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A misty fog blew in off the ocean as Carla walked along a dirt path overlooking Hidden Cove Beach, her long golden hair dancing and swirling in the sea wind.

Carla savored the cool wind on her face and on her long bare arms and legs. These walks were so therapeutic for her, helping to clear her head after another stressful week on the job.

She was a vice-president of First West Bank in charge of commercial loans, a job that had become extremely stressful and demanding now that the local economy was in a tail spin and more and more of her customers were defaulting on their loans. The growing default rate upset the Banks top echelon, and she was subject to meeting after meeting in which hostile managers angrily grilled her about her loan policies and default rates. She often went home in tears.

The dirt path curved sharply to the left following the edge of the bluff. As she followed it, now walking directly into the cool wind, the fog thinned and she could see patches of yellow beach below.

Suddenly she heard voices on the beach, and then a piercing female voice shouting “Oh baby yes!!!! Oooohhhhh, do me baby, do me!”

Startled, Carla glanced down at the beach and saw a young, slender, red headed, teenage boy heatedly fucking a much older and larger woman. The boy’s white ass was a blur of up and down motion between the woman’s plush thighs.

Carla was spellbound by the exoticness of the coupling on the beach: the boy was in his late teens, about 5′ 8″ with wavy red hair and smooth, hairless, oatmeal white skin . His generously proportioned partner was a 6’3″ tall, full-bodied, middle aged woman – probably in her mid-50’s – slightly tanned, with long auburn hair & strikingly long shapely legs. She was elegantly beautiful and obviously enthralled by the way the younger, smaller boy was passionately fucking her.

Carla watched as the boy suddenly slowed his torrid pace and moaned “Oh, Carolyn, you are too hot, too much woman, too hot. I want to please you, but I’m going to cum!” He writhed atop her luxuriant softness.

“It’s ok baby.” the woman purred stroking his smooth back, “It’s ok if you cum sweetheart – you do please me!.”

The boy paused, seemingly energized by her comment, summoned all his strength, and then began driving his cock as hard and fast in her as he could.

“Oh yes!!!” the woman shouted, writhing and twisting under her young lover’s onslaught. “Fuck me baby! Hot fuck me!” she shouted.

Totally excited by this scene, Carla opened her purse and pulled out her compact digital camera. Her hands shook as she turned the camera on and then studied the bursa escort scene in the LCD, quickly zooming in on the thrashing, hard-pumping couple below her.

She pressed the shutter. “My Gosh, I don’t believe I did that!” she thought to herself. But she began firing away, shooting picture after picture of the hot scene below her.

The boy suddenly stiffened and trembled as he climaxed, blasting hot cream deep into his middle aged lover.

“Oh yes!” the woman shouted, “Yes!, I feel you cumming in me!!!”

“Oh wow!” the boy exulted, his slender body spasming as he shot wave after wave of hot sperm into his succulent partner, flooding her deepest chambers with his potent young cum.

On the bluff above them Carla’s hands shook as she continued to take shot after shot, now photographing their climax, their most intimate moment together. Her mouth was dry, her breathing shallow and fast.

The boy groaned with pleasure as he injected the last of his prodigious load, then slumped into his plush lover.

Carla took a few last photos then quietly put her camera back into her purse. She watched the couple kiss affectionately, as they enjoyed the after glow of their thrilling sex together.

Carla’s hands were still shaking when she got home and raced inside to boot up her computer. Once the computer came to life, she inserted the memory stick into the reader. “I really shouldn’t do this, this is so wrong.” she counseled herself. “I’ll probably just delete these pictures.”

She clicked on the F Drive, and 78 pictures began to rapidly appear. She stared at each one, pleased with the quality of the shots, and intensely studied the images of the young boy heatedly fucking his older partner. The pictures were clear, sharp and close up, and she had captured it all.

Carla watched the expressions of ecstasy on the woman’s face as the intercourse quickened, her open mouthed shouts & screams, her eyes suddenly closed tight as the boy tossed his head back at the moment of climax.

Carla looked away from the monitor and stared out the window. She was so aroused by this scene, she’d love to have a guy like that for herself. She was always so stressed, so dedicated to her work.

It had been four years since her last pleasurable interlude with a man and she hadn’t dated at all during the past year. Now, all those repressed sexual feelings rushed to the surface. “Shit, am I ever horny.” she thought.

She had brought work home from the bank, but now she couldn’t stand to look at it. Her long fingers glided over her smooth arm. “I’m still desirable” she thought. “Even though I’m 51, bursa escort bayan I’m still desirable.” She shivered, enjoying the positive glow that thought brought.

She looked at the monitor. “I can’t believe I have these pictures” she thought. “What an evil thing to do. But damn, I’m glad I have them.” She quickly created a new folder on her hard drive and named it “Young Guy Sex” then dragged the photos into it.

“I shouldn’t keep these pictures” she again counseled herself. “I really shouldn’t. What an invasion of their privacy this is. But then again they were doing it on a public beach.”

She inserted a CD into her computer and burned “Young Guy Sex” to the CD. “And now the pictures are even backed up” she thought. “What a sick, perverted thing to do.” she concluded.

Shaking she walked into the kitchen and poured herself a large glass of Chardonnay. She wandered back to the computer, sat down and studied the photos as she quickly drank the wine.

“I’d love to put these on the web.” she impulsively thought.

She had photos on an online photo sharing site, PixBox. She navigated to her albums and created a new album called “Beach Shots”. “Public or Private?” the dialog box asked about her new folder. She clicked the “Public” button against her better judgment.

She quickly uploaded the best of the photos to her site. When finished, she sat back and reviewed the photos, reconsidered making them private, but she preferred to take a chance, to take the risk of the couple suing her or worse.

She been so conservative, so straight-laced up until this morning. She’d never done anything remotely illegal or risky – or risque until now.

She went into the kitchen, poured another large glass of wine, returned to her computer and refreshed the web page. The pictures already had comments.

“Wow!” one guy wrote. “Does that look like fun! Is that you?”

“Geez!” a female wrote. “What a great set of photos. I’m getting hot just looking at them. Did they know you were photographing them? If not, naughty, naughty!”

She closed the album, finished the second glass of wine, then reopened it. The number of comments had dramatically increased. They ranged from enthusiastic compliments to threats to turn her into the site administrator as a pornographer. But one comment caught her attention:

“Hey, I know that guy, and that’s his high school art teacher – I’m in his class. She’s so hot. I’m really jealous! If you want to know more about them send me a message.”

Carla hesitated a second, then clicked on the message link. “Hi.” she wrote. “Tell me more about them, escort bursa and about yourself too.” she wrote, then clicked Send.

Moments later a message notification appeared on her screen.

“Hi.” the viewer responded. “The guy’s name is Brian, he’s 18 and we’re both art majors at Corona High. We’re both in Carolyn McKinney’s drawing class and she’s the woman in your photos. I’m really surprised those two got together like that – really surprised. Brian is generally so shy, so quiet, he’s certainly not the type to seduce a teacher. Plus I think she has a boyfriend. What a shock!”

“Thanks for the info” Carla wrote back. “Maybe his teacher seduced him.”

“Maybe.” he answered “By the way, my name is Tim. I’m 18 and live in Corona Heights and know Hidden Beach well. I guess I know it better now!”

“Hi Tim.” she wrote. I live in Corona Heights too. So you’re an art major?

“Yea.” he responded. “I like painting, computer graphics and photography. Always enjoyed your work by the way, you’re a good photographer.”

“I’m just an amateur.” she responded. “Love to meet you, maybe get together and take some pictures. Why don’t you email me your picture.”

“Sure.” he said. “I would really enjoy meeting you.”

Moments later an email arrived from Tim with an attachment. Carla eagerly opened the photo and smiled. He was about 6’1″, slender, with wavy brown hair and twinkling blue eyes.

She clicked on the “Reply” button. “You’re cute!” she rhapsodized. “We should meet!”

“Ok.” he replied. Are you free tomorrow tonight?”

“Yes.” she responded, “in fact I’m free now!” Are you doing anything now?”

“Nope.” he wrote. “I can get my camera and we could take a few shots together if you want.”

“Fun idea.” Carla enthused. “I live at 966 Elm Lane if you want to come over.”

“Sure” he wrote, “be there in an hour or so.”

Excited, Carla walked into her bedroom, flung open the closet door and picked out a short, red sleeveless dress to wear for her young visitor.

She loved the way it fitted, clinging to her prominent breasts and revealing almost the full length of her sleek, creamy white legs. Like the woman on the beach, Carla was a tall, full-bodied, attractive woman.

She looked at herself in the closet mirror. “Well,” she smiled “I certainly don’t look like the typical nature photographer in this little number. More like a street photographer, or even a street walker” she giggled.

She walked into the kitchen and quickly poured and began drinking a third glass of wine.

“Gosh.” she thought to herself, “I’m acting so crazy today, so out of control. Where have all my inhibitions gone?” She smiled. “I think that could be a new Peter, Paul and Mary song.”

She sipped her Chardonnay and stared out the kitchen window.

The doorbell rang.

(To be continued)

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