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Day 1

My brother-in-law had died in January at the age of 37 after a long illness. His son Tom graduated in May. Joan, my wife’s sister, had been married to Bill for two years before he became ill three years ago. The family had been frequent campers while Bill was healthy, and had purchased an old rustic cabin in a remote area of Minnesota as a getaway. They had only been there once in the past three years and Joan and Tom wanted one more trip to the lake before Tom left for boot camp.

My wife, Amber, and I agreed to go with them for a week if we could find a sitter for the girls. One of Amber’s other sisters took us up on the offer. We arrived at the lake around 10:00 pm after a long three-hour trip in the pickup. Amber had never done much camping, but since there was a cabin she thought it wouldn’t be too bad. Well the cabin turned out to be four walls with a bed and a sofa. When she found out there wasn’t even an outhouse she was ready to get back in the pickup for a return home.

“At least we have electricity,” I kidded as she headed off to the woods for a pee. We settled in for the night with Amber and I on the queen sized bed with Joan on the sofa and Tom on the floor. The morning was beautiful as we built a fire and cooked a big breakfast. We had the boat in the water by 9:00 and the first fish was hooked before 10:00. The gals, only a year apart at ages 28 and 29, were more interested in getting a tan than fishing. So after we stopped for lunch and a piss break they stayed on shore while Tom and I continued the fishing.

“Make sure you give us some warning when you come to pick us up,” Joan quipped. “We plan to get an all over tan this week.” That made me want to stay and watch instead of fish, but somebody had to catch supper. The sisters are very much alike. Both are about 5’7″ with dark hair and kind of small boobs. They have those legs and hips that were meant for childbirth. You know the ones that don’t come too close together as they join. I noticed that neither of the gals had trimmed their bushes for their bikinis either. The afternoon went well as Tom and I got to know each other a little better. I had packed some beer and we sipped on a few while fishing. Tom had just turned 18 and was ready to leave for the Army.

“So, you need to get back and give your girlfriend a little loving before you head out.”

“I don’t have a girl and I really have only dated a couple of times, what with Dad being sick and everything.”

“Maybe we need to find you a hooker when we get back to town.” I laughed. “We wouldn’t want a virgin going off to war you know.”

“That would be fine with me.” Tom said. “Maybe the uncles could chip in for a going away present.”

We picked up the girls at 7:00 and they were starved. When we got back to the cabin, the girls were going down to the lake for a bath while we cleaned the fish. Then they would cook while we cleaned up. As we were cleaning the fish down by the trees, I could hear the girls scream a little as they entered the chilly June waters. They weren’t that far away so I went to take a peek. As luck would have it they were 30-40 yards away on the other side of a row of large bushes and I could get a pretty good view. I sent Tom for the binoculars and we both got a nice look at his stepmother and her sister as they washed. As we got undressed for our turn to bathe while the gals cooked supper, my cock was as hard as Tom’s but not nearly as big. I am quite small at 5″ and thin. Tom was sporting a good 7″-8″ and pretty thick.

“Wow, you’ve got too big a prick to not have been used yet. Watching those two has got us going and I haven’t had any ass for a couple of weeks. You and your mom had better turn in early and maybe I can get a little by the fireplace before we go to bed.”

“What about me,” Tom said. “I need to jack off or I’ll never get to sleep.”

“Go for it now. You have some soap and I’d love to watch.”

He had already started playing with his cock and I could see it wasn’t going to take him long to get off. I had never been with another guy when they were jacking off and I was mesmerized. I moved closer as his breathing got heavier and reached out to touch his balls. He started to come immediately and shot it all over my chest and arm. Just then the girls called that supper was ready. We cleaned up and went to eat. Tom was the first to go inside to get ready for bed and Joan soon followed. As we sat by the fire I started to play with Amber’s tits and she didn’t resist. This surprised me, as she is kind of a prude. She was a virgin when we married seven years ago and wasn’t too adventurous in bed.

“Does the outdoors make you horny?”

“A little bit, but not as much as being spied on.”

“You saw us?”

“I heard you in the bushes. Did Tom get a good look?”

“We had the binoculars, so he sure did. I packed a box of rubbers. Should I get one from the cabin?”

“Not here. Maybe we can get away alone somewhere in the boat tomorrow” she said as she started rubbing my cock through my shorts. “After all you bursa escort sent Tom to sleep with a hard-on. It’s only fair you suffer too.”

“Actually we took care of that in the lake.”

“WE took care of it??”

“I rubbed his balls a little just before he came all over me. It was really exciting. He has a big cock and he’s still a virgin. I told him his uncles may have to get him a hooker for a going away present.”

“How big is his cock?” Amber asked as she took mine from my shorts.

“Two or three inches longer than mine and a lot thicker,” I replied as she took my prick in her mouth for the first time in three or four years. It didn’t take long for me to get to the point of no return. She pulled her mouth away and finished me with her hand as I shot my load all over the place. That didn’t surprise me as she has never swallowed the few blowjobs she has given me.

“You should try swallowing. I hear there’s a lot of protein in come. You might like the taste.”

“Why don’t you try it and tell me how it tastes. We’ll be watching you guys tomorrow night,” she said as she got up and went to bed.

What did she mean by that?

Day 2

The second day on the lake was very similar to the first. I suggested to Amber at lunch that we take a little boat ride, but she grinned and told me maybe tonight. When we got back to the cabin the girls headed for their bath and we went to our favorite spot to clean the fish. This time we took the binoculars with us right away. As the girls were splashing around Amber gave us some real good looks. It didn’t appear that Joan was aware of the voyeurs on the other side of the bushes. Today, they even washed each others backs and when they were finished Amber gave Joan a big lingering hug and a kiss on the lips. That brought all four nipples to attention. Not to mention two cocks. I reached over and gave Tom’s prick a little squeeze and he moaned. That drew a quick look and a wink from Amber.

“You told her we watched them yesterday didn’t you?” Tom asked.

“Yep and it got me my first blow job in three years.”

“You lucky bastard. I hope she doesn’t tell Mom or I’m dead.”

“Relax, your Mom probably hasn’t had any action for a while any way and is horny as hell. You saw her nipples jump up when they rubbed against Amber. Let’s go take a bath and take care of that boner for you.”

I washed quickly then moved behind Tom and started soaping his cock from behind. He let out a loud groan and I knew he wouldn’t last long. My cock felt good nestled against his balls but I decided to move around front so I could watch him blow his load. That’s when I heard some rustling in the bushes. I didn’t know if it was just Amber or whether her sister was there too. As I slowly stroked his lathered prick I thought about what Amber had said last night about swallowing. I decided it was time for Tom’s first blowjob and my first as a blower. He had his eyes closed as I rinsed off the soap and started licking his cock.

“What are you doing?”

“Do you want me to suck you off?”

“I don’t know. I’m not gay.”

“Neither am I, because I sure plan on getting fucked tonight. So what will it be my hand or my mouth?”

“Suck it!”

It was a stretch to get my mouth around the monster but I managed. I was probably only at for half a minute when he started jerking his hips. I managed not to gag as he pumped his load into me. I swallowed most of it but some trickled down my chin. I had tasted my own sperm before so the salty bitter taste was no surprise.

“God, that was great,” he said as he reached out and tentatively touched my cock. “Do you want me to help you out? I don’t think I’m ready to suck but I could jack you off.”

“I think I am going to get a little from the wife tonight, but we can experiment in the boat tomorrow.”

With that we went up to get supper. Surprisingly, it wasn’t ready yet. I guess both of the girls were in the bushes watching. Amber came up to me immediately and gave me a big deep kiss.

“That’s an interesting flavor of mouthwash you’re using.” she whispered as she squeezed my cock. “Don’t forget to wear a rubber to bed tonight, because I need to get fucked.”

Tom and I went in to get ready for bed first and I slipped a rubber on my still hard cock as I pun on a pair of running shorts.

“Make sure you’re facing the bed tonight because Amber wants it. You know they were watching in the bushes tonight when I blew you”

“So Mom knows we spied on them too?”

“I’m sure she does. She also saw you get a blowjob. She has got to be horny as hell so you might want to keep your eyes on her tonight as well. I’m sure she has got to get off after our little show and the one that’s coming. Try not to jerk off tonight so you will really need it tomorrow.”

“You’re going to be fucking my aunt and my Mom is going to be masturbating on either side of me and you expect me to not jack off?”

“Try to restrain. You will be rewarded tomorrow.”

We put out the fire while the girls got into bed. bursa escort bayan The lights went off and Tom and I made our way to our sleeping places. The bed was against one wall and the sofa facing it against the opposite wall. In between on the floor is where Tom’s sleeping bag was.

When I crawled into bed Amber attacked me. She grabbed my hand and put it on her soaking pussy. She wasn’t wearing anything except he pajama top. I shoved a couple of fingers in her cunt and started moving them back and forth as deep as I could get them. Her ass was a foot off the bed trying to make them go deeper. I kissed her deeply as she groaned out her first orgasm of the night. As she was coming down from that, I brought my fingers from her cunt to my lips and leaned in to kiss her again. She had never wanted to taste her come and wouldn’t kiss me after I had gone down on her because she thought it was gross. Tonight she joined me in licking the come from her fingers.

She pulled my cock out of my shorts and said “Fuck me now.”

“The others are still awake.”

“I don’t care. Fuck me hard.” she begged as she moved under me.

By now the blanket was no longer covering us and I looked over at Joan and she was watching intently. She was obviously masturbating. I drove in to the hilt and Amber gasped. I pounded her just like she likes it and she started coming almost immediately. I wasn’t going to last long having been in a constant state of arousal for the past couple of hours. I kissed her to try to keep her screams muffled as we both came to shattering orgasms. After recovering, I got out of bed to get rid of my rubber. When I came back into the cramped cabin the smell of pussy juice was so strong I nearly passed out.

“Would you straighten out my blanket for me?” Joan whispered as I walked by the sofa.

I fixed her blankets and was surprised when she reached her arms out for a hug as I finished.

“Thanks for the show,” she said as she hugged me and ran her still damp fingers by my nose, “and good night.”

What will tomorrow bring?

Day 3

As luck would have it I woke to a steady rain the next morning. No fishing this morning or possibly all day. I was kind of looking forward to messing around with Tom on the boat. Those thoughts got my cock stirring again, and I reached over to one of Amber’s breasts.

“MM.,” she sighed. “Stop that, I’m horny enough already.” She rolled to her side and smuggled her ass against my prick. That left her facing the sleeping Tom and Joan.

“Look, Tom has a boner. It is big! I need to pee and wash up after last night. Want to go with me to the lake?” She said as she hopped out of bed not grabbing her running shorts but not bothering to put them on. I was right behind her as we headed out the door carrying our towels and soap. We made enough noise that I’m sure Tom was awake in time to see Amber’s ass as we exited. As we headed for the lake Amber removed her top then squatted to take a piss. We washed ourselves rather quickly as the water was damn cold. I tried to make a pass at Amber but she said it was too cold and we needed to get inside and get the fireplace going now. We passed Joan as we were nearing the door.

“I’m going to wash up,” and I’ll be right in.

As we entered the cabin Tom quickly rolled on his back to hide his hardon. We got the fire going and Tom went outside to take a leak and wash up. Amber eyed his hard prick from the time he rolled over to the time he left the cabin.

“Do you want some of that?” I asked as I hugged her from behind.

“Wouldn’t that upset you to see me with someone else?”

“Did it upset you when I sucked him off?

“No, it made me cream my pants.”

“What do you think Joan would think about a day of sex instead of fishing?”

“She seemed pretty horny when you fucked me last night. It would probably do her good to get fucked. Take her mind off of loosing Bill.”

“You wouldn’t mind me screwing her?”

“Let’s do it,” she said as she headed for the bed and stripped of her clothes. I was right behind.

“Oh my,” Joan gasped as she entered the cabin seeing us making out in the nude on the bed.

“Care to join us,” Amber said as she sat up patting the bed.

“Are you sure about this?” Joan said as she moved closer.

“What do you think,” I responded as I held my hard cock and showed it to her. “Get undressed before Tom comes in.” With that she stripped and crawled into bed. We covered ourselves just as Tom opened the door.

“Get under the covers so we can all warm up before the fire heats this place up,” Amber said as she patted the little space left on the be beside her. I was in the middle with the sisters on either side of me. Tom’s jaw dropped when Amber lifted the covers for him to crawl into and he saw she was nude.

“One rule, you have to get naked before you get in the bed.”

Tom stared in disbelief before he took off his shirt and shorts sporting his huge prick.

“I’ll just watch so you two girls have ample room for his first fuck,” escort bursa I said as I hopped out of bed.

Tom lay down on the bed between his aunt and stepmother. They both attacked him, kissing him and grabbing for his dick. They ended up licking his shaft from either side. He wasn’t going to last long with this attention, so I gave Amber a rubber to prepare him for his first pussy.

“You go first. You’re his Mom,” Amber encouraged.

With that Joan crawled on top of Tom and slowly sank down on his prick.

“It’s been three years since I’ve had a cock inside me and you are a little bigger than your dad so let me get used to it. Oh my God it feels so good.” she said as she started slowly rocking back and forth.

“I love you Mom.”

“I love you too, son.”

“How would you like to taste your first pussy at the same time you fuck your first one?.” Amber said as she lowered her dripping cunt over his mouth.

The sisters hugged each other rubbing their tits together as Tom started pumping his cock into his stepmother. The girls started kissing frantically and Amber reached for Joan the entrance of Joan’s pussy, where she rubbed her clit and Tom’s pumping shaft. Joan moved her mouth to one of Amber’s tits and began sucking. I reached behind Joan and started rubbing Tom’s balls. That was all it took as he groaned and started pumping his load into the rubber. Neither of the ladies had come yet so they continued to hump against Tom’s body. I thought Amber was going to suffocate the poor guy, but he continued to eat her pussy.

“Let me get him ready for some more,” I said as I grabbed a new rubber. I pulled his cock out of Joan’s wet cunt and removed his full condom. His half hard cock was soaked in sperm as I took it into my mouth to revive it. Being an 18 year old it wasn’t going to take long to bring him back to a full hardon. I reached up to finger Joan’s pussy, only to find my wife’s hand already buried in her cunt.

Tom was ready for more so I put the rubber on and guided him back into his Mother’s pussy. The three of them went at it in this position for another ten minutes before the girls both collapsed with their third orgasm. They rolled off of Tom and kissed passionately. They were spent. But there were two hard cocks that weren’t taking that for an answer.

“Take it easy guys, we have all week. Fifteen minutes won’t kill you,” Amber sighed as they played with each others boobs.

“Why don’t you guys fix us some breakfast to let us recuperate.”

“I still have my morning hardon, but you guys have all had a good come.”

“Or two or three,” Joan added.

“You always tell me the longer you make it last, the better it is,” Amber quipped.

We ate a nice breakfast and I settled down a little bit. Tom didn’t relax much as having two nude women sitting around wasn’t something he imagined before today. When we had finished eating everyone was ready for another round.

“I have an idea that everyone but Joan may like, but she will get hers later,” Amber suggested. “I’ll kneel on the bed and Tom can screw me while Joan and I suck Stan’s cock.”

“That works for me but I’m not going to last long.”

“I don’t care how long you last as long as Tom hangs on long enough.”

With that Amber kneeled on the bed presenting her pussy to Tom. He wasted no time approaching her with his big prick.

“I need a little warming up before you try to put that thing in me.”

I crawled into a 69 position and began eating on her pussy. She was wet in no time. I reached for Tom’s cock and guided it into my wife’s pussy.

“Ahhh, it’s so thick. Take it easy but don’t stop.”

He continued to slowly fuck her as she lowered her lips to my throbbing cock. This wasn’t going to take long and my wife was going to get her first taste of my come very shortly. Tom increased his pace as Amber sucked on my cock and Joan started licking my balls. I could see Tom’s big cock sliding in and out of her pussy and she was dripping. I raised my head so I could lick her clit as he fucked her. Tom’s balls slapped against my balls each time he drove into her. I started timing myself to lick his balls as he entered. That was all I could take and started pumping my load into Amber’s mouth for the first time in the 8 years I had known her. She took the first two spurts then pulled her mouth away. The next couple of jets hit her in the face and her hair. By that time Joan had grabbed my cock and continued sucking me dry.

“Harder!!! I’m coming! Ahhh,” she cried as she bucked her as against Tom’s cock. She collapsed on top of my face and Tom’s cock popped out.

I gently licked her pussy clean and she slowly turned to give me long kiss, savoring the taste of her juices.

“I love you,” she said.

“I love you too.”

The rest of the week resulted in more sex than fishing, but Tom and I had to get to the boat just to recuperate. We all experienced anal sex and the girls ate their first pussy as all inhibitions were tossed side.

Tom is now in the service and Joan is dating a farmer who has a bigger prick than Tom according to her. She decided not to sell the cabin after all and I can’t wait for the week we are planning to go with her and her new boyfriend for a trip to the lake.

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