BrokenWill Amateurs: Tonya

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On the sofa of messy front room, I heard the door knock, and my heart my heart with the same powerful lust it had the last time.

I knew who was at the door. I’m know psychic or anything like that, and I don’t have any camera monitor activities outside my house. But I’d put an add in the newspaper asking for girls who were willing to become a part of my brand new website. BrokenWill Amateurs was my website. I dedicated to the men out there who loved to see beautiful women with their faces covered with cum. Yesterday a young lady named Tonya called to make an appointment for five o’clock today. I don’t know anything about Tonya, except that she has a very sex voice, and that she was punctual. It was four-fifty five. Five minutes early. I liked that.

“The latest victim is here,” Marcus smiled. He was a big black man and my best friend in this crazy world. He was my partner in porn, and the camera man. He was a happily married in man when he wasn’t here with me. He wanted to be fateful to

his lovely wife, I had no problems with this. His wife agreed to let him be the camera man just as long as his dick stayed in his pants.

“I wonder what this one’s going to look like,” I wondered allowed.

“Big, fat and ugly,” he assumed jokingly. “Big pimples on her forehead. Maybe she used to be a man.”

“Shut up.”

“Or maybe she’ll be like Courtney.”

Courtney was the first amateur to have her will broken. She was quite the beauty. I’d deeply enjoyed fucking Courtney until she screamed. I was equally exciting to cum all of her unwilling face.

“One can only hope,” I said. “Can you answer the door, Marc?”

“White man over here thinks he’s got himself a nigger slave,” Marcus growled as he went to answer the door. The video camera was wrapped around his massive arms. He opened the door, but I couldn’t see what this Tonya looked like. Marcus

was too big. “Come in,” I heard him say. “The man’s over there.”

Tonya moved past Marcus. She was everything I was hoping for, and a little more. She was about 5’9” and maybe one hundred and five pounds. In that regard, she was just like Courtney. Tonya was different in most other ways. Her breasts were

larger, the size of grapefruits to my wondering eyes. Her ass was firmer and wider. She reminded me of the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. Her long legs shot out of a dark skirt. She wore a crazy black shirt that read IF YOU’RE MAN ENOUGH THAN YOU CAN FUCK ME! I planned on doing just that, and I did feel I was man enough. I looked at her long brown hair and deep hazel eyes. I wasn’t falling in love, but I was getting horny.

“Am I at the right place?” she asked.

“I think you know that you are,” I said.

Marcus closed the door and walked back to where he stood before. He was about a foot and half away from Tonya and I couldn’t believe he gigantic he looked when you compared him to Tonya.

“You understand what it is we’re doing here?” I asked.

“I know most of it,” she said. “I learned about this from Courtney.”

“You know Courtney?” I asked.

“We got to school together.” Tonya looked around my living room. “Let’s see. You fuck me, you post my video and pictures on the site. You cum on my face, I think that should be interesting. Where’s that contract anyway?”

I gave her the contract and a pen. She skimmed through it really fast and signed it. The contract just almanbahis adres gave me the permission to dirty her name over the Internet. It was going to be easy to convince this woman to play by my rules.

“You know about the interview,” I said. I figured she knew already.

“Let the customers know about the woman there watching,” she said. “I know, but I really don’t think it makes a difference.” I didn’t think that it did either. The thing is, I can’t fuck a girl until I know something about her.

“Let’s make the interview interesting than,” I said. I grabbed a pink ten inch dildo from underneath the couch. “Why don’t you fuck yourself with this? We’ll do the interview and you can pleasure yourself at the same time.”

I gave Marcus the thumbs up sign. The tape was now running. Tonya was pulling down her skirt, then her panties. I asked her to leave the shirt on. She slid the dildo in and out her mouth. I couldn’t wait to get my own cock down her throat. She looked very good at what she did. If the dildo could talk, it’d be screaming. If it could feel, it’d be cuming. When the dildo was lubricated with her saliva, she inched into her pussy, inch by inch. “Just like at home,” she pointed out.

“Ready to start?” I asked.

“I want you to fuck me with the dildo. If you do that for me, then we can start.” My heart was pacing. I wanted to skip the interview and get down to business. My cock was jumping out of my pants. I took hold of the dildo. With my free hand I grabbed her left tit and gave it a nice squeeze. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I started

fucking her with the dildo. Her tongue rolled around her lips.

The interview began.


Her pussy was getting wet from the dildo penetration. My other hand was buried in her shirt, feeling the soft texture of her breasts. Marcus was behind me, I could hear him breathing. As usual, if he wasn’t the one fucking, he was bored. He was not the kind who liked to watch. He wasn’t a pervert like me. But he was a great

camera man. I watched the tape with Courtney and I at least ten times already. I can’t believe the kind of shots he could take with the camera.

“What’s your name?” I began the interview.

“Tonya,” she said. And let out a soft whimper.

“How old are you?”


“Do you go to school?”

“I’m a senior in high school.”

“What are your plans when you’re finished with high school?”

“College, I suppose.” I unexpectedly began to move the dildo in her harder. “I-I want to be a teacher.” She groaned loudly.

“Are you working now?”

She let out another loud moan. “Aw shit. Oh. Ah.” She licked her lips again. “I work at the library. I’m an a-assistant. I put b-b-books on shelves-“

She began thrusting her pussy into the dildo. My hand was getting wet. Her hands were unbuttoning my pants. Her soft hands found my hard cock. She began playing with me. She really knew what she was doing.

“How old were you when you lost your virginity?”


“Where did it happen?”

“In my boyfriend’s car.”

“Have you ever given oral sex?”

“Y-Y-Yes. The same day. We wouldn’t fuck me unless I sucked his cock. He was older than me and I wanted to please him.” She was out of breath. Talking and pumping in the dildo had taken away some energy.

“Has anyone ever cum in your mouth or on your almanbahis adres face?”

Tonya’s face was filled with lust. A smile came around her face. When she smiled the similarity to Jennifer Love Hewitt was stronger. “A few times I let my men cum in my mouth. Cum dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin. One time my

boyfriend and his brother took turns fucking me and they both came in my mouth at the same time. I like the taste of cum. I like it on my skin.”

My cock got harder hearing her words. It threatened to tear out of my jeans. I slid the dildo out of her pussy. The interview was over. I took off my pants and slid down my boxers. “Let’s play.”


I helped Tonya out of her crazy black shirt. I lay before me naked. I was happy with everything I saw. Fucking this Jennifer Love Hewitt clone would be ranked high in my life’s greatest accomplishments. She laid on the couch, her breasts on my lap, her hand on my cock. I was gently shoving the dildo in and out of her wet

pussy. Marcus stared at me with a hurry the fuck up grin.

Tonya slowly licked around my penis head. She treated me like a lolli-pop, but who was I too reject. Her free hand cuffed my balls. I could feel her erect nipples against my lap as he breasts swayed back and forth. When Tonya sucked a cock, she went crazy. Her tongue moved all around my thick shaft. My cock was eight inches long and two inches thick. Tonya had no problem deep throating me. She stroked my cock with her soft hands, giving me a blow job and hand job at the same time. I fucked her with the dildo faster.

Marcus took a few steps closer. He wanted to a nice shot of Tonya sucking my cock in a frenzy. I’ve been around Marcus long enough to know how he thinks.

Everything about Marcus is professional. From the way he shits to the way he eats. Most of his life is on a pathetic schedule. Nothing spontaneous about the man. If fucking his wife isn’t on the schedule that night, she has to go to sleep unsatisfied. That’s just the way Marcus is. As my business partner, he took BrokenWill very

seriously. She still could not resist getting bored, however. I wondered often if his getting bored was on the schedule.

I took Tonya by the back of the head and humped upwards into her mouth. The sweet teen had a great mouth. I wanted to use it all. I felt my cock slide deeper into her mouth. The head of my penis was touching her tonsils. She gagged a bit.

“Sweet Jesus,” I moaned. She moved her head up my shaft. Her tongue circled around my hardened flesh. Her gentle eyes looked like crystal balls. She moaned softly all over my cock. I continued to fuck her with the dildo.

I decided to experiment. I took the dildo out of her pussy and moved up to her ass. I played with her asshole, moving the top of the dildo around her asshole. Tonya had not objected so far. So I attempted to push it in. Her lips tightened around my cock. The dildo slid in three inches.

“You’ve done this before?” I asked.

“A couple times,” she said over my cock. A strand of pre-cum kept my cock and her tongue connected.

I slid the dildo in three more inches. “You like this,” I said. “You love this big dildo in your ass.” She shook her head yes. I slid it in two more inches. She began to gasp. She spit of my cock out of her mouth.

“I want you to fuck me so bad,” she pleaded. “Fuck my ass almanbahis adresi with it.” I began to move the dildo in and out of her asshole. She loved every moment of it. She spread her beautiful ass cheeks for me, allowing an easier entrance. I grabbed her by the back of her head with my free hand and fucked her mouth. It was hard to both, but I managed. In many ways I was gifted. Her cock was buried in her mouth, her nose was stuffed with pubic hairs.

“What a lovely whore you are,” I said.

She gagged in response.

“Hold your titties together,” I said. “I’m going between them.” I slid the dildo out of her ass. A look of disappointment came on her face. I laid her down. She held her titties together. In a moment I was on top. My cock hanging just above her grapefruit titties. I pushed my cock down to her stomach. I pushed it against her belly button, moved it around until she jumped. I moved my cock to her breasts. Moving it between her voluptuous breasts. “I’m gonna enjoy this,” I told her. And I fucked her titties.

I took her titties in my hands. Below me, Tonya had begun to shove the dildo into

her ass. My cock smacked her chin every time it broke through her breasts. She looked so fucking hot like this. There was so much I wanted to do with her. So many sweet, sweet thoughts. I continued too fuck her tits for five more minutes.

My cock was getting stronger as I continued.

“Fuck my asshole,” she moaned. “Take my butt.”

“With pleasure.”

My cock slid right into her asshole. She’s been preparing herself for this since her arrival. I fucked her doggie-style on the couch. Her breasts rocked back and forth fast and hard. I held on to her sides and pumped my life into her. I sweating and finding it hard to breath. I smoke too much. Don’t have much stamina at certain times.

Behind me Marcus was pacing with his eyes. He wanted to get the fuck out my living room. Perhaps he had his wife on that busy schedule of his. The same thing happened when I was with Courtney that first night. I forced deep inside of this cute bitch’s ass watching Marcus’s disappointment. Fucking Tonya up the ass was pure pleasure. She was so tight and sweet. I love the way the released the pleasure with her sweet sounds of passion. No cock could ask for more.

Her hips slammed backwards into my cock, impaling her sweet asshole with more power. Her asshole squeezed against my cock. I felt the orgasm building inside of me. I couldn’t stop it.

“Aw…shit,” I shouted. “I’m gonna cum.”

She rolled over on her back. Her mouth was wide open, her eyes wide open and watery. “Cum all over my face,” she begged. “All over.”

I didn’t need any more motivation. My cock was three inches from her face when it start spurting. I watched the cum catch the side of her face near her left ear. The cum leaked down her face. My knees went weak, and I almost fell. More cum burst out of me. Her delicate facial features were soon being covered with my hot cum. Cum covered her eyes and nostrils. Some shot into her hair.

“I love this feeling,” she said. “I love to have cum all over my face.” She smiled. She looked so cute.

“You look great,” I said. Sweet Tonya. The second amateur to join my exclusive website. I tossed her towel so that she could wipe off her face. Marcus walked out of the house while she cleaned herself. His wife was going to be one lucky lady in a few minutes.

This concludes the second episode of the BrokenWill Amateurs. I hope you liked it, though I realize it is impossible to please everyone. These stories, I realize, are not that fulfilling, they lack a major story, but this is why I call them episodes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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