Catwoman Prowling

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2 years back for Haloween I was dressed slutty as usual. My costume for that year was Cat Woman. A tight body suit held with a clasp behind my neck, a zip on my ass to keep it tight around my waist and criss-cross strands that exposed my back and abs. Boots, mask, whip, the works.

The tight body suit complemented my tiny frame to show every one that I had no fat on me. My girlfriends and I were partying at a swanky downtown hotel night club. We showed up at the party around midnight. We were all dressed slutty and were given immediate access to the club through the velvet rope section.

The party was happening. Hot bodies, hot costumes and drinks together with a lot of grinding, kissing and fondling.

We all were having a blast. I had a few guys interested in me. We drank, we danced, kissed and fondled. They had me so wet and horny but I had fucked such guys all the time and was hoping to find something different.

It was around 2AM and I wanted to freshen up. The line in the ladies room was too long so I left the club to go downstairs to the lobby and use the ladies room there.

The hotel was quiet except for the occasional Halloween partiers leaving or a few hotel guests coming in. As I exited the elevator and made my way to the ladies room, I saw this nice late 30s, early 40s guy sitting in the lobby. He was very good looking and made me tingle. I pretended to not notice, or care as I walked to the ladies room. I felt him stare at my ass all the way there though. Once finished freshening up, I came out to see him sitting looking my way. He made no effort to look away. He had this delicate smile on his face as he watched me walk my way to the elevator. As I got next to him, he stood up and followed me to the elevator.

He must be standing a foot behind me and I could smell him. He smelt good. I did not want to turn as I was worried he would see me blush, even with my Cat

Woman mask on. This stranger was no sissy and knew what he wanted and made a move for it. He leaned in and said “Hi, I am Tim. Looks like a fun party happening upstairs.”

I turned around and gave him my hand as I said “I’m Cindy, and yes the party is fun.'”

He took my hand and said out loud “Hmm, pretty delicate hands, cat woman.”

I asked if he was heading up to the party while we waited for the elevator.

He said he does not care about night clubs anymore. His style is more on the refined and quiet side. Inquisitive, I asked what did he mean? He said if I came to his pent house suite he could show me what he meant by refined almanbahis style. Now I judge guys easily and he was a decent guy all in all. I thought for a second if I should head to his suite or not. Tim sensed the conflict quickly as we entered the elevator.

He said “Come and check out the place. If you do not like it, you can leave, no questions asked.”

I asked his room number, texted it to my gf saying I will be there. We headed to the top floor and he led me down the hall to double doors that opened to the most magnificent living room overlooking downtown.

That place was rich. I walked to the balcony door, opened it and stepped out to smell the fresh, crisp night. My cat woman suit was not enough coverage and I had goose bumps all over me. Tim stepped out with two glasses of wine in hand. He was smooth. I took my glass and after toasting to new friendship started to sip. Tim asked if I was cold and I said “yes.”

He said “let’s head inside as he would hate to see my beautiful body covered.”

I blushed with his direct flirt style. Now I have handled many guys like him, but Tim was different.

We stepped back into the living room where there was a chopped fruit basket on the kitchen counter, a white wine and a champagne chilling in a case and an open red wine that we were having. I asked if he was expecting company at this time of the night?

He smiled and said “yes.” He was expecting a hot girl like me to give him some company.

I blushed and asked what he meant? Tim just moved closer and grabbed me in his arms and kissed me. His kiss was wonderful. His hands were on my tight ass as he pulled me closer.

My hands made their way to his hair as I went on my toes kissing this 6’4″ guy. We kissed for a moment. Once he peeled off, he said he was waiting to find a hot girl out for party at the hotel to come over to his place. Now I should have been offended, but it actually flattered me that he wanted me in his room. Now any older guy will give an arm and a leg to have a 20 year old come to their room. I asked what he had in mind? He smiled, grabbed me and put me on the kitchen counter. He walked in between my legs as I wrapped them around his waist. We started to kiss again. This time his hands ran all over my perky breasts. He massaged them as he kissed me.

My legs were draped harder around him and my pussy was getting wet. His hands had made their way to unclasp the top of my suit and the top fell down to expose my small perky tits. He kneeled in and started to eat them. My hands were on the counter almanbahis giriş as I leaned back, letting out a soft moan. He sucked and bit my tits till my moans became louder and louder. He grabbed me just like a doll and walked to the sofa. He was strong. He sat on the sofa as he rested me on his thighs. Straddling him I felt his hard cock

under me. My breasts were naked and his hands were all over my back and breasts.

I started to slowly grind on his cock as he played with my body. I knew he was big down there as his cock grew harder. I kneeled back putting my hands on his knees as I grinded harder on his cock. I asked him to pull his shirt and jacket off.

He stripped topless as I continued to grind on him. Tim loved it and had started talking dirty, telling me how much he will enjoy tearing my tight pussy with his thick cock. Telling me he had this evening planned away from his family because he knew girls like me will be available all night long to fuck. I continued to grind on him and then he grabbed me by the waist, lifted me up and made me stand. He unzipped my body suit and pulled it off me (with some difficulty as he wanted me to stay in my boots). I stood naked in my boots and mask only.

He stripped naked and showed me for the first time his almost 10 inch cock, fully erect. I went down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I tasted pre-cum and he tasted good. I sucked and stroked his big cock. Tim was moaning. Soon he had his hands behind my head as he pushed me down harder on his cock wanting me to take all of it in my mouth. I do not gag easily and have learnt to take some real big cocks in my mouth. I must have impressed Tim as he kept pushing and face fucking me. He wanted to cum in my mouth and I knew that, and soon he did with a really large load. I sucked every drop from his cock. Once clean I stood up and Tim deep kissed me tasting his cum too. It was time for my pussy to get some attention. I lay down on the sofa, one leg on the back, the other on the ground and asked Tim to eat me. Tim was a great pussy eater. He not only knew how to eat my pussy, but also knew how to use his fingers at the same time. Lying on his sofa, moaning, being eaten and finger fucked had me cumming in a few minutes. God he was good.

It had only been 20 minutes since I left the party. I texted my gf to let her know ‘I was having fun’ but will see them later in the night. Still naked (boots and mask on only) I stayed on the sofa sipping my wine.

Tim had some music playing by now and was walking around stark naked. We grabbed almanbahis yeni giriş some fruit and more drinks and after 15 minutes, he was ready for another round. I wanted to experience him completely so we entered his royal suite bedroom. Pillows and covers were thrown to the ground in a second as Tim lay down. I climbed between his legs and started to suck him. Tim wanted me in a 69 position. A girl never complains when a guy wants to continue working on her pussy. Once in a 69 position I went back to sucking him hard and fast, wanting him to be real hard again. The view of my pussy and ass on his face must have turned him on too, and soon Tim was as hard as he could get. I turned around and took his massive cock in my wet pussy. He stretched me well as I took all of it in me. Tim mentioned how much he liked a girl riding him like a cow girl so I put on a show for him as I rode him. My hair flowing all over my shoulders, my hands on his chest as he played with my tits, or my back arched with my hands on his knees as I rode him. I even touched myself arching back on his cock.

Tim loved it and wanted to cum. I asked him to hold it. After a few minutes of this fun, he had me go doggy style. He came behind me and planted his cock back in my pussy. He grabbed my hair as he fucked me. I was moaning loudly and he made me moan even louder when he made me cum. I collapsed on the bed and Tim pushed down on my body as he lay on my back, his cock still in me. He was still moving his cock in me as he lay on me. God it felt so good. But then I felt him pull out and start to lubricate my ass. I knew he wanted to enter my ass so I went back into a doggy style position to let him enter me. With some effort, his massive cock was in my ass.

Slapping my ass Tim started to fuck me good. One hand made his way to my sensitive clit. I was moaning loud again and Tim knew what he wanted. He wanted to cum and he wanted to cum in my ass. He picked up his speed and soon unloaded his cum deep in my ass. He pushed me down on the bed, his softer cock still in my ass but one of his hands still playing with my clit under me. As he lay and pressed on my petite body playing with my clit, I could not move enough to get his fingers off my sensitive clit. It was very sensitive and I wanted it to stop, but Tim continued till his fingers did the magic. He made me cum pressed under his body. I shook despite his weight on me. After a few minutes of breather, Tim rolled off me. He lay there naked, kissing me. He told me he was really lucky to get a hot girl like me to fuck him. It had been a year plus since he fucked someone my age. We chatted and soon I cleaned up, dressed and left. It had been just over an hour of fun. I reached the club and told the story to my girls. I got fucked by Tim and he never even saw my face!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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