Cat Runs Away

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Cat was a girl who truly lived up to her name, graceful and easy to love, she never let anything get in the way of what she wanted to do. Just as cats shed their hair, leaving a memory of where they have been, Cat would leave behind a trail of broken hearts. Determined to be in control of her relationships, she never let herself fall in love and ended up abruptly leaving any man that she began to care for. Sadly, this meant that she travelled, restlessly and constantly, unable to settle for fear of losing her independence.

She was driving, getting away from her latest almost-love, driving anywhere as long as it was away from him. She didn’t cry, couldn’t, because that would mean admitting that he had meant something to her, admitting that she had given him a piece of herself which she now had to mourn. She just couldn’t accept the fact that sometimes a little less independence could be a good thing.

Arriving at a hotel, Cat decided to stop for the night. It was getting late and she didn’t want to have an accident. Unsure of what to expect, as she hadn’t stayed in this particular place before, Cat walked into the foyer prepared for anything – or so she thought!! Shabby from the outside, the interior of the hotel was gorgeous, with comfy looking sofas and beautiful purple carpets. Cat had an even bigger shock in store however, as little did she know this particular hotel provided some very unusual services.

The receptionist looked up at Cat expectantly as she walked towards almanbahis giriş him, and it was only then that she registered, with a jolt of surprise, that he was completely naked. She began to turn around, wanting to get out of this strange place, but before she quite managed to, he spoke to her.

“May I help you Madam?”

“Oh, yes, well, you’re naked?” she was flustered, unable to find the words she needed, and so instead had expressed the shock she felt — much to the amusement of the receptionist. “Yes madam.”

Cat was thrown by his cavalier manner and almost tricked into accepting the fact as normal. What were clothes for anyway? Just to protect us from the elements, if society has attached further meaning to them, that does not mean that we need to adhere to expectations.

“And I would ask madam,” the receptionist continued, “that if you wish to stay here, you remove your clothes also.”

Cat was shocked now, “what kind of hotel is this?” she said, but even as she feigned outrage she knew that she was going to stay. She was too intrigued by this whole situation to leave now, and, caught up in the moment, she had completely forgotten her need for control.

“Just do as I say if you wish to stay,” he replied, “you are of course, free to leave if you so wish,” the twinkle in the man’s eyes was knowing and Cat decided to put aside her, let’s face it, transparent façade and enjoy the ride.

She began to slowly, seductively remove her clothes, from her almanbahis tight t-shirt to her skinny jeans and ending with her cotton bra and knickers. When she had finished the receptionist, who was by this point giving himself a hand job, handed her two small items, “put them on.”

These transpired to be a thong, and a bikini like top, but each covered so little of her, that they might as well not have been there. Once she was appropriately attired the receptionist led her to her room for the night, instructing her not wear anything more for the duration of her stay.

The room itself was luxurious, with a large double bed and a sizable ensuite. Yet she had no time to enjoy it, as almost as soon as the receptionist had left the room, there was a knock at the door. Cat opened it to reveal a tall and ridiculously sexy man wearing what can only be described as a g-string. He looked so good it should have been illegal — no joke.

He gave her no time to think, covering her lips with his, he began to caress her scantily clad body. She shivered at his touch, quivering as he ran his hands over her, no one’s had never felt so nice.

She clung to him, craving more, never wanting him to stop. The feel of his calloused fingertips against her smooth skin felt indescribably good and she couldn’t help the moan that escaped her as he released her from the kiss. Not being able to bear the thought of him leaving, she grabbed him by the edge of his g-string and led him to her bed. almanbahis giriş She almost fainted when it ripped and revealed a package that was quite a lot larger than she had been expecting. Her next conquest sported a whopping 9-inches of throbbing man meat.

It became a struggle for power as the two of them stroked and kissed and rolled about, driving each other crazy with longing. She wanted him inside of her, and as she reached up to rip the thong and top from her body, the man, whose name Cat belatedly realised, she didn’t know, pinned her to the bed.

“Not yet beautiful” he said in a low, husky voice. By this point Cat felt as if her body were on fire, she was more aroused than she had ever been and she was finding it difficult to control herself. Out of breath, she looked up at her captor, unsure of herself for the first time. She was completely and utterly in his power and it struck her that she had fallen in to exactly the kind of trap she had spent so long trying to avoid. In that moment, close to climax and his reluctance driving her closer, she relished his power and realised that she had been running away from something that she should have been embracing.

Bending over her, the handsome stranger proceeded to remove her underwear with his teeth. Cat, now desperate for some giant cock, manoeuvred herself over him and took him inside of her. She moved back and forth and he thrust up to meet her. She had never had anyone so big, and the feel of him stretching her combined with the sensuality of the foreplay and the fantastical nature of the situation culminated in a mind-blowing orgasm. They screamed together as they came and then collapsed on top of one another, panting.

To be continued?

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