Captain Jack Ch. 04

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I could feel a warm body curled up next to me. Sheree was still asleep, her mouth was slightly open and she had her knees bent and almost touching her chin. I reached down and kissed her lips softly. She started to move and her eyes opened, she stretched and turned to me and kissed me. She climbed onto my body and lay there looking into my eyes. She was warm and soft, her breast squashed into my chest.

“Hey sailor, what’s a girl have to do to get some sleep around here?”

“Well if you want to sleep, I can get out of your way. However, if you want to play just say the word”

“Let me think about that.”

I could feel her hand moving down my legs and grabbing my cock, which was at attention. She stroked it maybe four or five times and smiled.

“Mmmmmm, what have I found here. It feels warm and hard, what can it be?”

“Sheree, that’s the staff of life, when it’s in you it makes you come to life.”

“Show me I don’t believe you, Sailor?”

She, rolled off me and lay facing me, I grabbed her waist and put her on her back. I ran my hands down her body and caressed her ass, then her thighs. She was very warm her inner thighs felt like velvet. I kissed first one than the other, I could smell the sweet aroma of her elixir. I kissed her folds, which were wet and swollen. I slid my tongue in between her liquid silk labia, and then I started sucking them into my mouth. She was moving her hips slowly into my face as I was flicking her nub with the tip of my tongue lightly. I was in no hurry to leave this fabulous feast set for a king. Her body tightened and she experienced a minor orgasm. I then crawled up to where my cock was on her mound.

“Well, You still want to sleep little girl?”

“What do you have in mind sailor?”

I pushed the head of my cock into her velvet tunnel of love. The reception it received was simply wonderful, engulfed in a pulsing sensual world of liquid silk. We lay there connected, my cock buried as deep as it could go. My mouth was moving from nipple to nipple and when my mouth was not around them my fingers were. I lay there lost in the ecstasy of her pussy, Mmmmm, what a feeling. Her vaginal muscles were working my cock like a hand.

“Well, sailor I’m doing all the work. How about some help?”

I started a slow rhythm and she was right with me. I pulled all the way out except for the head and started stroking at a nice steady pace. She wrapped her legs around my ass and started moving fast. She was off the bed, her back arched and her hips moving like a piston.


It seemed like clock work because I was cuming Just as she started. She was thrusting and laughing at the same time. Her orgasms were hard and continuous; I was filling her with streams of cum and she was overflowing, I could feel it coming out of her cunt down my cock. I was sliding in and out nice and easy I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her into me. She just kept on working my cock; with every thrust I made, she was thrusting back. She just kept on fucking, her ass moving all over then bed. I did my best to keep up with her. Finally, we lay side by side just kind of spent. She was foundling my cock and rubbing her tits on me.

“Damn, Sheree, your not satisfied?”

“Oh, you satisfied me, Sailor. I just want to be satisfied again.”

I satisfied her one more time, and then I headed for the shower. Which I need badly, it acted as a wake up.

Singhi has us under way when I got to the bridge; we had been moving for almost and hour. He left to prepare breakfast and I looked at the chart to figure our final leg into Cabo. It looked like were going to have a great day weather wise. We were in the Inland Passage between the coast and the Island of Santa Magdalena; we would continue this line till we passed the Island of Santa Margarita. The water is very still because we are sheltered and we can make great time. Once we passed that last island we would be in the open sea again. Singhi, buzzed to tell me breakfast was ready. I asked him to come to the bridge and take the helm, didn’t want to use the autopilot in the channel. There usually is a lot of traffic this time of year.

Everyone was in the saloon; it was the first time since the storm that I saw Sandra and Jason. They both looked fine and were very talkative especially Sandra. Sheree and Joe were pretty quiet. After breakfast we sat and had more coffee and talked. Sandra, got me aside and told me she would like to play later if that was ok, with me. I told her it would depend on how things go today; once we are out of the channel it would be a good time. Sheree was taking in everything that was being said and she had a smirk on her face.

Half an hour later Sandra came out on the deck to sunbath, she was wearing a robe. She took it off and laid down on the deck chair, as she was totally nude. She smiled at me and blew me a kiss. She was looking straight at me smiling, and her legs open slightly so I have a perfect view of her pussy. bahçeşehir escort She was watching me very intently and licking her lips, with that sensuous educated tongue of hers. I was imagining her licking my cock and sucking on it. Damn, how could I still be horny after this morning with Sheree. Guess, I will have to get a couple of those pills from Sheree.

We were abreast of Santa Margarita and would be past her and into the open sea in an hour, give or take thirty minutes. The water was still smooth as glass and we were ahead of schedule, there was a nice light breeze from the south. There was not too much traffic so the going was pretty easy.

Sandra was still sunning her self and I was still looking down her legs to her crotch in all its glory. Even though he tits were small the really were beautiful, they looked like little torpedo’s. Her areolas were very large and the nipple was long, Mmmmm, and very succulent.

“What are you thinking about? She is beautiful isn’t she?”

“Sheree, I didn’t see or hear you, yeah, she is beautiful.”

“What were you too talking about this morning? As if I don’t already know.”

“Remember the first day when you came aboard, you left us alone and you knew I was going to fuck her? In fact when you came back and we were still fucking; you told us to hurry up and finish so you could have your turn. Does that ring a bell, now your mad because I’m going to fuck her brains out today?”

“I just though that we were, I don’t know what I though. I’m sorry if I upset you?”

” I’m just the hired help, and you’re all my bosses.”

She looked down at the deck and slowly walked away, she turned and looked and I could see tears welling up in her eyes. The she turned back and ran into her cabin. I really felt kind of bad about what happened. I looked up and Sandra had this big grin on her face, while she was licking her lips. She got up and put the robe on her shoulders and walked to me giving me a close look at her mound and breast.

“How long will it be before we’re out of the channel?”

“Maybe an hour or so.”

“Good, I will be waiting for you in my cabin. Don’t keep me waiting too long!”

I watched her walking away, and she took the robe off her shoulders to show me her magnificent ass, she looked back over her shoulder and smiled. Yes, this would be a very interesting afternoon. I just tried to keep my mind on the task at hand and that’s to navigate the boat out of the channel. About ten minutes after Sandra left Joe popped his head into the bridge. I was glad to see him; I could relax a little because I enjoyed talking to him. I asked about the pill that Sheree, had given me and he explained its composition and how it worked. It like this: The pill is actually a capsule or for better words a container holding a lot of little pills. The little pills have a different thickness of their coatings, which when attached by the acids in your stomach will release the medication into the blood stream at different times. This is called a time-released capsule. The medication that it releases is a vasodilator, which actually dilates the blood vessel to increase the blood flow to certain parts of the body. Mainly my cock, that’s why it was so hard for so long. Before he left he gave me bottle of one hundred pills, of which I am sure will be used! So, I popped one into my mouth and swallowed it down and was thinking about Sandra’s sweet juicy pussy.

I had my lunch on the bridge with Singhi as company. When I was finished I pulled out a cigar, lit it and sucked in a big mouth full of smoke. Tasted nice and soothing and that was just what I need. I could see the channel narrowing up ahead and I kept a nice tight line off the Island on the starboard side. There were people on the beach waving to us as we move by them. I figured another half hour and we would be out of the channel. Oh, boy, here comes Sheree.

“Jack, I want to apologize for this morning. I had no business to expect anything. I hope you accept my apology!”

” Maybe, I should apologize to you, I was short with you and I shouldn’t have been.”

“I just have these feelings for you, and I will just have to learn to control them from now on.”

She walked away not saying another word, I watched her move to the rail watching the Island go by. Then she leaned against the railing watching me. She turned and headed for her cabin.

“Hey, Sheree, will I get to spend some time with you tonight?”

She turned trying not to smile.

“Only, if you want to.”

“Well, I want too.”

She smiled and disappeared into her cabin. We were at the critical passage point out of the channel. Singhi came back to the bridge while I made the corrections. I told him after we got out I wanted him to take the helm. I wanted to rest a little. He just looked at me and shook his head and left the bridge. Ok, we were through and into the Pacific Ocean, the sea was not rough and the wind was still out of the south. istanbul escort I saw Singhi coming to relieve me. I told him to keep the same course that we were on and headed for some relaxation. I should probably take a shower first then go visiting.

When I walked in to Sandra cabin, she was sitting on the bed with a pillow stuffed behind her back. She was completely nude; she really looked lovely sitting there. I had forgotten just how long her legs were. She patted her hand on the bed signaling me to sit by her side. I sat down next to her and kiss her closest nipple, then sat back up.

“Mmmmmm, is that all I get Jack? To be honest I was hoping for a lot more.”

“Sandra, I plan on giving you everything you’ve ever dreamed about.”

I stood and started undressing, first my shirt, pants and finally my shorts. She started clapping and whistling and I started swaying my hips like I was a hula dancer.

“Why don’t you bring that beautiful big cock over here so I can kiss it properly?”

I moved to the bed again and lay next to her, she crawled down the bed, my cock was lying back against my stomach. She started sucking my balls first one then the other; she started nibbling on the scrotum and kissing. She worked he way up to the base of my shaft and continued to suck, kiss, nibble and tenderly bite. What a wonderful sensation I had shooting through my body. She was slowly moving up the shaft, it felt like it took and hour for her to reach the mushroom. I was withering in pain, when she took the head in her mouth. I could feel the saliva on her lips flowing down my cock. She was working the head in and out of her lips using her mouth like it was in her pussy. She was sucking hard and deeply, I was on the edge and she knew it. She backed off and kissed my stomach, then up and sucked my nipples.

She moved back down and sucked me back into her mouth like a vacuum. I erupted like a volcano, I could feel the cum boiling in my nuts then shooting up the shaft, burning all the way up. The first wave of hot lava flooded her mouth and she was sucking so hard I though my head was cumming through my cock. She never slowed down she sucked and sucked and I was sending wave after wave into her mouth. I was paralyzed; I could not move a muscle. I did not believe I could ever cum that hard and long.

I opened my eyes and she was hovering over my cock and it was still standing. she started kissing the head again, I started moaning. She was sucking me in her mouth again and it was hurting so nice I was almost in tears. She was moving the head of my cock in and out of her mouth like a piston. She would not stop and I was on the brink again. I could feel my balls starting to churn. My cock was like steel. I exploded again and it felt like my insides were streaming into her mouth. I was exhausted and I laid there completely spent. My eyes were closed and I wanted to sleep.

“Jack, are you ok? Answer me Jack, you’re scaring me!”

I open my eyes and saw a look of concern on her face. I tried to smile and I was trying to catch my breath.

“Damn, Sandra, are you trying to kill me? Shit, what did you do to me?”

“What did I do to you? Jack, I just gave you the blowjob of your life. You’ll never get one better in a whole life time!”

“I believe you, Sandra, that was the best my knob has every been polished!”

“Jack, are you tired?”

“Yes, I am very tired, how about some rest and a little cognac?”

Sandra went over to the vanity and poured to snifters of cognac and handed me one. The first gulp went down easy and I took another, then one more and set the glass down. Sandra was sipping on her drink, licking the rim of the glass. Watching every move I made like wolf stalking it prey. Her face was wearing the mask of a huntress, making her feature hard although still tantalizing. He eyes were searching my body from head to toe.

I closed my eyes and almost dropped of into never land when I felt her mouth cover the bulb and start sucking my cock. I opened my eyes and her head was bobbing up and down my shaft, her head was moving up and down like a piston for maybe four or five minutes. She slowed her pace but never stopping, she looked up and her eyes were on fire with lust. I could feel her tongue and she move slowly up and down my cock. I was her plaything and she amused herself with me, as she wanted. She again was moving her head up and down like a piston, with her lips close tight around my shaft. Oh god, I could feel my self start to tighten and my balls ache and I exploded. I came hard at first then it turned into soft flowing wave after wave of unbelievable ecstasy.

She was still continuing so rape me with her mouth, she was insatiable and I was at her mercy. She kept this up for at least another two minutes and she stopped. She moved up and kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth. She then straddled my cock and slid down the shaft devouring me completely with one movement. She leaned into me rubbing escort bahçeşehir her nipples into me and kissed me again. She grabbed my hands and pinned them over my head.

“Now I have you in my power and I will use you anyway I want.”

She slowly rose up my shaft and slid back down, over and over, only picking up the speed with each stroke. She was now moving her beautiful her ass up and down, which was driving her cunt onto my cock.


Her mouth was open and her head thrown back and her small breast were bouncing in rhythm to her pussy flying up and down my cock. She was having a series of orgasms that was continuous. I just lay there as she was still bouncing on my cock. She fucked me like that for maybe twenty minutes. The whole time she was having orgasm after orgasm. I was by this time ready to be shot. I was completely at her mercy. We laid there on the bed looking at each other; I did not want to move.

“Did you enjoy that Jack?”

“I’m exhausted I don’t think I can move off this bed. Look at me, you turned me into a quivering mass of jello.”

“You poor boy, you’ve been neglected since I was sick. Now that I’m well I’ll get you back into shape.”

“Yeah, either that or kill me! I have to get back up on deck and see where were at.”

After taking a shower, I sundered back on deck. Singhi was on the bridge and pointed to the shoreline, showing me the village of Todos Santos. We were about ninety minutes from Cabo. I entered the bridge and sat on the stool to rest, looking at the village.

“Jack, you look like shit, are you sick? Hmmm, maybe it’s too much exercise? Or maybe you’re getting too much pun tang? ”

“Just shut up and drive the bus.”

“You drive I have work to do.” He was out the door and gone in a flash.

It felt good to finally get to our destination, as we were entering the harbor we were greeted with horn blast from the other ships. I answered back with our horn and this brought everyone onto the deck, of course both of the women were topless. They were waving to the gawking people, especially the men who were waving back. The pilot came aboard and positioned us at our anchor-designated spot. We were about a hundred yards from the dock.

The passengers all wanted to go ashore and do some shopping and maybe have dinner. Singhi was going ashore and would spend the night. He has a lady friend that he stays with when he’s in port. The prospect of spending the night on board alone did not bother me at all I could use some time to myself.

Singhi had lowered the skiff and was waited for passengers when they appeared. The women were dress to the hilt. Wow, they both looked beautiful. Sandra was in a gold dress the barley cover her ass and her legs looked like they were ten feet tall. It was very low cut and almost exposed her nipples. Of course it fit her ass like a kid glove! Sheree was wearing a dark green dress that was about mid-thigh with a plunging neckline that showed off her breast. They all waved as the skiff was headed to the dock.

The passengers were going to Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Saloon and then to dinner. I was not sure where but there were some very fine dinner houses here in Cabo. Singhi he would be getting laid in about a half hour, I chuckled to myself. I was in hope that I would not get a call to pick up the two couple tonight. It would be nice to have them spend the night at one of the many hotels on shore. I had dinner and just sat out and smoked a cigar and a couple snifters of Remy Martin. I look at my watch and it was 11:00 pm. I stood up to head for bed and the squawk box sounded. They needed to be picked up.

Heading into the shore I could only see one person standing on the dock waiting for me, as I got closer I saw Sheree alone.

“The other are staying at Marriott tonight, and since we made a deal about spending time together, I figured I should come back to the boat.”

I secured the skiff and she was gone. She wanted to change into something more comfortable. I was sitting on a deck chair and watching the activity on shore, when I felt her hands rubbing my shoulders and neck.

“Mmmmm, Damn that feels so good, ohhhhh you have magic hands.”

“I am so glad you like that, your shoulder are tight. I could really go for a Remy Martin, how about you Jack?”

“I’ll get you one but I have already had three tonight, one more and I’ll be zonked.”

” Lets just good to bed, I don’t need another drink.”

I was sprawled out on the bed and she was snuggled up against my body, I had my arm around her fondling her breast, kneading her nipple with my fingers. She was kissing my ear and nibbling on the lobe. She was running her foot up and down my leg. She half turned and moved her leg over mine; I could feel her mound against my thigh. Her body was radiating heat, like an atomic power plant. She was now moving her open palm up and down the bottom side of my shaft barley touching it. She snuggled closer her breast mashed against my chest. She kissed me soft and long, then I felt her tongue, she put her head back on my shoulder and sighed.

“Jack I wish it could be like this forever and ever, just the two of us. Making love together and never stopping”

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