Brotherly Tease

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This my third story I’ve ever written, so be kind to me!

It shouldn’t have been such a surprise that what had happened, happened. I had only just turned eighteen and contrary to all believe I was still a virgin. I didn’t act or look like it though; before I had been quite conservative in my means of dress and behaviour but not now. I went around in skimpy little skirts and tiny tops and flirted outrageously with every man to come within a 5 metre radius of me. So really it was unsurprising that my big brother had noticed this changed in his baby sister. I know that he looked at me sometimes with more than brotherly love in his eyes and instead of feeling intimidated or afraid, I was intrigued but I never wanted him to look at me more like this. Never in my short eighteen years did I ever expect what would happen, nor did I expect the out come to be so life changing.

It was in the July of my eighteenth year that we went on a last family holiday ever. I was fairly excited but (as you do when you’ve just become an adult) I was trying to act like I wasn’t bothered by where we were going. We were heading for the New Forest and I loved it there. The woods were always gorgeous and the ponies that run freely there are just so adorable! As a special treat, as my brother had turned 21 that year and I had turned 18, we were going to stay in a bed and breakfast rather than our smelly old tent. The B&B was lovely. The rooms were perfect, the beds (double in each room) were perfect and the on-suite bathrooms were perfect. The only un-perfect thing about the whole place was the fact I’d have to share a room with my brother. Something he wasn’t too keen on either. But unfortunately we couldn’t do anything about it as our parents couldn’t afford another room. They had at least been kind enough to make sure we both had a double bed.

The first few days of our holiday went by peacefully, except for kocaeli escort one thing. I had decided, even before we had left home, that I would get my brother back for all the naughty looks he had been bestowing on me when he thought I wasn’t looking. I made it my mission to wear my skimpiest clothing and flash my long smooth legs and my cleavage to him as much as possible. It was working out quite well. By the third day I noticed that he was definitely looking uncomfortable by the way I kept leaping from the bathroom in just a tiny towel and then dressing into even tinier clothes. He always seemed to look at me then look away quickly, only to look at me again. When we went to the beach I managed to attract the attention of some of the local lads but, strangely, my brother was always there to make sure none of these boys didn’t step out of line.

Finally on the fourth night he cracked. Our parents had gone out for a romantic meal and we were just staying in watching some TV. I was lying on my bed in just my night dress. The way I was laying had caused it to ride up my thighs and was resting just below my ass cheeks. It must have been the sight of my perfect ass very nearly exposed that drove him over the edge. He came into our room from the bathroom and just stood stock still. I hadn’t noticed him and it fidgeted a little which caused my night dress to go up over my ass and expose it in all its naked glory. With a low growl, my brother pounced on me and flipped me onto my back!

I squealed and tried to fight him off but soon enough he had my hands pinned in one of his big ones and my legs pinned under his thighs.

“Little whore!” he growled at me as he ripped my night dress from my wildly thrashing body. “I know why you were doing this! You’re just begging to be fucked aren’t you! That’s why you dress like that, that’s why you tease every man you meet! You’re just a whore who darıca escort wants to be fucked!”

“No!” I gasped. “No, Tom! Stop it!”

But he wouldn’t. He kept ripping my night dress off and accusing me of being a slut, a whore. As he continued to rant and rave it suddenly dawned on me that my big brother didn’t realise that I was still a virgin, that he was trying to do, about to do, was what no other had ever done to me before! When I realised that I went into a frenzy. I struggled like a mad woman against my brother, but to no avail. He was too strong. With a sob I submitted. I lay still as his free hand began to romp over my body.

“You like that don’t you? Little slut!” he spat at me as my struggles ceased. “You can’t wait to feel a man inside you again, can’t you?”

“Listen…..Tom…..please…..listen to me!” I pleaded with him, but he was having none of it. Picking up a piece of my night dress he gagged me and effectively silenced my protests. Now I knew I was doomed. Seeing how effective the gag was Tom decided to tie me up as well so that I didn’t struggle or thrash around any more. I had already caught him with a blow to the head and I guess he didn’t want that to happen again.

Now I really was doomed and my fate sealed. I was going to be fucked by my own brother, my own flesh and blood, and there was nothing I could do about it. And it was all my fault.

I began to cry silent tears as my brother stood up and stripped off his clothes. Even in my distressed state I remember thinking how gorgeous my big brother was. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him, he was all muscle. Carefully he laid his huge frame over my tiny body and then, to my surprise, he began to cover my face in small delicate kisses.

“Don’t cry Kimmy,” he murmured to me. What was happening? One moment he had been so angry I thought he was going to seriously gölcük escort hurt me and now he was being so gentle. I didn’t understand until he spoke again; “You’ll love what I can give you little one. I’ve wanted you so badly ever since we were small now I get to have you.” I shivered as his mouth moved down my neck, then down across my beautiful young breasts. Carefully he began to circle his tongue over my nipples causing them to strain hard upwards when he took his mouth away. Seeing them, he chuckled and then moved his hand between my legs. It was only when he questing fingers touched my pussy lips that I realised that I was soaking wet!

“Ah” he exclaimed as he felt my wetness. “The whore is ready for fucking, do you like that, little bitch? Baby slut?” Slowly he rubbed his fingers back and forth against my pussy lips, covering his fingers in my juices, making me shiver with a strange longing. Then he lifted his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply. Sighing he licked them clean! I was so shocked by that sight and yet strangely turned on by it. My own brother had just licked my juices from his fingers!

The he placed his fingers on my pussy again. This time though he parted them and slowly ran his fingers around my clit. I came hard. It happened so quickly that it even took Tom by surprise. Once I had finished he gave another low chuckle and pushed his fingers deep inside me in one swift motion.

Then came the real surprise for him.

He had pushed his fingers into me so hard and so deep that he had broken my maidenhead! My shriek came through the gag as the pain tore through me. He quickly took his fingers out of my pussy and stared in amazement at the blood clinging to his finger tips.

“Oh Kimmy. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know, I didn’t realise, and oh god Kimmy I’m so sorry!” he cried as he buried his face into my shoulder. Suddenly he looked up into my eyes. “I’m going to make it up to you Kimmy, I promise I will.”

I stared at my brother, not realising what he meant.

“I’ll make it better for you Kimmy” he murmured as his head dipped towards mine. “I’ll make it so that it’ll never hurt again……..”

To Be Continued…

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