt like such a slut but he had got to me really got to me and I needed to go home with him.

We walked quickly to his place stopping every now and again to snog against a wall or in a shop doorway. Keeping the urgency alive. Getting to his flat he invited me in which was a nice touch and offered me a drink. Taking the drink I moved to the sofa and sat down crossing my legs and displaying them in decent light for him for the first time.

Emma you are so hot he said sitting next to me, I want to do so many things to you now I have you in my flat. I looked at him over my glass put it down leaned forward and kissed him hard. Now we were in private now I had made my decision I was being the aggressor and it felt good. I straddled him while we kissed which pushed my dress way up exposing my panties and I felt his hard-on push up into my folds. I gently started to grind against him as he cupped my lace covered buttocks as we kissed.

I was enjoying the feeling of his hard tool probing between my lips and as I kissed his neck I started to unbutton his shirt pushing it down his arms as I kissed down his chest. I dropped off his lap onto my knees in front of him as I moved my attention to his belt and unbuckled it started to tug his trousers off with his help. His cock was making a tent in his boxers and I teased him by running my hand up and down its length without gripping it and as the tip of it pushed up through the waistband blew on it making him moan. I loved the sound of his moaning and needed to see his cock. I freed it from the boxers and threw them over my shoulders. I took his cock in my hand it was a good size not too big but certainly big enough. I looked up at him as I slowly took him into my mouth. As I did he threw his head back and moaned oh my god. As I started to slide my lips up and down his length he was panting and thrusting up towards me and I leaned back and let him fuck my face for a while with hot urgent upward strokes. Taking control again I run my tongue around his bellend as I continued to blow him hollowing my cheeks to make a good suction movement as I moved more and more of his length into my mouth. As he started to moan louder I pushed him past my tonsils and into my throat taking him deep he groaned. I could feel his cock banging into my throat making me gag and tears start to stream out of my eyes he had his hands in my hair pulling it tightly which was also starting to add a most delicious hurt to the whole BJ it was almost too much to take but I was determined to make him cum.

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