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We first met online and I thought he was a nice and hot guy. Recently divorced, he wanted to explore guys and maybe establish a buddy. He said he was in his late 40s, tall (6’4″), slender, and looking for a partner who was similar and had stamina. It didn’t hurt that I was in my 20s, hung (or so I’m told), smooth, and fit.

We exchanged several emails and established he had a home that tuned out to be close by, a big plus. I would meet at his place, and we set a time for the next day.

He opened the door to his nice house and he was just as he described except he failed to mention that he was very attractive. I wanted him already.

He first invited me to share a shower together in the bath upstairs next to the guest bedroom, and I eagerly stripped and watched as he removed his clothes. His body was smooth and toned, his pubic area trimmed, and his cock, although still soft, was average in size and cut. Mine already stood at attention and he remarked on its size. Obviously he was looking, and I liked being watched.

We got into the shower and he immediately reached for the soap and applied some to my cock. Clearly, he wanted to hold it. His hand felt good, and I soaped his whole front, then his ass. From his response he clearly wanted his ass filled; I could do that well.

Soon we dried off and moved to the guest room bed. He said he was new to men and was tired of playing with dildos. He really wanted something else and I could indeed help him with that. He said he originally thought he would be attracting someone about his age, and my youth was really a bonus for him as he admired younger guys in the gym. It didn’t hurt either that I was slender and toned.

He indeed had various sized dildos to “open up,” but I knew that he really used them for his pleasure too. I wondered about how often. It was good that he was looking for the real thing as I had that in mind also. I was really attracted to his rather small ass; it didn’t matter that he was taksim escort considerably older.

I watched while he inserted his various toys and I have to say that it turned me on. The biggest of his collection was really large and did indeed prepare him well. He then used several pillows to raise his ass, resting on his stomach and looking irresistible and said, “Now fuck me. Deep.”

His smooth, small ass looked irresistible, as did the rest of his body. I put on the condom that he gave me and I pushed at his hole, finally breaking through in a rush of pleasure. He was indeed tight and it felt great. I guessed that he had seldom gotten this.

As I went deeper with every thrust, his moans made it clear that he enjoyed it. This made me feel it even more, and I grew even larger inside him. I felt that I could go forever, and did go on and on.

Finally, after a long period, he said “I want you to cum on my back.” I felt the familiar sensation beginning in my groin. I withdrew, pulled the condom off, and shot all over his back and ass in streams and spasms that seemed to keep going. It felt really intense.

A few minutes later I felt a stirring in my cock that signaled that another time was possible. He seemed really spent, but as I grew hard and I knew I had to have it. He was reluctant, but that didnÕt matter.

Moving him to the edge of the bed, I took him harder this time, holding his arms while fucking. And I did fuck him with abandon, hard and deep, and he loved it – the show of power and passion. He moaned and groaned even more than before, while I rammed deep for a long while. Ignoring his earlier request, I came inside him in one final thrust. He only moaned in what seemed to be great pleasure.

Now we were both fully spent. He said, “That was really a though fucking!”

I managed to say “Glad you enjoyed it too.” I looked forward to returning soon as his fuck buddy, and I would.


He was online a few days later, çapa escort and we both confirmed what a hot time we had that evening when we actually met. We also agreed to meet again on the next evening.

I drove over to his house after dinner and it helped that it was close by. He met me in his bathrobe at the door and offered me coffee or tea in the kitchen. I had to guess at whether he wore more. We talked comfortably in spite of our age difference and he seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say.

But he was more interested in what was between my legs. When I finished my coffee, he knelt in front of me and unzipped my fly. He reached inside and pulled out my erect cock, which felt really big and quite exposed in the kitchen.

He stroked it some, played with my balls and looked at them all. Then he put his mouth fully around my cock, continuing to give me incredible oral service. I moaned appropriately, letting him know that I enjoyed it completely and encouraged him on. It maybe was his first time though it was very enjoyable. He seemed to know what felt good. It was unexpected and totally hot to be mostly clothed, exposed in the kitchen, receiving incredible oral attention. He sucked with growing passion.

He indicated that he wanted to drink it all, which surprised me. My cock was eager at this invitation, and I shot down his throat in several spasms. It felt really great and was a complete release. He swallowed it all in several gulps and seemed satisfied also.

He said, “I really liked it last time when you were forceful and took me.”

I replied, “I think that can be arranged. Now get upstairs.”

On the guest bed were laid out not only the dildos, lube, and condoms, but an unopened package of restraints as well. I knew that he wanted it.

He got on his stomach as before, ass in the air. Securing his arms and legs was not hard, but stuffing his mouth was harder. I removed all my clothes and got on the bed. He looked bakırköy escort really enticing spread out in this position, and my cock was fully hard in anticipation.

It was hot inserting the dildos in his ass. The smallest went in easily and the mid-sized one was fun. The largest must have been twelve inches long and quite thick. It was hefty indeed; he moaned and tried to squirm as I inserted it slowly and fully. I moved it in and out as if it were real, and indeed, it did open him up making his ass more receptive to a real cock.

And I teased him with my cock, first brushing it across his ass as I inserted the dildos, then running it over his hole and almost putting it in. I think he said “Now!” I unrolled a condom over my cock, and finally inserted it, going in slowly and deep. I relished taking him completely.

I think he tried to moan in pleasure as I stroked in and out. I lasted for a long while, finally shooting inside him, ignoring what he liked. As I removed all the restraints, he said it was great. We kissed and slept in each other’s arms.

Later in the night, my cock grew hard again. As the head emerged, it stood up straight and pointed to the ceiling. I felt a hand encircle it and stroke it. He moved astride me, kissing me again, unrolled a condom and slowly sat on my cock. It felt incredible as he slowly took it all inside him, moving up and down and up and down, over and over. Finally he whispered, “Come inside me.” I let go, filling him with spasm after spasm, going along with his moans of pleasure. I felt totally spent and held him even tighter.

I got up at light, as I had to get back and get to work. Our meeting each other, sometimes in the evenings and sometimes on weekends, continued on for months. Our intimate play was augmented by several dinners, movies, the state fair, museums, the opera and the symphony. What started out as just physical pleasure seemed to have morphed into a deep friendship. It was not what I originally intended; who would have thought it possible?

Then one evening, I received his email: he had received a job offer across the country, and it was really too good to pass up. After much thought, he had to accept and I agreed; he was moving.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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