Caught Ch. 2

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This story is intended for those over the age of 18. All characters are based upon the author’s imagination. If you are easily offended by material of a sexual nature, please stop reading now. If not, enjoy! 🙂

* * * * *

Despite Tina’s efforts to persuade her that she could indeed enjoy another woman’s touch, Marie’s stomach was flopping around as she drove up to Holly’s house. “This is something I don’t want to do, but I HAVE to do it,” she thought to herself as she walked up the front sidewalk. “But I’ll be fucked if I allow myself to enjoy ANY of it! I don’t give a damned what that bitch thinks!”

Almost immediately, the door opened and Holly waved her in. Marie had been expecting her to be dressed up in some gaudy, perverted outfit. The exact opposite was true. She wore a simple, though tight, white turtleneck which showcased the woman’s ample cleavage. The tan pants were a nice contrast, and the flats she had on her feet gave a casual look to the outfit. Marie had decided to go with a very non-sexual outfit of baggy jeans and black shirt topped off by one of Will’s old flannel shirts. She was not going to give Holly the satisfaction of seeing her in anything that could even come close to revealing or enticing.

Once inside, Holly took her coat and disappeared down the main hall. Marie walked into the living room and was impressed despite herself with Holly’s decorating taste. Everything was done in white or black, with most of the cabinets highlighted with mirrored surfaces. It was a style she’d love to have in her home, but the kids made that impossible. She noticed that the fireplace on the far wall was lit, giving off a welcome heat that she was drawn to. Due in part to her nerves, and to the chilly temperatures of December in the Northeast, her hands were freezing. She held them out, reveling in the comforting warmth of the fire.

She was so engulfed in her own thoughts that she nearly screamed when a hand landed on her shoulder. She spun around to see Holly holding a bottle of what she assumed was wine in one hand. The taller woman’s eyes were wide in shock. “I’m sorry, Marie! I didn’t mean to scare you like that!”

Marie shook her head. “You didn’t scare me. I was just zoning out. Trying to get some things under control.”

“How about some wine while you think?”

“I know what you’re trying to do, you bitch,” Marie thought silently to herself. “Get me drunk and take advantage of me.” Luckily, she wasn’t a big drinker, and doubted her stomach could tolerate any alcohol this early in the morning. “No, thanks. Wine’s not really my thing.”

Holly shrugged. “I can always get you something else. Beer, champagne, wine cooler…”

“No. But what I COULD use would be some coffee. Milk and sugar, if you can.”

“You got it. Care to join me in the kitchen?”

Marie shook her head. More likely than not, the kitchen was much smaller than the living room, giving her supervisor more opportunity to make a move. She wanted to keep her distance for as long as possible.

Once Holly had left, Marie sat in a chair near the fireplace and put her head in her hands. “If only there hadn’t been cameras in that damned store room!” she cursed silently. Of course, amasya escort it should have been rather obvious, but neither her nor Tom had been thinking about cameras and people watching at the time.

She sighed, wondering if she could bear up to all of this today. Of course, Holly had warned her that she’d turn the tape in if she wasn’t “enjoying” the sex. “But I’ve faked orgasms before,” she thought. “I can do it again.”

Holly returned, handing the cup over to the younger woman. She noticed that she had purposefully worn baggy clothes. “Not that you’ll be wearing those for long,” she thought to herself. She wasn’t going to let this drag on too long. After all, she honestly didn’t want to turn Marie in. She did like the woman. But she’d had the hots for her since she’d first started working in the store, and this might very well be her only opportunity to get her into her bed.

“I just don’t understand why she’s so opposed to this,” she wondered while Marie sipped at the hot liquid. After all, despite being in her late thirties, Holly knew she was a very attractive person. It wasn’t a matter of ego, just something she’d heard often enough from her previous partners. “Aside from the moans of pleasure, of course,” she thought wickedly.

“How’s your coffee?” she asked Marie.

“Fine, thank you,” she replied, with an obvious frost to her words.

“This isn’t going to be easy,” Holly thought. “But, then again, if it were, it wouldn’t be any fun.”

“Look, Marie, you don’t have to do this,” she said in an attempt to loosen her partner up. “I refuse to force any of this onto you.”

Marie looked up with heat in her blue eyes. “Then give me the tape and let me go home.”

“Am I that unattractive to you?”

Marie put the coffee down and crossed her arms over her chest. “It has nothing to do with your looks, Holly. I’m sure that a lot of guys, and some women, for that matter, would find you very pretty. But I just don’t find anything appealing in the thought of two women being sexually involved.”

“How would you know if you’ve never given it a chance? Take it from personal experience, it can actually be better in some ways.”

She got up and walked towards Marie, stopping only after she was standing inches from her. She put out a hand. “Stand up and give me a chance to prove it to you.”

“So, this is it,” Marie thought in disgust. “Maybe it’s better if we get it done and over with.” She stood up without taking Holly’s hands, her arms recrossing over her chest. “OK, here I am,” she said. “You’re obviously the experienced one. Let’s just get this done with.”

For a second, Holly almost gave in and sent her home. Marie seemed like she’d never relax and let it happen. But she gathered herself, determined to go through with it. She reached out and touched her face, letting her fingers run along Marie’s cheekbone, down to her full lips. Marie closed her eyes tight, steeling herself for what came next. Holly reached out and uncrossed the younger woman’s arms, having them hang by her sides. She then quickly unbuttoned the flannel shirt, sliding it off, getting no help from Marie.

What she found under the flannel gave Holly escort amasya some hope. Marie’s nipples were plainly obvious beneath the black shirt, sticking out against the cotton material. She smiled, wondering what was running through the other’s mind.

Marie was trying her best to ignore Holly’s touch. She actually didn’t mind the caress of her face, but once Holly reached down and uncrossed her arms, she knew what was coming next. The shirt slipped off, and she felt her body betray her as her nipples began to harden. “It’s gotta be the cool air,” she thought vainly, not wanting to admit to any sexual excitement. But seconds later, Holly cupped her breasts in her hands. She felt a shudder run through her body. “No!!” her mind screamed, trying her best to will the feelings away.

Holly grinned, feeling the tremor run through Marie’s body. She continued to run her hands over her body, caressing her stomach, moving up the sides of her rib cage, seeing Marie’s chest rise and falling in an increasing pace. She moved around behind Marie, sliding her hands over the smaller woman’s lower back, up to her shoulder blades, then back down her chest, barely touching her breasts on the side.

Marie opened her eyes when she felt Holly’s touch move to her back, wondering what the hell she was up to. It didn’t take long, as Holly’s body pressed against her from behind, the older woman’s breasts pressing against the area just below her shoulder blades. Almost against her will, Holly’s touch was beginning to ignite a fire through her upper body. She tried everything she could to distract herself, thinking about work, her kids, and her husband. But it wasn’t doing much good. Her body was clearly dictating her reactions at this point.

Holly was thrilled with the way Marie’s body seemed to press back against hers. She leaned down and kissed her neck, running her tongue up under the area of the ear lobe, a spot she knew she loved to have teased. She sucked on her neck, feeling her accelerated pulse through the jugular vein on the side of her neck. Deciding to experiment, she licked up inside of the ear, blowing ever so slightly.

“Shit!” Marie thought as Holly blew into her ear. It was one of her weaknesses normally, and it only seemed to be enhanced by her mental struggle. She couldn’t believe her body was betraying her this way. “I’ve got to get control,” she thought furiously, fixing her gaze across the room. That turned out to be a huge mistake. Directly across from them was the mirrored side of the fireplace. She could clearly see Holly tucked in behind her, her hands wandering over her body, touching and teasing all of the right places. She wanted to close her eyes, but the sight of the seduction captivated her.

Holly was on fire herself, feeling such a rush of erotic pleasure course through her blood as she slowly but surely broke through Marie’s mental defenses. She decided to turn up the heat a little at that point. She pushed Marie from behind, until the shorter woman was inches from the mirror. She took her wrists in her grip and placed Marie’s open palms on the cool reflective surface. Then, she eased her touch down to her elbows, her forearms, moving towards Marie’s amasya escort bayan dangling tits. She quickly squeezed them, seeing Marie close her eyes in pleasure. “No, keep your eyes open, please,” she whispered in her ear, wanting the site of what she was about to do sear itself into Marie’s mind.

She wanted to say no. She wanted to keep her eyes closed. But the feelings seemed to be even stronger when she had nothing to focus her attention on, when her imagination and passion ran wild. And she held no doubts, her sex drive was fully engaged, her body primed for arousal. Almost like she was watching someone else, she saw and felt Holly pull her shirt out from her jeans, her hands slipping quickly under it. The cool presence of her touch on her heated body caused goose bumps to form on her skin. When Holly’s hands touched her chest over her bra, a gasp escaped her lips. She looked at her face in the reflection, clearly seeing a flush over her cheeks, her pupils wide as she was quickly losing the battle.

When she heard the gasp, Holly knew she almost had Marie. “Time to seal the deal,” she thought as she continued to kiss and nibble on Marie’s ears and neck. Her fingers glided over the silk material of Marie’s bra, setting fire wherever they touched. She quickly found the front closure of the bra and unsnapped it, allowing Marie’s full breasts to spill into her palms. Holly pinched and rolled the nipples between her thumb and forefinger, causing a hot jolt to shot straight from Marie’s chest to her pussy, causing a dampness to spread rapidly. She looked up and saw Marie close her eyes, her forehead leaning against the mirror, her lips parted and panting. “Now for the final stroke.”

“I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to hold out,” Marie thought desperately, her thoughts running in a million different directions as Holly expertly seduced her. “How can she bring these feelings out of me? She’s a woman, for God’s sake!” Marie was still trying to fight the feelings, hoping against hope that reason would reestablish itself in her mind. But her thought process was interrupted when she felt one of Holly’s hands leave the torturing of her breasts and roam down her bare belly. It became clearly evident where it was heading. “Oh no you don’t!” She moved one of her hands down to intercept Holly, but she’d moved too late. By the time she’d responded, Holly had slid her hand under the loose waistband of the baggy jeans, wiggled beneath the waistband of her panties, and placed itself over her soaping wet pussy. She pressed her hand against Holly’s wrist, trying to halt the descent, but Holly whispered into her ear, “Try to ignore THIS…” As if struck by lightning, all thoughts of resistance fled when Holly’s finger slipped between her lips, almost immediately finding her enlarged clit. Marie moaned and slapped her hand back against the slick wall, needing both arms to steady herself against the flood of desire shooting through her body.

“Oh God!” she groaned as Holly’s finger stroked her quickly. Almost like a tornado, she felt her orgasm build down in her feet, running up her legs, spreading up past her groin, igniting her chest, swallowing her mind. She heard herself nearly scream out in release as her body locked up, her muscles clamping down around Holly’s invading finger, her body exploding in exquisite pleasure. Her head threw back as she groaned, not caring who was doing this to her, only relishing the feeling of pure sexual lust.

To Be Concluded…

Let me know what you think.

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