Caught Wanking #3

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The next day I had a wank before getting ready for work.

I then got in my pick-up truck and drove to work.

It all went smoothly with no dramas of the past few weeks.

I had a clear head for once.

That was until late into my shift when Jordan‘s cock made a brief appearance.

I worked around it, as it wasn’t as traumatic as before

Even while I drove home I didn’t have any visions that messed with my head.

Gina was in the front of her place as I pulled up deep into my driveway almost to my garage.

My pick-up was too big for my garage to park there.

I also parked deep to shade my truck under the big oak tree.

Gina soon came over.

She wore a small summer skirt with a tight sports bra and her hair was tied in pony-tail.

Then she told me that Jordan had taken the kids to the movies.

Also, there were more dramas in their household.

They are seeing a marriage counselor.

The kids are the only anchor keeping them here.

How is your mindset from yesterday?” She asked.

“Better, I only had one flashback today,” I responded.

“Seems like I might have hope in one of my guys from being cock chaser,” She said, sounding depressed.

I gave her a hug as I knew she needed one.

“I’m still confused but I still haven’t a solution,” I said, shrugging my shoulder.

“That will go away once you’re content with which path to take,” She said as we walked towards my truck.

“I’m no closer to an answer but time will answer that,” I said.

“Yes honey, you’re either vanilla, bi or a gay faggot like Jordan,” She sounded angry.

“Look Jordan craves the kids, but he does crave this,” She said grabbing her tits.

I kept listening as she was in a dark mood.

“He didn’t really know either until he went back for seconds,” She finished.

We were between my garage and the hood of my truck under the big oak tree now.

She gave me a cute little smile and then a wink.

In a blink of an eye, she was down on her knees and ripping my cock from my shorts.

Dam she has no off button.

She tugged at my cock gently and squeezed my foreskin.

Then she squeezed her hand down the base Ankara escort of my shaft and started stroking my cock.

Gina had my cock fully erect in under a minute.

I let out a sigh when she ran her tongue up my shaft and teased the Mushroom tip.

Then she put my cock in her mouth and deep-throated it without taking a breath.

She held her lips down my shaft with my whole cock inside her mouth.

Then as she withdrew her tongue run up the shaft until she kissed my cock’s head.

She lovingly repeated the process.

There was now drool all over my cock until she kissed it and sucked it back into her mouth.

She had her lips firmly clamped tightly around my cock driving me insane with lust.

Dam she is so brazen, we were under the shade of my oak tree and just out of view from the street.

She had my cock in her mouth and making short swallows before going for all glory.

I caressed her platinum blonde mane while she had my cock deep in her mouth again.

Her ponytail made a great handle to help pump my cock in and out of my mouth.

When she made eye contact, I realized she wanted my cock in her snatch now.

I lifted her off the dirty ground and spun her around.

Giving her a slight shove to which she braced the hood of my pick-up truck.

“Go one bad boy give it to me,” She encouraged me.

I had her bent forward to the waist and reaching under her skirt, I pulled down her knickers.

She let them drop to the ground as I played with her nice firm ass.

A simple poke and prod and my cock went inside her wet smoo of pussy.

My cock just slid deep inside Gina.

“OOHHH! YYEEAAHH!” She gasped.

“SHHH! People might spot us,” I tried to quieten her down.

“SO WHAT!” Was her response.

“Sorry but I’m in a wicked mood and your cock feels brill-e-ant.” She said grinning back at me.

Her hand reached down between her legs to give herself a quick clitty rub.

I started to slowly plow into her.

We were rooting like two dogs and making my car shake.

The pick-up suspension was starting to squeak.

I felt the urge to cum, she sensed that same urge.

“Wait, wait, slow down and control Ankara escort bayan yourself,” she asked.

“Pull out and drop to your knees,” She ordered.

I did just that.

She spread her legs apart and started fingering her sloppy pussy.

I almost cum by watching her.

Then with two sloppy fingers, she stuck them in her ass and started twirling them in her ass.

Gina backed her ass into my face.

“Now lick out my ass with your tongue and make it nice and sloppy,” She ordered.

She bent back over the truck and spread her ass wide open for me.

Gina tossed her head from side to side as I ate out her ass, she was enjoying what I was doing to her ass.

She giggled and moaned a few times as I rooted her asshole and crack like a pig does its trough.

Several more moans and sighs were let out before she called an end to it.

“Ok, Simon enough, I think I’m ready.” She said.

I stopped and stood up from the ground, as my knees felt sore.

Gina was still bent over my truck as I was getting ready to mount her.

I slowly stuck my cock back inside her pussy.

It was an inch inside when she wriggled her ass about.

“Wrong hole, stick it in my ass,” She ordered.

I shuffled around behind her until I had her in the right spot, I then forced her into the hood.

So with an arm forcing her door into the hood of the vehicle, I then the arm to guide my cock into her asshole.

I then applied a bit of slobber from her pussy to the head of my cock to then toy around her lubed anal pucker hole.

As it slid in slowly my cock’s head throbbed.

Once I was half inside I ground into her, before grabbing hold of her hips with each hand.

Then I ground even more inside her until I was trying to crack that anal breach.

I continued to grind against her breach until I forced past it.

Then I almost fell into her at the moment I popped past her breach.

“AARRGGHH!” Gina groaned as I did.

We then exchanged a few rectal runts as I began to anally plow deep into Gina’s sweet ass.

I couldn’t tell until I caught a reflection from the windscreen of the sheer wanton lust I was giving her.

By now I was Escort Ankara plowing into her with venom.


I saw her reflection and her mouth and eyes were lost in lust.

That egged me on even more.

“THAT’S IT! BUGGER ME ROTTEN!” She ranted on.

“You wanted this, this you will have,” I said.

“UUGGHH! OH YEAH! GO ON GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” She couldn’t help herself.

I then picked the pace and moved into another gear.

Over the next few minutes, I buggered her hard and furiously.

It was like her egging me on made me a bit mad.

“Eerrgghh, Gawd!” I think I buggered her good, she was just moaning now.

I kept going, my balls were getting ready to erupt and it seemed I had broken her.

Gina collapsed on the hood with me still pounding into her.

All I heard from her were moans.

Her reflection was of someone drunk and almost passed out.

Drool was trickling from her mouth.

I wasn’t quite done yet so I kept going.

When I let out a grunt or snort, I was on the verge of cumming.

“AARRGGHH!” I grabbed her hips tight and shoved my cock as deep inside her as possible.

I stayed there until I felt all my big jets of cum expend inside.

Cum blast after cum-blast was shot inside her butt.

Once I thought I was finished, I simply pulled out and pop sound could be heard.

She was spent, her legs gave way and she slid down the hood and down to her knees and ankles.

My cum slowly exited from her bum hole.

Gina was struggling to pull herself up and grab the hood ornament for help.

I felt triumphant watching her struggle and the knowledge that a good portion of my cum was inside her bum.

After my three minutes of triumph I helped Gina up and we passionately embraced.

I noticed she had big scratch marks from my truck’s grill on the front of her thighs.

We hugged and walked into my garage, which was also my make-shift laundry.

After cleaning up we embraced and kissed before she went home.


Every night after work this week Gina waited for me to come home.

She would come right over and we would suck/fuck and clean up and go home with a load inside her stomach/ass or pussy.

Then she goes home and starts getting tea ready for the kids.

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