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Suzette was totally unaware of the seething hunk of man standing on his patio, the one above hers, she was sitting in a corner of hers, happily puffing away on a joint, enjoying the waves of relaxation that washed over her.

It was a very warm June Friday evening and she was beginning the weekend the best way she knew how when she was alone…..she’d get high, put something sexy on and watch one of the movies she’d brought home from the video store. Have some of her favourite toys nearby and let things go from there.

Meanwhile seething hunk of man is in the direct line of clouds of smoke he recognizes as pot, he grinds his teeth together and has half a mind to yell down at her that she is committing a crime and he’d prefer it if she stopped.

Before he’s thought better of it he leans over and speaks to her feet and tells her those exact words.

She giggles wildly and responds…..or else?

I might just have to go down there and arrest you myself, either that or give you the spanking you deserve. To which she guffaws and snorts and giggles.

Being an athletic chap he vaults onto her patio from above, she shrieks mid giggle and tries to make a run for it but he catches her around the waist and hauls her against his chest, her ass nestling against his growing interest.

She pretends to be afraid but he feels the movement of her hips, as they press into him, very subtly but he feels sensuality there.

He whispers in her ear that he would prefer to administer the punishment inside and pushes her towards the patio door, she hesitates but he encircles her breast with his hand and flicks the nub that is protruding through her clothing, she moans and moves forward and he feels the tremor bursa escort that courses through her.

He turns her around and takes his time in taking inventory of the woman, he’s surprised that she’s not as young as he thought she would be, she’s in her mid forties. A fuller figured woman than usually appealed to him, but she had that aura of sensuality emanating from her pores. He recognized her immediately for the wanton woman she is.

He told her she was a bad, bad woman and he was going to have to punish her himself if she wanted to avoid being taken to jail.

He saw the flash of excitement in her eyes and then she lowered them and whispered….anything you say Sir.

Take that off slut he pointed with his finger. She pulled the silk caftan above her head and let it slip from her fingers, she stood before him, nude and bare. Her big breasts swaying slightly as she shuffled in sudden shyness.

For who do you keep your pussy bare…for myself, I like the feeling of soft skin when I touch myself.

I’ve heard you when you touch yourself….I’ve heard you moan late in the night

I know you’re alone when you come hard like that, you don’t come that hard for any man….yet, but you will, and even harder.

He could see her blush, she was excited at the prospect of being “forced” to do the things she secretly dreamed of doing but had always been wary of admitting.

She’d fantasized about being spanked, since she was a little girl she could see herself draped over someone’s knee, being spanked, the fantasy always made her pussy tingle and get very wet, she’d touch herself and come really hard when she let the images of being spanked run in the background.

He led her to the couch, bursa escort bayan sat down and indicated what she should do.

She looked him in the eyes for several moments, begging for mercy, begging for reassurance that what he would do would stop if it got out of hand and he nodded.

She lay across his lap and settled down, she could feel the growing evidence that she wasn’t the only one affected, it pressed against her lower stomach.

He started suddenly, the first smack made more noise than damage, but she still jumped at the contact, when she settled again she had moved up a little so that his hardness was pressed against her throbbing button.

Every time he landed a smack, her clit was pushed against his hardness and she moaned.

He saw her pussy pulse, then she started to flow, steadily the juices slid from within, she was moaning and her little jumps on contact were more like a bucking now, she was so far gone in the pleasure/pain.

He stopped suddenly and told her to kneel before him. She slid off his lap, head hanging to hide the excited light in her eyes, she knew she’d never hide the fact from him.

Suck me.

With trembling hands she undid the snap of his jeans, lowered the zipper and slowly slid them down his hips and sinewy thighs. His cock was so hard it hurt, it looked purplishly angry and she felt a moment of empathy for the swollen member, it so obviously needed relief.

She sucked him like his was the most precious cock she’d ever tasted. She loved sucking and took great pleasure in doing it well. She loved taking control and leading him beyond his control, she would love to make him come in her mouth. To hear the great shouts and moans her constricting escort bursa throat usually caused and so she strived towards this quest with ever more vigour.

Just as he was about to fall, he pulled her hair so that her mouth tilted away from him, the sight of her swollen lips and glistening mouth was almost enough to make him spurt in her face, but he wanted to have her and he ordered her on all fours, hold your pussy open for me, one hand on each side.

He spanked her pussy with his turgid cock, rubbing the juices around and around and plunging inside her in quick jabs and rubs then out again and more spanking, on her clit and on her gaping entrance, an occasional slap to her bountiful ass.

Play with yourself.

He saw her hand snake down between her legs and start rubbing her engorged button, slowly around and around. He took this opportunity to slip inside her waiting tunnel. It was hot and wet and tight and he pushed as far as he could go without hurting her.

She gasped deeply and held it until he slowly left the confines of her hot aching pussy.

Her movements began a frenetic pace as she got closer to the edge, he gathered some of the juices that were escaping her hot centre and rubbed it around in lazy circles on her anus. She tried to squirm away but he smacked her ass and ordered her to be still.

She was very near the edge and when he felt her tighten around his shaft, he pushed his finger inside her anal opening. She wailed as she came, thrashing and shuddering beneath him. He could feel her pussy milking every last drop from him, that velvet heat clenching and unclenching around him, she continued to rub her swollen clit, as the juices came slipping out, wrapping the hot wetness around his cock, he twitched inside of her, his cock still hard.

Next time I catch you smoking dope I won’t be so easy on you.

She smiled as she thanked her good fortune of having a good little stash.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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