Care To Join Us?

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Paul watched as Jill’s fingers touched his hard cock. He moved his hips so that the tip of the cock rested against the cleanly shaven skin between her legs. She moved the cock into place and let her hand fall to the bed. Paul leaned forward.

With his face next to hers, he felt the swollen head of his cock slide inside her. Then a couple more inches. She was warm and moist and ready. Jill lifted her legs to straddle his waist and the job was done.

They lay together momentarily, simply enjoying the feeling. Paul felt his wife’s breasts below his chest. He felt the heels of her feet rest on his ass. He reached back and caressed her thighs, sliding his hands down until they held her smooth ass.

And then he started to fuck her. They had been married just long enough to realize there was lovemaking and there was fucking. Tonight they wanted to fuck. It was an unspoken agreement, but they could tell. The way they undressed each other…the way they threw themselves onto the bed…the way they moaned into each other’s ear.

Paul drove his cock into Jill rapidly and firmly. She loved it when her husband sensed her sexual urgency. They would both cum quickly. Neither would stop until the other was satisfied. Lovemaking was nice when their moods demanded slow and pleasurable nurturing. But it was hard to beat fucking.

Jill would cum solely from the stimulation she received from Paul’s big cock. Her hand would end up on her nipple, squeezing and twisting it gently. However, it was the sensation between her legs that would make her climax.

Paul normally needed no further motivation than the feel of Jill’s tight cunt. But tonight was different. Tonight his eyes were firmly shut and the image he saw was of the young Teresa’s blonde hair and firm tits. He was walking up to her as she pulled off the bottom of her bikini. She was lying on the bed in front of him and he lowered himself onto her luscious body.

He was driving his cock into her over and over, hearing her call his name. He felt her legs tighten their grip around his waist. She began to cum. He followed. And they came together for what seemed like an eternity.

Paul opened his eyes and his wife’s fine brown hair was spread on the pillow beneath him. He kissed her ear. They lay motionless until Jill squeezed her cunt around his cock, causing Paul’s entire body to shudder one last time.

“God, you’re incredible,” she whispered.

“I love you, Jill,” he said, feeling uncomfortably guilty for some reason.

* * * * * * * * * *

They were two days into a seven-day cruise of the Eastern Caribbean. The weather had been ideal, the scenery spectacular and the food delicious. As was the custom on large cruise ships, guests were assigned dinner tables designed to seat six to ten people. Paul and Jill shared a table with three other couples.

Fortunately, the two dinners they had enjoyed together established that all the couples were compatible and, in fact, really seemed to enjoy each other. Being in their late thirties put Paul and Jill about in the middle of the range of ages at the table.

Paul had promptly chosen the small blonde Teresa, with her deep brown tan and low cut dress, as his favorite dining companion. His eyes had followed her from the moment she entered the massive dining room that first night. She seemed to glide rather than walk towards him. When she and her husband Steve said “Hi” and sat in two chairs opposite Paul and Jill, Paul silently thanked whoever was responsible for his luck.

Paul guessed that Teresa and Steve were probably five or six years younger than he and Jill. She was a teacher and Steve was an engineer. Steve had also likely been an athlete in college, based on his muscular shoulders and arms. While Paul was surveying Teresa, Jill was busy using her imagination to fill in the rest of the body hidden under Steve’s Hawaiian shirt.

The younger couple may have been almost too pretty, while Paul and Jill represented the always-popular “cute” couple, attractive but not magazine cover material. Jill was average height, average weight, average looks and tinted brunette hair. Paul could have been her twin with lighter hair.

A half dozen times, the two couples had run into each other on the ship or during on-shore excursions. They spent an hour together at the pool on the second day, leaving Paul unable to get Teresa’s bikini off his mind. Teresa and Steve, meanwhile, were beginning to really enjoy the company of the approachable, laid back “older” couple.

At the moment, Paul’s head rested on the top of Jill’s right breast, her arm wrapped securely around his shoulder. He fell asleep completely satisfied.

Two decks above, Teresa was throwing a t-shirt into the dirty clothes bag before crawling into bed with Steve. She pulled the sheet up over her panties, but left her bare breasts uncovered. Then she rolled onto her husband’s chest and looked up at him.

“Let’s invite Paul and Jill for drinks tomorrow night after the show,” she said. Her hand played with Steve’s nipples.

“Do beşiktaş escort you like him?”

Teresa hesitated. “Yeah, I guess. And I don’t think it would take much to get him interested. But, I’m not sure about her.”

“Sometimes those shy, quiet ones surprise you,” Steve said softly. “I used to think you were shy and innocent.”

The young woman giggled. “I’m not saying anything has to happen tomorrow, but maybe it will loosen them up for later in the week.”

“OK. If we don’t see them during the day, we’ll get them after dinner,” Steve said.

“Thanks, hon.”

Teresa slid her body completely onto his and moved up until they could kiss. His hands grasped her ass inside her panties and he kneaded the soft skin. She felt him harden and moments later they were rolling as one while the ship cut through the open ocean.

* * * * * * * * * *

When the couples awoke the next morning, the ship was safely docked in Cozumel. Following breakfast, they changed into swimsuits and threw on shorts and t-shirts. Both couples, unbeknownst to the other, were signed up for the snorkeling excursion.

They ran into each other on the dock before boarding the party boat that would serve as their snorkeling base for the day. Accusations were made of each couple following the other. But all of them were happy for the opportunity to hang with people they knew.

The boat they climbed onto had a lower level with all the snorkeling gear, a second level with an enclosed bar and eating area, and an upper level with open-air seating.

The couples chose the upper level and listened to a safety presentation before being set free to enjoy the short ride to the coral reef where they would snorkel. The late morning sun beat down on them as they shed their outer clothes and sat in their swimsuits.

The women wore two-piece suits with Teresa’s being a true bikini and Jill’s a more conservative, yet still revealing, dark blue suit. Both men had a right to be proud of their wives and neither of them was tiring of looking at the other man’s mate. Steve admired the longer, lean body of the mature Jill. Paul saw Teresa as the short, sexy younger woman put on the planet for no other reason than to drive men crazy with lust.

The boat floated to a stop and it was announced that the passengers were free to snorkel at their leisure. All four quickly got in the line leading to where the equipment was being handed out. Moments later they were in the warm, crystal clear water.

Paul and Jill bobbed in the water side-by-side until their facemasks were adjusted. Then they lowered their heads into the water, stretched out their legs and slowly began drifting over the colorful coral. Jill tapped her husband on the arm and pointed out a large, yellow and black striped fish that approached them. Instantly, the real world around them vanished and they were immersed in the beauty of the Caribbean.

Fifteen minutes went by before Paul even began to pay attention to the other snorkelers around him. The reef was large enough that swimmers rarely came close to each other. But there was no mistaking the individual just ahead of him now and to the right.

Teresa’s bright bikini clung tightly to her large breasts, and left much of her magnificent ass uncovered. Suddenly, coral and angelfish weren’t the only things getting Paul’s attention. He watched as the young woman kicked leisurely, her arms stretched out in front of her.

Paul glanced around and saw Jill drifting aimlessly away from him. He followed Teresa for a minute. When she raised her head out of the water and lifted off her mask to clear water from it, he approached her.

“Isn’t this great,” he said enthusiastically.

Teresa turned toward him and said, “It sure is. I could do this all day.”

Paul caught himself staring at the water gently splashing between her breasts, which were visible under the small, yellow life vest each swimmer was required to wear. When she sank far enough for the water to cover her up to her neck, he finally looked into her greenish gray eyes.

She smiled, comfortable with—even flattered by—his blatant staring. She felt her cunt tighten at the thought of what may happen later. For now, flirting would have to do.

“Where’s Steve?” Paul asked just to keep a conversation going.

“I think up there.” Teresa pointed to a couple bodies floating twenty yards ahead of her. “I can’t keep up with him.”

Paul laughed. “Jill’s a better swimmer than me, too. But I just like to float and look.”

“Let’s see what’s around here,” Teresa said, sliding her mask back on and wrapping her lips around the snorkel.

Her companion eagerly joined her. They felt the mid-day sun blaze against their backs, relieved only by a thin layer of water flowing over them. Paul sporadically glanced over at the woman, never tiring of the sight of her luscious breasts, small waist and rounded hips gliding through the water.

Soon, the couples had reunited with their şişli escort partners. An hour later they were heading for the party boat, having seen nearly all of the coral within a short distance of the craft.

One by one they removed their flippers and climbed back onto the boat. On the way back to the top deck they passed the bar, which was now serving free beer and refreshments. The hungry swimmers each filled up their plates, grabbed a Corona and headed upstairs.

They described their favorite underwater sights, with the largest fish and most colorful coral getting the nod. They ate as if they hadn’t eaten the entire cruise and speedily finished their beers. Steve volunteered to get the refills, which were enthusiastically accepted by the others.

They sat with their backs against the side of the boat, reclining more leisurely as more beers were consumed. Between the exercise, the sun and the Corona, each could have easily slept.

Steve’s mind was too busy for sleep. He found himself gazing more and more intently at Jill. Her dark features, including penetrating brown eyes, contrasted mightily with his wife’s fairness. He even found her smaller breasts arousing they way her nipples pressed against the top of her wet swimsuit. And for her age, she had very smooth and firm thighs.

Jill sensed the man’s growing attention and bashfully exchanged glances with him during the afternoon. His muscular upper body was no disappointment to her and what was underneath his trunks interested her to no end. She knew what she would be thinking about the next time she and Paul were in bed.

Steve didn’t wait until dinner to ask the other couple to join he and Teresa in their cabin after the evening’s entertainment in the ship’s theater. Paul and Jill gladly accepted and offered to supply the wine, but the hosts said they had plenty. Fleeting images of naked bodies inside the cabin went through their heads, but each of them expected that reality would be far less exciting.

* * * * * * * * * *

The evening’s dinner and show went much too slowly for the two couples. Each was looking forward to the private, relaxed meeting that had been planned. Both men were anticipating what the women would wear. Both women were intent on not disappointing the guys.

It was just past 10:30 when Paul knocked on the door to cabin 5064. Jill nervously ran her hands down the back of her Versace cutoff jeans shorts, feeling the material press against her panties and her ass. They were too tight, in her opinion, but Paul seemed to like them.

The door opened and Steve welcomed them with a cheery, “Come on in.”

The balcony cabin was larger than Paul and Jill’s, with an extra couch and chair. Even at that, when all four people were inside it was “cozy”, to say the least.

It only took one look for Paul to realize Teresa had not disappointed him in her selection of outfits. She wore a tight, sleeveless shirt over a miniskirt. The shirt hugged her shape and ended an inch or two above the skirt. Calling the outfit sexy didn’t do it justice.

“Did you guys make the show?” Teresa asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Yeah. It was great,” Jill said excitedly. “I can’t believe they can get singers and dancers that are that good on a cruise ship. It was very professional.”

“Even the comedians have been funny,” Paul added. “That guy last night was a riot.”

“Wine, anyone?” Steve asked during a brief pause in the conversation.

Both Paul and Jill accepted tall glasses of white wine from their host, as did Teresa. Steve sat in the corner chair and watched the other couple on the couch take their first drinks.

“This isn’t the most expensive stuff you can find, but we like it,” Steve said.

“It’s very good,” Jill replied. “It’s better than anything in our cabin. Thanks for inviting us.”

“You’re welcome,” Teresa said. “We’ve enjoyed doing stuff with you guys during the day.”

She pulled her sandaled feet onto the bed and tucked her legs tightly beside her. Her skirt rode high onto her legs, wrapping tightly around her thighs.

They chatted for another couple minutes and finished their wine. Then Steve offered to show his guests the small balcony. Paul and Jill followed him outside while Teresa remained on the bed.

The balcony held the three of them comfortably as they looked out into the darkness of the Caribbean. The breeze felt good despite the fact it was still very warm out. On the horizon the lights of another cruise ship could barely be seen.

Jill looked down at the whitecaps created by the ship plowing through the water.

“It’s beautiful,” she said softly.

A moment later, Paul said, “How about if I get us refills?”

“Thanks, Paul. The bottle is in the ice bucket,” Steve said.

Steve couldn’t believe his luck. The trip to the balcony was pre-designed by he and Teresa and his only question was how he could get Paul to volunteer to go back into the cabin at some point. Paul had solved bahçeşehir escort bayan the problem for him.

The moment the other man was inside the cabin, Steve turned to Jill.

“Jill, my wife is going to be talking to your husband in a second. She’s going to be asking him if you and he would like to join us for some…fun…tonight. I’d like very much for you to say yes. I think you are a very attractive, sexy lady.”

Jill stood frozen at the balcony railing. Her heart raced and she felt her hands shake slightly. Her mouth opened and closed in rapid succession.

Inside, Paul stood facing the counter with the ice bucket and glasses. Behind him, Teresa stood inches away. He glanced over his shoulder when he realized she was near.

“I have an offer for you, Paul,” she nearly whispered.

“What’s that?”

“The same offer Steve is making to your wife at the moment. An offer to join us tonight for the best sex you’ve ever had.” Theresa’s hand touched Paul’s ass just as the rest of her body brushed against him.

She continued, as Paul stood motionless with the wine bottle in his hand. “Steve has wanted Jill from the first time he saw her. And you look like a man who could satisfy me and then some.” She squeezed his ass and pressed her breasts against his arm. “Please say yes and ask your wife to join us. You won’t be disappointed.”

Jill looked up at Steve. “You want us to…to switch?” She was incapable of making her mind understand the implications of what he was saying to her. But the general idea was there.

“You won’t be forced to do anything you don’t want to do,” Steve assured her. “Just watch if you want.”

The normally shy Jill might have taken him up on that one, but her body was telling her that wasn’t likely. She wanted to say yes, but didn’t want to contradict what her husband might say. Her head spun.

Steve touched her arm. “You are very pretty. I’d love to feel your body next to mine.” Jill clutched the railing for dear life.

“I want to feel your body next to mine.” Paul listened to the words coming from the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He could feel her breasts under the shirt, with no bra to hold them in, compress against his arm. She took his hand and held it against the side of her leg, just where the bottom of her skirt met skin.

She moved the hand up her leg, all the way to her hip. Either she had no panties on or… Paul could only feel the softness of her skin. His mind couldn’t complete the thought.

“Teresa, I would but…Jill. I just don’t know.”

She heard the door to the balcony close behind her. “Let’s ask her.”

Paul quickly moved his hand from under Teresa’s skirt and looked tentatively toward Steve and Jill. The older couple’s eyes met. They locked into each other, looking for clues.

“Jill, I know you probably don’t…,” Paul began to say.

“Paul, it’s OK. It’s totally up to you.”

The words made almost everybody in the room hold their breath. Steve and Teresa, for all their previous efforts at this approach, had only once had success the first night. They sensed a second triumph.

Paul now felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. Did she really mean it? Was it worth the risk of losing her?

“I…I think I know how you feel about Teresa,” Jill stammered. “If you want to…”

“But not alone,” Paul said emphatically.

Jill smiled. “OK. Not alone.”

Steve moved into the center of the cabin and said, “Great. Let me get everyone another glass.”

Teresa took Paul’s hand and led him to the bed. As they sat, she asked Jill to sit next to them. Steve brought them full glasses of wine and offered a toast.

“To our new friendship.” They touched glasses and each took a drink.

Teresa took Paul’s glass from him and put it on the table next to the bed alongside her own glass. She kicked off her sandals and glanced over at her husband, who was likewise taking Jill’s glass and setting it aside.

The young blonde moved over until her hip was touching Paul’s, then she looked into his eyes. She put her hand on his leg and he knew instantly they were about to kiss. Before her lips even touched his, he felt his cock press against the inside of his shorts. When their tongues met, he felt like he would melt.

Jill scarcely recognized what was happening next to her. She was intent on watching Steve place his hand on her knee and run his fingers up the inside of her thigh. When his hand reached the bottom of her shorts his face was inches from her’s. They kissed tenderly as the hand moved up, over her stomach and onto her breast. She wore a sheer blouse over an equally sheer bra. Steve got a fairly accurate sense of what her natural, firm breasts would feel like naked.

Their kiss became more passionate as he focused on her nipple. He rolled it gently between his fingers, sensing the woman’s body stiffen under his touch.

Teresa put her hand on Paul’s side and pulled him onto the bed with her. Instinctively, his hand moved onto the back of her leg and under her skirt until finding the bottom of her ass. It was only after he moved his hand over the entirety of her soft, round ass that he realized she wore a thong. He put his fingers around the thin strap as they kissed more strongly. When he followed the strap between her cheeks, Teresa moaned softly for the first time.

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