Brother and Sister Watch TV Ch. 04

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We arrived home quite late after our detour to the hay barn, but instead of going straight to bed we had a coffee and sat for a while chatting. The living room was relatively safe at this time of night assisted by the door at the bottom of the stairs, which would give us fair warning of anyone coming into the room, but in any case the creaky upstairs floorboards always gave away any movement. We snuggled up on the settee and soon began talking about what we had just been up to in the car. It was equally as exciting talking about it as it was actually doing it, the same can be said about the way we discussed how things may progress during our next encounter. I put my cup down, turned to Christine and we kissed. It was a massive turn on kissing each other, and our hands soon wandered and we caressed each other, we did manage to curb our enthusiasm deciding that we should be content with what we had just done in the car, we shouldn’t become complacent which could lead to us being discovered, it was difficult though.

I could sense as we spoke that Christine wanted to talk more in depth and i was sure she was keen to talk about me licking my fingers earlier, i just knew she wanted to say something, but she continually skirted around it, surely my sister wasn’t becoming shy.

She asked me if I enjoyed myself tonight.

“That’s an understatement sis, what about you?”

“Yeah marty, I loved it, especially you touching me down there.”

It was very exciting hearing her mention the fact that I had touched her “down there” and even more so knowing that she enjoyed what I did, I was still unsure of what I should be doing and told her so. She reassured me that everything was good, but I knew I could do more for her but needed her guidance.



“Can we talk openly?”

“You know we can Marty.”

We fell silent for a little while, and then her enquiring mind kicked in again,

“Why, what’s on your mind brother dear?”

“Oh crikey sis loads.”

“Come on then spit it out.”

“Oh I don’t know sis, you might think I’m silly.”

“I wont Marty, I promise, come on tell Chrissy.”

She was teasing me now, her face crinkled up into a little smile. I knew I could say anything I wanted but it was always difficult to begin, I didn’t want it to come out wrong and sound stupid. I know I can skirt around a subject sometimes instead of coming straight to the point, but Christine was urging me on so I knew I just had to get on with it.

“Come on Marty, don’t be shy.”

“That’s just it sis, I am.”

“Yeah right!”

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah I know I’m the same.”

“No you’re not sis.”

“I am Marty, there is stuff I want to say but find it difficult too.”

“Like what?”

“Hmm! you tell me yours first.”

I felt I knew what she wanted to talk about, I was sure it was the finger licking thing. We were wasting time and knew that I would miss the opportunity if I didn’t do it now. Strike while the iron is hot as they say. We were still both on a high from our earlier fun so best to do it now.

“Ok Chris ill go first.”

She cuddled up to me snuggling her face up against mine, we weren’t looking at each other so it made things a little less embarrassing, but as always it was getting started which was the problem, the words stuck in my throat. I coughed.

“A hum! Tonight was great sis; I really loved what we did.”

“Me too.”

“No I mean I really loved it. Touching you was amazing, I am so glad you let me do that.”

“I am too Mart.”

“But sis, I know I’m probably not very good, so would you to show me? And tell me what you like, so it’s as good for you as it is for me.”

“It was good Marty.”

“Yeah I know it was sis, but I know I could do more, I watched how you touched yourself and I want to be able to do it for you, do you know what I mean?”

“I do Marty, I didn’t think I would ever do that in front of a boy, but with you I feel I can.”

“What do you mean?”

“What I did tonight, touching myself, I have never done that in front of anyone before.”

“It was fantastic watching you Chris, is that what you do when you are alone?”

“Yeah it is Mart; I can’t believe I masturbated in front of you.”

This may sound silly to all of you reading but, I was pretty ignorant regarding all the intimate bits of a lady, ok so I have read in magazines about clitoris’s and things but, I was unsure of where to find it, things were so different all those years ago compared to today, all you have to do now is click on a pussy pic on line and you get a good close up showing the lot, Clitoris, lips, everything. In my younger days the best you got was a fuzzy picture in a well thumbed magazine showing a thick pubic bush, but never anything juicy like what lies beneath it. I was hoping my sister would enlighten me, and I found the courage to delve a little further.

“Christine I hope you wont think I’m silly, but this is all new to me, but, oh, here I go again, this is gonna sound stupid.”

“No it wont, just say it Mart.”

“Well, what you did tonight, um,”


“Don’t beşiktaş escort interrupt sis this is hard enough.”

We both chuckled quietly, but I had her attention and she wasn’t about to let it drop. She told me to get on with it.

“Well as I was saying, Um, you know when you were touching yourself, um this sounds silly, but was that your clitoris you were touching?”

I almost choked on that word as I said it, I detected a little embarrassment in Christine and felt horrible for doing that to her, but after a little pause she said.

“Yes it was.”

I felt clumsy pursuing it further, but I knew it would only help later when we got together again, so i told her that I didn’t really know where a girls clitoris was, it was my turn to feel awkward and embarrassed. Christine then said just what I wanted to hear.

“Don’t worry Marty, I’ll show you sometime.”

“Honestly sis? You never fail to amaze me.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere brother dear.”

We cuddled up to each other, her body felt so warm and soft, and without really thinking of what i was about to say I told her I loved her, she said the same to me and we kissed. It was getting late and we really should have been going to bed, but we were enjoying our conversation too much, I couldn’t help thinking how great it would have been to go to bed together and snuggled up naked.



“Mind if I ask you something?”

“Of course not.”

“It’s a bit embarrassing, but I got to ask.”

“Go ahead then sis.”

“Tonight, in the car, phew! This ain’t easy to say either, but I need to ask.”

“Go on Chrissy.” I pecked her cheek.

“Ok, here it is then, tonight after you touched me,”

She hesitated.

“You licked your fingers.”

“Oh yeah I did didn’t I.”

“What made you do that Marty?”

“I don’t know I just wanted too.”

“But why?”

“Sorry sis, did you mind?”

“No not really, but I was shocked, I didn’t expect you to do that.”

“Neither did I, but I just wanted to. My mates at work talk about it all the time so I thought I would try it, sorry sis if I shouldn’t have.”

“No, I don’t mind Marty, so tell me you devil, did you like it?”

“Christ! What a question.”

She dug her fingers in my side and tickled me.

“Come on you sod tell me.”

“Yeah Ok, I did.”

“Wow! Marty that’s pretty sexy stuff.”

“What is?”

“Admitting that to me.”

“I know sis, but its true, and I’ll tell you what, I would do anything with you.”

“Good job we have rules then, don’t you think.”

“Yeah I reckon so.”

“Tell me though Mart, if we hadn’t set out those rules do you think you would go all the way?”

I teased her by pretending I didn’t know what she meant, and asked her to explain.

“You know what I mean Marty, you know, if we hadn’t set rules, do you think you would to do it with me?”

“You mean have sex with you.”


“What do you think?”

“I dunno, tell me.”

“Yeah! Definitely.”

Christine went quiet, I think my answer surprised her, but I was being honest, and I was wondering what her reaction was going to be to the same question.

“What about you sis?”

“I’m not sure Mart, it’s a big step.”

“Yeah I know good job it ain’t gonna happen then ennit.”

I felt her snuggle up to me, and as much as I tried to behave myself I couldn’t resist having a feel of her tits.

“You like them Marty don’t you.”

“I love em.”

“What is it you like about them?”

“They just feel gorgeous, they are really big too Chris,”

“Is it just their size you like then?”

“No, I actually love your nipples more than anything.”


“Because they are amazing, they feel so big and are really long sis, I have seen pictures in magazines and I have never seen any that look as good as yours.”

“Oh shut up, you’ll make me feel like a freak.”

“Well you aren’t, you are beautiful Christine, and everything about you is so sexy.”

“Flattery flattery, I told you it will get you everywhere.”

“How about letting me in your knickers again then?”

“What now?”


She thought for a moment then said,

“Go on then if you want to, but just a little feel ok.”

I moved my hand to her thighs and touched her naked skin, running my fingers up and down her leg until they touched her naked pussy, I had totally forgotten that she wasn’t wearing any knickers; they were in her bag covered in spunk. I could feel the damp wispy hairs and I groaned my approval as I gently rubbed my fingertips over her lips, We kissed, and as we did I took the liberty of slipping my finger inside her, Fucking hell! She was even wetter now than earlier. I slowly moved it in and out and Christine’s mouth ground hard against mine until she pulled away.

“Ooh Mart that’s nice.”

She allowed me to play like this for a short while until I guess she became too randy to let it end there, i could hear her breathing heavier as she whispered,

“You şişli escort want to feel my clitoris Marty?”

“Bloody hell Chris, Yeah I do.”

She opened her legs, this caused her skirt to ride up and she shuffled her bum forward slightly on the settee.

“Take your finger out you bugger.”

I reluctantly removed my middle digit from her wet hole; I looked her in the face,

“I wanna do it again sis.”

“Do what?”

I poked my tongue out wriggled it and put it back in again while showing her my finger, suggesting i wanted to lick it, it was a bold move and I wondered how Christine was going to react, but as always she seemed happy to go along with it.

“Do what you want Marty.”

So without any hesitation I put my sticky finger to my mouth and licked it, Christine focused on my eyes then my tongue and back again to see how i reacted to the taste of her pussy. This was a massive step along the road of our discovery. She smiled as i lowered my hand to her leg,

“You dirty sod Marty.”

“Hey! You don’t mean that do you?”

“No of course not, I meant, randy sod.” She chuckled.

It felt amazing at having just done that in front of her, it was all over so quickly but I liked the taste again, but more importantly she saw me do it, she actually saw her brother lick his finger after it had been inside her pussy, fuck me I wonder what was really going through her mind? It certainly didn’t dampen her enthusiasm; maybe it even increased her excitement because she seemed in a hurry to show me her clitoris.

“Let me show you Marty.”

I watched as her hands went between her legs and came to rest either side of her crotch, using her fingers Christine gently eased her pussy lips apart, it was an unbelievable thing she was doing. I could see the gorgeous pink skin inside her hole; in fact I could actually see a hole appear as she spread herself. I knew my finger had only just been inside that hole and I desperately wanted to go there again. Christine had her head bent down looking between her splayed legs as she explained things to me. It was very erotic to watch her touch herself there, and I loved her for her brazen instruction, because I would never have known where to look or what to do to excite a woman let alone bring her to orgasm. I can honestly say that I have never ever been with a woman, who so willingly and openly displayed herself in such an intimate way to me as my sister did that night, and that includes my wife; we were totally at ease with each other, so why should this be considered so wrong? Christine spoke in a matter of fact manner as she explained, but it didn’t lessen the excitement, my aching cock was proof of that. Her lips were now spread apart, they were neat and tidy, no flaps like some girls have, the flesh looked tight and springy, no doubt due to her youth and the lack of cocks banging away at it. She ran a finger between the tight folds until it came to rest at the top of the slit.

“There you are Marty; see that little bump, that’s my clitoris.”

“Blimey sis, is that it?”

“Yeah, and if I rub, or stroke it, its a nice feeling, probably something like you feel when you stroke yourself.”

“That’s what you were doing earlier, right.”

“Yeah, that’s right, and if I do it for long enough, ill cum too.”

Christine touched the little bud with the tip of her finger, and gently rubbed it, she said that it can be very sensitive and must be treated gently. Then my darling sister invited me to touch it.

“Do you want to feel it Marty.”

“Bloody hell, can I?”

“Of course you can, here, just use the tip of your finger like I did and touch it.”

I put my hand between her legs, I singled out my middle finger to use for this special deed, Christine continued to hold her pussy lips to the side to help me, my fingertip touched the little bud, I don’t know what I expected, but the fact I was doing this blew me away, and that old familiar thumping in my head and chest returned, not to mention my cock. I looked into Christine’s eyes and she smiled at me, I didn’t really know what I should do next so I asked.

“What now sis?”

“Nothing really, its late ennit.”

“Yeah I know, but show me what to do Chris.”

“Ok, but only for a little while you randy sod.”

“I can’t help it Chrissy, you drive me mad.”

“You always say the right things Marty, Ok ill show you, and then you have a go.”

I moved my hand away to make room for hers, Christine used her fingers of one hand to keep her lips apart while a single finger of the other hand located that little bud, She told me that it actually feels better if its a little wet, so she slid her finger lower and dipped it in the juice which was coating the hole now clearly visible, I watched her finger slide upwards and once again make contact with her clitoris, she began to slowly rub it, and I noticed the smooth swelling of its head glisten.

“That’s all you need to do Marty, come on your turn.”

I needed no encouragement, I soon had my hand at the ready between her lovely thighs, my middle bahçeşehir escort bayan finger extended and I once again touched her little Clit, this time though it felt a little different, I noticed it had grown harder.

“Ooh! it feels different Chrissy.”

“Yeah, I know Marty, its because we are touching it, and i like it.”

“It’s quite hard now.”

“It will be, you must have the right touch.” she chuckled quietly.

I remembered what she did earlier so I slid my finger down her slit towards the opening of her pussy and let it become wet in her lovely juice, and as I placed my finger back onto the little hard knob of her clitoris she whispered.

“Good boy.”

I liked her saying that, it seemed odd, but it was as if she was praising the fact i had been paying attention to what she had said earlier, “Good boy”, yeah! I liked that.

I began doing exactly what she showed me, taking care to be very gentle, I could feel her little clitoris had grown, I am not saying it was one of those really big ones but it had visibly got larger, and changed in colour too, it now seemed red and enflamed, and it was really hard compared to the soft flesh surrounding it. I rubbed it for her and made a point of keeping my finger moist by every now and then dipping it in the wet hole of her pussy, I thought I was getting good at it, and this seemed apparent when I could feel Christine start to fidget. I had noticed that since we had begun our fun together, Christine becomes increasingly fidgety when her excitement levels rise. This encouraged me no end, I knew I must have been doing ok, and the, “Only for a little while” was becoming rather more extended, and Christine seemed happy to let me continue. I rubbed that little bud softly and slowly, and Christine showed more signs that I was doing a reasonable job. Her breathing had grown heavier and every now and again she would close her eyes to concentrate on what was happening. Her fingers released her pussy lips and the taught yet soft flesh seemed to envelope my finger as I continued rubbing her clitoris. She placed her hands on her inner thighs and pulled at the milky skin in an attempt to make space for me, her legs were now spread beyond belief, she looked amazingly horny, and she was feeling it too.

“Oh my god Mart, that feels so good.”

“Is this ok sis?”

“Oh yeah, a little faster if you can, Ooooh.”

I increased the speed of my finger and she was definitely on the way to an orgasm, I could feel her bum moving, almost gyrating in the seat, she was huffing and puffing and sighed aloud.

“Oooh yeah that’s it Mart, Ooooh don’t stop, Oooh.”

I let my finger drift away from her hotspot occasionally and slipped the tip into her pussy hole just to dampen it before resuming my attempt to bring her to a climax.

“This ok Chrissy?”

“Oh Mart, yeah don’t stop.”

She took a massive breath inwards and held it just the same as she did in the car earlier, her legs trembled and she moaned through gritted teeth as her orgasm finally began, I took the liberty of allowing my finger to drift down to her wet hole and sink right inside before quickly going back to stimulating her clit, I seemed to have stumbled upon a good technique because she cried aloud when i did it.

“Oh yesss, Oooh do that again.”

So I kept dipping my finger into Christine’s pussy and then rubbing her clit alternating it, the whole area became very wet, and a few times I buried my finger deep inside her, it seemed to be this which sparked her orgasm, she let out a massive groan and I quickly darted from clit to pussy hole, she kept saying, “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

At last she expelled the air within her lungs and her legs shook, I pushed my finger as deep as it would go, right up her, and she told me to keep it there, I moved it around inside her a little until her orgasm subsided, she placed her hand over mine.

“That’s enough Marty.”

We were both looking down between her legs and watched as I carefully withdrew my finger from her lovely pussy, it was coated in her juice and she must have read my mind, because she looked up at me, smiled and said.

“Go on, if you have too.”

“Do you mind?”

“No, just do it you randy sod.”

I was feeling so comfortable with my sister during these moments, so what I was about to do seemed natural enough, but with her watching and giving me permission it was unbelievably horny, she seemed to like watching me, I know it must have been a turn on for her to know her brother was enjoying tasting her most intimate of bodily fluids, I assumed this because firstly I am sure she would have turned her nose up at it, and secondly she would have said no to me doing it in the first place, and finally since my initiation into the joys of tasting pussy juice I have had thoughts of seeing Christine perhaps returning the favor and tasting either my pre cum or perhaps the ultimate my sperm. Time will tell with that one. She watched with a serious expression on her face, I wondered what she was thinking as my tongue made contact with my sticky finger, I didn’t go over the top with what I did for fear of embarrassing her, I licked it a few times and finished by popping it quickly into my mouth and closing my lips around it before sliding it out again. She tasted divine, I never realised that a girl could taste so good down there. Then of course thoughts of oral sex filled my head, and I wondered if Christine would have similar ideas.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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