Captain’s Woes Ch. 09

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The next day at school certainly could have been awkward for Dan, if he had allowed himself to notice any of the girls he had slept with in the past week. Jane, of course, was pissed at him and wouldn’t even look at Dan. Miss Kline kept trying to get his attention, but he remained absorbed in his work. Casey was feeling both neglected and horny, and kept coming up to him in the halls, working to get some sort of commitment out of him, but he basically just ignored her, which in turn got her mad enough to walk away in a huff.

The only girl he even stopped to speak to was Dani. Seeing her in the hallway

in-between classes, he smiled and pulled her into an empty classroom. She was wearing a tight white polo shirt, short black skirt, and white knee-highs. Pushing her up against the wall, he kissed her aggressively, grabbing her chest and massaging her breasts a little roughly.

Dani, surprised by Dan’s attention, found herself breathless. His large hands squeezing her tits, his tongue pressed against hers, she quickly became excited. Throwing her arms around his neck, she pulled his head closer. She wrapped one leg around his, and gasped as he ground his pelvis into hers. Dan moved his left hand to support her right thigh, sliding it up to cup her ass cheek. He slid his finger underneath her panty-line, loving the feeling of the lace and her hot flesh.

“What the hell is going on here?” interrupted their revelry.

Moving apart from each other, Dani pulling down her skirt and looking embarrassed, they both looked up to see Mrs. Parker standing before them, looking very angry.

Dani, not wanting to get in trouble, grabbed her bag and ran out of the room before Mrs. Parker could say anything. However, she did move quickly to the door, closing and locking it so as not to let Dan escape, thus leaving Dan and the teacher alone. Dan couldn’t help but notice that Mrs. Parker’s anger did nothing to take away from how attractive she was.

A light-skinned black woman, she was short with braided hair pulled back from her face. She always dressed very professionally, and today she was in a form fitting black, pin-striped two-piece suit. Under her jacket she was wearing a white silk blouse, the top buttons opened enticingly with the promise of the round, firm breasts underneath. In her early thirties, she had been teaching for eight years, but still had time to work-out and keep in shape.

“Well it looks like your little friend has left you high and dry.”


“Don’t talk to me like that, young man!” she yelled. “You’re in big trouble.” She moved closer to him in a manner that almost intimidated the much larger teen. “And don’t think I don’t know who you are, Dan Grover.”

“How do you know my name?” Dan asked, curious.

“Never mind that right now. What I do need is the name of your friend.”


“So I can write both of you up.”

“But we were just kissing!”

“Kissing? If you were grabbing any more of her ass, you hand would be a chair.”


“Listen, you can either tell me almanbahis her name, and you both just get in-school suspension, or you can be ‘loyal’ and you can be completely suspended.”

“Suspended? For kissing? That’s bullshit!”

“Don’t make it worse for yourself by cussing.”

“Can’t I just apologize and leave? Tell me what to do and I’ll do it, but I can’t be suspended.”

Now, Mrs. Parker, who had been married for over ten years, was not what anyone would call “in a happy marriage.” As such, she hadn’t had sex in quite a long time, and when she overheard Miss Kline whispering on the phone about Dan Grover, she did some research. Finding out what he looked like was no problem, as all she had to do was read the school newspaper. Deciding that his picture was looking good, she looked up his schedule, and finally caught him between classes, and liked what she saw in person even more. Unfortunately, she had no contact with him and had never had him in any of her classes, so getting at him was pretty much impossible.

Still, she had taken to following him whenever she had the chance, delighting in watching the strong young man unconsciously strut through the school, creating fodder for her late-night masturbation sessions. It was only by chance, then, that she had seen Dan drag that girl into an empty room and, as intelligent as she is, she realized this was her best opportunity to blackmail that cock into her pussy.

“What do you mean, ‘do?'”

“I don’t know,” he said, confused. “Anything.”

She moved even closer to him, and put her hand on his chest, marveling at the firm muscles she felt beneath his shirt. Looking up into his surprised face, she purred “I think we can think of something.” Reaching up with her other hand, she pulled Dan’s face down to her and kissed him passionately.

Not one to pass up an opportunity as good as this, he kissed back, surprised at how soft her lips were, as if for some reason an older woman would have coarse lips. He didn’t have too much time to contemplate that, though, because before he knew it, she broke off the kiss, pushed him hard against the wall and tore off her jacket.

“Holy shit,” he exclaimed.

“Strip!” she barked.

Watching as she began undoing her blouse, he readily complied, pulling his t-shirt over his head and throwing it to the side. Looking over, he saw Mrs. Parker removing her pants, revealing a cream-colored panty set, lacy, with both the panties and bra cut low. Not quite relaxed from his encounter with Dani, Dan’s cock was urged back to its fullness, and he unzipped his pants carefully over the bulge. Mrs. Parker, not willing to be patient, rushed over to him and yanked his pants and underwear down, causing his cock to spring free and hit her in the face.

“Jesus,” she whispered. This white boy’s cock was enormous. Licking her lips, she got down on her knees and gave it a few long, slow licks. Her deliberateness caused Dan’s dick to twitch, and Mrs. Parker smiled. Starting at the base of his shaft, she let her tongue ride all the way to the head, where almanbahis yeni giriş she lingered, letting a gob of spit form on top, and then using her hand to lubricate his cock with her spit. Sliding her hand down, she spit into the other hand and began to jerk him off, alternating hands so that he was continuously feeling her warm, wet hands move down his hard cock.

“You have a beautiful dick, Dan,” she murmured, watching as his penis slowly oozed pre-come. Continuing her carousel-like hand-job, she leaned forward to start licking his head.

Dan was amazed at what this teacher was doing. She was by far the best cock-sucker he had ever encountered, and her experience was showing as she changed rhythms, sucked and licked, and even played with his balls. The first time she put a ball in her mouth, he practically squealed, delighted at the feeling of her tongue on his testicles. She even went so far as to lift up his balls and lick between his legs, moving towards his sensitive anus. Still, he was a little surprised when, while returning to suck his cock, she licked a finger and slowly wormed it up his ass.

“Oh my God!” he gasped, squirming at the new sensation. Dan had recently discovered his own joy at playing with girls’ ass-holes, but he never imagined someone playing with his. Mrs. Parker was experienced, though, and she knew that a properly placed finger during a blow-job was usually all that was necessary to get a young man coming. Soon her mouth was being filled with his hot cum, and she swallowed greedily, enjoying the savory flavor of this young man’s spunk.

Spent, Dan leaned back against the wall, gasping at the most intense orgasm he had ever felt. He watched as Mrs. Parker stood up luxuriously, absentmindedly sucking on the finger that had recently been in his ass. Her sexy body practically bursting out of her underclothes, he pulled her close towards him and shoved his tongue in her mouth, delighting at the taste of his own come in this hot woman’s mouth. Reaching down, he grabbed her round ass and kneaded into them roughly. Spinning her around, he practically threw her into the wall.

“Oh my!” she gasped before he was back on her, kissing her neck, her chest, down to her tits. He started to play with them while still in the bra, but she wanted his tongue on her nipples, and she was quick to remove the garment. Having never seen black breasts in person, he was amazed at how dark her nipples were compared to her coffee-with-milk skin. He attacked them greedily, licking around the areolas and sucking on the hard nips. Her moans of appreciation were enough to tell him that he was on the right track, and so he alternated between the left and right, massaging her breasts all the while.

Soon though, he could feel his mouth watering, and so began his trail of kisses down her navel to the top of her panties. Taking hold of the sides, he inched them down over her beautiful ass and then down her thick thighs to her shapely ankles, where she put her hand on his shoulder so that she could step out of them.

Her pussy now exposed, almanbahis giriş he took some time exploring. Using two fingers, he rubbed back and forth along her slit, getting a feel for how wet she was already. Pushing slightly, he spread his fingers apart, exposing the startlingly pink inside. Breathing in deeply, he enjoyed the mix of her musk and cocoa butter, and eagerly began licking her pussy. Following her example, he used long strokes, sometimes pushing inside, sometimes using the flat of his tongue, other times flicking the tip quickly over the clit. His ministrations did not go unnoticed, and Mrs. Parker bucked her hips in appreciation. Sensing her breathe was getting faster, Dan inserted a finger into her vagina and between his finger and sucking on her clit, felt as the orgasm shook her body.

Fully aroused again, he stood up fully and kissed her again. While they kissed, he again reached down to grab her ass, and this time lifted her up, causing her to wrap her legs around his strong thighs. His huge dick aching to try out her dark pussy, he guided her down along his shaft, all the while walking towards the back of the room.

Mrs. Parker gasped, and breaking off the kiss, declared “You’re cock is so fucking thick!”

His meat shoved inside her, he made his way to a chair he had noticed there, and sat down, causing Mrs. Parker to land in his lap and therefore making his dick ram deep inside her. Not wasting a moment, she grabbed onto his shoulders for leverage, and with his strong arms lifting her up and down, began riding his huge cock wildly.

It was more then she could have hoped for. Long and with incredible girth, it filled her completely. His hard, forceful thrusts were directed with such confidence and competence that she was not in any doubt about the abilities of the young, well-hung man beneath her. Rocking back and forth, she desperately grinded her clit into his hard stomach while her pussy was ravaged by his dick. Neither one saying anything, they just fucked with such intensity, Mrs. Parker out of desperation and lust, Dan out of excitement and the simple exquisite feeling of her delicious pussy on his cock.

Both covered now in a fine film of perspiration, they knew they were approaching the end. Dan, his months of squats paying off, stood up from the chair while still deep inside of Mrs. Parker, and took her over to a table. Laying her down on the table, he grasped her hips and just started slamming in and out of her as hard as he could. Each thrust elicited a grunt from Dan, a moan from Mrs. Parker, and a squeak from the table as it slid across the floor.

“Holy fuck!” Dan groaned, and no longer able to control himself, blasted deep inside her pussy while her own orgasm tore through her body, causing her to arch her back drastically. Slumping forward, Dan lay on top of her, both of them panting hard to regain their breath.

Looking into Dan’s eyes, Mrs. Parker knew then what she needed to do.

“I’m still going to have to punish you,” she said.


“I expect some community service from you, Dan Grover. More to the point, I expect to be serviced, soon and often.”

“And I don’t have to tell you the girl’s name?”

She smiled mischievously. “Not yet.”

Comprehension dawning on him, Dan couldn’t help but smile, too.

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