Brother / “Sister”

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Annihilator Monster

WOW, “it” finally happened!!! I had had my first sex, and it was with a fellow monk in the monastery. It was great.

I was a 20 year old virgin and had fantasized about both woman and men. I distinctly remember “wanting” Sally and Roberta in grade school and Cathy and Bonnie in high school boarding school. Never did anything about those feelings and practiced my vow of celibacy to the letter. I had great fantasies about women, and jacked off to erotic fantasies of women. I was hooked on fantasy and self-pleasure.

I had become a monk and was sent to a small town in Indiana for my novitiate. Noviate is a time to ponder vocations and the religious order I was joining. The place sucked. We were isolated, mistreated and just plain miserable.

I continued my nightly jack off sessions dreaming of Sally, Roberta Cathy and Bonnie. I also noticed that another “Brother” who was my classmate was starting to openly “flirt” with me. I did not have any feelings for Brother “TML”, but loved the attention that I was getting. It was like “dating” in the outside world. He would shower me with attention and always would take the seat next to me. He would seek me out for conversation and during our limited “rec” time. I enjoyed the devotion and the submissive behavior by Brother “TML”. I really hadn’t thought about much more than “Sister TML” performing duties which I did not want to do. He would always show up and help with my monastic chores and sit down beside sex hikayeleri me during REC times and TV times on Sunday evenings. I enjoyed the flirting and Brother’s help. I started feeling a “crush” towards Brother. I still jacked off to thoughts of women, but would often have flashes of “TML” blowing me or of me shooting off on him.

It happened. During a monthly Name’s Day celebration where the Novices could drink cheap wine, I got a total buzz. “Sister” followed me to my room where I invited him to come in. Our rooms did not have chairs, so we sat on my single monastic bed. I don’t to this day remember who started, but soon I was on top of Brother, dry humping him/her until I came. He was totally blissed out, and I sure the hell was too. I finally had a human contact to go with my fantasies. We did the dry hump sessions many times during the following weeks. Then, it started with Brother/”Sister” taking my cock and slathering it with Vaseline and beating me off till I would come and come and then come some more. He was happy to give and not receive. I was ecstatic to finally have my come land in someone’s hand other than mine.

It soon became a tad kinkier. Brother “TML” asked me to spank him while he jacked me off. I was happy to oblige. He handed me a mini-whip which I used on him with great pleasure. About this time we also started frenching and I would kiss and bite on his -girl titties for hours. I would also give her hickeys all over her body, “Sister” seks hikayeleri would give me love bites all over my body, I relished giving him/her hickeys on her neck where they could be seen by the others brothers in our community. loved the dominance and having my boy-slave “do me” whenever I desired.

I desired “Sister’s” hand jobs a lot. We would often have twice-daily “good loving/ good scourging” sessions as often as our monastic schedules allowed. He too, was in heaven servicing me and getting his ass whipped and spanked. I was very happy to oblige my boy-toy and often would raise red welts on his pure white monastic ass. I loved the power.

Again, our “games” changed. Brother / Sister “TML” started kissing and licking my balls and my cock and wanting me to whip his ass harder and harder. I was totally into it. He paid very special attention to my cock head and licked it like I were a human lollipop. He would always stop and let me come on his hands or on his tits. I finally convinced Brother “TML” to let me cum gallons in his willing monastic, cherry, mouth. All I had to do was beat his ass and take incredible pleasure. I loved it. Sister’s mouth was taking hot streams of my cum and she moaned with passion, excitement and obedience every time that I came in her mouth. Bother / Sister never swallowed, but swirled my cum like a fancy French sauce in her mouth.

I also convinced Brother “TML” to let me ass fuck him. I would only Vaseline porno hikayeler and fuck his cheeks, no penetration, but again I came and pleasured myself for hours. Brother was my cum toy. He wanted more and more and he would take his daily whippings as he lay on his stomach until he too came and came again. I wanted to dominate and make him beg to blow me and let me cheek fuck him. He was mine. I was his cum master. “Sister” “TML” was my obedient, docile slave, cum receptacle and my “toy”. I certainly enjoyed his blow jobs and his total submission to me and to my cock. I loved the whippings and spankings which made him totally compliant, begging for more and more. Brother “TML” was mine, and she gave me great fulfilling pleasure and a place to park my cock during our monastic free times. Damn, I was happy to “give” and certainly to receive.

OH, Brother/Sister TML, I still fantasize about your service to your Master. I still lust when I jack off thinking that it’s your mouth of your ass that I am cumming in. I loved your attention. I loved when you called me: “Master!” I loved having my cock in your mouth and embedded in your ass cheeks. I loved your lollipop sucks and beating your ass raw. 30 years later, and I still miss waking up with you giving me a good morning blow job.

I have had other women, but no one has adored and worshiped my cock like you. I want to cum in your mouth and have you swallow. I want to fuck your cherry, white ass raw. I want you on your hands and knees begging to “do your master” and to swallow and swallow and be my boy-toy, fuck muffin, cum receptacle as I again whip and beat my boy toy’s ass with paddles, whips and chains.

What do you think???

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