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Big Tits

This story, and all my stories, contain fictionalized characters from memories of my life.

First, a little about me. As i write this I am a sixty + year old, still sexually active, bi, woman. When this adventure started I was a 35 year old straight business consultant living with a loving partner. When 35, I was at about 125 pounds, today 140. I am still 5 foot 7 inches tall, what were 36 Cs are now 38 Ds. I was, I thought, a perfect 36-24-39 now I’m still perfect but in different sizes. I am gifted with green eyes.


Linda told me there was no escaping the fact that I needed more exercise. Up until she said those words I thought we were friends. Two weeks later my doctor confirmed it. I need more exercise. The two women I thought would never betray me, Linda and my doctor had both said the “E” word. Did I mention that I detest formal, in the gym, exercise? Well, I do, and always have. To make it worse, if that is even possible, they implied age by suggesting a “Silver Sneakers” program at a local gym.

So an appointment was made and I had the name of a guy who was supposed to guide me in my entry to “Senior Exercise.” I couldn’t wait to meet Henry. Maybe I would get lucky and he would turn out to be Henri and take me dancing in Paris.

When I arrived at the Big Box Mega Giant gym the nice young woman behind the counter told me ‘H’ was just finishing up with another client and would be only a few minutes. Even less than gym exercise I detest 20 year old skinny girls with braless perky tits under a way to tight spandex body suit giving me the old lady look.

I told myself to get over it. In an hour or two I’ll be in a wine bar sipping merlot.

If I had any hope Henry would pick up my day it was crushed when he introduced himself. Damn if Henry was not close to my age. Did I mention that if it has to be a man I prefer them about 22 years old.

The guy was a one on one fitness coach and I saw no sign of muscle bulk anywhere. Did I mention that if it has to be a man I prefer visible, touchable big muscles?

Henry did have a great smile so there was that. A great smile in a somewhat balding grey head with a small beard. The packaging so far left me not at all curious about any other packaging.

Henry introduced himself, brought me to a locker to leave my things and suggested we go for a walk and talk.

A Walk? What, around the gym? No, old Henry was truly evil. We walked right over to a tread mill. He showed me how it worked and we walked. Me on one machine him on the one next to it. We walked and talked. Henri was full of questions. When he asked me what I hoped to get out of the Silver Sneakers program I told him I wanted to just get out and go next door to the wine bar for a glass of merlot.

He laughed and told me I was a woman after his own heart.

So we walked and talked. He asked questions, kocaeli escort I answered questions. I asked questions, he answered questions. I noticed that some of his questions were personal and not “workout” related at all.

He asked about weight history and laughingly said yes he really had to know. He asked if I was married. I lied and told him I was a widow. When he started with condolences crap i brazenly told him that my husband died years ago but Beth, my wife and the love of my life and I were together for 15 years until she died suddenly two years ago.

If he was going to ask personal questions I would just put it out there and see how he reacts. His reaction was perfect. He looked at me and said: “You appear to be an in your face honest person. I think you will do very well with this exercise program.” “Are you mostly concerned about a growing middle or how your butt looks in shorts?”

Even I had to laugh. He knew exactly what I was trying to test and was not going to bite. I knew then I was going to like this guy.

We walked and talked for an hour. We talked about everything and yes I confessed that I hated my butt and thunder thighs. As we finished we walked back to the front desk. He told me: “Robin, I like you. I hope you will stick with the program and give me a chance to work your ass off.” We both laughed. I had been there an hour and I felt better already. I actually liked Henry, he was easy to talk to and made my first workout fun. I skipped the wine bar went home and showered.

That evening I got an email from Henry.

“Hi Robin,

It was a pleasure meeting you today. I hope you will continue with the program. I know I can help. In keeping with the honesty we started with, I ask that when you come on Wednesday you dress in sweats. I have exercises that target the two body areas we discussed today that I want to show you. Yes sweat is involved but you will love it when we are done.



I confirmed the appointment by return email.

Wednesday came at 10:00 I arrived at the gym. Miss “perky tits” was behind the counter and greeted me this time by name.

“Good morning Miss Robin!”

Did I mention how much I dislike transplanted southern girls with perky tits in spandex?

Henry met me almost at the door and we walked to his office. Inside the office he closed the door and offered me bottled water. He explained about the need to stay hydrated.

Henry told me he would like to start with some measurements so we can judge progress. I was wearing loose baggy sweats as he requested. He asked me what I had on under the sweats. I told him I had regular underwear on, a bra and panties.

Henri suggested that we needed measurements to judge progress and to get good measurements I would need to remove the sweats. He told me that if I was uncomfortable with him doing it he could kocaeli escort bayan have Becky come in and take the measurements.

Interesting challenge. A test? I smiled and told him: “Henry, we started out being honest and I would prefer that you do it so we agree on the starting point.” Before I even finished speaking I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and watched his face. No change. I turned away from him and pulled my sweatpants down and as I turned put them on the chair. I looked at his face again. No change.

Henry had a tape measure in his hands and asked me to raise my arms over my head. He leaned in and put the tape around my chest. I noticed he smelled good. Not cologne but nice clean good. He wrote on his chart 39 1/2. He measured my arms in two places and noted the numbers on his chart. He then measured my waist and wrote 30 on the chart. Ouch. Henri was talking the whole time but I remember none of it. It seemed that every time his skin touch mine I felt it. He could not see it but under my bra my nipples were stiffening.

Henry lowered the tape and measured my hips. I literally held my breath like that would make a difference. 41. he wrote but didn’t say 41. Damn, I was getting old.

Henry asked me to put my foot on the chair. When I looked down I saw that lifting my leg had stretched my panties against my body such that my pussy lips were clearly outlined in the fabric. As I watched Henri put the tape around my thigh he paused and looked directly at my panties. His eyes widened but he continued. He wrote the number on the chart but then found it necessary to measure the other thigh. I watched and he stared at my crotch as I lowered one foot and raised the other He put the tape around my thighs without moving his eyes from my panties. He wrote the number, the same number on the chart.

Henry asked if I was ready for my workout. I dressed and we went out to the work out area.

Machines lots of machines all of which require sweat to power them, my sweat. At every machine Henry stood along side and instructed and encouraged me. He pushed me hard and I enjoyed the dominant nature of his direction. I remember wondering if he was the same sexually.

Over the weeks after every work out in the evening Henry sent me an email encouraging me and laying out plans for future workouts. Over several months of three times a week workouts Henry never gave me the slightest hint of sexual interest but rather a non sexual friendship grew and spread beyond the gym. Over time he became “H” in conversation and I became “RG”.

“H” and I had one particular interest we shared. We both volunteered for a local private school. As it happened, we both unknown to the other, volunteered to act as chaperone for a Senior class trip to Disney World with a married couple acting as the other chaperones.

Over the months “H” and I had come to izmit escort know each other rather well. I knew he was a widower and had lost his wife more than five years before I met him. In conversation I learned that he was not seeing anyone and had it would seem not dated since his wife died.

I asked at some point what he did for sex. He answered by laughing and while showing the “Jerk off” gesture he said: “Hey, I’m 73 its easy.” We never discussed it again.

The senior trip came and we departed by bus. The married couple in one bus, “H” and I in the other. When we arrived at our hotel we had a problem. For some reason the school and only booked two rooms for the chaperones. The hotel was booked and another room was not available.

The one room that was available had two queen beds so “H” and I agreed to take it.

Later that evening camped in our room I learned more about “H”. As we talked it seemed that I had opened a faucet and “H” was pouring out information. He had married his wife at 19 years old. He said they were both virgins on their wedding night. Sex was new, long anticipated by both and they both soon became obsessed with having a child. Over two years his wife became obsessed with getting pregnant. She even went to the extent of taking her temperature and tracking ovulation. She even on occasion called him hone from work to make love because it was the right day and her temperature was perfect.

After months of this she went to her doctor and found that she was fine. It was his turn and the news was not good. Although he produced an unusually large volume of seminal fluid the actual live semen count was virtually non existent. It was not correctable.

“H” offered divorce but she refused. A baby was gone from their lives and she refused to consider adoption. But also dying was their sex life.

He loved her and would not give up their marriage. They lived in a sexless marriage until she died.

We were sitting on the balcony of the hotel as he told me his story.

Later with me in my bed and him in his “H” thanked me for listening to his story saying he had never told anyone before. I told him I thought he did the right thing and I admired him for standing by the woman he loved. He simply said: “Thank you Robin, I value your opinion. Thanks for listening.”

I asked him if I could share a reason why I feel this way. I told him that only a year into my marriage I discovered I would never have children. I never knew why but my husband completely lost interest in sex and eventually left me. Those two events were a tsunami in my life. I had been faithful to my husband and I was also a virgin on my wedding night and now I was alone. My life changed and I changed and did things and allowed things to be done to me sexually that I would never have considered before.

“H” was silent. I was silent.

Still don’t know why but I got out of bed and stood beside his bed. I took off my night gown and stood before him naked. I looked at him and said: “I’m yours if you want me.”

“H” said nothing but lifted his blanket in welcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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